00001001 ProductionsBig Brother Theme (Radio Edit)3:242001
00002001 ProductionsThe Housemates Song (Don't You Think That it's Strange?)3:382001
000031 Giant LeapMy Culture (Radio Edit)3:372002
0000410,000 ManiacsMore Than This4:041997
0000510,000 ManiacsMore Than This (Tee's Radio Edit)3:341997
0000610ccArt for Arts Sake4:181976
0000710ccDon't Turn Me Away4:571982
0000910ccDreadlock Holiday4:591978
0001010ccFeel the Love (Oomachasaooma) (Radio Edit)3:461983
0001110ccFrom Rochdale to Ocho Rios3:411979
0001210ccGood Morning Judge2:531977
0001310ccI'm Not in Love4:391975
0001410ccLife is a Minestrone4:291975
0001610ccPeople in Love3:451977
0001710ccRubber Bullets5:171973
0001810ccThe Dean and I3:031974
0001910ccThe Things We Do for Love3:271977
00020112Dance With Me (Radio Edit)3:582002
00021112It's Over Now4:012001
00022112 feat. Lil' ZaneAnywhere4:041999
00023112 feat. MaseLove Me (Radio Mix)4:211999
00024112 feat. P. DiddyPeaches & Cream (Remix Radio Mix)3:492001
00025112 feat. The Notorious B.I.G.Only You (Club Mix)4:191997
000261200 TechniquesEye of the Storm3:562003
000271200 TechniquesFork in the Road (Original Version)4:432004
000281200 TechniquesKarma4:182002
000291200 TechniquesWhere Ur At3:512003
0003012th Man, TheBruce 2000: A "Special" Tribute4:462000
0003112th Man, TheIt's Just Not Cricket10:451984
0003212th Man, The feat. M.C.G. HammerMarvellous6:211992
000331910 Fruitgum Co.1, 2, 3, Red Light2:081968
000341910 Fruitgum Co.Goody Goody Gumdrops2:121968
000351910 Fruitgum Co.Indian Giver2:411969
000361910 Fruitgum Co.May I Take a Giant Step (Into Your Heart)2:231968
000371910 Fruitgum Co.Simon Says2:151968
000381910 Fruitgum Co.Special Delivery2:371969
000391927Compulsory Hero4:341989
000401927Don't Forget Me4:371990
000411927If I Could3:431988
000431927Tell Me a Story4:101990
000441927That's When I Think of You4:121988
000451927The Other Side4:151990
000461927To Love Me4:191989
000471927You'll Never Know3:371989
000481975, TheGive Yourself a Try3:172018
000491975, TheIf You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) (Edit)3:592020
000501975, TheLove Me3:422015
000511975, TheSomebody Else5:462016
000521975, TheThe Sound4:082016
000532 Chainz feat. Wiz KhalifaWe Own It (Fast & Furious)3:472013
000542 HeadsOut of the City (Radio Edit)3:202003
000552 in a RoomShe's Got Me Going Crazy4:041991
000562 in a RoomWiggle It (Radio Version)4:041991
000572 Live Crew, ThePop That Pussy4:171992
000582 Locos in a RoomMacarena (House Mix Radio Edit)3:331996
000592 UnlimitedDo What's Good for Me (Edit)3:491995
000602 UnlimitedFaces (Radio Edit)3:321993
000612 UnlimitedGet Ready for This3:421992
000622 UnlimitedHere I Go (Radio Edit)3:161995
000632 UnlimitedLet the Beat Control Your Body (Radio Edit)3:381994
000642 UnlimitedMaximum Overdrive (Short Edit)3:241994
000652 UnlimitedMurphy's Megamix5:401992
000662 UnlimitedNo Limit (Radio Edit)3:301993
000672 UnlimitedNo One (Radio Edit)3:261994
000682 UnlimitedThe Magic Friend (Vocal Edit)3:441992
000692 UnlimitedThe Real Thing3:401994
000702 UnlimitedTribal Dance4:301993
000712 UnlimitedTwilight Zone4:091992
000722 UnlimitedWorkaholic (Radio Edit)3:341992
0007320 Fingers feat. GilletteShort Dick Man4:181994
0007421 SavageA Lot4:102018
0007521 SavageAll of Me3:182024
0007621 SavageBank Account3:402017
0007721 SavageMonster3:532019
0007821 SavageRedrum4:302024
0007921 Savage & Doja CatN.H.I.E.2:232024
0008021 Savage & Metro BoominRunnin3:162020
0008121 Savage & Metro Boomin feat. DrakeMr. Right Now3:132020
0008221 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin feat. Travis ScottGhostface Killers4:292017
0008321 Savage, Travis Scott & Metro BoominNee-Nah3:402024
00084213Groupie Luv (Main Version)3:522004
0008524kGoldnCity of Angels1:522020
0008624kGoldn feat. Iann DiorMood2:202020
00087[26]Aloha (Radio Edit)2:552008
0008828 DaysBirthday (Album Version)2:412004
0008928 DaysGoodbye3:342000
0009028 DaysKool2:301999
0009128 DaysLa Tune1:451999
0009228 DaysLike I Do3:182004
0009328 DaysRip it Up3:382000
0009428 DaysSong for Jasmine4:012000
0009528 DaysSucker3:322000
0009628 DaysTake Me Away3:402002
0009728 DaysUse It3:162004
0009828 DaysWhat's the Deal?3:212002
0009928 Days & Apollo 440Say What?3:322001
001002nuThis is Ponderous3:351991
001012PacChanges (Album Version)4:271999
001022PacDear Mama (LP Version)4:401995
001032PacDo for Love4:411998
001042PacGhetto Gospel3:582005
001052PacI Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto (Soulpower Hip Hop Radio Mix)4:151998
001062PacThugz Mansion (7 Remix)4:072003
001072PacUntil the End of Time (Original Version)4:262001
001082Pac & The Notorious B.I.G.Runnin'4:301997
001092Pac and Snoop Doggy DoggWanted Dead or Alive4:391997
001102Pac feat. Ashanti and T.I.Pac's Life3:372006
001112Pac feat. Danny BoyI Ain't Mad at Cha4:211997
001122Pac feat. Dr. DreCalifornia Love (Short Radio Edit)4:011996
001132Pac feat. K-Ci & JoJoHow Do U Want It (LP Version)4:481996
001143 Doors DownAway From the Sun3:512004
001153 Doors DownHere Without You3:562004
001163 Doors DownIt's Not My Time4:032008
001173 Doors DownKryptonite (LP Version)3:542000
001183 Doors DownLet Me Go (Rock Version)3:592005
001193 Doors DownLoser (Album Version)4:232001
001203 Doors DownWhen I'm Gone4:192002
001213 of a KindBaby Cakes (Radio Edit)2:342004
001223 Piece SuiteRunaway (Alternate Radio Version)3:382002
001233 Piece SuiteRunaway (Radio Version)3:442002
001243 the Hard WayHip Hop Holiday (Radio Mix)3:381994
001253 the Hard WayMany Rivers (Video Mix)4:051994
0012630 Odd Foot of GruntsMission Beat4:502004
00127311Down (LP Version)2:511996
00130360Run Alone4:332012
00131360 feat. Daniel JohnsImpossible4:042014
00132360 feat. GosslingBoys Like You3:402011
00133360 feat. GosslingPrice of Fame3:362014
00134360 feat. Hein CooperYesterday3:132017
00135360 feat. Josh PykeThrow it Away (Main Version)3:342011
00136360 feat. JoyMy Favourite Downfall3:362016
00137360 feat. Lunar CSixavelli3:492014
00138360 feat. PezJust Got Started3:122011
00139360 feat. PezLive it Up3:472014
00140360 feat. TeischaWay Out4:002017
001413LAU feat. Luna AuraWalk Away3:202017
001423LWNo More (Baby I'ma Do Right) (Radio Edit)3:312001
001433LWPlayas Gon' Play3:412001
001443LW feat. P. Diddy & LoonI Do (Wanna Get Close to You) (Radio Edit)3:562002
001453OH!3Don't Trust Me3:122009
001463OH!3Double Vision3:102010
001473OH!3You're Gonna Love This3:302012
001483OH!3 feat. Katy PerryStarstrukk3:222009
001493OH!3 feat. KeshaMy First Kiss3:122010
001503T24/7 (Radio Edit)3:551996
001523TI Need You (Album Version)3:541997
001533T feat. HerbieGotta Be You3:341997
001543T feat. Michael JacksonWhy (Radio Edit)4:091996
001554 Non BlondesMisty Mountain Hop (Radio Edit)4:181995
001564 Non BlondesSpaceman3:391993
001574 Non BlondesWhat's Up? (Edit)4:151993
001584 P.M. (For Positive Music)Lay Down Your Love4:261995
001594 P.M. (For Positive Music)Sukiyaki (Lover's Groove Radio Mix)2:421995
001604 StringsDiving (Radio Vocal Mix)3:342003
001614 StringsTake Me Away (Into the Night) (Radio Edit)3:112002
001624 the CauseAin't No Sunshine3:541999
001634 the CauseStand By Me3:431999
001644*TownNobody Like U2:392022
00165411, TheDumb (Album Version)2:472004
00166411, The feat. Ghostface KillahOn My Knees (Radio Version)3:052004
00167+44When Your Heart Stops Beating3:122007
0016849ersDon't You Love Me3:401990
0016949ersTouch Me3:551990
001705 Seconds of Summer20113:172021
001715 Seconds of SummerAmerican Idiot3:032014
001725 Seconds of SummerAmnesia3:572014
001735 Seconds of SummerBlender2:262022
001745 Seconds of SummerComplete Mess3:262022
001755 Seconds of SummerDaylight3:252014
001765 Seconds of SummerDon't Stop2:502014
001775 Seconds of SummerDon't Stop (Acoustic)2:372014
001785 Seconds of SummerEasier2:362019
001795 Seconds of SummerEverything I Didn't Say3:002014
001805 Seconds of SummerFly Away3:302015
001815 Seconds of SummerGirls Talk Boys3:352016
001825 Seconds of SummerGood Girls (Single Version)3:102014
001835 Seconds of SummerHey Everybody!3:152015
001845 Seconds of SummerJet Black Heart3:412015
001855 Seconds of SummerJust Saying2:392014
001865 Seconds of SummerKiller Queen3:182018
001875 Seconds of SummerKiss Me Kiss Me3:232014
001885 Seconds of SummerMe Myself & I2:572022
001895 Seconds of SummerMoney2:542015
001905 Seconds of SummerNo Shame3:102020
001915 Seconds of SummerOld Me3:042020
001925 Seconds of SummerOut of My Limit3:132014
001935 Seconds of SummerShe Looks So Perfect3:222014
001945 Seconds of SummerShe's Kinda Hot3:382015
001955 Seconds of SummerTake My Hand3:582022
001965 Seconds of SummerTeeth3:232019
001975 Seconds of SummerThe Space Between a Rock and a Hard Place3:222016
001985 Seconds of SummerValentine3:162018
001995 Seconds of SummerWant You Back2:522018
002005 Seconds of SummerWildflower3:402020
002015 Seconds of SummerYoungblood3:232018
002025 Seconds of Summer feat. Julia MichaelsLie to Me2:292019
0020350 Cent21 Questions3:422003
0020450 CentDisco Inferno3:332005
0020550 CentGet Up3:142008
0020650 CentHustler's Ambition3:572006
0020750 CentIf I Can't3:162004
0020850 CentIn Da Club3:452003
0020950 CentJust a Lil Bit3:572005
0021050 CentP.I.M.P.4:092003
0021150 CentStraight to the Bank3:092007
0021250 CentWanksta3:392003
0021350 CentWindow Shopper3:102005
0021450 Cent feat. AkonI'll Still Kill3:452008
0021550 Cent feat. Dr. Dre & Alicia KeysNew Day4:242012
0021650 Cent feat. Eminem & Adam LevineMy Life3:582012
0021750 Cent feat. Justin TimberlakeAyo Technology4:072007
0021850 Cent feat. Mobb DeepOutta Control (Remix)4:072005
0021950 Cent feat. Ne-YoBaby By Me3:332009
0022050 Cent feat. OliviaCandy Shop3:272005
002215000 VoltsI'm on Fire2:461975
0022256K feat. BejaySave a Prayer (Radio Edit)3:362004
002235th Dimension, The(Last Night) I Didn't Get to Sleep at All3:071972
002245th Dimension, TheAquarius/Let the Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)4:491969
002255th Dimension, TheBlowing Away2:301970
002265th Dimension, TheCarpet Man3:021968
002275th Dimension, ThePaper Cup2:421967
002285th Dimension, ThePuppet Man2:561970
002295th Dimension, TheSweet Blindness3:221968
002305th Dimension, TheUp-Up and Away2:391967
002315th Dimension, TheWedding Bell Blues2:411969
00232666Amokk (Radio Edit)3:401999
00233666Diablo (Radio Devil Mix)3:371999
00234666Paradoxx (New Radio Version)3:221999
0023567 SpecialHey There Bomb3:382004
0023667 SpecialWalking Away (Radio Edit)3:522005
002386ix9ine & Nicki MinajTrollz3:222020
002396ix9ine feat. Bobby ShmurdaStoopid2:322018
002406ix9ine feat. Nicki Minaj & Kanye WestMama3:122018
002416ix9ine feat. Nicki Minaj & Murda BeatzFefe2:592018
002426ix9ine feat. Tory LanezKika2:162018
002447 Signs & Julia SimonMissing (Radio Version)3:431996
00245702Where My Girls At?2:461999
00246808 StatePacific 7073:521990
00248911Bodyshakin' (Radio Mix)3:351997
00249911Don't Make Me Wait3:391997
0025098 DegreesBecause of You (Radio Edit)3:541999
0025198 DegreesGive Me Just One Night (Una Noche) (Album Version)3:242000
0025298 DegreesI Do (Cherish You)3:441999
0025398 DegreesMy Everything3:502001
0025498 DegreesThe Hardest Thing (Radio Edit)3:441999
0025598 Degrees and Stevie WonderTrue to Your Heart (LP Version)4:141998
0025699 Souls feat. Destiny's Child & BrandyThe Girl is Mine3:332015
00258A Day to RememberMiracle4:032022
00259A La CarteDo Wah Diddy Diddy3:351980
00260A-haCry Wolf4:051986
00261A-haHunting High and Low (Remix)3:451986
00262A-haI've Been Losing You4:231986
00263A-haStay on These Roads (7-Inch Version)4:451988
00264A-haTake on Me3:421985
00265A-haThe Living Daylights4:131987
00266A-haThe Sun Always Shines on T.V. (7" Mix)4:431985
00267A-haTrain of Thought (Remix)4:131986
00268A-ManPassion (Running Through My Veins)3:301996
00269A. R. Rahman & The Pussycat DollsJai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)3:402009
00270A.B. Original feat. Dan SultanJanuary 263:202016
00271A.B. Original feat. Paul KellyDumb Things (Like a Version)4:312016
00272A.D.A.M. feat. AmyZombie (Eternal Airplay Remix)3:311995
00273A.D.A.M. feat. AmyZombie (Rockin' With Zombie Radio Edit)3:461995
00274A.K. SoulI Like It3:191995
00275A.K. Soul feat. Jocelyn BrownShow You Love4:161996
00276A.L.T. and The Lost CivilizationTequila (LP Version)4:051992
00277A.T.G.O.C.Repeated Love (Radio Mix)3:281998
00278A'Studio feat. PolinaS.O.S. (Vertigo Radio Edit)2:592005
00279A*S*Y*SAcid Head Cracker (Video Mix)3:342000
00280A*TeensCan't Help Falling in Love3:052002
00281A*TeensMamma Mia (Radio Version)3:422000
00282A+Enjoy Yourself3:391999
00283A1Caught in the Middle3:242002
00284A1Caught in the Middle (Almighty Edit)3:292002
00285A1Same Old Brand New You (Album Version)4:142001
00286A1Summertime of Our Lives3:212000
00287A1Take on Me3:312000
00288A1 x J1 & Tion WayneNight Away (Dance)2:552022
00289AaliyahBack & Forth (LP Version)3:521994
00290AaliyahDon't Know What to Tell Ya (Radio Edit)3:352003
00291AaliyahMore Than a Woman (Radio Edit)3:092002
00292AaliyahOne in a Million (Album Version)4:311997
00293AaliyahRock the Boat (Album Version)4:332001
00294AaliyahTry Again (Album Version)4:452000
00295Aaliyah feat. TimbalandWe Need a Resolution4:012001
00296Aaron CarterAaron's Party (Come Get It)3:242001
00297Aaron CarterCrazy Little Party Girl (Main Mix)3:241998
00298Aaron CarterCrush on You (Main Mix)3:271998
00299Aaron CarterI Want Candy (Album Version)3:132000
00300Aaron Carter feat. 95 SouthShake It (Album Version)3:201998
00301Aaron Carter feat. Nick CarterNot Too Young, Not Too Old3:062001
00302Aaron NevilleEverybody Plays the Fool4:291991
00303AB LogicAB Logic (Euro Club Mix)3:361993
00304AB LogicThe Hitman (7" Mix)4:011993
00306ABBADancing Queen3:511976
00307ABBADoes Your Mother Know3:141979
00308ABBADon't Shut Me Down3:562021
00311ABBAGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)4:481979
00312ABBAHappy Hawaii4:231977
00313ABBAHasta Manana3:101976
00314ABBAHoney, Honey2:551974
00315ABBAI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do3:171975
00316ABBAI Have a Dream4:431980
00317ABBAI Still Have Faith in You5:082021
00318ABBAI've Been Waiting for You3:411975
00319ABBAJust a Notion3:322021
00320ABBAKing Kong Song3:121975
00321ABBAKnowing Me, Knowing You4:021977
00322ABBAMamma Mia3:331975
00323ABBAMoney, Money, Money3:081976
00324ABBAOn and on and On3:381980
00325ABBAOne of Us3:541982
00326ABBARing Ring3:011976
00327ABBARock Me3:061976
00329ABBASummer Night City3:361978
00330ABBASuper Trouper4:121981
00331ABBATake a Chance on Me4:041978
00332ABBAThank You for the Music3:491978
00333ABBAThe Day Before You Came4:001982
00334ABBAThe Name of the Game4:001977
00335ABBAThe Winner Takes it All4:551980
00336ABBAUnder Attack3:471983
00339ABBAWhen All is Said and Done3:131982
00340AbbacadabraDancing Queen (Back to Your Roots 7" Mix)4:001992
00341AbbacadabraThe Winner Takes it All (Album Version)6:111992
00342AbbacadabraVoulez Vous (7" Edit)3:521995
00343Abby DobsonHorses3:272009
00344ABCAll of My Heart4:491982
00345ABCPoison Arrow3:231982
00346ABCThat Was Then But This is Now3:331983
00347ABCThe Look of Love3:291982
00348ABCWhen Smokey Sings4:221987
00349Abi TuckerEverybody3:422001
00350Abi TuckerEverything4:512001
00351AbigailJe T'Aime (I Love You)3:151973
00352AboveNew Day Dawning (Radio Edit)3:172000
00353AbsRoll With Me3:372002
00355AbsStop Sign2:532003
00356AbsWhat You Got3:522002
00357Absent FriendsHallelujah4:391990
00358Absent FriendsHarmony4:371990
00359Absent FriendsHullabaloo4:151990
00360Absent FriendsI Don't Want to Be With Nobody But You4:461990
00361Absolutely FabulousAbsolutely Fabulous (7" Mix)3:441994
00362AC/DCAre You Ready4:101991
00363AC/DCBaby Please Don't Go4:501975
00364AC/DCBack in Black4:151981
00366AC/DCBig Gun4:231993
00367AC/DCCan I Sit Next to You, Girl3:151974
00369AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap4:131976
00370AC/DCDog Eat Dog3:331977
00371AC/DCHail Caesar5:141996
00372AC/DCHard as a Rock4:301995
00374AC/DCHells Bells5:121981
00375AC/DCHigh Voltage4:041975
00376AC/DCHighway to Hell3:271979
00377AC/DCHighway to Hell (Live) (Radio Edit)3:571992
00378AC/DCIt's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)5:121975
00380AC/DCLet There Be Rock3:331978
00381AC/DCLet's Get it Up3:531982
00382AC/DCLove at First Feel3:061977
00384AC/DCPlay Ball2:472014
00385AC/DCRock 'n' Roll Damnation3:361978
00386AC/DCRock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution4:141981
00387AC/DCRock Your Heart Out4:061991
00388AC/DCSatellite Blues3:452001
00389AC/DCShake Your Foundations3:531986
00390AC/DCShot in the Dark3:052020
00392AC/DCThat's the Way I Wanna Rock N Roll3:451988
00394AC/DCThunderstruck (Live)6:341996
00395AC/DCWho Made Who3:261986
00396AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long3:301980
00397Accelerators, TheNumber 13:411985
00398Ace CannonTuff2:351962
00399Ace FrehleyNew York Groove3:011979
00400Ace of BaseAll That She Wants3:301993
00401Ace of BaseAlways Have, Always Will3:431999
00402Ace of BaseBeautiful Life (Single Version)3:381996
00403Ace of BaseCruel Summer (European Mix)4:051998
00404Ace of BaseCruel Summer (US Mix)3:321998
00405Ace of BaseDon't Turn Around3:471994
00406Ace of BaseHappy Nation (Radio Edit)3:331994
00407Ace of BaseLife is a Flower3:441998
00408Ace of BaseLiving in Danger3:411994
00409Ace of BaseLucky Love (Original Version)2:511995
00410Ace of BaseNever Gonna Say I'm Sorry (Short Version)3:141996
00411Ace of BaseThe Sign3:081994
00412Ace of BaseWheel of Fortune3:511993
00413Ace of BaseWheel of Fortune 20093:442008
00414Acker BilkAria3:301976
00415Acraze feat. CherishDo it to It2:372021
00416Action Bronson, Mark Ronson & Dan AuerbachStanding in the Rain3:202016
00417Ad Libs, TheThe Boy From New York City3:061965
00418Adam and The AntsAnt Rap3:161982
00419Adam and The AntsAntmusic3:351981
00420Adam and The AntsDog Eat Dog3:111981
00421Adam and The AntsPrince Charming3:161981
00422Adam and The AntsStand and Deliver3:321981
00423Adam AntFriend or Foe3:221982
00424Adam AntGoody Two Shoes3:291982
00425Adam AntPuss'n Boots3:521983
00426Adam BrandAll or Nothing3:272022
00427Adam BrandI'm Coming Home3:122021
00428Adam Clayton & Larry MullenTheme from "Mission: Impossible"3:271996
00429Adam FaithKentucky Bluebird (A Message to Martha)3:061965
00430Adam FaithSomeone Else's Baby2:011960
00431Adam FaithThe First Time2:021963
00432Adam FaithWhat Do You Want?1:371960
00433Adam FaithWhat Now1:561963
00434Adam FaithWhen Johnny Comes Marching Home1:561960
00435Adam Faith with The RoulettesIt's Alright2:351965
00436Adam Harvey feat. Guy SebastianStuck in the Middle3:032009
00437Adam Hills & The Comedy Brig-AidWorking Class Anthem3:252002
00438Adam LambertBelieve3:302019
00439Adam LambertFor Your Entertainment3:342010
00440Adam LambertGhost Town3:282015
00441Adam LambertIf I Had You3:442010
00442Adam LambertNew Eyes3:442019
00443Adam LambertWhataya Want From Me3:452010
00444Adam Lambert & SigalaYou Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)3:252023
00445Adam ReilyBest Friend4:511995
00446Adam WadeTake Good Care of Her2:351961
00447AdamskiThe Space Jungle (7" Version)3:511990
00448AdeleAll I Ask4:302016
00449AdeleCan I Get It3:292021
00450AdeleCry Your Heart Out4:152021
00451AdeleEasy on Me3:442021
00453AdeleHold On6:052021
00454AdeleI Drink Wine6:142021
00455AdeleLove is a Game6:432021
00456AdeleMake You Feel My Love3:312008
00457AdeleMillion Years Ago3:462015
00458AdeleMy Little Love6:282021
00459AdeleOh My God3:452021
00461AdeleRolling in the Deep3:472011
00462AdeleRumour Has It3:412011
00463AdeleSend My Love (To Your New Lover)3:422015
00464AdeleSet Fire to the Rain4:002011
00466AdeleSomeone Like You4:452011
00467AdeleStrangers By Nature3:002021
00468AdeleTo Be Loved6:432021
00469AdeleTurning Tables4:092011
00470AdeleWater Under the Bridge4:002015
00471AdeleWhen We Were Young4:482015
00472Adele with Erroll GarnerAll Night Parking2:412021
00473AdevaI Thank You (7" Edit)3:181990
00474AdevaIt Should've Been Me (Hype Radio Mix)4:121991
00476Adrian GurvitzClassic3:361982
00477Adrian LuxTeenage Crime (Radio Edit)2:432010
00478Adrian UssherTalk Back Trembling Lips2:271963
00479Adventures, TheBroken Land4:041988
00480Adventures, TheSend My Heart3:441985
00481Adventures of Stevie VDirty Cash (Money Talks) (Sold Out Mix 7" Edit)4:011990
00482AerosmithBlind Man (LP Version)4:001994
00483AerosmithCryin' (LP Version)5:071993
00484AerosmithDude (Looks Like a Lady)4:211988
00485AerosmithEat the Rich4:101993
00486AerosmithFalling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)3:251997
00487AerosmithI Don't Want to Miss a Thing (Rock Mix)4:291998
00489AerosmithJanie's Got a Gun5:331989
00490AerosmithLivin' on the Edge4:201993
00491AerosmithLove in an Elevator3:401989
00492AerosmithPink (The South Beach Mix)3:531998
00493AerosmithRag Doll4:241988
00494AerosmithThe Other Side4:051990
00495AerosmithWalk This Way3:301977
00496AerosmithWhat it Takes4:071990
00497AFILove Like Winter2:442006
00498AFIMiss Murder3:272006
00499AFIThe Leaving Song Pt. II3:302003
00500Afrojack feat. Chris BrownAs Your Friend3:592013
00501Afrojack feat. Eva SimonsTake Over Control3:292010
00502Afrojack feat. Spree WilsonThe Spark4:022013
00503Afrojack feat. WrabelTen Feet Tall3:492014
00504AfromanBecause I Got High (Afropulco Gold & Dirty Mix)3:172001
00505AfromanCrazy Rap5:272002
00506After 7'Til You Do Me Right (Edit)4:121995
00507After 7Can't Stop (L.A.'s 7" Edit)3:551991
00508After 7I Like it Like That4:241996
00509After 7Sara Smile4:301997
00510After the FallThe Fighter3:552005
00511After the FireDer Kommissar4:071983
00512Agnelli & NelsonEvery Day, Every Moment, Every Time (Radio Mix)3:411999
00513Agnelli & NelsonHudson Street (7" Radio Edit)3:102000
00514AgnesRelease Me4:122009
00515Agnetha FaltskogCan't Shake Loose (Special AOR Remix)3:131983
00516Agnetha FaltskogWhen You Really Loved Someone3:312013
00517AgroDon't Go in the Dunny2:102002
00518Agust DDaechwita3:452020
00519Aimee MannLong Shot3:091996
00520AirKelly Watch the Stars (Edit)3:391998
00521AirSexy Boy (Radio Edit)3:491998
00522Air feat. Beth HirschAll I Need (Edit)3:591999
00523Air SupplyAll Out of Love3:511980
00524Air SupplyEven the Nights Are Better3:591982
00525Air SupplyEvery Woman in the World3:301980
00526Air SupplyHere I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)3:391981
00527Air SupplyJust as I Am3:541985
00528Air SupplyLost in Love3:531979
00529Air SupplyLove and Other Bruises3:401976
00530Air SupplyMaking Love Out of Nothing at All3:381983
00531Air SupplyThe One That You Love4:181981
00532Air SupplyTwo Less Lonely People in the World4:031983
00533Aitch & AJ Tracey feat. Tay KeithRain3:022020
00534Aitch & AshantiBaby2:572022
00535AjaqaBack 2 U (Radio Mix)3:262001
00536AJB with MisterMissThe Land of Make Believe (Play Me on the TV Mix)3:401999
00538AJRI'm Ready3:472014
00539AkitaGrip (Radio Edit)3:302003
00540AkitaPlan for Summer3:422002
00542AkonBelly Dancer (Bananza)3:122005
00543AkonDon't Matter3:002007
00545AkonRight Now (Na Na Na)4:022008
00546AkonRight Now (Na Na Na) (Instrumental)4:042008
00547AkonSo Blue3:332013
00548AkonSorry, Blame it on Me (Main Version)4:572007
00549AkonWe Don't Care4:152009
00550Akon feat. EminemSmack That3:322006
00551Akon feat. Kardinal Offishall & Colby O'DonisBeautiful (Radio Edit with Rap)3:472009
00552Akon feat. Lil WayneI'm So Paid3:262008
00553Akon feat. Snoop DoggI Wanna Love You4:082007
00554Akon feat. Styles PLocked Up (Remix)3:492005
00555Al CaiolaBonanza2:161961
00556Al CaiolaThe Magnificent Seven2:021961
00557Al Casey with The K-C-EttesGuitars, Guitars, Guitars2:001963
00558Al Casey with The K-C-EttesSurfin' Hootenanny2:081963
00559Al GreenHere I Am (Come and Take Me)4:121973
00560Al GreenSha-La-La (Make Me Happy)2:561975
00561Al HibblerHe3:091956
00562Al HibblerUnchained Melody2:551955
00563Al HirtCotton Candy2:131964
00564Al HirtJava1:561964
00565Al JarreauMoonlighting (Theme)3:021987
00566Al JarreauMornin'4:151983
00567Al MartinoAlways Together2:381964
00568Al MartinoDaddy's Little Girl2:301967
00569Al MartinoHere in My Heart3:111952
00570Al MartinoI Love You Because2:431963
00571Al MartinoI Love You More and More Every Day2:151964
00572Al MartinoI Love You Truly2:391963
00573Al MartinoLiving a Lie2:271963
00574Al MartinoLook Around (You'll Find Me There)2:511981
00575Al MartinoMary in the Morning2:561967
00576Al MartinoPainted, Tainted Rose2:481963
00577Al MartinoSpanish Eyes2:451965
00578Al MartinoTo the Door of the Sun3:231975
00579Al MartinoVolare2:561976
00580Al StewartMidnight Rocks3:481980
00581Al StewartTime Passages4:401979
00582Al StewartYear of the Cat4:351977
00583Al WilsonShow and Tell3:301974
00584AlabamaWhen We Make Love3:371984
00585Alan Dale and The CasualsBack in the U.S.A.2:151959
00586Alan Dale and The CasualsCrackin' Up2:071959
00587Alan JacksonThe Older I Get3:492017
00588Alan O'DaySkinny Girls2:341980
00589Alan O'DayUndercover Angel3:301977
00590Alan Parsons Project, TheDon't Answer Me4:091984
00591Alan Parsons Project, TheEye in the Sky3:551982
00592Alan Parsons Project, TheGames People Play (Single Edit)3:321981
00593Alan Parsons Project, TheThe Turn of a Friendly Card (Single Edit)3:431980
00594Alan Price SetHi-Lili, Hi-Lo2:461966
00595Alan Price SetI Put a Spell on You3:191966
00596Alan Price SetSimon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear1:471967
00597Alan Price SetThe House That Jack Built3:081967
00598Alan WalkerAlone2:412016
00599Alan WalkerFaded3:322016
00600Alan Walker & ImanbekSweet Dreams2:182021
00601Alan Walker feat. Gavin JamesTired3:112017
00602Alan Walker feat. Noah Cyrus & Digital Farm AnimalsAll Falls Down3:182017
00603Alanis MorissetteAblaze3:572020
00604Alanis MorissetteAll I Really Want4:431997
00605Alanis MorissetteCrazy (James Michael Mix)3:382005
00606Alanis MorissetteEverything (Radio Edit)3:302004
00607Alanis MorissetteForgiven4:581995
00608Alanis MorissetteHand in My Pocket3:381995
00609Alanis MorissetteHands Clean4:302002
00610Alanis MorissetteHead Over Feet4:241996
00611Alanis MorissetteI Was Hoping3:501998
00612Alanis MorissetteIronic3:481996
00613Alanis MorissetteNarcissus3:372002
00614Alanis MorissetteNot the Doctor3:451995
00615Alanis MorissetteOut is Through3:532004
00616Alanis MorissettePerfect3:061995
00617Alanis MorissettePrecious Illusions4:112002
00618Alanis MorissetteSo Pure (Guido's Radio Friendly Mix)2:381999
00619Alanis MorissetteSuperstar Wonderful Weirdos3:461994
00620Alanis MorissetteThank U4:181998
00621Alanis MorissetteUninvited4:361998
00622Alanis MorissetteUnsent4:091999
00623Alanis MorissetteWake Up4:531995
00624Alanis MorissetteYou Learn3:591996
00625Alanis MorissetteYou Oughta Know (The Jimmy the Saint Blend Mix)4:111995
00626Alannah MylesBlack Velvet4:241989
00627Alannah MylesLove Is3:371989
00628Alannah MylesLover of Mine4:331990
00629Alannah MylesStill Got This Thing4:361990
00630Alaura LynneI Ain't a Bitch2:592023
00631Albert Coleman's Atlanta PopsJust Hooked on Country3:241982
00632Albert HammondDown By the River3:001972
00633Albert HammondIt Never Rains in Southern California3:281972
00634Albert HammondThe Free Electric Band3:241973
00635AlcazarAlmost Famous3:552001
00636AlcazarCrying at the Discoteque3:502002
00637AlcazarDon't You Want Me3:322002
00638AlcazarDon't You Want Me (Almighty Radio Edit)3:272002
00640AlcazarThis is the World We Live In (Original Version)3:332004
00642Alec BenjaminLet Me Down Slowly2:482018
00643Aleesha RomeOne of Us Has Changed3:361999
00644Aleesha RomeSearch My Heaven3:521999
00645Alesha DixonThe Boy Does Nothing3:302009
00646AlessiOh, Lori3:191977
00647Alessia CaraGrowing Pains3:132018
00648Alessia CaraHere3:202015
00649Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go2:542017
00650Alessia CaraScars to Your Beautiful3:502016
00651Alessia CaraWild Things3:082016
00654Alesso & Katy PerryWhen I'm Gone2:412022
00655Alesso feat. Liam PayneMidnight3:392020
00656Alesso feat. TiniSad Song2:322019
00657Alesso feat. Tove LoHeroes (We Could Be)3:292014
00658Alesso feat. Zara LarssonWords2:212022
00659Alesso vs. OneRepublicIf I Lose Myself3:332014
00660Alex & SierraScarecrow3:252014
00661Alex AdairMake Me Feel Better3:182015
00662Alex ClareToo Close4:162012
00663Alex Da Kid feat. X Ambassadors, Elle King & Wiz KhalifaNot Easy4:052017
00664Alex DayForever Yours2:522011
00665Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal WatersDestination Calabria (Radio Edit)2:592007
00666Alex Gaudino feat. Kelly RowlandWhat a Feeling (Radio Edit)2:582011
00667Alex Gaudino feat. ShenaWatch Out (UK Radio Edit)2:552008
00668Alex Hosking & MajesticNeed Your Love2:482021
00669Alex K & Dee feat. VanessaOne Summer (Radio Mix)3:352004
00670Alex LaheyYou Don't Think You Like People Like Me3:462016
00671Alex Lloyd1000 Miles2:582003
00672Alex LloydAmazing3:222001
00673Alex LloydBeautiful3:202004
00674Alex LloydBlack the Sun3:441998
00675Alex LloydBrand New Day (Single Edit)3:422006
00676Alex LloydComing Home2:452003
00677Alex LloydComing Home (To Richmond)2:362014
00678Alex LloydDowntown4:432001
00679Alex LloydEverybody's Laughing (Radio Edit)2:572002
00680Alex LloydGreen4:022002
00681Alex LloydLucky Star3:361999
00682Alex LloydMy Way Home (Remix)3:392000
00683Alex LloydNever Meant to Fail3:472005
00684Alex LloydSomething Special3:092000
00685Alex NewellThis Ain't Over3:282016
00686Alex PartyDon't Give Me Your Life (Saturday Night FMS Edit)4:321995
00687Alex PartyRead My Lips (Radio Edit)4:151996
00688Alex PartySimple Things3:101996
00689Alex PartyWrap Me Up (Radio Edit)3:541996
00690Alex Ross feat. Dakota & T-PainDreams3:182017
00691Alex Ross feat. Mila FallsClothes Off2:472022
00692Alexander Murray Smith and The Back O' Town SyncopatorsSteptoe and Son2:081963
00693Alexander RybakFairytale2:592009
00694Alexandra Burke feat. Flo RidaBad Boys (Radio Version)3:262010
00695Alexandra Burke feat. PitbullAll Night Long3:472010
00696Alexandra StanMr. Saxobeat3:142011
00697Alexei SayleDidn't You Kill My Brother?3:491986
00698AlexiaDon't You Know3:332003
00699AlexiaUh La La La (Almighty Edit)3:411998
00700Alexis JordanGood Girl3:552011
00701Alexis JordanHappiness4:022010
00702ALFStuck on Earth3:441988
00703Alfie ArcuriCruel3:362016
00704Alfie ArcuriIf They Only Knew3:442017
00705Alfie ArcuriSame3:372019
00706Ali BarterGirlie Bits3:112016
00707Ali CampbellThat Look in Your Eye4:041995
00708Ali G and ShaggyMe Julie3:442002
00709Ali GatieIt's You3:322019
00710Ali GatieWhat if I Told You That I Love You3:132020
00711AliasMore Than Words Can Say3:491991
00712Alice Cooper(No More) Love at Your Convenience3:471977
00713Alice CooperBed of Nails4:181989
00714Alice CooperClones (We're All)2:491980
00715Alice CooperDepartment of Youth3:161975
00716Alice CooperElected3:431972
00717Alice CooperHello Hooray3:031973
00718Alice CooperHey Stoopid (Beba Edit)3:551991
00719Alice CooperHouse of Fire3:471990
00720Alice CooperHow You Gonna See Me Now3:531978
00721Alice CooperI Never Cry3:441976
00722Alice CooperIt's Me4:381994
00723Alice CooperLost in America3:531994
00724Alice CooperOnly My Heart Talkin'4:461990
00725Alice CooperOnly Women Bleed3:311975
00726Alice CooperPoison4:291989
00727Alice CooperSchool's Out3:301972
00728Alice CooperTeenage Lament '743:501974
00729Alice CooperYou and Me3:261977
00730Alice CooperYou Want It, You Got It3:131981
00731Alice DeejayBack in My Life (Hitradio Mix)3:292000
00732Alice DeejayBetter Off Alone (Radio Edit)3:341999
00733Alice DeejayThe Lonely One (Hitradio Mix)3:162000
00734Alice DeejayWill I Ever (Hitradio Mix)3:142000
00735Alice in ChainsGrind4:451995
00736Alice in ChainsHeaven Beside You5:281996
00737Alice in ChainsThem Bones2:291993
00738Alice in ChainsWould?3:271993
00739Alicia BridgesI Love the Nightlife (Disco 'Round) (Original Version)3:261979
00740Alicia BridgesI Love the Nightlife (Disco 'Round) (Real Rapino 7" Mix)3:291994
00741Alicia KeysA Woman's Worth (Original Radio Version)4:192002
00742Alicia KeysDoesn't Mean Anything3:522009
00743Alicia KeysEmpire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down3:392010
00744Alicia KeysFallin' (Radio Edit)3:152001
00745Alicia KeysGirlfriend (Krucialkeys Sista Girl Mix)3:262003
00746Alicia KeysHow Come You Don't Call Me (Neptunes Remix)4:212002
00747Alicia KeysIt's on Again3:122014
00748Alicia KeysLike You'll Never See Me Again5:152008
00749Alicia KeysNo One4:132007
00750Alicia KeysSuperwoman4:332008
00751Alicia KeysTeenage Love Affair (Album Version)3:092008
00752Alicia KeysUnderdog3:262020
00753Alicia Keys feat. BeyoncePut it in a Love Song3:152010
00754Alicia Keys feat. Nicki MinajGirl on Fire (Inferno Version)4:292012
00755Alien Ant FarmGlow (Album Version)3:162004
00756Alien Ant FarmMovies (Album Version)3:142002
00757Alien Ant FarmSmooth Criminal (Album Version)3:262001
00758Aliens, TheConfrontation3:231979
00759Aliens, TheFollow That Girl2:381980
00760Alisha's AtticAlisha Rules the World4:321997
00761Alisha's AtticI Am, I Feel4:001996
00762Alison McCallumExcuse Me3:091974
00763Alison McCallumSuperman2:271972
00764Alison McCallumTake Me Back4:221972
00765Alison MoyetAll Cried Out3:411984
00766Alison MoyetInvisible4:071985
00767Alison MoyetIs This Love?3:501987
00768Alison MoyetLove Resurrection3:511984
00769Alison MoyetThat Ole Devil Called Love3:041985
00770Alison MoyetWeak in the Presence of Beauty (Single Version)3:401987
00771Alison WonderlandChurch3:032018
00772Alison WonderlandI Want U3:312014
00773Alison Wonderland & Valentino KhanAnything3:462020
00774Alison Wonderland feat. Wayne CoyneU Don't Know4:032015
00775Alive 'N Kickin'Tighter, Tighter2:451970
00776All of UsSailing Away3:561987
00777All SaintsAll Hooked Up3:482000
00778All SaintsBlack Coffee4:452000
00779All SaintsBootie Call (Single Version)3:331999
00780All SaintsI Know Where it's At (Cutfather and Jo's Alternative Mix Radio Mix)4:011998
00781All SaintsLady Marmalade (98 Mix)4:021998
00782All SaintsNever Ever (Radio Edit)5:131998
00783All SaintsPure Shores4:272000
00784All SaintsRock Steady2:472007
00785All SaintsUnder the Bridge5:001998
00786All Star TributeWhat's Going On (Dupri Original Mix)4:182001
00787All Time Low feat. Demi Lovato and BlackbearMonsters2:542021
00788All Time Low feat. Vic FuentesA Love Like War3:332013
00789All Time Low with Avril LavigneFake as Hell2:582023
00790All-4-OneI Can Love You Like That (Edit)3:511995
00791All-4-OneI Swear (Radio Edit)3:411994
00792All-4-OneSo Much in Love3:291994
00793All-4-OneSomething About You5:061995
00794All-American Rejects, TheDirty Little Secret3:132005
00795All-American Rejects, TheGives You Hell3:302008
00796All-American Rejects, TheI Wanna3:282009
00797All-American Rejects, TheIt Ends Tonight (Radio Edit)3:442007
00798All-American Rejects, TheMove Along4:002006
00799Allan CaswellThe Australia's Cup3:261983
00800Allan ShermanHello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter From Camp)2:491963
00802AlldayRight Now3:552014
00803Allen BrothersMy Secret2:181960
00804Allen BrothersPretty Keen Teen1:491960
00805Allen GinsbergThe Ballad of the Skeletons4:071997
00806Alli WalkerRed Wine or Whiskey3:002022
00807Allison DurbinAmerikan Music2:311972
00808Allison DurbinDon't Come Any Closer3:011968
00809Allison DurbinGames People Play3:301969
00810Allison DurbinI Have Loved Me a Man2:541968
00811Allison DurbinPut Your Hand in the Hand3:311971
00812Allman Brothers Band, TheRamblin Man4:481973
00813AllnitersAll That Easy3:271987
00814AllnitersHold On3:101983
00815AllnitersLove and Affection3:331983
00816AllnitersMontego Bay2:561983
00817AllnitersScreaming Dreaming3:241984
00818allSTARSBest Friends3:392002
00819AllureAll Cried Out (Dance Version)3:521997
00820Allure feat. 112All Cried Out (Edit)3:411997
00821Allusions, TheGypsy Woman2:181966
00822Allusions, TheThe Dancer1:591966
00823AlmaSummer Really Hurt Us2:472022
00824Alma CoganFly Me to the Moon3:461963
00825Alma CoganTell Him2:081963
00826Almost HumanHold On3:401987
00827Aloe BlaccI Need a Dollar (Radio Mix)3:222011
00828Aloe BlaccThe Man4:152014
00829Alok & Ava MaxCar Keys (Ayla)2:262023
00830Alok & BastilleRun Into Trouble3:022022
00831Alok & James ArthurWork With My Love2:302023
00832Alok & THRDL!FEHear Me Tonight3:082020
00833Alok, Ella Eyre & Kenny Dope feat. Never DullDeep Down2:452022
00834Alok, Sigala & Ellie GouldingAll By Myself2:512022
00835Alpha TeamSpeed (Hardcore Mix)6:181995
00836AlphavilleBig in Japan3:511984
00837AlphavilleForever Young (Hamel Album Mix)4:562006
00838AlphavilleForever Young (Remastered Original Version)3:451985
00840Alt-JEvery Other Freckle3:352014
00841Alt-JHunger of the Pine4:582014
00842Alt-JLeft Hand Free2:532014
00843Altego, Britney Spears & GinuwineToxic Pony3:182022
00844Alter BridgeOpen Your Eyes (Radio Edit)4:262004
00845Alter EgoRocker (Radio Edit)3:302005
00846Altered ImagesDon't Talk to Me About Love3:461983
00847Altered ImagesHappy Birthday2:581981
00848Altered ImagesI Could Be Happy3:291982
00849Altered ImagesSee Those Eyes3:071982
00850Althea & DonnaUp Town Top Ranking3:481978
00851Altiyan ChildsOrdinary Man3:062011
00852Altiyan ChildsSomewhere in the World3:572010
00853AlunaGeorgeI Remember4:242016
00854AlunaGeorgeTurn Up the Love3:202017
00855AlunaGeorge feat. PopcaanI'm in Control3:292016
00856Alvin & The ChipmunksAchy Breaky Heart2:161993
00857Alvin & The ChipmunksBad Day3:332008
00858Alvin & The ChipmunksFunkytown3:312008
00859Alvin & The ChipmunksThe Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) (DeeTown OG Mix)2:312008
00860Alvin & The ChipmunksYou Spin Me Round (Like a Record)3:132010
00861Alvin & The Chipmunks feat. Chris ClassicWitch Doctor (2007 Version)3:002008
00862Alvin StardustGood Love Can Never Die2:271975
00863Alvin StardustI Feel Like Buddy Holly4:031984
00864Alvin StardustJealous Mind2:391974
00865Alvin StardustMy Coo Ca Choo2:441973
00866Alvin StardustPretend2:391982
00867Alvin StardustRed Dress2:491974
00868Alvin StardustYou, You, You2:571974
00869Aly & AJLike Whoa2:302008
00870Alyssa Reid feat. Jump SmokersAlone Again (UK Radio Edit)3:092012
00871Amadin feat. SwingAlrabaiye (Take Me Up) (Swing Radio Edit)3:531994
00872Amanda MarshallBirmingham (Radio Edit)4:091996
00873Amanda MarshallDark Horse (Edit)4:291997
00874Amanda MarshallFall From Grace4:201997
00875Amanda MarshallLet it Rain4:181996
00876Amanda PerezAngel3:372003
00877Amanda PerezI Like It4:122004
00878Amanda PerezI Pray (Never Forget) (Album Version)3:472005
00879AmberColour of Love (Pop Mix)3:301997
00880AmberSexual (Li Da Di) (Original Radio Edit)4:361999
00881AmberSexual (Li Da Di) (Thunderpuss 2000 Edit)3:461999
00882AmberThis is Your Night (Main Mix)3:581996
00883Amber LawrenceBring it Back2:592021
00884Amber LawrenceI've Got the Blues3:172006
00885AmbrosiaHow Much I Feel4:421978
00886Amen Corner(If Paradise Is) Half as Nice2:461969
00887Amen CornerGin House Blues3:111967
00888Amen vs. Rachel McFarlaneLover (Radio Edit)3:512000
00889AmericaA Horse With No Name4:071972
00890AmericaDon't Cross the River2:291973
00891AmericaI Need You3:031972
00892AmericaLonely People2:271975
00894AmericaSister Golden Hair3:201975
00895AmericaTin Man3:251974
00896AmericaToday's the Day3:121976
00897AmericaVentura Highway3:321972
00898AmericaYou Can Do Magic3:501982
00899American AuthorsBest Day of My Life (Single Version)3:132014
00900American Breed, TheBend Me, Shape Me2:101968
00901American Hi-FiFlavor of the Weak3:082001
00902Amerie1 Thing (Radio Edit)3:592005
00903AmerieI'm Coming Out (Loren Dawson Remix)3:442003
00904AmerieTouch (Album Version)3:392005
00905Amerie feat. LudacrisWhy Don't We Fall in Love (Main Mix)3:292002
00906Ames Brothers, The with Joe ReismanTammy2:261957
00907AmicaLife is Fun3:172003
00908AmicaRock Star3:032003
00909AmielBe Your Girl (Bass Kleph Remix Radio Edit)3:352006
00911AmielObsession (I Love You) (Alternate Radio Mix)3:432003
00912AmielObsession (I Love You) (Original Version)3:552003
00913AmielRound and Round3:322005
00914AmielThe Chase (Radio Edit)3:391999
00915AmielTonight (Original Version)3:372003
00916Amii StewartKnock on Wood3:401979
00917Amii StewartLight My Fire3:551979
00918AminataLove Injected3:002015
00919Amity Affliction, TheAll Fucked Up3:492016
00920Amity Affliction, TheAll My Friends Are Dead3:472019
00921Amity Affliction, TheBorn to Die (Radio Mix)4:132013
00922Amity Affliction, TheChasing Ghosts4:212012
00923Amity Affliction, TheDeath is All Around4:292021
00924Amity Affliction, TheDon't Lean on Me3:332014
00925Amity Affliction, TheFeels Like I'm Dying3:392018
00926Amity Affliction, TheI Bring the Weather With Me4:362016
00927Amity Affliction, TheIvy (Doomsday)3:342018
00928Amity Affliction, TheLike Love3:542021
00929Amity Affliction, ThePittsburgh3:592014
00930Amity Affliction, TheShine On3:452015
00931Amity Affliction, TheShow Me Your God3:362022
00932Amity Affliction, TheSkeletons4:142015
00933Amity Affliction, TheThis Could Be Heartbreak3:532016
00934Amity DryStart of Something New4:052003
00936AmmoniaIn a Box2:391994
00937AmmoniaKen Carter3:551996
00939AmmoniaYou're Not the Only One Who Feels This Way3:521997
00940Among ThievesFaith in Love4:011991
00941Amp Fiddler feat. Corinne Bailey RaeIf I Don't (Radio Version)3:102007
00942Amy GrantBaby Baby (No Getting Over You Mix)3:291991
00943Amy GrantEvery Heartbeat (7" Heart and Soul Mix)3:471991
00944Amy GrantFind a Way3:251985
00945Amy GrantGood for Me (7" Good for You Mix)4:021992
00946Amy GrantThat's What Love is For (Single Mix)4:211991
00947Amy MeredithLying2:552010
00948Amy MeredithPornstar3:132010
00949Amy MeredithYoung at Heart3:512010
00950Amy PearsonDon't Miss You3:192007
00951Amy PearsonNot Me3:142007
00952Amy PearsonReady to Fly4:312008
00953Amy SharkAdore3:052016
00954Amy SharkAll Loved Up3:272018
00955Amy SharkAll the Lies About Me2:572020
00956Amy SharkCan't Get You Out of My Head3:032023
00957Amy SharkDon't Turn Around3:032018
00958Amy SharkEverybody Rise3:102020
00959Amy SharkEverybody Rise (Acoustic)3:462020
00960Amy SharkI Said Hi2:482018
00961Amy SharkMess Her Up (Single Edit)3:252019
00962Amy SharkOnly Wanna Be With You3:102022
00963Amy SharkWeekends3:102017
00964Amy SharkWorst Day of My Life3:012021
00965Amy Shark feat. Keith UrbanLove Songs Ain't for Us3:402021
00966Amy Shark feat. Mark HoppusPsycho3:252018
00967Amy Shark feat. Travis BarkerC'mon3:392020
00968Amy StudtMisfit3:272003
00969Amy WinehouseBack to Black4:012007
00970Amy WinehouseRehab3:342007
00971Amy WinehouseValerie (Live, BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, London/2007)3:492008
00972Amy WinehouseYou Know I'm No Good4:172007
00973Ana ChristensenIsolate Your Heart4:101990
00974Ana ChristensenLike a Rolling Stone4:241991
00975AnastaciaBoom (Album Version)3:182002
00976AnastaciaHeavy on My Heart4:272005
00977AnastaciaI Can Feel You (Radio Edit)3:282008
00978AnastaciaI'm Outta Love (Radio Edit)3:462000
00979AnastaciaLeft Outside Alone3:552004
00980AnastaciaLeft Outside Alone (Jason Nevins Global Club Edit)3:462004
00981AnastaciaNot That Kind3:202000
00982AnastaciaOne Day in Your Life (Album Version)3:262002
00983AnastaciaPaid My Dues3:202001
00984AnastaciaSick and Tired3:292004
00985AnastaciaWelcome to My Truth4:012004
00986AnastaciaWhy'd You Lie to Me (Album Version)3:422002
00987Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweBrother of Mine (Radio Edit)3:221989
00988Anderson Paak feat. Kendrick LamarTints4:292018
00989Andie CaseWant to Want Me/I Want You to Want Me (Mashup)3:032015
00990Andra DayRise Up4:122017
00991Andre RieuHappy Birthday1:212008
00992Andre RieuYours Forever2:322009
00993Andrea BocelliTime to Say Goodbye4:122008
00994Andrea Bocelli & Matteo BocelliFall on Me4:182018
00995Andrea True ConnectionMore, More, More3:001976
00996Andrew CashSmile Me Down4:591989
00997Andrew De SilvaJust Like Good Music (Album Version)4:132005
00998Andrew Denton and The Cast of "Live and Sweaty"I Don't Care as Long as We Beat New Zealand3:551992
00999Andrew GoldLonely Boy3:591977
01000Andrew GoldNever Let Her Slip Away3:281978
01001Andrew Pendlebury feat. Kate CeberanoCalling You4:051992
01002Andrew RidgeleyShake3:301990
01003Andrew StrongAin't Nothin' You Can Do3:491993
01004Androids, TheDo it With Madonna3:482002
01005Androids, TheHere She Comes3:102003
01006Andy BullKeep on Running3:442013
01007Andy Fairweather LowWide Eyed and Legless3:551976
01008Andy ForrayDrac's Back3:261980
01009Andy Gibb(Love Is) Thicker Than Water4:181978
01010Andy GibbAn Everlasting Love4:041978
01011Andy GibbDesire4:281980
01012Andy GibbI Just Want to Be Your Everything3:431977
01013Andy GibbShadow Dancing4:311978
01014Andy Gibb & Olivia Newton-JohnI Can't Help It4:061980
01015Andy GrammerBack Home3:182014
01016Andy GrammerDon't Give Up on Me3:152019
01017Andy GrammerFresh Eyes3:182016
01018Andy GrammerHoney, I'm Good3:182014
01019Andy GrammerKeep Your Head Up3:092012
01020Andy JTilt My Hat (Sgt Slick Radio Cut)2:542005
01021Andy KimBaby, I Love You2:481969
01022Andy KimRock Me Gently3:281974
01023Andy ScottLady Starlight3:111976
01024Andy StewartA Scottish Soldier (Green Hills of Tyrol)3:001961
01025Andy StewartDonald, Where's Your Troosers?3:191961
01026Andy StewartThe Battle's O'er (Soldier Laddie)3:031961
01027Andy StewartTunes of Glory2:081961
01028Andy TaylorTake it Easy4:201986
01029Andy Williams(Where Do I Begin) Love Story3:091971
01030Andy WilliamsA Fool Never Learns2:001964
01031Andy WilliamsCan't Get Used to Losing You2:211963
01032Andy WilliamsCan't Help Falling in Love3:101970
01033Andy WilliamsCan't Take My Eyes Off You3:121968
01034Andy WilliamsDear Heart2:521965
01035Andy WilliamsHappy Heart3:121969
01036Andy WilliamsHopeless2:331963
01037Andy WilliamsIt's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year2:311963
01038Andy WilliamsMusic to Watch Girls By2:361967
01039Andy WilliamsSolitaire4:181974
01040Andy WilliamsThe Bilbao Song2:111961
01041Andy WilliamsThe Village of St. Bernadette3:181960
01042Andy WilliamsThe Wonderful World of the Young2:281962
01043Aneiki15 Minutes3:462002
01044AneikiEven Without You (Radio Edit)3:432002
01045AneikiFeel This Fool3:542002
01046AneikiPleased to Meet You3:552001
01048AnekaJapanese Boy3:531981
01049Angel City feat. Lara McAllenLove Me Right (Oh Sheila) (Radio Edit)3:112004
01050Angel feat. Wretch 32Go In, Go Hard3:422012
01051Angelas DishSoft November3:372007
01052Angelas DishWhen I'm Gone2:412006
01053Angelique KidjoWe-We4:071992
01054Angels, TheAm I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again3:161976
01055Angels, TheAm I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again (Live)4:111988
01056Angels, TheBack Street Pick Up4:201990
01057Angels, TheBetween the Eyes3:551984
01058Angels, TheBleeding With the Times5:371991
01059Angels, TheCall That Living3:011997
01060Angels, TheCan't Take Anymore3:191987
01061Angels, TheCaught in the Night4:041997
01062Angels, TheComin' Down3:131978
01063Angels, TheDogs Are Talking3:211990
01064Angels, TheDon't Need Mercy4:271994
01065Angels, TheDon't Waste My Time3:521986
01066Angels, TheEat City3:241983
01067Angels, TheFace the Day (Single Edit)4:051980
01068Angels, TheFashion and Fame4:431981
01069Angels, TheFinger on the Trigger3:461988
01070Angels, TheInto the Heat3:061981
01071Angels, TheLet the Night Roll On4:001990
01072Angels, TheLive Lady Live3:121983
01073Angels, TheLook the Other Way4:281985
01074Angels, TheMy Boyfriend's Back2:151963
01075Angels, TheNature of the Beast4:381986
01076Angels, TheNight Attack3:301982
01077Angels, TheNo Secrets4:181980
01078Angels, TheOnce Bitten Twice Shy4:371992
01079Angels, TheOut of the Blue3:171979
01080Angels, ThePoor Baby4:021980
01081Angels, TheRhythm Rude Girl5:361990
01082Angels, TheShadow Boxer2:431979
01083Angels, TheSome of That Love3:511991
01084Angels, TheStand Up3:141982
01085Angels, TheSticky Little Bitch2:551985
01086Angels, TheTake a Long Line3:001978
01087Angels, TheTear Me Apart (Manning Mix)3:331992
01088Angels, TheTurn it On3:561994
01089Angels, TheUnderground5:301985
01090Angels, TheWe Gotta Get Out of This Place4:371987
01091Angels, TheYou're a Lady Now3:351977
01092Angie CoxJust Another Night3:361999
01093Angie GoldGet it Over With3:031982
01094Angie StoneWish I Didn't Miss You (Hot Mix Radio Edit)4:172002
01095Angry AndersonBound for Glory3:571990
01096Angry AndersonSuddenly3:511987
01097Angus & Julia StoneA Heartbreak4:142014
01098Angus & Julia StoneAnd the Boys4:082009
01099Angus & Julia StoneBig Jet Plane3:592010
01100Angus & Julia StoneChateau4:332017
01101Angus & Julia StoneGet Home4:312014
01102Angus & Julia StoneHeart Beats Slow4:342014
01103Angus & Julia StoneThe Beast3:492007
01104Angus StoneBird on the Buffalo (Single Edit)4:152012
01105Angus StoneBroken Brights4:092012
01106Animals, TheBoom Boom3:171965
01107Animals, TheBring it on Home to Me2:431965
01108Animals, TheDon't Bring Me Down3:141966
01109Animals, TheDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood2:261965
01110Animals, TheI'm Crying2:451964
01111Animals, TheInside-Looking Out3:481966
01112Animals, TheIt's My Life3:051965
01113Animals, TheThe House of the Rising Sun4:281964
01114Animals, TheWe've Gotta Get Out of This Place3:111965
01116Anirudh Ravichander & Bjorn SurraoMaster the Blaster1:322021
01117Anita BakerSweet Love4:211986
01118Anita BryantPaper Roses2:511960
01119Anita BryantWonderland By Night3:121961
01120Anita SpringBlink (Stay a Little Longer)3:182003
01121Anita WardRing My Bell3:141979
01122Anja NissenAnyone Who Had a Heart3:052015
01123Anja Nissen feat. & Cody WiseI'm So Excited3:392014
01124Ann Blyth with Johnny GreenThe Loveliest Night of the Year3:231951
01125Ann Lee2 Times3:471999
01126Ann Wilson & Robin ZanderSurrender to Me4:041989
01127Ann-MargretI Just Don't Understand2:391961
01128Anna KendrickCups1:152013
01129Anna NalickBreathe (2 AM)4:132005
01130Anna VissiForgive Me This4:311997
01131Annabel LambRiders on the Storm3:571983
01133Anne & Johnny HawkerCinderella Rockefella2:231968
01134Anne HawkerBoom Bang-A-Bang2:201969
01135Anne HawkerTimothy2:061968
01136Anne MurrayA Little Good News3:061983
01137Anne MurrayAnother Sleepless Night3:051982
01138Anne MurrayCould I Have This Dance3:141980
01139Anne MurrayDanny's Song3:041973
01140Anne MurrayDaydream Believer2:251980
01141Anne MurrayI Just Fall in Love Again2:471979
01142Anne MurrayNow and Forever (You and Me)4:141986
01143Anne MurrayShadows in the Moonlight3:211979
01144Anne MurraySnowbird2:121970
01145Anne MurrayYou Needed Me3:361978
01149Anne-MarieCiao Adios3:202017
01150Anne-MarieDo it Right3:152016
01153Anne-Marie & AitchPsycho2:362022
01154Anne-Marie & Little MixKiss My (Uh Oh)2:562021
01155Anne-Marie & Niall HoranOur Song2:432021
01156Anne-Marie feat. Shania TwainUnhealthy2:292023
01157Anne-Marie, KSI & Digital Farm AnimalsDon't Play3:082021
01158AnnenMayKantereit & Giant RooksTom's Diner4:292019
01159AnnieChewing Gum3:542006
01160Annie CrummerState of Grace4:161996
01161Annie CrummerU Soul Me3:471997
01162Annie LeBlanc & Hayden SummerallLittle Do You Know3:042017
01163Annie LennoxA Whiter Shade of Pale (Single Version)4:521995
01164Annie LennoxCold4:241993
01165Annie LennoxI Put a Spell on You3:302015
01166Annie LennoxLittle Bird4:371993
01167Annie LennoxLove Song for a Vampire4:181993
01168Annie LennoxNo More "I Love You's"4:501995
01169Annie LennoxPrecious3:541992
01170Annie LennoxWalking on Broken Glass (Single Version)3:591992
01171Annie LennoxWhy4:551992
01172Annie Lennox & Al GreenPut a Little Love in Your Heart3:481988
01173Another Bad CreationIesha (LP Version)4:211991
01174Another LevelBomb Diggy (Radio Mix)3:342000
01175Another LevelFreak Me (C&J Radio Edit)3:341998
01176Another LevelI Want You for Myself (Radio Edit)3:521999
01177Ant & DecWhen I Fall in Love (Radio Edit with Rap)3:491997
01178Ant SaundersYellow Hearts3:432019
01179AntennaCome on Spring (UK Radio Edit)3:591998
01180Anthony CalleaAddicted to You3:312007
01181Anthony CalleaBridge Over Troubled Water3:562005
01182Anthony CalleaHeaven3:122022
01183Anthony CalleaHurts So Bad3:052005
01184Anthony CalleaLive for Love3:442006
01185Anthony CalleaLonely3:382020
01186Anthony CalleaPer Sempre (For Always) (Album Version)3:512005
01187Anthony CalleaRain3:462005
01188Anthony CalleaThe Prayer4:122004
01189Anthony CalleaWhat's Wrong With Me?3:352019
01190Anthony Callea & Bonnie AndersonTogether Again3:332020
01191Anthony MundinePlatinum Ryder (Getting 'Em Radio Mix)4:182007
01192Anthony Mundine and Black VenomBronco Fever4:261997
01193Anthony NewleyDo You Mind2:191960
01194Anthony NewleyThere's No Such Thing as Love2:061963
01195Anthony NewleyWhat Kind of Fool Am I2:071963
01196Anthony WarlowBeauty School Dropout4:021998
01197Anthony WarlowMy Prayer3:071998
01199AntibazzIs She Really Going Out With Him3:442007
01200Antibazz vs. Deep MelangeWonderful Life3:202005
01201Anticappella feat. MC Fixx ItMove Your Body (Radio Mix)3:271994
01202Anton KarasThe "Harry Lime" Theme2:131950
01203Anton Walbrook with The Vienna Bohemian OrchestraLa Ronde De L'Amour (Love's Roundabout)2:221952
01204Antony and The JohnsonsAnother World4:012008
01205AnujCan You Stand the Heat3:232000
01206AnujRemember Me (Radio Edit)3:212000
01207AnujWhat You Wanna Do2:492001
01208Anxiety, TheMeet Me at Our Spot2:422021
01209Anxiety, TheMeet Me at Our Spot (Live)2:272021
01210Aotearoa Reggae All StarsSensitive to a Smile4:052013
01211Apache IndianBoom Shack-A-Lak (Edit)3:481993
01212Aphex TwinWindowlicker6:041999
01213Apollo 100Joy2:491972
01214Apollo 440Ain't Talkin' 'bout Dub (@440 Radio Edit)3:541997
01215Apollo 440Heart Go Boom (@440 Edit)3:302000
01216Apollo 440Krupa (@440 Edit)4:001996
01217Apollo 440Stop the Rock (@440 Original Version)3:321999
01218Apollo JacksonWith You3:072018
01219Appalachians, TheBony Moronie2:251963
01220Appalachians, TheHilly-Billy-Ding-Dong-Choo-Choo2:351963
01221Applejacks, TheLike Dreamers Do2:321964
01222Applejacks, TheTell Me When2:161964
01224April ByronHe's My Bobby2:171964
01225April ByronMake the World Go Away2:351964
01226AquaAround the World (Radio Edit)3:272000
01227AquaBarbie Girl3:141997
01228AquaBarbie Girl (Tiesto Remix)2:352023
01229AquaBumble Bees3:542000
01230AquaCalling You3:311997
01231AquaCartoon Heroes (Radio Edit)3:422000
01232AquaDidn't I3:161997
01233AquaDoctor Jones3:211997
01234AquaGood Morning Sunshine4:011998
01236AquaHappy Boys & Girls3:331997
01237AquaHeat of the Night3:321997
01238AquaLollipop (Candyman) (Radio Edit)2:531998
01239AquaMy Oh My3:231998
01240AquaRoses Are Red (Radio Remix)3:321996
01241AquaTurn Back Time4:061998
01242Arcade FireReflektor7:322013
01243ArcadiaElection Day (Single Version)4:291985
01244ArcadiaGoodbye is Forever (Single Mix)4:171986
01245ArcadiaThe Promise (7" Mix)4:441986
01246Archie RoachTook the Children Away5:241990
01247Archies, TheBang-Shang-A-Lang2:321968
01248Archies, TheJingle Jangle2:421969
01249Archies, TheSugar, Sugar2:461969
01250Architecture in HelsinkiContact High (Radio Edit)3:302011
01251Architecture in HelsinkiHeart it Races (Single Version)2:572007
01252Architecture in HelsinkiThat Beep3:442008
01253Arctic MonkeysBrianstorm2:492007
01254Arctic MonkeysCornerstone3:182009
01255Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?4:332013
01256Arctic MonkeysFour Out of Five5:122018
01257Arctic MonkeysI Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor2:532006
01258Arctic MonkeysLeave Before the Lights Come On3:492006
01259Arctic MonkeysR U Mine?3:202012
01260Arctic MonkeysThe View From the Afternoon3:382006
01261Arctic MonkeysWhen the Sun Goes Down3:172006
01262Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?2:412013
01263Area-7Big Issue3:452004
01264Area-7Bitter Words3:191999
01267Area-7Leave Me Alone3:102001
01268Area-7Nobody Likes a Bogan2:202002
01269Area-7Second Class Citizen (Bad Boy Mix)3:351999
01270Area-7Start Making Sense3:312000
01271Aretha Franklin(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman2:401967
01272Aretha FranklinAnother Night (Single Mix)4:061986
01273Aretha FranklinChain of Fools2:441968
01274Aretha FranklinCome to Me3:251981
01275Aretha FranklinFreeway of Love (Radio Mix)4:041985
01276Aretha FranklinI Say a Little Prayer3:311968
01277Aretha FranklinJumpin' Jack Flash4:271986
01278Aretha FranklinRespect2:271967
01279Aretha FranklinRock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody2:211961
01280Aretha FranklinSee Saw2:461968
01281Aretha FranklinSon of a Preacher Man3:141970
01282Aretha FranklinSpanish Harlem3:301971
01283Aretha FranklinThe House That Jack Built2:191968
01284Aretha FranklinThe Weight2:561969
01285Aretha FranklinThink2:151968
01286Aretha FranklinThink (The Blues Brothers Version)3:141980
01287Aretha FranklinWho's Zoomin' Who4:421985
01288Aretha Franklin & Elton JohnThrough the Storm4:211989
01289Aretha Franklin & George MichaelI Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)3:581987
01290ArgentHold Your Head Up3:381972
01291Ariana Grande34+352:522020
01292Ariana Grande7 Rings2:572019
01293Ariana GrandeBaby I3:162013
01294Ariana GrandeBad Idea4:272019
01295Ariana GrandeBe Alright2:572016
01296Ariana GrandeBetter Off2:512018
01297Ariana GrandeBloodline3:372019
01298Ariana GrandeBreak Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored3:102019
01299Ariana GrandeBreathin3:182018
01300Ariana GrandeBye2:452024
01301Ariana GrandeDangerous Woman3:552016
01302Ariana GrandeDon't Wanna Break Up Again2:542024
01303Ariana GrandeEternal Sunshine3:302024
01304Ariana GrandeEverytime2:522018
01305Ariana GrandeFake Smile3:282019
01306Ariana GrandeFocus3:312015
01307Ariana GrandeGet Well Soon4:482018
01308Ariana GrandeGhostin4:312019
01309Ariana GrandeGod is a Woman3:172018
01310Ariana GrandeGoodnight N Go3:092018
01311Ariana GrandeI Wish I Hated You2:332024
01312Ariana GrandeImagine3:312018
01313Ariana GrandeImperfect for You3:022024
01314Ariana GrandeIn My Head3:432019
01315Ariana GrandeInto You4:042016
01316Ariana GrandeIntro (End of the World)1:322024
01317Ariana GrandeJust a Little Bit of Your Heart3:512014
01318Ariana GrandeJust Like Magic2:292020
01319Ariana GrandeLast Christmas3:232013
01320Ariana GrandeMake Up2:202019
01321Ariana GrandeMy Hair2:372020
01322Ariana GrandeNASA3:022019
01323Ariana GrandeNasty3:192020
01324Ariana GrandeNeedy2:512019
01325Ariana GrandeNo Tears Left to Cry3:252018
01326Ariana GrandeOne Last Time3:162015
01327Ariana GrandePete Davidson1:132018
01328Ariana GrandePositions2:512020
01329Ariana GrandePOV3:212020
01330Ariana GrandeR.E.M4:052018
01331Ariana GrandeRaindrops (An Angel Cried)0:372018
01332Ariana GrandeSanta Tell Me3:232014
01333Ariana GrandeSaturn Returns Interlude0:422024
01334Ariana GrandeShut Up2:372020
01335Ariana GrandeSomewhere Over the Rainbow (Live from Manchester)4:322017
01336Ariana GrandeSuccessful3:472018
01337Ariana GrandeSupernatural2:432024
01338Ariana GrandeSweetener3:282018
01339Ariana GrandeTest Drive2:012021
01340Ariana GrandeThank U, Next3:262018
01341Ariana GrandeThe Boy is Mine2:532024
01342Ariana GrandeTrue Story2:432024
01343Ariana GrandeWe Can't Be Friends (Wait for Your Love)3:482024
01344Ariana GrandeWorst Behavior2:042021
01345Ariana GrandeYes, And? (Edit)3:102024
01346Ariana Grande & Doja CatMotive2:472020
01347Ariana Grande & John LegendBeauty and the Beast3:472017
01348Ariana Grande & Justin BieberStuck With U3:462020
01349Ariana Grande & Social HouseBoyfriend3:042019
01350Ariana Grande & The WeekndLove Me Harder3:562014
01351Ariana Grande & The WeekndOff the Table3:592020
01352Ariana Grande & Victoria MonetMonopoly2:362019
01353Ariana Grande feat. Big SeanBest Mistake3:522014
01354Ariana Grande feat. Big SeanRight There4:052013
01355Ariana Grande feat. Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion34+35 (Remix)3:012021
01356Ariana Grande feat. FutureEveryday3:142017
01357Ariana Grande feat. Iggy AzaleaProblem3:132014
01358Ariana Grande feat. Lil WayneLet Me Love You3:432016
01359Ariana Grande feat. Liz GilliesSanta Baby2:502013
01360Ariana Grande feat. Mac MillerThe Way3:462013
01361Ariana Grande feat. Missy ElliottBorderline2:572018
01362Ariana Grande feat. Nicki MinajSide to Side3:442016
01363Ariana Grande feat. Nicki MinajThe Light is Coming3:472018
01364Ariana Grande feat. NonnaOrdinary Things2:482024
01365Ariana Grande feat. Pharrell WilliamsBlazed3:162018
01366Ariana Grande feat. Ty Dolla SignSafety Net3:272020
01367Ariana Grande feat. ZeddBreak Free3:342014
01368Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus & Lana Del ReyDon't Call Me Angel3:092019
01369Ariana Grande, Normani & Nicki MinajBad to You2:512019
01370ArielJamaican Farewell2:501973
01371Arizona ZervasRoxanne2:422019
01372ArkarnaEat Me4:051997
01373ArkarnaThe Future's Overrated (7" Mix)3:411998
01374Arlo GuthrieThe City of New Orleans4:301972
01375Arlo SimFeel3:162021
01376Armand Van HeldenI Want Your Soul (Radio Edit)3:142007
01377Armand Van HeldenInto Your Eyes (Radio Edit)2:472005
01378Armand Van HeldenJe T'Aime (Radio Edit)3:352008
01379Armand Van HeldenKoochy (Edit)3:202000
01380Armand Van HeldenMy My My (Radio Edit)3:022004
01381Armand Van HeldenNYC Beat (Radio Edit)3:152007
01382Armand Van HeldenWhen the Lights Go Down (Radio Edit)2:542005
01383Armand Van Helden feat. Duane HardenYou Don't Know Me (Radio Edit)4:001999
01384Armand Van Helden feat. Fat Joe and BLTouch Your Toes (Dirty Radio Edit)3:132007
01385Armand Van Helden feat. Spalding RockwellHear My Name (Radio Edit)3:272004
01386Armani WhiteBillie Eilish1:382022
01387Armin Van Buuren feat. Mr. ProbzAnother You (Radio Edit)3:122015
01388Armin Van Buuren feat. Trevor GuthrieThis is What it Feels Like (Radio Edit)3:262013
01389Army NavySaints3:462009
01390Army of LoversCrucified (Radio Edit)3:301991
01391Arnee and The TerminatersI'll Be Back (The Dancefloor Devastation Kick-Up)2:481991
01392AronChupaI'm an Albatraoz2:462014
01393ArrdeeFlowers (Say My Name)2:382021
01394ArrDeeOliver Twist2:542021
01395Arrested DevelopmentEase My Mind (Radio Version)3:371994
01396Arrested DevelopmentMr. Wendal (Radio Edit)3:251993
01397Arrested DevelopmentNatural4:191993
01398Arrested DevelopmentPeople Everyday (Metamorphosis Radio Edit)4:061992
01399Arrested DevelopmentRevolution4:471993
01400Arrested DevelopmentTennessee (Edit)4:061992
01401ArrowHot Hot Hot (World Carnival Mix Edit)4:151994
01402Art GarfunkelAll I Know3:431973
01403Art GarfunkelBright Eyes3:541979
01404Art GarfunkelI Only Have Eyes for You3:351975
01405Art GarfunkelI Shall Sing3:301974
01406Art GarfunkelSometimes When I'm Dreaming3:341985
01407Art MooneySilver Dollar3:061951
01408Art of Noise, The feat. Duane EddyPeter Gunn3:551986
01409Art of Noise, The feat. Max HeadroomParanoimia (7" Version)3:181986
01410Art of Noise, The feat. Tom JonesKiss3:301989
01411Art vs. ScienceFinally See Our Way3:552010
01412Art vs. ScienceFlippers3:342009
01413Art vs. ScienceFriend in the Field3:452009
01414Art vs. ScienceMagic Fountain4:412010
01415Art vs. ScienceParlez Vous Francais?3:332009
01416ArtemasI Like the Way You Kiss Me2:222024
01417ArtemasIf U Think I'm Pretty2:082024
01418Artful DodgerA Girl (La La La)3:411981
01419Artful DodgerRe-Rewind (The Crowd Say Bo Selecta) (Radio Edit)4:002000
01420Artful Dodger & Robbie Craig feat. Craig DavidWoman Trouble (Radio Edit)4:002001
01421Artful Dodger feat. LiffordPlease Don't Turn Me On (Radio Edit)3:432001
01422Arthur AlexanderYou Better Move On2:441962
01423Arthur Baker and The Backbeat Disciples feat. Al GreenThe Message is Love (7" Mix)4:381990
01424Arthur ConleyOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da3:011969
01425Arthur ConleySweet Soul Music2:191967
01426Arthur Lyman Group, TheLove for Sale2:591963
01427Arthur Lyman Group, TheYellow Bird2:431961
01428Artists for GrenfellBridge Over Troubled Water3:522017
01429Artists for HaitiWe Are the World 25 for Haiti6:562010
01430Artists of Then, Now & ForeverForever Country3:592016
01431Artists Stand Up to CancerJust Stand Up!3:342008
01432Artists United Against ApartheidSun City5:421986
01433ArzAlone With You3:152021
01434ASAP FergPlain Jane2:532017
01435ASAP RockyBabushka Boi3:072019
01436ASAP RockyLSD3:552015
01437ASAP Rocky feat. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick LamarF**kin' Problems3:572013
01438ASAP Rocky feat. MobyASAP Forever3:532018
01439ASAP Rocky feat. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark RonsonEveryday4:192015
01440ASAP Rocky feat. SkeptaPraise the Lord (Da Shine)3:252018
01441AsgeirKing and Cross3:322014
01442AshA Life Less Ordinary4:151997
01443AshGirl From Mars3:301997
01445AshOh Yeah4:441996
01446AshShining Light4:062001
01447AshantiFoolish (Radio Edit)3:502002
01449AshantiOnly U3:062005
01450AshantiRock Wit U (Awww Baby)3:292003
01451AshantiThe Way That I Love You4:272008
01452AsheMoral of the Story3:212020
01453Ashford & SimpsonSolid3:431985
01454Ashlee SimpsonBoyfriend2:592005
01455Ashlee SimpsonL.O.V.E. (Album Version)2:332006
01456Ashlee SimpsonLa La (Album Version)3:412005
01457Ashlee SimpsonOutta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)3:372008
01458Ashlee SimpsonPieces of Me (Radio Edit)3:112004
01459Ashlee SimpsonShadow3:562004
01460Ashley & MelanieTrouble2:312003
01461Ashley OOn a Roll2:342019
01462Ashley ParkMon Soleil3:282022
01463Ashley TisdaleHe Said She Said3:072007
01464Ashley Tisdale & Lucas GrabeelI Want it All4:372008
01466Ashton, Gardner & DykeThe Resurrection Shuffle3:181971
01467AsiaHeat of the Moment3:561982
01468Assembled Multitude, TheOverture from "Tommy" (A Rock Opera)2:301970
01469Assembly, TheNever Never3:441984
01470Association, TheCherish3:271966
01471Association, TheWindy2:541967
01472Asta feat. AlldayDynamite3:572015
01473Aston MerrygoldGet Stupid3:192015
01474Aston Shuffle, TheCan't Stop Now3:252012
01475Aston Shuffle, TheTear it Down5:062013
01476Aston Shuffle, TheYour Love5:082010
01477Astrid SBreathe3:302017
01478Astronauts, TheBaja2:241963
01479AswadDon't Turn Around3:171988
01480At the Drive-InOne Armed Scissor3:442001
01481At the Drive-InPattern Against User3:172001
01482Ataris, TheThe Boys of Summer4:172003
01483ATB9PM (Till I Come) (Original Radio Edit)3:151999
01484ATB9PM (Till I Come) (UK Edit)2:391999
01485ATBDon't Stop (Airplay Edit)3:451999
01486ATBKiller (Video Edit)4:071999
01487ATBKiller 2000 (UK Radio Edit)3:262000
01488ATBMovin' Melodies5:561999
01489ATBThe Summer (Airplay Mix)3:462000
01490ATB, Topic & A7SYour Love (9PM)2:302021
01491ATCAround the World (La La La La La) (Radio Version)3:352001
01492ATCMy Heart Beats Like a Drum (Dam Dam Dam) (Radio Edit)3:422001
01493ATFC pres. OnePhatDeevaIn and Out of My Life (ATFC Radio Edit)3:291999
01494Atlanta Rhythm SectionSo in to You3:191977
01495Atlantic StarrAlways3:581987
01496Atlantic StarrSecret Lovers3:351986
01497Atlantics, TheBombora2:561963
01498Atlantics, TheI Put a Spell on You3:391966
01499Atlantics, TheMoon Man2:401963
01500Atlantics, TheThe Crusher2:461963
01501Atlantics, TheWar of the Worlds3:041964
01502Atomic KittenBe With You3:352003
01503Atomic KittenEternal Flame3:142001
01504Atomic KittenIf You Come to Me3:462003
01505Atomic KittenIt's OK!3:152002
01506Atomic KittenRight Now3:352000
01507Atomic KittenThe Tide is High (Get the Feeling) (Groove Brothers Edit)3:222002
01508Atomic KittenThe Tide is High (Get the Feeling) (Radio Mix)3:272002
01509Atomic KittenWhole Again3:032001
01510Atomic Kitten feat. Kool & The GangLadies Night (Radio Mix)3:072004
01511Audio Bullys feat. Nancy SinatraShot You Down (Radio Edit)2:552005
01512Audio Murphy feat. MelindaTighten Up Your Pants (The Yodelling Song)2:561994
01513Audio Thieves, TheIs This Love? (Radio Edit)3:492007
01514AudioslaveBe Yourself4:392005
01515AudioslaveLike a Stone (Top 40 Edit)3:012003
01516AudioslaveOriginal Fire3:382006
01517Audrey LandersManuel Goodbye3:371983
01518Augie MarchAsleep in Perfection4:041999
01519Augie MarchHere Comes the Night (New Version)4:312001
01520Augie MarchLittle Wonder4:032003
01521Augie MarchOne Crowded Hour (Single Mix)4:122006
01522Augie MarchPennywhistle4:162008
01523Augie MarchThe Hole in Your Roof (Single Edit)3:592000
01524Augie MarchThe Moth Ball5:451999
01525Augie MarchThe Vineyard5:012002
01526Auli'i CravalhoHow Far I'll Go2:432017
01527Aulton Mob, TheTheme from "This Day Tonight"2:081967
01529Aurora feat. Naimee ColemanOrdinary World (Radio Edit)4:202001
01530Aurora feat. Naimee ColemanSleeping Satellite (Radio Edit)3:382003
01531Aussie AllstarsAussie Aussie Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi! (Radio Edit)3:372000
01532Austen TayshusAustraliana4:231983
01533Austen TayshusFootyana (AFL Version)3:552000
01534Austen TayshusHighway Corroboree5:221988
01535Austen TayshusPhantom Shuffle4:401984
01536Austin Mahone feat. PitbullMmm Yeah3:512014
01537Australia TooThe Garden5:541985
01538Australia Who? SyndicateAustralia Who?2:541983
01539Australian CrawlBeautiful People2:571979
01540Australian CrawlDaughters of the Northern Coast4:381982
01541Australian CrawlDownhearted3:091980
01542Australian CrawlEasy on Your Own3:491981
01543Australian CrawlErrol3:321981
01544Australian CrawlIf This is Love3:251985
01545Australian CrawlLakeside4:471981
01546Australian CrawlLouie Louie (Live)5:481984
01547Australian CrawlOh No Not You Again5:131981
01548Australian CrawlReckless5:191983
01549Australian CrawlRunaway Girls4:031982
01550Australian CrawlShut Down4:111982
01551Australian CrawlThe Boys Light Up4:381980
01552Australian CrawlThings Don't Seem3:541981
01553Australian CrawlTrouble Spot Rock4:451985
01554Australian CrawlTwo Can Play3:491985
01555Australian CrawlUnpublished Critics (Live)5:511984
01556Australian CrawlWhite Limbo4:081983
01557Australian Cricket Team, 1972Here Come the Aussies2:231972
01558Australian Idol: The Final 10Good Times2:532005
01559Australian Idol: The Final 12Rise Up3:282003
01560Australian OlympiansYou're Not Alone5:101988
01561Australian Swim TeamWatch Us Come Alive (Dream It, Live It!)3:012008
01562AutomaticIt's Like Sound3:231996
01563AutomaticPump it Up3:191998
01564Autone & Kelvin Wood feat. Amanda WilsonCrush3:012022
01565AutumnLooking Thru the Eyes of a Beautiful Girl3:121970
01566AutumnSong to Raymondo3:191970
01567AutumnYellow River3:041970
01568Ava MaxChoose Your Fighter2:162023
01569Ava MaxGhost3:012023
01570Ava MaxKings & Queens2:422020
01571Ava MaxMillion Dollar Baby3:042022
01572Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart2:542020
01573Ava MaxSo Am I3:042019
01574Ava MaxSweet But Psycho3:072018
01575Ava MaxTorn3:172019
01576AvalancheSweet Baby Brown Eyes3:181976
01577AvalancheWizard of Love3:011976
01578Avalanche CityLove Love Love3:122011
01579Avalanches, TheBecause I'm Me4:122016
01580Avalanches, TheFrankie Sinatra (Extended Mix)4:282016
01581Avalanches, TheFrontier Psychiatrist (Radio Edit)4:092000
01582Avalanches, TheSince I Left You4:362001
01583Avalanches, TheSubways3:112016
01584Avener, TheFade Out Lines3:162014
01585Average White BandPick Up the Pieces3:571975
01586AviciiAddicted to You2:282013
01587AviciiBroken Arrows3:522015
01588AviciiFade Into Darkness (Vocal Radio Mix)3:182012
01589AviciiFor a Better Day3:242015
01591AviciiHey Brother4:142013
01592AviciiLay Me Down5:002014
01593AviciiLevels (Radio Edit)3:202011
01594AviciiSilhouettes (Original Radio Edit)3:302012
01595AviciiThe Days4:362014
01596AviciiThe Nights2:562015
01597AviciiWaiting for Love3:482015
01598AviciiWake Me Up (Radio Edit)4:092013
01599AviciiYou Make Me3:532013
01600Avicii and Sebastien DrumsMy Feelings for You (Mark Knight Remix)3:442022
01601Avicii feat. Aloe BlaccSOS2:362019
01602Avicii feat. Rita OraLonely Together3:012017
01603Avicii feat. Sandro CavazzaWithout You3:002017
01604Avicii vs. Nicky RomeroI Could Be the One (Radio Edit)3:282013
01605AvionI Need You3:491983
01606Avril LavigneAlice3:332010
01607Avril LavigneBite Me2:392021
01608Avril LavigneComplicated (The Matrix Mix)4:012002
01609Avril LavigneDon't Tell Me3:252004
01610Avril LavigneGirlfriend3:352007
01611Avril LavigneHe Wasn't2:582005
01612Avril LavigneHead Above Water3:402018
01613Avril LavigneHere's to Never Growing Up3:342013
01614Avril LavigneHot3:222007
01615Avril LavigneI'm With You3:432003
01616Avril LavigneKeep Holding On3:582006
01617Avril LavigneLosing Grip (Album Version)3:522003
01618Avril LavigneMobile3:312002
01619Avril LavigneMy Happy Ending4:012004
01620Avril LavigneNobody's Home3:312004
01621Avril LavigneRock N Roll3:262013
01622Avril LavigneSk8er Boi3:232002
01623Avril LavigneSmile3:272011
01624Avril LavigneWe Are Warriors3:452020
01625Avril LavigneWhat the Hell3:392011
01626Avril LavigneWhen You're Gone4:012007
01627Avril Lavigne feat. BlackbearLove it When You Hate Me2:242022
01628Avril Lavigne feat. Chad KroegerLet Me Go4:262013
01629Avril Lavigne with YungbludI'm a Mess3:072022
01631AxiomA Little Ray of Sunshine3:281970
01632AxiomArkansas Grass3:041969
01633AxiomFool's Gold4:311971
01634AxiomMy Baby's Gone3:171970
01635Axle WhiteheadAnywhere3:482008
01636Axle WhiteheadI Don't Do Surprises3:092008
01637AxwellFeel the Vibe (Til the Morning Comes) (Radio Edit)3:152005
01638Axwell & IngrossoMore Than You Know3:202017
01639Axwell & Ingrosso feat. Trevor GuthrieDreamer4:092017
01640Az YetLast Night (Album Version)4:261997
01641Az Yet feat. Peter CeteraHard to Say I'm Sorry (David Foster Remix)3:161997
01642Azealia Banks feat. Lazy Jay2123:222012
01643Aztec CameraSomewhere in My Heart3:481988
01644Aztec Camera and Mick JonesGood Morning Britain4:001991
01645B-52's, The(Meet) The Flintstones2:231994
01646B-52's, TheDeadbeat Club4:461990
01647B-52's, TheGood Stuff (Edit)4:061992
01648B-52's, TheLove Shack (Radio Edit)4:151989
01649B-52's, ThePlanet Claire (Edit)3:161980
01650B-52's, ThePrivate Idaho3:351980
01651B-52's, ThePrivate Idaho (Remix)4:041981
01652B-52's, TheRoam (Radio Edit)4:011990
01653B-52's, TheRock Lobster4:531980
01654B-52's, TheSummer of Love (Single Edit)4:011986
01655B-ManiaBack in the U.S.S.R.4:071987
01656B. Brown PosseDrop it on the One (Smoothed Out Dungeon Radio Remix)3:521993
01657B. Bumble & The StingersBumble Boogie2:111961
01658B. Bumble & The StingersNut Rocker1:581962
01659B.A. RobertsonBang Bang3:191979
01660B.A. RobertsonTo Be or Not to Be3:201980
01661B.A. Robertson & Maggie BellHold Me2:541982
01662B.B.E.Flash (Radio Edit)3:561997
01663B.B.E.Seven Days and One Week (Radio Edit)4:131996
01664B.E.F. pres. Sandie ShawAnyone Who Had a Heart3:101982
01665B.G. The Prince of RapThis Beat is Hot (Single Edit)4:091991
01666B.J. Thomas(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song3:211975
01667B.J. ThomasEverybody's Out of Town2:391970
01668B.J. ThomasHooked on a Feeling2:401969
01669B.J. ThomasMama2:591966
01670B.J. ThomasRaindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head3:001969
01671B.J. ThomasTwo Car Garage3:271984
01672B.J. ThomasWhatever Happened to Old Fashioned Love3:251983
01673B.o.BSo Good3:322012
01674B.o.B feat. Bruno MarsNothin' on You4:262010
01675B.o.B feat. Chris Brown & T.I.Arena4:282012
01676B.o.B feat. Hayley WilliamsAirplanes2:592010
01677B.o.B feat. Lil WayneStrange Clouds3:462011
01678B.o.B feat. Rivers CuomoMagic3:152010
01679B.o.B feat. Taylor SwiftBoth of Us3:352012
01680B.o.B feat. Trey SongzCastles3:542013
01681B.O.N.Boys (English Radio Version)3:182001
01682B.W. StevensonMy Maria2:221973
01683B.Z. feat. JoanneJackie (Radio Edit)4:031998
01684B(if)tek feat. Julee CruiseWired for Sound3:522000
01685B*WitchedBlame it on the Weatherman (Radio Edit)3:321999
01686B*WitchedC'est La Vie2:521998
01687B*WitchedJesse Hold On3:191999
01688B*WitchedJump Down3:052000
01690B*WitchedTo You I Belong3:041999
01691B105 Listeners & FriendsBrisbane's #1 Hit Single3:202010
01692B2KGirlfriend (Ron G Remix)3:292003
01693B2KUh Huh (Radio Edit)3:062002
01694B2K feat. P. DiddyBump, Bump, Bump (Radio Edit)3:542003
01695BaauerHarlem Shake3:162013
01696Babbu MaanKalam Kalla7:422022
01697Baby AnimalsAin't Gonna Get2:561992
01698Baby AnimalsAt the End of the Day2:491993
01699Baby AnimalsBackbone5:141993
01700Baby AnimalsDon't Tell Me What to Do4:131993
01701Baby AnimalsEarly Warning3:571991
01702Baby AnimalsImpossible to Fly3:181992
01703Baby AnimalsLights Out at Eleven4:501994
01704Baby AnimalsOne Word3:551992
01705Baby AnimalsPainless3:411991
01706Baby AnimalsRush You4:101991
01707Baby Bash feat. Frankie JSuga Suga3:582004
01708Baby Bash feat. Sean KingstonWhat is It?3:202008
01709Baby BumpsI Got This Feeling (G-Club Classic Vocal Radio Edit)3:062000
01710Baby DLet Me Be Your Fantasy3:491995
01711Baby Keem & Kendrick LamarFamily Ties4:112021
01712BabybirdYou're Gorgeous3:441996
01713BabyfaceEvery Time I Close My Eyes (Radio Edit)4:121997
01714BabyfaceThis is for the Lover in You (That Kind of Man Mix)3:591996
01715BabyfaceWhen Can I See You (LP Version)3:471994
01716Babyface feat. Stevie WonderHow Come, How Long5:111997
01717Babylon ZooAnimal Army (7" Edit)3:561996
01718Babylon ZooSpaceman (Radio Edit)4:051996
01719Babys, TheBack on My Feet Again3:101980
01720Babys, TheEvery Time I Think of You3:491979
01721Babys, TheIsn't it Time4:001978
01722BabyshamblesFuck Forever (Original Version)4:392005
01723Babysitters Circus, TheEverything's Gonna Be Alright4:332012
01724BaccaraSorry, I'm a Lady3:351978
01725BaccaraYes Sir, I Can Boogie4:291977
01726Bachelor GirlBlown Away4:311999
01727Bachelor GirlBuses and Trains3:431998
01728Bachelor GirlDrowning Not Waving4:362002
01729Bachelor GirlI'm Just a Girl3:542002
01730Bachelor GirlLucky Me4:291999
01731Bachelor GirlTreat Me Good (Radio Edit)4:291998
01732Bachelors, TheCan I Trust You2:381966
01733Bachelors, TheDiane2:341964
01734Bachelors, TheI Believe2:041964
01735Bachelors, TheI Wouldn't Trade You for the World2:371964
01736Bachelors, TheIn the Chapel in the Moonlight2:011965
01737Bachelors, TheMarie2:211965
01738Bachelors, TheNo Arms Can Ever Hold You3:051965
01739Bachelors, TheRamona2:381964
01740Bachelors, TheThe Unicorn3:201968
01741Bachelors, TheWalk With Faith in Your Heart2:461967
01742Bachman-Turner OverdriveHey You3:341975
01743Bachman-Turner OverdriveRoll on Down the Highway3:591975
01744Bachman-Turner OverdriveTakin' Care of Business3:141974
01745Bachman-Turner OverdriveYou Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet3:341974
01746Backstreet BoysAll I Have to Give (Radio Version)4:081998
01747Backstreet BoysAs Long as You Love Me (Radio Version)3:311997
01748Backstreet BoysChances2:522018
01749Backstreet BoysDon't Go Breaking My Heart3:352018
01750Backstreet BoysDrowning4:132001
01751Backstreet BoysEverybody (Backstreet's Back) (7" Version)3:431997
01752Backstreet BoysGet Down (You're the One for Me) (LP Edit with No Rap)3:321996
01753Backstreet BoysI Still... (Album Version)3:482006
01754Backstreet BoysI Want it That Way3:321999
01755Backstreet BoysI'll Never Break Your Heart (Radio Edit)4:231998
01756Backstreet BoysIncomplete3:582005
01757Backstreet BoysInconsolable (Main Version)3:362007
01758Backstreet BoysJust Want You to Know3:512005
01759Backstreet BoysLarger Than Life (The Video Mix)3:561999
01760Backstreet BoysMore Than That (Radio Mix)3:412001
01761Backstreet BoysQuit Playing Games (With My Heart)3:511997
01762Backstreet BoysShape of My Heart3:502000
01763Backstreet BoysShow Me the Meaning of Being Lonely3:542000
01764Backstreet BoysStraight Through My Heart3:272009
01765Backstreet BoysThe Call3:232001
01766Backstreet BoysThe One3:452000
01767Backstreet BoysWe've Got it Goin' On3:391996
01768Bacon PopperFree (Original Radio Version)3:401998
01769Bad Boy Johnny and The Prophets of DoomEnemy the Sun3:541990
01770Bad Bunny feat. DrakeMia3:302018
01771Bad CabbageYour Rude (Get Fucked) (Radio Edit)3:572003
01772Bad CompanyCan't Get Enough3:301974
01773Bad CompanyEverything I Need3:271977
01774Bad CompanyFeel Like Makin' Love5:091975
01775Bad CompanyGood Lovin' Gone Bad3:351975
01776Bad CompanyRock 'n' Roll Fantasy3:161979
01777Bad EnglishPrice of Love (Remix)4:361990
01778Bad EnglishWhen I See You Smile4:171989
01779Bad MannersCan Can2:501981
01780Bad Meets EvilFast Lane4:092011
01781Bad Meets Evil feat. Bruno MarsLighters5:032011
01782Bad NewsBohemian Rhapsody3:381987
01783Bad WolvesZombie4:212018
01784BadfingerBaby Blue3:341972
01785BadfingerCome and Get It2:201970
01786BadfingerDay After Day3:101972
01787BadfingerNo Matter What2:581970
01788Badloves, TheBarefoot Bride4:101996
01789Badloves, TheCaroline3:031995
01790Badloves, TheGreen Limousine3:451993
01791Badloves, TheI Remember3:081993
01792Badloves, TheLost3:301993
01793Badloves, TheMemphis5:081994
01794Bag RaidersShooting Stars3:552009
01795Bag RaidersSunlight4:012011
01796Bag RaidersWaterfalls3:542015
01797Bag RaidersWay Back Home3:342010
01798Baha MenBest Years of Our Lives (Album Version)2:572001
01799Baha MenMove it Like This3:222002
01800Baha MenWho Let the Dogs Out (Radio Mix)3:102000
01801Baha MenYou All Dat (Berman Brothers Remix)3:472001
01802Bailey ZimmermanRock and a Hard Place3:272022
01803Bailey ZimmermanWhere it Ends2:592022
01804BakarHell N Back3:332019
01805Bakar feat. Summer WalkerHell N Back3:152024
01806Baker Boy feat. Bernard FanningWish You Well2:512022
01807Ball Park MusicCherub5:292021
01808Ball Park MusicShe Only Loves Me When I'm There3:452014
01809BaltimoraTarzan Boy3:511985
01810BaltimoraTarzan Boy (1993 Remix)3:441993
01811Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band, TheLapland2:161968
01812BambooBamboogie (Radio Edit)3:311998
01813Bamboos, The feat. Tim RogersI Got Burned4:192012
01814BananaramaA Trick of the Night4:061987
01815BananaramaCruel Summer3:281985
01816BananaramaI Can't Help It (U.S. 7" Mix)3:381988
01817BananaramaI Heard a Rumour3:241987
01818BananaramaI Want You Back3:451988
01819BananaramaLook on the Floor (Hypnotic Tango) (Radio Edit)3:202006
01820BananaramaLove in the First Degree3:261988
01821BananaramaLove, Truth & Honesty3:251988
01822BananaramaMore Than Physical (Single Version)3:191986
01823BananaramaMove in My Direction (Radio Edit)3:162006
01824BananaramaNa Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye3:281983
01825BananaramaNathan Jones3:171989
01826BananaramaOnly Your Love (7" Mix)3:581990
01827BananaramaRobert De Niro's Waiting (7" Version)3:281984
01828BananaramaShy Boy3:141982
01830Bananarama & Fun Boy ThreeReally Saying Something2:401982
01831Bananarama & LananeeneenoonooHelp3:011989
01832Bananas in PyjamasThe Cuddles Avenue Christmas Party2:321998
01833BanarooDubi Dam Dam (Radio Edit)3:352006
01834Band, TheRag Mama Rag3:031970
01835Band, TheTime to Kill3:251970
01836Band AidDo They Know it's Christmas?3:401984
01837Band Aid 20Do They Know it's Christmas?5:032004
01838Band Aid 30Do They Know it's Christmas? (2014)3:492014
01839Band Aid IIDo They Know it's Christmas?4:211990
01840Band of LightDestiny Song3:031973
01841Band of the Royal Regiment of New Zealand ArtilleryReveille1:012014
01842Band of the Royal Regiment of New Zealand ArtilleryThe Last Post1:102014
01843Band Perry, TheIf I Die Young3:422010
01844Bang the DrumOnly You4:021990
01845Bang the DrumPassion4:101990
01846BanglesBe With You3:021989
01847BanglesEternal Flame3:541989
01848BanglesHazy Shade of Winter (Remix)2:461988
01849BanglesI'll Set You Free (Remix)4:511990
01850BanglesIf She Knew What She Wants3:471986
01851BanglesIn Your Room3:251988
01852BanglesManic Monday3:031986
01853BanglesWalk Like an Egyptian3:191986
01854BanglesWalking Down Your Street3:151987
01855BanksBeggin for Thread4:092014
01856BanksGemini Feed3:052016
01857BannersSomeone to You3:382017
01858Barbara DicksonJanuary - February3:381981
01859Barbara LewisHello Stranger2:401963
01860Barbara MandrellSleeping Single in a Double Bed2:181979
01861Barbara RayI Don't Wanna Play House2:331973
01862BarbarellaColour My Love (Radio Edit)3:451999
01863Barbra StreisandComin' in and Out of Your Life4:101982
01864Barbra StreisandLeft in the Dark5:471984
01865Barbra StreisandLove Theme from "A Star is Born" (Evergreen)3:061977
01866Barbra StreisandMemory3:551982
01867Barbra StreisandMy Heart Belongs to Me3:211977
01868Barbra StreisandPeople3:391964
01869Barbra StreisandSecond Hand Rose2:091966
01870Barbra StreisandSongbird3:441978
01871Barbra StreisandStoney End3:001971
01872Barbra StreisandThe Way We Were3:311974
01873Barbra StreisandWoman in Love3:521980
01874Barbra Streisand & Barry GibbGuilty4:241980
01875Barbra Streisand & Bryan AdamsI Finally Found Someone3:411997
01876Barbra Streisand & Celine DionTell Him4:521997
01877Barbra Streisand & Neil DiamondYou Don't Bring Me Flowers3:241978
01878Barbra Streisand & Vince GillIf You Ever Leave Me4:351999
01879Barbra Streisand and Don JohnsonTill I Loved You4:171989
01881BardotEmpty Room3:342000
01882BardotHigher Than Heaven3:402000
01883BardotI Need Somebody3:262001
01884BardotI Should've Never Let You Go4:272000
01885BardotLove Will Find a Way3:152002
01886BardotPoison (Radio Mix)3:212000
01887BardotThese Days3:392000
01888Barenaked LadiesCall and Answer4:071999
01889Barenaked LadiesIt's All Been Done (Album Version)3:261999
01890Barenaked LadiesOne Week (Original Radio Remix)2:511998
01891Barney KesselMoon River Cha Cha2:291962
01892Barron Knights, TheLive in Trouble4:511978
01893Barron Knights, TheNever Mind the Presents3:181980
01894Barron Knights, TheWe Know Who Done It2:291980
01895Barron Knights, The with Duke D'MondCall Up the Groups (Medley)5:481964
01896Barron Knights, The with Duke D'MondMerry Gentle Pops5:031965
01897Barron Knights, The with Duke D'MondPop Go the Workers5:011965
01898Barron Knights, The with Duke D'MondThe House of Johann Strauss2:261965
01899Barron Knights, The with Duke D'MondUnder New Management6:041966
01900Barrow Creek Boys, TheLife Wasn't Meant to Be Easy3:011981
01901Barrow Poets, TheThe Pheasant Plucker's Song3:081981
01902Barry BlueDancin' (On a Saturday Night)3:011973
01903Barry BlueDo You Wanna Dance?3:501973
01904Barry BlueSchool Love3:171974
01905Barry CrockerPlease Don't Go3:191969
01906Barry CrockerSusie Darlin'3:281973
01907Barry GibbShine Shine4:431984
01908Barry Gibb feat. Keith UrbanI've Gotta Get a Message to You3:142021
01909Barry ManilowCan't Smile Without You3:131978
01910Barry ManilowCopacabana (At the Copa)4:411978
01911Barry ManilowCopacabana (At the Copa) (The 1993 Remix 7" Version)4:031994
01912Barry ManilowCould it Be Magic4:171975
01913Barry ManilowI Wanna Do it With You3:421983
01914Barry ManilowI Write the Songs3:551975
01915Barry ManilowI'm Your Man4:031986
01916Barry ManilowLet's Hang On3:081981
01917Barry ManilowLooks Like We Made It3:331977
01918Barry ManilowMandy3:221975
01919Barry ManilowRead 'em and Weep5:271984
01920Barry ManilowShips4:081979
01921Barry ManilowSome Kind of Friend3:541983
01922Barry ManilowSomewhere in the Night3:271979
01923Barry ManilowWeekend in New England3:451977
01924Barry MannWho Put the Bomp (In the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)2:391961
01925Barry McGuireEve of Destruction3:381965
01926Barry MichaelI Don't Understand (Where I Fit In)3:031986
01927Barry Ryan with The MajorityEloise5:421968
01928Barry Ryan with The MajorityLove is Love4:461969
01929Barry StantonBeggin' on My Knees2:261961
01930Barry WhiteCan't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe3:581974
01931Barry WhiteI'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby3:571973
01932Barry WhiteLet the Music Play3:291976
01933Barry WhiteNever, Never Gonna Give Ya Up4:061974
01934Barry WhiteYou're the First, The Last, My Everything3:221975
01935Basement JaxxDo Your Thing4:212003
01936Basement JaxxGet Me Off (Jaxx 2002 Remix Radio Edit)4:002002
01937Basement JaxxHush Boy (Edit)3:402006
01938Basement JaxxJus 1 Kiss (Radio Edit)3:352001
01939Basement JaxxOh My Gosh (Radio Edit)3:552005
01940Basement JaxxRaindrops3:202009
01941Basement JaxxRed Alert (Jaxx Radio Mix)3:351999
01942Basement JaxxRomeo (Radio Edit)3:252001
01943Basement JaxxTake Me Back to Your House (Radio Edit)3:492006
01944Basement JaxxWhere's Your Head At (Radio Edit)3:572001
01945Basement Jaxx feat. Dizzee RascalLucky Star (Radio Edit)3:512003
01946Basement Jaxx feat. JC ChasezPlug it In (Radio Edit)3:172004
01947Basement Jaxx feat. Lisa KekaulaGood Luck (Album Version)4:262004
01948Basement Jaxx feat. Lisa KekaulaU Don't Know Me (JaxxHouz Radio Edit)2:552005
01949BasiaNew Day for You4:271989
01950Basic ElementMove Me3:411994
01951Bass Culture feat. Gina GLove the Life 96 (Radio Edit)4:041996
01952Bass Culture feat. Kate CeberanoYou've Got a Friend (Radio Mix)3:461993
01953Basshunter feat. DJ Mental Theo's BazzheadzNow You're Gone (Radio Edit)2:302008
01954BastilleLaura Palmer3:062013
01955BastilleOf the Night3:342013
01957Bat for LashesLaura4:242012
01958Bates, TheBillie Jean4:241995
01959Bay City RollersBye Bye Baby2:461975
01960Bay City RollersDon't Worry Baby3:041977
01961Bay City RollersGive a Little Love3:211975
01962Bay City RollersI Only Wanna Be With You3:221976
01963Bay City RollersIt's a Game2:551977
01964Bay City RollersLove Me Like I Love You3:151976
01965Bay City RollersMaryanne2:461975
01966Bay City RollersMoney Honey3:161975
01967Bay City RollersRemember (Sha-La-La-La)2:321974
01968Bay City RollersRock and Roll Love Letter2:541976
01969Bay City RollersSaturday Night2:561976
01970Bay City RollersShang-A-Lang3:031974
01971Bay City RollersSummerlove Sensation3:151975
01972Bay City RollersThe Way I Feel Tonight3:551977
01973Bay City RollersYou Made Me Believe in Magic2:411977
01974Bay City Union, TheMo'reen2:331968
01975BazBelievers (King Unique Radio Edit)3:142002
01976BazBelievers (Radio Edit)3:582002
01977BazSmile to Shine (Tin Tin Out Mix)3:522002
01978Baz & BlueI've Been to Expo Too3:441988
01982Bazzi feat. 21 SavageFocus2:352019
01983Bazzi feat. Camila CabelloBeautiful3:002018
01984BB StealHeartbeat Away4:191989
01985BBMakBack Here3:382000
01986BBMakOut of My Heart4:032003
01987Bbnos feat. Rich BrianEdamame2:132021
01988Beach Boys, TheBarbara Ann2:161966
01989Beach Boys, TheBe True to Your School2:041963
01990Beach Boys, TheBluebirds Over the Mountain2:531969
01991Beach Boys, TheBreak Away2:571969
01992Beach Boys, TheCalifornia Girls2:351965
01993Beach Boys, TheCottonfields2:591970
01994Beach Boys, TheDance, Dance, Dance1:561965
01995Beach Boys, TheDarlin'2:091968
01996Beach Boys, TheDo it Again2:241968
01997Beach Boys, TheDo You Wanna Dance?2:161965
01998Beach Boys, TheDon't Worry Baby2:491964
01999Beach Boys, TheFun, Fun, Fun2:031964
02000Beach Boys, TheGetcha Back3:021985
02001Beach Boys, TheGod Only Knows2:511966
02002Beach Boys, TheGood Vibrations3:341966
02003Beach Boys, TheHawaii1:591964
02004Beach Boys, TheHelp Me, Rhonda3:071965
02005Beach Boys, TheHere Comes the Night4:301979
02006Beach Boys, TheHeroes and Villains3:361967
02007Beach Boys, TheI Can Hear Music2:341969
02008Beach Boys, TheI Get Around2:061964
02009Beach Boys, TheIn My Room2:111963
02010Beach Boys, TheKokomo3:351988
02011Beach Boys, TheLady Lynda3:571979
02012Beach Boys, TheLittle Deuce Coupe1:351963
02013Beach Boys, TheLittle Saint Nick (1991 Remix)2:021991
02014Beach Boys, TheRock 'N' Roll to the Rescue3:431986
02015Beach Boys, TheRock and Roll Music2:311976
02016Beach Boys, TheSloop John B2:541966
02017Beach Boys, TheStill Cruisin'3:341989
02018Beach Boys, TheStudent Demonstration Time4:001972
02019Beach Boys, TheSurfer Girl2:311963
02020Beach Boys, TheSurfin' Safari2:031962
02021Beach Boys, TheSurfin' U.S.A.2:271963
02022Beach Boys, TheThe Beach Boys Medley4:131981
02023Beach Boys, TheThe Warmth of the Sun2:481964
02024Beach Boys, TheThen I Kissed Her2:161967
02025Beach Boys, TheWhen I Grow Up (To Be a Man)1:561964
02026Beach Boys, TheWild Honey2:391967
02027Beach Boys, TheWouldn't it Be Nice2:251966
02028Beach Boys, TheYou're So Good to Me2:151966
02029Bearforce1Bearforce1 (Radio Edit)4:152008
02030BeargardenI Write the News3:471985
02031Beastie Boys(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)3:271987
02032Beastie BoysBody Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix)4:081998
02033Beastie BoysCh-Check it Out3:122004
02034Beastie BoysGet it Together4:051994
02035Beastie BoysIntergalactic (Album Version)3:301998
02036Beastie BoysSabotage2:581994
02037Beastie BoysSo What'cha Want (Single Version)3:361992
02038Beastie BoysTriple Trouble2:432004
02039Beat, TheCan't Get Used to Losing You (1983 Remix)3:291983
02040Beat, TheToo Nice to Talk To3:061981
02041Beat-BoyRoof is on Fire (7" Mix)3:371999
02042BeatfishAll Around the World3:501991
02043BeatfishWheels of Love (Radio Edit)3:491991
02044BeatfreakzSomebody's Watching Me (Hi_Tack Edit)2:462006
02046Beatles, TheA Hard Day's Night2:331964
02047Beatles, TheA Taste of Honey2:011964
02048Beatles, TheAct Naturally2:301965
02049Beatles, TheAin't She Sweet2:151964
02050Beatles, TheAll My Loving2:071964
02051Beatles, TheAll You Need is Love3:461967
02052Beatles, TheAnd I Love Her2:291964
02053Beatles, TheAnna (Go to Him)3:001964
02054Beatles, TheAsk Me Why2:241964
02055Beatles, TheBaby it's You (Live at the BBC)2:431995
02056Beatles, TheBaby, You're a Rich Man3:011967
02057Beatles, TheBlue Jay Way3:521968
02058Beatles, TheBoys2:241964
02059Beatles, TheCan't Buy Me Love2:101964
02060Beatles, TheChains2:281964
02061Beatles, TheCome Together4:161969
02062Beatles, TheCry for a Shadow2:221964
02063Beatles, TheDay Tripper2:511965
02064Beatles, TheDo You Want to Know a Secret1:551964
02065Beatles, TheEight Days a Week2:421965
02066Beatles, TheEleanor Rigby2:041966
02067Beatles, TheFlying2:131968
02068Beatles, TheFree as a Bird4:231995
02069Beatles, TheFrom Me to You1:561963
02070Beatles, TheGot to Get You Into My Life2:291966
02071Beatles, TheHello, Goodbye3:251967
02072Beatles, TheHelp!2:161965
02073Beatles, TheHere Comes the Sun3:051969
02074Beatles, TheHey Jude7:021968
02075Beatles, TheHold Me Tight2:321964
02076Beatles, TheHoney Don't2:571965
02077Beatles, TheI Am the Walrus4:351967
02078Beatles, TheI Feel Fine2:191964
02079Beatles, TheI Saw Her Standing There2:541964
02080Beatles, TheI Should Have Known Better2:431964
02081Beatles, TheI Wanna Be Your Man2:001964
02082Beatles, TheI Want to Hold Your Hand2:251963
02083Beatles, TheI'll Get You2:061963
02084Beatles, TheI'm a Loser2:301965
02085Beatles, TheI'm Down2:311965
02086Beatles, TheIf I Fell2:191964
02087Beatles, TheLady Madonna2:151968
02088Beatles, TheLet it Be3:481970
02089Beatles, TheLove Me Do2:201964
02090Beatles, TheMagical Mystery Tour2:491968
02091Beatles, TheMatchbox1:571964
02092Beatles, TheMisery1:521964
02093Beatles, TheMoney2:471964
02094Beatles, TheNo Reply2:151965
02095Beatles, TheNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)2:021966
02096Beatles, TheNow and Then4:082023
02097Beatles, TheNowhere Man2:401966
02098Beatles, TheOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da3:091969
02099Beatles, TheP.S. I Love You2:041964
02100Beatles, ThePaperback Writer2:171966
02101Beatles, ThePenny Lane2:581967
02102Beatles, ThePlease Mister Postman2:341964
02103Beatles, ThePlease Please Me2:001963
02104Beatles, TheRain3:041966
02105Beatles, TheReal Love3:511996
02106Beatles, TheRevolution3:241968
02107Beatles, TheRock and Roll Music2:341965
02108Beatles, TheRoll Over Beethoven2:451964
02109Beatles, TheSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/With a Little Help From My Friends4:461978
02110Beatles, TheShe Loves You2:191963
02111Beatles, TheShe's a Woman3:031964
02112Beatles, TheSlow Down2:541964
02113Beatles, TheSomething2:591969
02114Beatles, TheStrawberry Fields Forever4:071967
02115Beatles, TheTell Me Why2:081964
02116Beatles, TheThank You Girl2:041964
02117Beatles, TheThe Ballad of John and Yoko2:581969
02118Beatles, TheThe Beatles' Movie Medley4:011982
02119Beatles, TheThe Fool on the Hill3:001968
02120Beatles, TheThe Inner Light2:341968
02121Beatles, TheThe Long and Winding Road3:371970
02122Beatles, TheThere's a Place1:501964
02123Beatles, TheThings We Said Today2:351964
02124Beatles, TheThis Boy2:161963
02125Beatles, TheTicket to Ride3:101965
02126Beatles, TheTill There Was You2:191964
02127Beatles, TheTwist and Shout2:341964
02128Beatles, TheWe Can Work it Out2:151965
02129Beatles, TheWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps4:451969
02130Beatles, TheWords of Love2:041965
02131Beatles, TheYellow Submarine2:371966
02132Beatles, TheYes it Is2:421965
02133Beatles, TheYesterday2:031965
02134Beatles, TheYou Can't Do That2:351964
02135Beatles, TheYour Mother Should Know2:261968
02136Beatles, The with Billy PrestonDon't Let Me Down3:351969
02137Beatles, The with Billy PrestonGet Back3:121969
02138Beatles, The with Tony SheridanMy Bonnie2:081964
02139Beatmasters, TheBoulevard of Broken Dreams (7" Mix)3:451992
02140Beatmasters, The feat. Betty BooHey DJ/I Can't Dance (To That Music You're Playing)3:131989
02141Beatmasters, The feat. The Cookie CrewRok Da House3:071988
02142Beatmasters, The with P.P. ArnoldBurn it Up (7" Original Radio Edit)3:201989
02143Beats InternationalDub Be Good to Me3:581990
02144Beats InternationalWon't Talk About It (Remix 7" Version)3:521990
02145BeatzAin't Your Girl3:222017
02146Beau Brummels, TheJust a Little2:251965
02147Beau Brummels, TheLaugh, Laugh3:041965
02148Beau Ryan feat. Justice CrewWhere You From?3:352014
02149Beau-Marks, TheClap Your Hands2:031960
02150Beautiful Girls, TheI Thought About You3:122007
02151Beautiful Girls, TheMorning Sun4:522005
02152Beautiful Girls, TheWeight of the World3:112005
02153Beautiful South, TheA Little Time2:571991
02154Bebe RexhaGone3:472015
02155Bebe RexhaI Got You3:112016
02156Bebe RexhaI'm a Mess3:152018
02157Bebe RexhaLast Hurrah2:282019
02158Bebe Rexha & David GuettaOne in a Million2:402023
02159Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia LineMeant to Be2:432017
02160Bebe Rexha feat. Doja CatBaby, I'm Jealous2:552020
02161Bebe Rexha feat. Lil WayneThe Way I Are (Dance With Somebody)3:072017
02162Bec CartwrightA Matter of Time (Radio Mix)3:272003
02163Bec CartwrightAll Seats Taken3:312002
02164Bec CartwrightOn the Borderline (Radio Mix)3:192003
02166BeckDeadweight (Edit)4:071997
02167BeckDevils Haircut3:131996
02169BeckSexx Laws3:391999
02170BeckWhere it's At (Edit)3:421996
02171Becky GShower3:262014
02172Becky HillLast Time3:332021
02173Becky Hill & Chase and StatusDisconnect2:412023
02174Becky Hill & David GuettaRemember2:402021
02175Becky Hill & GalantisRun3:082022
02176Becky Hill & Lewis ThompsonSide Effects2:332023
02177Becky Hill & TopicMy Heart Goes (La Di Da)2:272021
02178Bedrocks, TheOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da2:591969
02179Bee GeesAlive4:031972
02180Bee GeesAlone4:501997
02181Bee GeesBoogie Child4:121977
02182Bee GeesBorn a Man3:121967
02183Bee GeesChildren of the World3:101977
02184Bee GeesDon't Forget to Remember3:291969
02185Bee GeesE.S.P. (Edit)4:191988
02186Bee GeesFanny (Be Tender With My Love)3:331976
02187Bee GeesFirst of May2:481969
02188Bee GeesHe's a Liar3:571981
02189Bee GeesHow Can You Mend a Broken Heart3:551971
02190Bee GeesHow Deep is Your Love3:541977
02191Bee GeesI Am the World2:361966
02192Bee GeesI Started a Joke3:101969
02193Bee GeesI Was a Lover, A Leader of Men3:321965
02194Bee GeesI.O.I.O.2:501970
02195Bee GeesI've Gotta Get a Message to You3:041968
02196Bee GeesJive Talkin'3:441975
02197Bee GeesJumbo2:111968
02198Bee GeesKitty Can2:391968
02199Bee GeesLamplight4:481969
02200Bee GeesLonely Days3:461971
02201Bee GeesLove So Right3:351977
02202Bee GeesLove You Inside Out3:511979
02203Bee GeesMassachusetts (The Lights Went Out In)2:241967
02204Bee GeesMore Than a Woman3:171978
02205Bee GeesMr. Natural3:481974
02206Bee GeesMy World4:201972
02207Bee GeesNew York Mining Disaster 19412:111967
02208Bee GeesNight Fever3:321978
02209Bee GeesNights on Broadway2:521975
02210Bee GeesOn Time3:041972
02211Bee GeesRoad to Alaska2:411972
02212Bee GeesRun to Me3:111972
02213Bee GeesSaw a New Morning4:101973
02214Bee GeesSinking Ships2:211968
02215Bee GeesSir Geoffrey Saved the World2:121967
02216Bee GeesSpicks and Specks2:521966
02217Bee GeesStayin' Alive4:441978
02218Bee GeesStill Waters (Run Deep) (Single Mix)4:051997
02219Bee GeesThe Battle of the Blue and the Grey2:051963
02220Bee GeesThe Singer Sang His Song3:201968
02221Bee GeesThe Woman in You4:011983
02222Bee GeesThis is Where I Came In (DJ Stereo Single Edit)3:582001
02223Bee GeesTimber!1:471963
02224Bee GeesTo Love Somebody2:591967
02225Bee GeesTomorrow Tomorrow4:051969
02226Bee GeesToo Much Heaven4:561978
02227Bee GeesTragedy5:031979
02228Bee GeesTurn Around, Look at Me2:191964
02229Bee GeesWine and Women2:551965
02230Bee GeesWords3:141968
02231Bee GeesWorld3:141967
02232Bee GeesYou Should Be Dancing4:141976
02233Bee GeesYou Win Again3:531987
02234Beenie Man feat. Janet JacksonFeel it Boy (Radio Edit)3:222002
02235Beginerz, TheReckless Girl (Radio Edit)3:072002
02236Behind Crimson EyesCherry Blossom Epitaph3:262005
02237Behind Crimson EyesThe Art of War2:282005
02238Belinda CarlisleAlways Breaking My Heart (Single Version)3:061997
02239Belinda CarlisleBig Scary Animal4:141993
02240Belinda CarlisleDo You Feel Like I Feel?4:131992
02241Belinda CarlisleHeaven is a Place on Earth4:061988
02242Belinda CarlisleI Get Weak (7" Version)4:141988
02243Belinda CarlisleIn Too Deep (Single Edit)4:021996
02244Belinda CarlisleLa Luna4:111989
02245Belinda CarlisleLeave a Light On4:111989
02246Belinda CarlisleLive Your Life Be Free4:211991
02247Belinda CarlisleMad About You3:371986
02248Belinda CarlisleRunaway Horses (Single Edit)4:121990
02249Belinda CarlisleSummer Rain4:101990
02250Belinda CarlisleVision of You (7" Version)4:091990
02251Belinda ChappleMove Together (Solitaire Radio Edit)3:272005
02252Bell Biv DeVoeB.B.D. (I Thought it Was Me)?4:351991
02253Bell Biv DeVoeDo Me! (UK Edit)3:311990
02254Bell Biv DeVoeGangsta4:341993
02255Bell Biv DeVoePoison4:211990
02256Bell Biv DeVoeSomething in Your Eyes4:021993
02257Bell JarLove Like Rain3:091989
02258BellaShe Still Believes3:592005
02259Bella FerraroSet Me on Fire3:232012
02260Bella Ferraro feat. William SingeForgot You3:392013
02261Bella PoarchBuild a Bitch2:022021
02262Bella Taylor SmithHigher3:402021
02263Bella Taylor SmithNice to Know Ya2:452022
02264Bella Taylor SmithUnrequited4:162021
02265Bellamy BrothersIf I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me3:121979
02266Bellamy BrothersLet Your Love Flow3:161976
02267Bellamy BrothersSatin Sheets4:071976
02268Belle and SebastianThe Blues Are Still Blue4:082006
02269Belle PerezHello World (Original Mix)3:142000
02270Belle Stars, TheIko Iko2:571989
02271Belle Stars, TheSign of the Times (Single Version)2:521983
02272Belle Stars, TheThe Clapping Song3:121982
02273Bells, TheStay Awhile3:211971
02274Belouis SomeImagination3:351985
02275Beloved, TheHello4:181990
02276Ben ColderDon't Go Near the Eskimos3:201962
02277Ben E. KingAmor3:071961
02278Ben E. KingAuf Wiedersehen, My Dear2:031963
02279Ben E. KingDon't Play That Song (You Lied)2:471962
02280Ben E. KingI (Who Have Nothing)2:261963
02281Ben E. KingSpanish Harlem2:481961
02282Ben E. KingStand By Me2:561961
02283Ben FoldsLanded4:282005
02284Ben FoldsRockin' the Suburbs4:572001
02285Ben FoldsStill Fighting It4:262002
02286Ben Folds feat. Regina SpektorYou Don't Know Me3:102008
02287Ben Folds FiveArmy3:231999
02288Ben Folds FiveBrick4:311998
02289Ben Folds FiveSong for the Dumped3:381998
02290Ben HarperAnother Lonely Day (Live)3:551996
02291Ben HarperBetter Way (Peace Mix)3:372006
02292Ben HarperDiamonds on the Inside (Radio Edit)3:402003
02293Ben HarperFaded4:521997
02294Ben HarperFaded (Live)5:041996
02295Ben HarperForever3:221994
02296Ben HarperGold to Me (Live)5:331996
02297Ben HarperGround on Down (Live)5:361996
02298Ben HarperMama's Trippin' (The Freedom Mix)3:481998
02299Ben HarperVoodoo Chile (Live)6:021996
02300Ben Harper & The Innocent CriminalsForgiven5:181999
02301Ben LeeCatch My Disease4:132005
02302Ben LeeCatch My Disease (Live)4:142005
02303Ben LeeCigarettes Will Kill You3:471999
02304Ben LeeGamble Everything for Love3:232004
02305Ben LeeI Love Pop Music3:352008
02306Ben LeeLove Me Like the World is Ending3:442007
02307Ben LeeNumb2:562008
02308Ben LeeRunning With Scissors3:312003
02309Ben LeeSomething Borrowed, Something Blue4:022002
02310Ben LeeWe're All in This Together (Single Edit)3:532006
02311Ben Moody feat. AnastaciaEverything Burns (Video Mix)3:422005
02312Ben SchullerOnce I Was 7 Years Old3:592016
02313BeneeFind an Island3:112019
02315Benee feat. Gus DappertonSupalonely3:422020
02316Benjamin DiamondIn Your Arms (We Gonna Make It) (Joey Negro Radio Mix)3:382001
02317Benjamin OrrStay the Night4:271987
02318Benny Benassi & Chris BrownParadise (Radio Edit)3:532016
02319Benny Benassi feat. Gary GoCinema (Radio Edit)3:032011
02320Benny Benassi feat. Gary GoCinema (Skrillex Radio Edit)3:112011
02321Benny Benassi pres. The BizAble to Love (Original Radio Edit)3:272003
02322Benny Benassi pres. The BizSatisfaction (Radio Edit)3:102003
02323Benny Blanco & Calvin HarrisI Found You3:112018
02324Benny Blanco, BTS & Snoop DoggBad Decisions2:522022
02325Benny Blanco, Halsey & KhalidEastside2:522018
02326Benny Blanco, Marshmello & Vance JoyYou2:492021
02327Benny Blanco, Tainy, Selena Gomez & J BalvinI Can't Get Enough2:382019
02328Benny HillErnie (The Fastest Milkman in the West)3:511971
02329Benny MardonesInto the Night3:441980
02330Benny TipeneMake You Mine3:002014
02331Benson BooneBeautiful Things2:592024
02332Benson BooneGhost Town3:132021
02333Benson BooneIn the Stars3:362022
02334Benson BooneSlow it Down2:402024
02335Bent FabricAlley Cat2:301962
02336Bent FabricChicken Feed2:071963
02337BerlinDancing in Berlin4:031984
02338BerlinLike Flames (45 Edit)4:211986
02339BerlinNo More Words3:541984
02340BerlinSex (I'm A...)3:511983
02341BerlinTake My Breath Away4:111986
02342BerlinThe Metro4:081983
02343Bernard BolanRose Bay Ferry2:391974
02344Bernard BolanToorak Tram2:391974
02345Bernard CribbinsRight, Said Fred2:191962
02346Bernard FanningBattleships3:092013
02347Bernard FanningSongbird2:362006
02348Bernard FanningWatch Over Me3:312006
02349Bernard FanningWeekend of Mystery3:242006
02350Bernard FanningWish You Well2:302006
02351BerriShine Like a Star (Two Cowboys Original 7" Edit)3:431996
02352BerriThe Sunshine After the Rain (Two Cowboys Club Edit)3:281995
02353Bert KaempfertThat Happy Feeling2:511962
02354Bert KaempfertWonderland By Night3:121960
02355Bert Newton with The Debney Park High School BandBring Back the Spirit of Christmas3:351981
02356Bertie BlackmanHeart4:062009
02357Bertie BlackmanPeek-A-Boo (Radio Edit)3:152010
02358Bertie HigginsKey Largo3:151982
02359Betablock3rOut of Touch3:572015
02360BetchadupaMove Over3:002004
02361Beth DittoI Wrote the Book3:242011
02362Beth Nielsen ChapmanAll I Have4:181992
02363Bette MidlerBeast of Burden3:461984
02364Bette MidlerBoogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Single Version)2:151973
02365Bette MidlerDo You Want to Dance?2:441973
02366Bette MidlerEvery Road Leads Back to You3:471992
02367Bette MidlerFavorite Waste of Time2:391983
02368Bette MidlerFrom a Distance4:361990
02369Bette MidlerIn the Mood2:371974
02370Bette MidlerMy Knight in Black Leather4:531980
02371Bette MidlerMy Mother's Eyes2:271981
02372Bette MidlerNight and Day5:291991
02373Bette MidlerThe Rose3:301980
02374Bette MidlerUnder the Boardwalk3:511989
02375Bette MidlerWind Beneath My Wings4:531989
02376Bette MidlerYou're Movin' Out Today2:591977
02377Better Than EzraDesperately Wanting4:111997
02378Better Than EzraGood3:041995
02379Betty Boo24 Hours3:301991
02380Betty BooDoin' the Do (7" Radio Mix)3:411990
02381Betty BooLet Me Take You There3:591992
02382Betty BooWhere Are You Baby? (Radio Edit)3:361991
02383Betty EverettThe Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)2:121964
02384Betty Everett & Jerry ButlerLet it Be Me2:411964
02385Betty McQuadeMidnight Bus2:271961
02386Betty WhoI Love You Always Forever3:432016
02387Bev HarrellMon Pere2:481968
02388Bev HarrellOne in a Million2:401968
02389Bev HarrellWhat Am I Doing Here With You2:391966
02390BeverlyThe Power of Love (Dub Mix)4:511994
02391BextaMake it Phunkee (Live)5:471999
02392Beyonce16 Carriages3:472024
02394BeyonceAlien Superstar3:352022
02395BeyonceAmeriican Requiem5:252024
02396BeyonceAve Maria3:412008
02397BeyonceBest Thing I Never Had4:122011
02398BeyonceBlack Parade4:412020
02400BeyonceBreak My Soul4:352022
02401BeyonceBroken-Hearted Girl4:372009
02402BeyonceChurch Girl3:432022
02404BeyonceCuff It3:452022
02406BeyonceDie With You3:312017
02410BeyonceHold Up3:412016
02411BeyonceI Was Here3:582012
02412BeyonceI'm That Girl3:282022
02413BeyonceIf I Were a Boy4:082008
02416BeyonceLove on Top4:262011
02417BeyonceMe, Myself and I (Radio Edit)3:562004
02418BeyonceMy House4:232023
02419BeyonceNaughty Girl3:272004
02420BeyoncePlastic Off the Sofa4:142022
02421BeyoncePray You Catch Me3:162016
02422BeyoncePretty Hurts4:162014
02424BeyonceRun the World (Girls)3:562011
02425BeyonceSingle Ladies (Put a Ring on It)3:112008
02428BeyonceSummer Renaissance4:342022
02429BeyonceSweet Dreams3:262009
02430BeyonceTexas Hold 'Em3:552024
02431BeyonceVideo Phone3:342009
02432BeyonceVirgo's Groove6:082022
02433BeyonceWhy Don't You Love Me3:372010
02434BeyonceWork it Out (Radio Edit)3:412002
02436Beyonce & MadonnaBreak My Soul (The Queens Remix)5:562022
02437Beyonce & Miley CyrusII Most Wanted3:282024
02438Beyonce & Post MaloneLevii's Jeans4:172024
02439Beyonce & ShakiraBeautiful Liar (Album Version)3:192007
02440Beyonce feat. BeamEnergy1:562022
02441Beyonce feat. Bun B & Slim ThugCheck on It3:292006
02442Beyonce feat. Jack WhiteDon't Hurt Yourself3:532016
02443Beyonce feat. Jay-ZCrazy in Love (Single Version)4:102003
02444Beyonce feat. Jay-ZDeja Vu3:592006
02445Beyonce feat. Jay-ZDrunk in Love5:232014
02446Beyonce feat. Kendrick LamarAmerica Has a Problem4:212023
02447Beyonce feat. Kendrick LamarFreedom4:492016
02448Beyonce feat. Lady GagaVideo Phone (Remix)5:042009
02449Beyonce feat. Sean PaulBaby Boy4:032003
02450Beyonce feat. The Weeknd6 Inch4:202016
02451Beyonce, Donald Glover, Billy Eichner & Seth RogenCan You Feel the Love Tonight3:012019
02452Beyonce, Jay-Z & Childish GambinoMood 4 Eva4:322019
02453Beyonce, Tanner Adell, Brittney Spencer, Tiera Kennedy & Reyna RobertsBlackbiird2:122024
02454Bhangra Knights vs. HusanHusan (Bhangra Knights vs. Husan Radio Edit)2:422003
02455Bible, TheHoney Be Good3:491989
02456Bic RungaGet Some Sleep3:352002
02457Bic RungaSway4:221998
02458Biddu OrchestraSummer of '423:031975
02459Biffy ClyroMountains3:192008
02460Big & RichSave a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) (Album Version)3:202004
02461Big Audio DynamiteE = MC² (Edit)4:311986
02462Big Audio DynamiteThe Bottom Line (Edit)3:451986
02463Big Audio Dynamite IIInnocent Child (Edit)3:541992
02464Big Audio Dynamite IIRush3:581991
02465Big Audio Dynamite IIThe Globe (Radio Edit)3:461991
02466Big BrovazBaby Boy (Radio Edit)3:192003
02467Big BrovazFavourite Things (Album Version)3:402003
02468Big BrovazNu Flow3:162003
02469Big BrovazOK (Radio Edit)3:162003
02470Big BrovazWe Wanna Thank You (The Things You Do)3:362004
02471Big CountryChance4:371984
02472Big CountryEast of Eden4:091984
02473Big CountryIn a Big Country3:511983
02474Big CountryKing of Emotion4:501988
02475Big CountryLook Away4:231986
02476Big CountryWonderland3:561984
02477Big FunBlame it on the Boogie3:351989
02478Big FunCan't Shake the Feeling3:311990
02479Big MountainBaby, I Love Your Way (Radio Version 2)4:111994
02480Big PigBig Hotel3:251988
02481Big PigBoy Wonder4:041987
02482Big PigBreakaway (Radio Edit)3:471988
02483Big PigHungry Town3:051986
02484Big PigJustifier3:591990
02485Big RedThe Traveller4:041982
02486Big Red Machine feat. Taylor SwiftRenegade4:132021
02487Big ScaryThe Opposite of Us4:212016
02488Big SeanBounce Back3:422016
02489Big Sean feat. E-40I Don't F**k With You4:442014
02490Big Sean feat. EminemNo Favors5:252017
02491Big ShaqMan's Not Hot3:052017
02492Big Supreme, TheDon't Walk3:281987
02493BigbangStill Life3:072022
02494Bijou PhillipsWhen I Hated Him (Don't Tell Me) (Radio Edit)4:171999
02495Bill "Moon Man" RenfreyDig That Crazy Didgeridoo2:131969
02496Bill & BoydChulu Chululu2:011964
02497Bill & BoydPut Another Log on the Fire (Male Chauvenest National Anthem)2:271975
02498Bill & BoydSanta Never Made it Into Darwin4:131975
02499Bill AndersonStill2:451963
02500Bill Black's ComboSmokie (Part 2)2:051960
02501Bill Black's ComboWhite Silver Sands2:311960
02502Bill ContiGonna Fly Now (Theme from "Rocky")2:481977
02503Bill Haley and His Comets(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock2:101964
02504Bill Haley and His CometsJoey's Song2:541959
02505Bill Haley and His CometsSkokiaan (South African Song)2:321960
02506Bill JustisTamoure2:201963
02507Bill MedleyHe Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother4:281988
02508Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes(I've Had) The Time of My Life4:481987
02509Bill PursellOur Winter Love2:221963
02510Bill WithersAin't No Sunshine2:041971
02511Bill WithersLean on Me4:161972
02512Bill WithersLovely Day3:451977
02513Bill Wyman(Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star5:571981
02514Bill WymanCome Back Suzanne2:511982
02515BillieBecause We Want To (Radio Mix)3:461998
02516BillieGirlfriend (Radio Mix)3:551998
02517BillieHoney to the Bee (Radio Edit)3:401999
02518BillieShe Wants You (Album Version)3:381999
02519Billie Eilish82:532019
02520Billie EilishAll the Good Girls Go to Hell2:482019
02521Billie EilishBad Guy3:142019
02522Billie EilishBellyache2:592018
02523Billie EilishBillie Bossa Nova3:162021
02524Billie EilishBored2:592017
02525Billie EilishBury a Friend3:042019
02526Billie EilishCome Out and Play3:302018
02527Billie EilishEverybody Dies3:252021
02528Billie EilishEverything I Wanted4:052019
02529Billie EilishGetting Older4:042021
02530Billie EilishGoldwing2:302021
02531Billie EilishGoodbye1:592019
02532Billie EilishHalley's Comet3:542021
02533Billie EilishHappier Than Ever4:562021
02534Billie EilishI Didn't Change My Number2:352021
02535Billie EilishI Love You4:512019
02536Billie EilishIlomilo2:362019
02537Billie EilishListen Before I Go4:022019
02538Billie EilishLost Cause3:322021
02539Billie EilishMale Fantasy3:142021
02540Billie EilishMy Future3:272020
02541Billie EilishMy Strange Addiction2:592019
02542Billie EilishNDA3:152021
02543Billie EilishNo Time to Die4:022020
02544Billie EilishNot My Responsibility3:472021
02545Billie EilishOcean Eyes3:202018
02546Billie EilishOverHeated3:342021
02547Billie EilishOxytocin3:302021
02548Billie EilishThe 30th3:352022
02549Billie EilishTherefore I Am2:542020
02550Billie EilishTV4:412022
02551Billie EilishWhat Was I Made For?3:422023
02552Billie EilishWhen the Party's Over3:192018
02553Billie EilishWish You Were Gay3:412019
02554Billie EilishXanny4:032019
02555Billie EilishYou Should See Me in a Crown3:002018
02556Billie EilishYour Power4:052021
02557Billie Eilish & Justin BieberBad Guy3:142019
02558Billie Eilish & KhalidLovely3:202018
02559Billie Eilish & RosaliaLo Vas a Olvidar3:222021
02560Billie Jo SpearsBlanket on the Ground3:321975
02561Billie MyersAm I Here Yet? (Return to Sender) (Short Edit Mix)4:012000
02562Billie MyersKiss the Rain4:071998
02563Billie PiperDay & Night (Stargate Mix)3:162000
02564Billie PiperSomething Deep Inside (Radio Mix)3:212000
02565Billie Ray MartinYour Loving Arms (Original Radio Edit)4:151995
02566Billy AdamsSlow Down Sandy2:101965
02567Billy BlandLet the Little Girl Dance2:221960
02568Billy BraggAccident Waiting to Happen (Red Star Version)3:471992
02569Billy BraggSexuality3:471991
02570Billy ConnollyD.I.V.O.R.C.E.2:361976
02571Billy CurringtonWe Are Tonight3:522013
02572Billy EckstineMy Foolish Heart3:011950
02573Billy Eckstine & Damita JoLove is a Ball2:141963
02574Billy Eichner & Seth RogenThe Lion Sleeps Tonight1:232019
02575Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen, JD McCrary & Donald GloverHakuna Matata4:102019
02576Billy FieldBad Habits3:271981
02577Billy FieldTrue Love3:211982
02578Billy FieldYou Weren't in Love With Me3:231981
02579Billy FuryJealousy2:451961
02580Billy GilmanOne Voice4:102000
02581Billy HowardKing of the Cops3:201976
02582Billy IdolCatch My Fall (Special Remix)3:431985
02583Billy IdolCradle of Love4:361990
02584Billy IdolDancing With Myself3:201983
02585Billy IdolDon't Need a Gun (Single Edit)4:281987
02586Billy IdolEyes Without a Face4:091984
02587Billy IdolFlesh for Fantasy4:371984
02588Billy IdolHeroin (Original Mix)6:581993
02589Billy IdolHot in the City3:321982
02590Billy IdolHot in the City (1988 Remix)3:341988
02591Billy IdolL.A. Woman (Edit)4:041990
02592Billy IdolMony Mony (Live)4:091987
02593Billy IdolRebel Yell4:451984
02594Billy IdolShock to the System3:331993
02595Billy IdolSoul Standing By4:341987
02596Billy IdolSpeed (Single Version)4:201994
02597Billy IdolSweet Sixteen4:111987
02598Billy IdolTo Be a Lover3:511986
02599Billy IdolWhite Wedding (Radio Edit)3:321983
02600Billy J. KramerTown of Tuxley Toy Maker Part 12:461967
02601Billy J. Kramer with The DakotasBad to Me2:181963
02602Billy J. Kramer with The DakotasDo You Want to Know a Secret2:011963
02603Billy J. Kramer with The DakotasFrom a Window1:551964
02604Billy J. Kramer with The DakotasI'll Keep You Satisfied2:071963
02605Billy J. Kramer with The DakotasLittle Children2:481964
02606Billy J. Kramer with The DakotasTrains and Boats and Planes2:471965
02607Billy Joe & The CheckmatesPercolator (Twist)2:131962
02608Billy Joe RoyalDown in the Boondocks2:331965
02609Billy Joe RoyalHush2:271967
02610Billy JoelA Matter of Trust4:101986
02611Billy JoelAll About Soul (Radio Edit)4:171993
02612Billy JoelAll Shook Up2:081992
02613Billy JoelAllentown3:481983
02614Billy JoelAn Innocent Man5:171984
02615Billy JoelBack in the U.S.S.R. (Live)2:431987
02616Billy JoelBig Shot3:451979
02617Billy JoelChristmas in Fallujah5:042008
02618Billy JoelHard Day's Night (Live)3:171994
02619Billy JoelHonesty3:531979
02620Billy JoelI Go to Extremes4:211990
02621Billy JoelIt's Still Rock and Roll to Me2:561980
02622Billy JoelJames3:561976
02623Billy JoelJust the Way You Are3:361978
02624Billy JoelLeave a Tender Moment Alone3:521984
02625Billy JoelModern Woman3:491986
02626Billy JoelMovin' Out (Anthony's Song)3:301978
02627Billy JoelMy Life3:501978
02628Billy JoelOnly the Good Die Young3:531977
02629Billy JoelPiano Man5:361973
02630Billy JoelPressure3:151982
02631Billy JoelSay Goodbye to Hollywood4:361976
02632Billy JoelTell Her About It3:351983
02633Billy JoelThe Longest Time3:371984
02634Billy JoelThe Night is Still Young4:041985
02635Billy JoelThe River of Dreams4:061993
02636Billy JoelThe Stranger3:141978
02637Billy JoelThis is the Time4:571986
02638Billy JoelTo Make You Feel My Love3:501997
02639Billy JoelUptown Girl3:141983
02640Billy JoelWe Didn't Start the Fire4:481989
02641Billy JoelYou May Be Right4:131980
02642Billy JoelYou're My Home (Live)3:061981
02643Billy JoelYou're Only Human (Second Wind)4:481985
02644Billy Joel feat. Ray CharlesBaby Grand4:031987
02645Billy MureMaria Elena2:161963
02646Billy OceanCaribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run)4:061984
02647Billy OceanGet Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car4:441988
02648Billy OceanL.O.D. (Love on Delivery)2:421976
02649Billy OceanLicence to Chill (7" Version)4:341989
02650Billy OceanLove Really Hurts Without You3:081976
02651Billy OceanLove Zone4:131986
02652Billy OceanLoverboy4:091985
02653Billy OceanMystery Lady3:521985
02654Billy OceanSuddenly3:511985
02655Billy OceanThere'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)4:501986
02656Billy OceanWhen the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going4:081986
02657Billy PaulMe and Mrs. Jones4:371973
02658Billy PrestonEverything's All Right2:421969
02659Billy PrestonThat's the Way God Planned It5:321969
02660Billy PrestonWill it Go Round in Circles3:431973
02661Billy Preston & SyreetaWith You I'm Born Again3:371980
02662Billy Ray CyrusAchy Breaky Heart3:231992
02663Billy Ray CyrusCould've Been Me3:461993
02664Billy Ray CyrusIn the Heart of a Woman3:591993
02665Billy SquierMy Kinda Lover3:321982
02666Billy SquierRock Me Tonite4:071984
02667Billy SquierThe Stroke3:371981
02668Billy StrangeThe James Bond Theme1:561964
02669Billy SwanI Can Help2:591974
02670Billy ThorpeIt's Almost Summer2:581975
02671Billy Thorpe and The AztecsAbout Love2:321964
02672Billy Thorpe and The AztecsBaby, Hold Me Close3:171965
02673Billy Thorpe and The AztecsBelieve it Just Like Me2:581972
02674Billy Thorpe and The AztecsBroken Things2:061964
02675Billy Thorpe and The AztecsDancing in the Street2:291965
02676Billy Thorpe and The AztecsDon't Cha Know2:281964
02677Billy Thorpe and The AztecsFunny Face2:321965
02678Billy Thorpe and The AztecsHallelujah, I Love Her So2:511965
02679Billy Thorpe and The AztecsI Told the Brook3:101965
02680Billy Thorpe and The AztecsI've Been Wrong Before3:091966
02681Billy Thorpe and The AztecsLove Letters3:131965
02682Billy Thorpe and The AztecsMashed Potato2:301964
02683Billy Thorpe and The AztecsMost People I Know Think That I'm Crazy4:041972
02684Billy Thorpe and The AztecsMovie Queen2:521973
02685Billy Thorpe and The AztecsMy Girl Josephine2:201965
02686Billy Thorpe and The AztecsOver the Rainbow4:341964
02687Billy Thorpe and The AztecsOver the Rainbow (Live)4:361974
02688Billy Thorpe and The AztecsPoison Ivy3:041964
02689Billy Thorpe and The AztecsSick and Tired3:061964
02690Billy Thorpe and The AztecsThat I Love2:461964
02691Billy Thorpe and The AztecsThe New Breed2:431966
02692Billy Thorpe and The AztecsThe Word for Today2:031966
02693Billy Thorpe and The AztecsTwilight Time3:291965
02694Billy VaughnA Swingin' Safari2:141962
02695Billy VaughnBerlin Melody2:261961
02696Billy VaughnHappy Cowboy2:271963
02697Billy VaughnLook for a Star2:111960
02698Billy VaughnMeditation2:421963
02699Billy VaughnMelody of Love2:581955
02700Billy VaughnWheels2:041961
02701Billy Vera & The BeatersAt This Moment4:131987
02702Bindi IrwinTrouble in the Jungle2:592007
02703Bing CrosbyAround the World2:541957
02704Bing CrosbyDo You Hear What I Hear?2:441963
02705Bing CrosbyWhite Christmas3:011947
02706Bing Crosby and Grace KellyTrue Love3:051956
02707Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters with Vic SchoenQuicksilver2:451950
02708Bing Crosby with Guy Lombardo and His Royal CanadiansYoung at Heart2:481954
02709Bing Crosby with John Scott TrotterSome Enchanted Evening3:031952
02710Bing Crosby with Vic SchoenChattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy3:271950
02711Bingo Players feat. Far East MovementGet Up (Rattle)2:472013
02712Bingoboys feat. PrincessaHow to Dance3:471991
02713Birds of TokyoAnchor3:342015
02714Birds of TokyoBrace4:482016
02715Birds of TokyoGood Lord3:232019
02716Birds of TokyoI'd Go With You Anywhere3:192015
02717Birds of TokyoLanterns3:562013
02718Birds of TokyoPlans3:392010
02719Birds of TokyoThe Greatest Mistakes2:342019
02720Birds of TokyoThe Saddest Thing I Know3:082010
02721Birds of TokyoThis Fire4:502012
02722Birds of TokyoTwo of Us3:272020
02723Birds of TokyoUnbreakable3:132018
02724Birds of TokyoWeekend2:462020
02725Birds of TokyoWhen the Night Falls Quiet4:022013
02726Birds of TokyoWild at Heart4:002010
02727BirdyKeeping Your Head Up3:292016
02728BirdyNot About Angels3:092014
02729BirdyPeople Help the People4:152012
02730BirdyQuietly Yours3:512022
02731BirdySkinny Love3:212012
02733Birtles & GobleI'm Coming Home3:411979
02735BiscuitBiscuit's in the House3:591991
02736Bishop BriggsNever Tear Us Apart3:132018
02737Bit to BeatMen in Black3:291997
02738Bitty McLeanIt Keeps Rainin' (Tears From My Eyes) (Radio Edit)3:451993
02739Bizarrap & ShakiraBzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 533:372023
02741BJ CaruanaBump (Single Mix)3:422002
02742BJ CaruanaDance All Night (Radio Mix)3:532002
02743BjerreShe Taught Me How to Love Again3:331977
02744BjorkArmy of Me3:531995
02745BjorkBachelorette (Radio Edit)3:351998
02746BjorkBig Time Sensuality (The Fluke Minimix)4:091994
02747BjorkCocoon (Radio Edit)3:312002
02748BjorkHidden Place (Edit)3:572001
02749BjorkHuman Behaviour (Original Version)4:121993
02750BjorkHyperballad (Radio Edit)3:571996
02751BjorkIsobel (Radio Edit)3:351995
02752BjorkIt's Oh So Quiet3:371995
02753BjorkJoga (Edit)3:441997
02754BjorkVenus as a Boy4:381994
02755BjorkViolently Happy (7" Edit)3:341994
02756Bjork & David ArnoldPlay Dead3:561994
02757Bjorn AgainFlashdance... What a Feeling3:451994
02758BlackSweetest Smile4:191987
02759BlackWonderful Life4:471988
02760Black & White BrothersPut Your Hands Up (DJ Tonka Radio Edit)3:321999
02761Black BoxEverybody Everybody5:201990
02762Black BoxFantasy (Radio Edit)3:461990
02763Black BoxI Don't Know Anybody Else (Radio Edit)4:091990
02764Black BoxOpen Your Eyes5:191992
02765Black BoxRide on Time (Radio Edit)4:101989
02766Black BoxStrike it Up5:141991
02767Black BoxThe Total Mix9:261991
02768Black Crowes, TheA Conspiracy4:441994
02769Black Crowes, TheHard to Handle3:081991
02770Black Crowes, TheJealous Again4:361990
02771Black Crowes, TheRemedy5:221992
02772Black Crowes, TheShe Talks to Angels (Edit)4:061991
02773Black Crowes, TheSting Me4:391992
02774Black Eyed Peas#Wheresthelove5:252016
02775Black Eyed PeasBig Love4:332018
02776Black Eyed PeasBoom Boom Pow4:122009
02777Black Eyed PeasDon't Lie3:382005
02778Black Eyed PeasDon't Phunk With My Heart4:022005
02779Black Eyed PeasDon't Stop the Party (Radio Edit)3:582011
02780Black Eyed PeasHey Mama3:352004
02781Black Eyed PeasI Gotta Feeling4:042009
02782Black Eyed PeasImma Be4:162009
02783Black Eyed PeasJust Can't Get Enough3:392011
02784Black Eyed PeasLet's Get it Started3:372004
02785Black Eyed PeasMeet Me Halfway4:442009
02786Black Eyed PeasMy Humps (Album Version)4:102005
02787Black Eyed PeasPump It3:332006
02788Black Eyed PeasRock That Body4:292009
02789Black Eyed PeasShowdown4:012010
02790Black Eyed PeasShut Up5:092003
02791Black Eyed PeasThe Time (Dirty Bit) (Radio Edit)4:112010
02792Black Eyed PeasWeekends (Radio Version)3:562001
02793Black Eyed PeasWhere is the Love?4:322003
02794Black Eyed Peas & J BalvinRitmo (Bad Boys for Life)3:412019
02795Black Eyed Peas feat. Macy GrayRequest + Line (Album Version)3:522001
02796Black Eyed Peas feat. Saweetie & Lele PonsHit It3:552021
02797Black Eyed Peas, Shakira & David GuettaDon't You Worry3:162022
02798Black Keys, The10 A.M. Automatic2:592004
02799Black Keys, TheFever4:062014
02800Black Keys, TheGold on the Ceiling3:442012
02801Black Keys, TheLonely Boy3:132011
02802Black LaceAgadoo3:061984
02803Black LegendYou See the Trouble With Me (Vocal Edit)3:162000
02804Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubStop4:362003
02805Black Rock feat. Debra AndrewBlue Water (Radio Edit)3:062005
02806Black SabbathParanoid2:481970
02807Black Sorrows, TheAin't Love the Strangest Thing5:081992
02808Black Sorrows, TheAngel Street3:561990
02809Black Sorrows, TheBetter Times4:541992
02810Black Sorrows, TheChained to the Wheel3:551989
02811Black Sorrows, TheCome On, Come On3:571993
02812Black Sorrows, TheDaughters of Glory4:051987
02813Black Sorrows, TheFire Down Below4:071989
02814Black Sorrows, TheHarley & Rose3:531990
02815Black Sorrows, TheHold it Up to the Mirror5:421991
02816Black Sorrows, TheHold on to Me3:501988
02817Black Sorrows, TheMaybe Tomorrow3:221987
02818Black Sorrows, TheNever Let Me Go4:031991
02819Black Sorrows, TheSnake Skin Shoes4:441994
02820Black Sorrows, TheStir it Up3:341993
02821Black Sorrows, TheThe Chosen Ones4:061988
02822Black Sorrows, TheThe Crack-Up3:221989
02823Black Sorrows, The with Jon StevensLast One Standing for You3:411994
02824BlackbearHot Girl Bummer3:042019
02825BlackfeatherBoppin' the Blues3:101972
02826BlackfeatherSeasons of Change3:501971
02827Blackfoot SueStanding in the Road3:511972
02828Blackjack BillyGet Some3:352014
02829BlackpinkDdu-Du Ddu-Du3:292018
02830BlackpinkHard to Love2:412022
02831BlackpinkHow You Like That3:012020
02832BlackpinkKill This Love3:092019
02833BlackpinkLovesick Girls3:122020
02834BlackpinkPink Venom3:052022
02835BlackpinkPretty Savage3:182020
02836BlackpinkShut Down2:552022
02837BlackpinkThe Girls2:422023
02838BlackpinkTypa Girl2:582022
02839Blackpink & Selena GomezIce Cream2:552020
02840Blackpink feat. Cardi BBet You Wanna2:382020
02841Blackstreet feat. Dr. DreNo Diggity (LP Version)5:051996
02842Blackstreet feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard and SlashFix (Main Mix)4:421997
02843Blackstreet with Janet JacksonGirlfriend/Boyfriend4:031999
02844BlairHave Fun, Go Mad3:391998
02845Blake SheltonGod's Country3:252020
02846Blake SheltonMinimum Wage3:482021
02847Blake Shelton feat. Gwen StefaniHappy Anywhere2:502020
02848Blake Shelton feat. Gwen StefaniNobody But You3:142019
02849BlancmangeLiving on the Ceiling3:431983
02850BlancmangeWaves (7" Mix)4:071983
02851Blanco BrownThe Git Up3:202019
02852Blank & Jones feat. Robert SmithA Forest (Short Cut)3:342003
02853Blaque Ivory808 (Edit with Rap)3:571999
02854Blaque IvoryI Do (Album Version)3:252000
02855Blaque IvoryI'm Good (Radio Version)3:352004
02856Blaze pres. UDA feat. Barbara TuckerMost Precious Love (Radio Edit)3:112005
02857Blessid Union of SoulsHey Leonardo (She Likes Me for Me)3:241999
02858Blessid Union of SoulsI Believe (Radio Mix)3:491995
02859Blessid Union of SoulsThat's the Girl I've Been Telling You About (Radio Mix)3:382000
02860Blind FaithWell All Right4:271970
02861Blind MelonNo Rain3:341993
02862Blind MelonTones of Home4:271994
02863Blink-182Adam's Song (Radio Edit)3:352000
02864Blink-182All the Small Things2:511999
02866Blink-182Apple Shampoo2:511997
02867Blink-182Bored to Death3:552016
02868Blink-182Dammit (Growing Up)2:451997
02869Blink-182Dance With Me3:072023
02873Blink-182Feeling This2:542003
02874Blink-182First Date2:512001
02875Blink-182I Miss You3:472004
02876Blink-182Josie (Everything's Gonna Be Fine)3:051998
02877Blink-182Man Overboard2:472000
02878Blink-182One More Time3:262023
02879Blink-182Stay Together for the Kids3:522002
02880Blink-182The Rock Show2:502001
02881Blink-182Up All Night3:192011
02882Blink-182Wasting Time2:451996
02883Blink-182What's My Age Again?2:301999
02884Bliss N EsoAct Your Age2:392013
02885Bliss N EsoAddicted3:512010
02886Bliss N EsoDown By the River2:542010
02887Bliss N EsoHome is Where the Heart Is3:252013
02888Bliss N EsoHouse of Dreams3:412013
02889Bliss N EsoOn Tour2:532009
02890Bliss N EsoReflections3:052011
02891Bliss N EsoThe Sea is Rising5:352009
02892Bliss N EsoUp Jumped the Boogie3:572006
02893Bliss N Eso feat. 360, Pez, Seth Sentry & DraphtReservoir Dogs4:132013
02894Bliss N Eso feat. Ceekay JonesMy Life3:372013
02895Bliss N Eso feat. Connections Zulu ChoirBullet and a Target (Radio Edit)3:392007
02896Bliss N Eso feat. Gavin JamesMoments3:572017
02897Bliss N Eso feat. Jake IsaacLighthouse4:182020
02898Bliss N Eso feat. Kasey ChambersGood People4:232021
02899Bliss N Eso feat. Lee FieldsFriend Like You3:562016
02900Bliss N Eso feat. NasI Am Somebody5:102013
02901Bliss N Eso feat. SonRealSo Happy4:002020
02902Bliss N Eso feat. ThiefDopamine3:322016
02903Blizzard BrothersThunderstruck (Radio Edit)3:512002
02904Bloc PartyMercury3:502008
02905Bloc PartyOne More Chance4:362009
02906Bloc PartyRatchet3:182013
02907Bloc PartyThe Prayer3:432007
02908BlocBoy JB feat. DrakeLook Alive3:012018
02909Blonde & Craig DavidNothing Like This3:032016
02910Blonde feat. Melissa SteelI Loved You3:042014
02912BlondieAtomic '98 (Xenomania Mix)4:331998
02913BlondieAtomic (Diddy Remix)4:021994
02914BlondieCall Me3:291980
02917BlondieGood Boys (Album Version)4:182003
02918BlondieHanging on the Telephone2:221979
02919BlondieHeart of Glass3:161979
02920BlondieIn the Flesh2:291977
02921BlondieIsland of Lost Souls3:501982
02922BlondieMaria (Radio Edit)4:111999
02923BlondiePicture This2:561979
02924BlondieRapture (7" Version)4:571981
02925BlondieRip Her to Shreds3:221978
02926BlondieSunday Girl3:151979
02927BlondieThe Tide is High4:321980
02928BlondieWar Child3:591982
02929Blondie vs. The DoorsRapture Riders (Single Edit)3:492006
02930Blood, Sweat & TearsAnd When I Die4:031969
02931Blood, Sweat & TearsGo Down Gamblin'4:151971
02932Blood, Sweat & TearsHi-De-Ho4:241970
02933Blood, Sweat & TearsLucretia Mac Evil3:031970
02934Blood, Sweat & TearsSpinning Wheel2:391969
02935Blood, Sweat & TearsYou've Made Me So Very Happy4:111969
02936Bloodhound GangFire Water Burn (Donkey Edit)4:091997
02937Bloodhound GangFoxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo2:502005
02938Bloodhound GangThe Bad Touch (Eiffel 65 Remix Radio Edit)4:271999
02939Bloodhound GangThe Bad Touch (LP Version)4:191999
02940Bloodhound GangThe Ballad of Chasey Lain2:212000
02941Bloodhound GangThe Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope3:522000
02942Bloodhound GangUhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss4:202006
02943Bloodhound GangWhy's Everybody Always Pickin' on Me? (Honkus Maximus Mix LP Version)3:221997
02944Bloody Beetroots, The & Greta Svabo BechChronicles of a Fallen Love (Original Mix)5:382012
02945Bloody Beetroots, The feat. Steve AokiWarp 1.93:222009
02946Bloody Beetroots, The feat. The Cool KidsAwesome2:332009
02947Blow Monkeys, TheDigging Your Scene4:151986
02948Blow Monkeys, TheIt Doesn't Have to Be This Way4:021987
02949Blu CantrellHit 'em Up Style (Oops!) (Album Version Radio Edit)4:122001
02950Blu Cantrell feat. Ian LewisMake Me Wanna Scream (Radio Mix)3:302004
02951Blu Cantrell feat. Sean PaulBreathe (Rap Version Radio Mix)3:482003
02952BlueAll Rise (Radio Version)3:422001
02953BlueBreak My Heart (Single Mix)3:292013
02954BlueFly By II3:492002
02956BlueIf You Come Back (Radio Edit)3:252002
02957BlueOne Love3:252002
02958BlueToo Close (Radio Edit)3:452001
02959Blue BoyRemember Me (Original Edit)3:571997
02960Blue BoySandman (Phunk Phlava Radio Mix)4:121997
02961Blue CheerSummertime Blues3:451968
02962Blue feat. Elton JohnSorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (Disco Montego Radio Edit)2:512003
02963Blue feat. Stevie Wonder & Angie StoneSigned, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours3:322003
02964Blue HazeSmoke Gets in Your Eyes3:111972
02965Blue LagoonNow That We Found Love3:362005
02966Blue Melons, TheDo Wah Diddy Diddy (The Wiggle Mix)3:251996
02967Blue MinkGood Morning Freedom2:481970
02968Blue MinkMelting Pot3:471970
02969Blue MinkOur World4:041970
02970Blue MinkRandy3:121973
02971Blue MinkThe Banner Man3:241971
02972Blue Oyster Cult(Don't Fear) The Reaper3:481976
02973Blue Ridge RangersJambalaya (On the Bayou)3:171973
02974Blue Rondo a La TurkMe and Mr. Sanchez (7" Version)3:581982
02975Blue RoseDon't You Know (Ambushed)3:471983
02976Blue Streaks, TheLet Me Be the One2:041964
02977Blue Streaks, TheTake it Easy2:221964
02978Blue SwedeHooked on a Feeling2:511974
02979Blue TrainAll I Need is You (U.K. Alternative Mix)4:181992
02980Blue ZoneJackie3:471989
02981Bluejuice(Ain't) Telling the Truth2:432010
02982BluejuiceAct Yr Age3:182012
02983BluejuiceBroken Leg2:582009
02984BluejuiceI'll Go Crazy3:042014
02985Blues ImageRide Captain Ride3:421970
02986Blues Magoos(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet2:151967
02987Blues Rags 'N' HollersI Just Want to Make Love to You2:151966
02988BluestoneWind and Rain2:501973
02989Bluetones, TheSlight Return3:191996
02990BlueyBluey Theme Tune0:252020
02992BlurCharmless Man3:321996
02993BlurCountry House3:581995
02994BlurGirls & Boys4:171994
02995BlurM.O.R. (Road Version Edit)3:001997
02996BlurOn Your Own4:261998
02998BlurSong 22:011997
03001Bob B. Soxx and The Blue JeansWhy Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart?2:481963
03002Bob B. Soxx and The Blue JeansZip-A-Dee Doo-Dah2:471963
03003Bob Crewe Generation, TheMusic to Watch Girls By2:541967
03004Bob DylanBaby Stop Crying5:181978
03005Bob DylanCan You Please Crawl Out Your Window?3:321966
03006Bob DylanGotta Serve Somebody3:591979
03007Bob DylanHurricane8:321975
03008Bob DylanI Threw it All Away2:261969
03009Bob DylanI Want You3:031966
03010Bob DylanJust Like a Woman4:501966
03011Bob DylanKnockin' on Heaven's Door2:291973
03012Bob DylanLay Lady Lay3:171969
03013Bob DylanLike a Rolling Stone6:131965
03014Bob DylanLove Minus Zero/No Limit (Live)3:571979
03015Bob DylanMurder Most Foul16:532020
03016Bob DylanOn a Night Like This2:571974
03017Bob DylanPositively 4th Street3:521965
03018Bob DylanRainy Day Women #12 & 354:371966
03019Bob DylanSweetheart Like You4:331983
03020Bob DylanTight Connection to My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love)5:241985
03021Bob DylanTonight I'll Be Staying Here With You3:211969
03022Bob DylanWatching the River Flow3:341971
03023Bob DylanWigwam3:071970
03024Bob EvansDon't You Think it's Time?3:162006
03025Bob EvansNowhere Without You4:092006
03026Bob FishNo Chance3:321982
03027Bob GeldofLove or Something4:391991
03028Bob GeldofThe Great Song of Indifference4:381990
03029Bob GeldofThis is the World Calling4:461986
03030Bob HudsonNewcastle Song2:511975
03031Bob Kuban and The In-MenThe Cheater2:411966
03032Bob LindElusive Butterfly2:501966
03033Bob LumanLet's Think About Living2:041960
03034Bob Luman and Sue ThompsonI Like Your Kind of Love2:151963
03035Bob MarleyIron Lion Zion (7" Mix)3:221992
03036Bob Marley & The WailersBuffalo Soldier2:431983
03037Bob Marley & The WailersCould You Be Loved3:551980
03038Bob Marley & The WailersIs This Love3:531978
03039Bob Marley & The WailersJamming3:161978
03040Bob Marley & The WailersNo Woman, No Cry3:451975
03041Bob Marley & The WailersOne Love/People Get Ready2:521977
03042Bob Marley & The WailersPunky Reggae Party4:271978
03043Bob Marley feat. Lvndscape & BolierIs This Love3:192016
03044Bob Marley vs. Funkstar De LuxeRainbow Country (Radio Edit)3:302000
03045Bob Marley vs. Funkstar De LuxeSun is Shining (Radio De Luxe Edit)3:531999
03046Bob MooreMexico2:361961
03047Bob SegerShakedown4:021987
03048Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandAgainst the Wind5:311980
03049Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandEven Now4:321983
03050Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandFire Lake3:311980
03051Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandHollywood Nights5:021978
03052Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandLike a Rock5:531986
03053Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandNight Moves3:241977
03054Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandOld Time Rock & Roll3:121979
03055Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandShame on the Moon4:521983
03056Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandStill the Same3:221978
03057Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandThe Real Love (Edit)3:421991
03058Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandUnderstanding3:431985
03059Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandWe've Got Tonite4:381979
03060Bob SinclarI Feel for You (Radio Edit)3:132000
03061Bob Sinclar & Cutee B feat. Dollarman, Big Ali & MakedahRock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) (Radio Edit)3:162006
03062Bob Sinclar & Cutee B feat. Gary Pine and DollarmanSound of Freedom (Radio Edit)3:182007
03063Bob Sinclar feat. Gary PineLove Generation (Radio Edit)3:252006
03064Bob Sinclar feat. Pitbull, Dragonfly & Fatman ScoopRock the Boat (Radio Edit)3:082012
03065Bob Sinclar feat. Steve EdwardsWorld, Hold On (Children of the Sky)3:182006
03066Bob the BuilderCan We Fix It?3:062001
03067Bob the BuilderMambo No.53:122001
03068Bob WelchEbony Eyes3:291978
03069Bobbi MartinFor the Love of Him2:381970
03070Bobbie GentryI'll Never Fall in Love Again2:511969
03071Bobbie GentryOde to Billie Joe4:131967
03072Bobbie Gentry & Glen CampbellAll I Have to Do is Dream2:331970
03073Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt-KickersMonster Mash3:201962
03074Bobby and LaurieHitch Hiker2:331966
03075Bobby and LaurieI Belong With You2:141965
03076Bobby and LaurieJudy Green2:271965
03077Bobby and LaurieSomeone (Ain't Right)1:591965
03078Bobby and LaurieSweet and Tender Romance1:561966
03079Bobby and LaurieThe Carroll County Accident2:461969
03080Bobby and LaurieThrough the Eyes of Love2:321970
03081Bobby and LaurieTrouble in Mind2:111965
03082Bobby and Laurie with The RondellsHigh Noon3:331966
03083Bobby Bare500 Miles Away From Home2:421963
03084Bobby BareDetroit City2:451963
03085Bobby BareNumbers5:061981
03086Bobby BloomMontego Bay2:551970
03087Bobby BrownDon't Be Cruel4:151989
03088Bobby BrownEvery Little Hit Mix8:581990
03089Bobby BrownEvery Little Step3:561989
03090Bobby BrownGet Away4:191993
03091Bobby BrownGood Enough (Single Version)3:581992
03092Bobby BrownHumpin' Around4:201992
03093Bobby BrownHumpin' Around (K-Klassik Radio Mix)3:471995
03094Bobby BrownMy Prerogative3:301989
03095Bobby BrownOn Our Own4:301989
03096Bobby BrownRock Wit'cha4:171990
03097Bobby BrownThat's the Way Love Is (7" Version)4:061993
03098Bobby Brown with Whitney HoustonSomething in Common3:421994
03099Bobby ComstockLet's Stomp1:591963
03100Bobby Cookson with The PremiersRona2:051963
03101Bobby Darin18 Yellow Roses2:181963
03102Bobby DarinArtificial Flowers3:161961
03103Bobby DarinBaby Face2:061962
03104Bobby DarinBeyond the Sea2:491960
03105Bobby DarinClementine3:131960
03106Bobby DarinIf I Were a Carpenter2:221966
03107Bobby DarinIrresistible You2:321962
03108Bobby DarinLazy River2:311961
03109Bobby DarinMultiplication2:141962
03110Bobby DarinNature Boy2:351961
03111Bobby DarinSomebody to Love2:161960
03112Bobby DarinTheme from "Come September"2:351961
03113Bobby DarinThings2:341962
03114Bobby DarinTreat My Baby Good1:491963
03115Bobby DarinWhat'd I Say4:051962
03116Bobby DarinYou Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby2:121961
03117Bobby DarinYou're the Reason I'm Living2:261963
03118Bobby EdwardsYou're the Reason2:381961
03119Bobby FullerSaturday Night1:351963
03120Bobby Fuller Four, TheI Fought the Law2:161966
03121Bobby GoldsboroAutumn of My Life3:261968
03122Bobby GoldsboroHello Summertime2:201974
03123Bobby GoldsboroHoney3:551968
03124Bobby GoldsboroIf You Wait for Love2:501965
03125Bobby GoldsboroLittle Things2:241965
03126Bobby GoldsboroMolly2:521963
03127Bobby GoldsboroSee the Funny Little Clown2:351964
03128Bobby GoldsboroSummer (The First Time)4:391973
03129Bobby HebbSunny2:441966
03130Bobby HelmsJingle Bell Rock2:091958
03131Bobby Limb with Kathy LloydGoodnight, Irene2:391950
03132Bobby McFerrinDon't Worry, Be Happy3:531988
03133Bobby McFerrinGood Lovin'2:581989
03134Bobby RydellButterfly Baby2:191963
03135Bobby RydellCherie2:111961
03136Bobby RydellDing-A-Ling2:251960
03137Bobby RydellForget Him2:051963
03138Bobby RydellGee, It's Wonderful2:191962
03139Bobby RydellGood Time Baby2:061961
03140Bobby RydellI Wanna Thank You2:301962
03141Bobby RydellI'd Do it Again2:141960
03142Bobby RydellI'll Never Dance Again2:331962
03143Bobby RydellKissin' Time2:121961
03144Bobby RydellLittle Bitty Girl2:271960
03145Bobby RydellSway2:211960
03146Bobby RydellSwingin' School2:171960
03147Bobby RydellThat Old Black Magic2:231961
03148Bobby RydellThe Cha-Cha-Cha2:331962
03149Bobby RydellThe Fish2:101961
03150Bobby RydellThe Third House (In From the Right)2:161961
03151Bobby RydellThe Woodpecker Song2:141963
03152Bobby RydellVolare2:321960
03153Bobby RydellWild One2:201960
03154Bobby RydellWildwood Days2:271963
03155Bobby RydellWill You Be My Baby2:201963
03156Bobby ShermanEasy Come, Easy Go2:431970
03157Bobby ShermanJulie, Do Ya Love Me2:561970
03158Bobby VeeBaby Face1:571961
03159Bobby VeeBe True to Yourself2:011963
03160Bobby VeeCharms2:191963
03161Bobby VeeDevil or Angel2:171960
03162Bobby VeeHow Many Tears2:051961
03163Bobby VeeOne Last Kiss1:581961
03164Bobby VeePlease Don't Ask About Barbara2:011962
03165Bobby VeeRubber Ball2:181961
03166Bobby VeeRun to Him2:031961
03167Bobby VeeStayin' In2:021961
03168Bobby VeeTake Good Care of My Baby2:401961
03169Bobby VeeThe Night Has a Thousand Eyes2:361962
03170Bobby VeeWalkin' With My Angel2:171961
03171Bobby VeeYesterday and You (Armen's Theme)2:151963
03172Bobby Vee and The StrangersCome Back When You Grow Up2:391967
03173Bobby VintonBlue on Blue2:251963
03174Bobby VintonBlue Velvet2:501963
03175Bobby VintonI Love How You Love Me2:291968
03176Bobby VintonMr. Lonely2:401964
03177Bobby VintonMy Melody of Love3:111974
03178Bobby VintonOver the Mountain (Across the Sea)2:271963
03179Bobby VintonRain Rain Go Away2:581962
03180Bobby VintonRoses Are Red (My Love)2:381962
03181Bobby VintonSealed With a Kiss2:481972
03182Bobby VintonThere! I've Said it Again2:211963
03183BoDeansCloser to Free3:081996
03185BoDeansOnly Love3:061988
03186Body CountBorn Dead (Radio Edit)4:541994
03187Body CountHey Joe4:281994
03188Body CountThere Goes the Neighborhood5:501992
03189BodyjarFall to the Ground3:432000
03190BodyjarFeed It3:422001
03191BodyjarIs it a Lie2:312002
03192BodyjarLights Out3:202005
03193BodyjarNot the Same3:082000
03194BodyjarOne in a Million2:542002
03195BodyRockersI Like the Way (Radio Edit)3:202005
03196BodyRockersRound & Round (Radio Edit)2:542005
03197Bodyrox and LucianaWhat Planet You On? (Radio Edit)3:012008
03198Bodyrox feat. LucianaYeah Yeah (D. Ramirez Radio Edit)2:422007
03199Bomb the BassSay a Little Prayer (7" Mix)3:521989
03200Bomb the Bass feat. Justin WarfieldBug Powder Dust (Radio Mix)4:181994
03201Bomb the Bass feat. Spikey TeeDarkheart (7" Edit)4:281995
03202BombalurinaItsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (7" Version)3:401990
03203Bombers, TheWorld's on Fire4:311990
03204Bombs AwayBetter Luck Next Time (Radio Edit)3:332013
03205Bombs AwayBig Booty Bitches (Original Radio Edit)3:182011
03206Bombs AwayDrunk Arcade (Radio Edit)3:272013
03207Bombs AwaySuper Soaker (Original Radio Edit)3:412011
03208Bombs Away feat. Elle VeeLike You3:092017
03209Bombs Away feat. Reigan DerryYou Gotta Be3:332019
03210Bombs Away feat. The TwinsParty Bass (Radio Edit)3:372012
03211Bomfunk MC'sB-Boys & Flygirls (Y2K Mix)3:132000
03212Bomfunk MC'sFreestyler (Radio Edit)2:522000
03213Bomfunk MC'sSuper Electric (Original Version)3:522002
03214Bomfunk MC'sUprocking Beats (JS16 Radio Mix)3:112001
03215Bomfunk MC'sUprocking Beats (Radio Edit)3:411999
03216Bon IverHeavenly Father4:032014
03217Bon JoviAll About Lovin' You3:422003
03218Bon JoviAlways (Edit)4:541994
03219Bon JoviBad Medicine3:521988
03220Bon JoviBecause We Can3:592013
03221Bon JoviBed of Roses6:331993
03222Bon JoviBorn to Be My Baby4:401989
03223Bon JoviDry County (Edit)6:351994
03224Bon JoviEveryday2:562002
03225Bon JoviHave a Nice Day3:372005
03226Bon JoviI Believe (Clearmountain Mix)4:251993
03227Bon JoviI'll Be There for You5:411989
03228Bon JoviI'll Sleep When I'm Dead4:411993
03229Bon JoviIn These Arms (Edit)4:281993
03230Bon JoviIt's My Life3:432000
03231Bon JoviKeep the Faith (Edit)4:291992
03232Bon JoviLay Your Hands on Me3:491989
03233Bon JoviLie to Me (Edit)4:421995
03234Bon JoviLivin' on a Prayer4:071987
03235Bon JoviLiving in Sin4:391989
03236Bon JoviMisunderstood (Single Mix)3:452002
03237Bon JoviNever Say Goodbye4:471987
03238Bon JoviOne Wild Night (2001 Version)3:432001
03239Bon JoviReal Life (Radio Mix)3:471999
03240Bon JoviSay it Isn't So3:312000
03241Bon JoviSomeday I'll Be Saturday Night4:381995
03242Bon JoviSomething for the Pain (LP Version)4:451995
03243Bon JoviThank You for Loving Me4:042000
03244Bon JoviThese Days (Edit)4:301996
03245Bon JoviThis Ain't a Love Song (Album Version)5:041995
03246Bon JoviThis House is Not for Sale3:362016
03247Bon JoviUnbroken6:062019
03248Bon JoviWanted Dead or Alive5:071987
03249Bon JoviWanted Dead or Alive (Live)8:081987
03250Bon JoviWe Weren't Born to Follow4:032009
03251Bon JoviYou Give Love a Bad Name3:421986
03253Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyLook Into My Eyes (Radio Edit)3:591997
03254Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyTha Crossroads (DJ U-Neek's Mo Thug Remix)3:461996
03255Boney M.Belfast3:261977
03256Boney M.Brown Girl in the Ring4:001978
03257Boney M.Brown Girl in the Ring (Remix '88)4:001978
03258Boney M.Daddy Cool3:251977
03259Boney M.Daddy Cool (Remix '88)3:331977
03260Boney M.El Lute3:581979
03261Boney M.Gotta Go Home2:321979
03262Boney M.Gotta Go Home (Remix '88)4:551979
03263Boney M.Happy Song3:571984
03264Boney M.Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-Holiday3:551979
03265Boney M.Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-Holiday (Remix '88)3:241979
03266Boney M.Ma Baker4:061977
03267Boney M.Ma Baker (Remix '88)4:431977
03268Boney M.Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord (Radio Edit)4:301978
03269Boney M.Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord (Remix '88)4:211978
03270Boney M.Mega Mix (Radio Version)3:501993
03271Boney M.Megamix (Edited Version)3:531989
03272Boney M.My Friend Jack4:401980
03273Boney M.No Woman No Cry4:171977
03274Boney M.No Woman No Cry (Remix '88)3:391977
03275Boney M.Painter Man3:161979
03276Boney M.Painter Man (Remix '88)4:161979
03277Boney M.Rasputin4:251978
03278Boney M.Rasputin (Remix '88)5:291978
03279Boney M.Rivers of Babylon4:151978
03280Boney M.Rivers of Babylon (Remix '88)3:421978
03281Boney M.Sunny3:531977
03282Boney M.Sunny (Remix '88)3:451977
03283Boney M. 2000Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-Holiday3:211999
03284Boney M. 2000Painter Man2:581979
03285Boney M. feat. Mobi T.Daddy Cool '99 (Radio Edit)3:511999
03286Boney M. vs. Sash!Ma Baker3:501999
03287Bonnie AndersonBlackout3:032014
03288Bonnie AndersonRaise the Bar3:162013
03289Bonnie AndersonUnbroken3:462015
03290Bonnie McKeeAmerican Girl3:432013
03291Bonnie PointerI Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)3:471980
03292Bonnie RaittI Can't Make You Love Me4:441992
03293Bonnie RaittSomething to Talk About3:461991
03294Bonnie TylerHave You Ever Seen the Rain?4:031983
03295Bonnie TylerHolding Out for a Hero4:201984
03296Bonnie TylerIf You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man)3:591986
03297Bonnie TylerIt's a Heartache3:311978
03298Bonnie TylerLost in France3:531977
03299Bonnie TylerTotal Eclipse of the Heart4:291983
03300Bono & Gavin FridayIn the Name of the Father (7" Edit)4:471994
03301Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, TheI'm the Urban Spaceman2:211969
03302Boogie Box HighJive Talkin'4:361987
03303Boogie PimpsSomebody to Love (Saltshaker Remix Radio Edit)2:562004
03304Boogie PimpsSunny (Radio Edit)2:582004
03305Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, ALook Back at It2:592019
03306Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, A feat. 6ix9ineSwervin3:082019
03307Booker T. & The M.G.'sGreen Onions2:521962
03308Booker T. & The M.G.'sHang 'em High3:511969
03309Booker T. & The M.G.'sMrs. Robinson3:391969
03310Booker T. & The M.G.'sSoul Limbo2:211968
03311Booker T. & The M.G.'sTime is Tight3:161969
03312Booker T. Jones & Rita CoolidgeWe Could Stay Together4:351980
03313Boom Crash OperaBettadaze3:491992
03314Boom Crash OperaCity Flat4:081987
03315Boom Crash OperaDancing in the Storm4:121990
03316Boom Crash OperaGet Out of the House3:181989
03317Boom Crash OperaGimme (Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme What I Want)3:131994
03318Boom Crash OperaGreat Wall3:501986
03319Boom Crash OperaHands Up in the Air3:541986
03320Boom Crash OperaHer Charity4:591987
03321Boom Crash OperaHoly Water3:541991
03322Boom Crash OperaIn the Morning3:571993
03323Boom Crash OperaLove Me to Death4:261988
03324Boom Crash OperaOnion Skin3:271989
03325Boom Crash OperaTalk About It (Iovine Version)4:401990
03326Boom Crash OperaThe Best Thing4:121989
03327Boom Crash OperaThis Isn't Love3:291993
03328Boom Crash OperaTongue Tied2:571995
03329BoomkatThe Wreckoning3:082003
03330BoomkatWhat U Do 2 Me (Chris Lord-Alge Radio Mix)3:242003
03331Boomtown Rats, TheBanana Republic3:291981
03332Boomtown Rats, TheDiamond Smiles3:481980
03333Boomtown Rats, TheI Don't Like Mondays4:151979
03334Boomtown Rats, TheRat Trap4:541979
03335Bootleg Family Band, TheThe Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)3:011974
03336Bootleg Family Band, TheYour Mama Don't Dance3:001973
03337Boots RandolphYakety Sax2:001963
03338Bootsy CollinsDo the Freak (Classic Freak Mix)3:581998
03339Booty LuvBoogie 2Nite3:122007
03340Boris GardinerI Wanna Wake Up With You3:551986
03341BornsElectric Love3:372015
03343BostonDon't Look Back3:551978
03344BostonMore Than a Feeling3:201976
03345Bourgeois TaggI Don't Mind at All2:351988
03346Bow WowLet's Get Down (Album Version)4:192003
03347Bow Wow feat. Chris Brown and Johnta AustinShortie Like Mine (Album Version)4:292007
03348Bow Wow feat. CiaraLike You (Album Version)3:272006
03349Bow Wow feat. OmarionLet Me Hold You (Album Version)4:072005
03350Bow Wow WowDo You Wanna Hold Me?3:131983
03351Bow Wow WowI Want Candy2:411982
03352Bowling for Soup19853:122004
03353Box Tops, TheCry Like a Baby2:181968
03354Box Tops, TheSoul Deep2:251969
03355Box Tops, TheThe Letter1:531967
03356BoxcarGas Stop (Who Do You Think You Are)4:211990
03357Boy & BearFall at Your Feet4:292010
03358Boy & BearFeeding Line4:282011
03359Boy & BearMexican Mavis3:062010
03360Boy & BearMilk & Sticks4:422011
03361Boy & BearRabbit Song2:572010
03362Boy & BearSouthern Sun4:392013
03363Boy & BearThe Storm3:552010
03364Boy GeorgeEverything I Own (Radio Edit)3:101987
03365Boy GeorgeFuntime3:051995
03366Boy GeorgeKeep Me in Mind3:551987
03367Boy GeorgeLove is Leaving (Radio II Mix)3:561997
03368Boy GeorgeThe Crying Game3:211993
03369Boy Meets GirlWaiting for a Star to Fall4:291989
03370Boyce Avenue feat. Sarah HylandCloser4:042016
03371Boys, TheCrazy4:021991
03372BoysHurt Me Babe3:201981
03373BoysWeoh, Weoh, Weoh3:251981
03374BoysWhen You're Lonely3:291980
03375Boys, The (Adelaide)Who Was That?2:501981
03376Boys Don't CryI Wanna Be a Cowboy3:341986
03377Boys in BlackMore Than a Woman3:561993
03378Boys Like GirlsLove Drunk3:462009
03379Boys Town GangCan't Take My Eyes Off You3:401982
03380BoystarLoverboy (Radio Edit)3:342002
03381BoyTownI Cry2:302006
03383BoyWithUke feat. BlackbearIDGAF2:192022
03384Boyz II Men4 Seasons of Loneliness4:281997
03385Boyz II MenA Song for Mama (Radio Edit)4:351998
03386Boyz II MenDoin' Just Fine4:141998
03387Boyz II MenEnd of the Road (Pop Edit)3:331992
03388Boyz II MenI Remember (Extended Version)4:401995
03389Boyz II MenI'll Make Love to You (Pop Edit)3:491994
03390Boyz II MenIn the Still of the Nite (I'll Remember) (LP Version)2:501993
03391Boyz II MenIt's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday (Radio Version)3:071993
03392Boyz II MenLet it Snow4:111993
03393Boyz II MenMotownphilly (Original Version)3:551991
03394Boyz II MenOn Bended Knee (Radio Edit)4:321994
03395Boyz II MenPass You By4:002000
03396Boyz II MenThank You (The Moog Flava Mix)4:141995
03397Boyz II MenWater Runs Dry3:201995
03398Boyz II Men feat. Chante MooreYour Home is in My Heart (Stella's Love Theme) (Single Edit)3:591998
03399BoyzoneA Different Beat (Radio Edit)3:321997
03400BoyzoneBaby Can I Hold You (7" Edit)3:131999
03401BoyzoneFather and Son2:461996
03402BoyzoneGave it All Away4:272010
03403BoyzoneLove Me for a Reason3:391996
03404BoyzoneNo Matter What4:321998
03405BoyzonePicture of You3:291997
03406BoyzoneWhen the Going Gets Tough3:371999
03408Boz ScaggsBreakdown Dead Ahead4:001980
03409Boz ScaggsHard Times3:531977
03410Boz ScaggsHeart of Mine4:121988
03411Boz ScaggsIt's Over2:491976
03412Boz ScaggsJojo4:051980
03413Boz ScaggsLido Shuffle3:411977
03414Boz ScaggsLowdown3:181976
03415Boz ScaggsWe're All Alone4:121977
03416Boz ScaggsWhat Can I Say2:591977
03417Brad CoxGive Me Tonight3:392019
03418Brad CoxWhat Brought You Back3:082022
03419Bradley CooperBlack Eyes3:032018
03420Bradley CooperMaybe it's Time2:392018
03421Braids, TheBohemian Rhapsody (Radio Mix)4:001996
03422BrainbugBenedictus (Exitiale Edit)3:331998
03423BrainbugNightmare (Sinister Strings Radio Edit)3:261997
03424Bran Van 3000Drinking in L.A. (Edit)3:391998
03425Brand New Heavies, TheYou've Got a Friend3:261997
03426Brandi CarlileThe Story3:582007
03427BrandoLook Into My Eyes2:342020
03428Brandon FlowersCrossfire4:162010
03429Brandy(Everything I Do) I Do it for You4:081999
03431BrandyBaby (Radio Edit)4:181995
03432BrandyFull Moon (Radio Edit)3:312002
03433BrandyHave You Ever? (Radio Edit)3:321999
03434BrandyI Wanna Be Down (LP Edit)4:101995
03435BrandyRight Here (Departed)3:382008
03436BrandySittin' Up in My Room (Radio Edit)4:021996
03437BrandyWhat About Us? (Radio Mix)3:562002
03438BrandyWho is She 2 U (Radio Edit)3:472005
03439Brandy & MonicaThe Boy is Mine (Radio Edit with Intro)4:001998
03440Brandy and Ray JAnother Day in Paradise (R&B Version)4:312001
03441Brandy feat. Kanye WestTalk About Our Love (Album Version)3:362004
03442Brandy feat. MaseTop of the World (Radio Edit)4:131998
03443Brantley GilbertBottoms Up3:392014
03444Brat, TheChalk Dust - The Umpire Strikes Back3:061982
03445BratHe Said She Said2:532003
03446Bratz Rock AngelzSo Good3:042005
03447Bravery, TheAn Honest Mistake3:392005
03448BreadBaby I'm-A Want You2:191971
03450BreadEverything I Own3:071972
03452BreadIt Don't Matter to Me2:431970
03453BreadLet Your Love Go2:231971
03454BreadLost Without Your Love2:541977
03455BreadMake it With You3:061970
03456BreadSweet Surrender2:351973
03457BreadThe Guitar Man3:431972
03458Break MachineBreak Dance Party3:241984
03459Break MachineStreet Dance3:391984
03460Breakfast ClubRight on Track4:161987
03461BreatheSay a Prayer3:501991
03462Bree Runway & KhalidBe the One3:202023
03463Breeders, TheCannonball3:331993
03464Breland feat. Keith UrbanThrow it Back3:092021
03465Brenda LeeAll Alone Am I2:461962
03466Brenda LeeAs Usual2:331964
03467Brenda LeeBreak it to Me Gently2:381962
03468Brenda LeeComing on Strong2:011966
03469Brenda LeeDum Dum2:231961
03470Brenda LeeEmotions2:511961
03471Brenda LeeEverybody Loves Me But You2:331962
03472Brenda LeeI Want to Be Wanted (Per Tutta La Vita)3:061960
03473Brenda LeeI Wonder2:571963
03474Brenda LeeI'm Sorry2:431960
03475Brenda LeeIs it True2:241964
03476Brenda LeeLonely Lonely Lonely Me2:151964
03477Brenda LeeLosing You2:351963
03478Brenda LeeMy Whole World is Falling Down1:521963
03479Brenda LeeRockin' Around the Christmas Tree2:051960
03480Brenda LeeSo Deep Twist2:021962
03481Brenda LeeSweet Impossible You2:221963
03482Brenda LeeSweet Nothin's2:251960
03483Brenda LeeThat's All You Gotta Do2:311960
03484Brenda LeeThe Grass is Greener2:441963
03485Brenda LeeThink2:201964
03486Brenda LeeToo Many Rivers2:481965
03487Brenda LeeYour Used to Be2:101963
03488Brendan Bowyer and The Royal Showband WaterfordDon't Lose Your Hucklebuck Shoes2:231965
03489Brendan Bowyer and The Royal Showband WaterfordHucklebuck2:231965
03490Brendan Bowyer and The Royal Showband WaterfordI Ran All the Way Home2:021965
03491Brent MorganGonna Be Okay3:282022
03492Brent MorganKiss the Girl2:102021
03493Brenton RobertsMan and Woman4:051983
03494Brenton WoodGimme Little Sign2:191967
03495Brewer & ShipleyOne Toke Over the Line3:181971
03496Brian CaddAll in the Way (They Use My Face)4:071975
03497Brian CaddAlvin Purple2:281974
03498Brian CaddClass of '742:551974
03499Brian CaddEvery Mother's Son3:501973
03500Brian CaddFairweather Friend3:151972
03501Brian CaddGimme Gimme Good Lovin'2:291975
03502Brian CaddGinger Man4:091972
03503Brian CaddHandyman5:061973
03504Brian CaddKeep on Rockin'4:411973
03505Brian CaddLet Go4:151974
03506Brian CaddMy Baby Loves to Hurt Me3:431982
03507Brian Cadd & Don MudieShow Me the Way4:011971
03508Brian HylandGinny Come Lately2:491962
03509Brian HylandGypsy Woman2:321971
03510Brian HylandItsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini2:231960
03511Brian HylandSealed With a Kiss2:381962
03512Brian HylandThe Joker Went Wild2:451966
03513Brian MayToo Much Love Will Kill You4:311992
03514Brian May & The A.B.C. ShowbandTheme from "Rush"1:541974
03515Brian McFaddenChemical Rush3:412010
03516Brian McFaddenEverything But You4:022008
03517Brian McFaddenJust the Way You Are (Drunk at the Bar)3:422011
03518Brian McFaddenLike Only a Woman Can3:512008
03519Brian McFaddenReal to Me (Album Version)3:442005
03520Brian McFaddenTwisted3:362008
03521Brian McFaddenWrap My Arms3:472012
03522Brian McFadden feat. Delta GoodremMistakes3:422010
03523Brian McFadden feat. Kevin RudolfJust Say So3:172010
03524Brian McKnight6, 8, 124:072000
03525Brian McKnightBack at One (Radio Edit)3:212000
03526Brian Poole & The TremeloesCandy Man2:201964
03527Brian Poole & The TremeloesDo You Love Me2:221963
03528Brian Poole & The TremeloesI Can Dance1:551964
03529Brian Poole & The TremeloesI Want Candy2:241965
03530Brian Poole & The TremeloesSomeone, Someone2:561964
03531Brian Poole & The TremeloesThree Bells3:031964
03532Brian Poole & The TremeloesTwelve Steps to Love2:271964
03533Brian SetzerThe Knife Feels Like Justice4:011986
03534Brian WilsonLove and Mercy2:541988
03535Bridgit MendlerHurricane4:042013
03536Bridgit MendlerReady or Not3:202012
03537Brielle DavisSerial Thriller (Radio Edit)3:282006
03538Brielle DavisTake it Off (Radio Edit)3:152007
03539Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band, TheThe Floral Dance2:521978
03540Bright Light Bright LightAn Open Heart3:432013
03541Bright Light Bright LightI Believe (Radio Edit)2:592014
03542Bring Me the HorizonDie4U3:262021
03543Bring Me the HorizonDrown3:412014
03544Bring Me the HorizonHappy Song3:592015
03545Bring Me the HorizonLudens4:332019
03546Bring Me the HorizonMantra3:532018
03547Bring Me the HorizonParasite Eve4:502020
03548Bring Me the HorizonStrangers3:142022
03549Bring Me the HorizonTeardrops3:342020
03550Bring Me the HorizonThrone3:102015
03551Bring Me the HorizonTrue Friends3:522015
03552Bring Me the Horizon with YungbludObey3:402020
03553British IndiaI Can Make You Love Me4:242012
03554British IndiaRun the Red Light3:362007
03555British JigsawSky High2:471975
03556Britney Spears(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction4:282000
03557Britney Spears(You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix)3:161999
03558Britney Spears33:232009
03559Britney SpearsAutumn Goodbye3:391998
03560Britney SpearsBaby One More Time (Radio Version)3:301999
03561Britney SpearsBefore the Goodbye3:502001
03562Britney SpearsBorn to Make You Happy4:031999
03563Britney SpearsBreak the Ice3:152008
03564Britney SpearsBreak the Ice (Mike Rizzo Radio Mix)3:472008
03565Britney SpearsCircus3:092008
03566Britney SpearsDo Somethin' (Album Version)3:222005
03567Britney SpearsEverytime (Above & Beyond's Radio Mix)3:462004
03568Britney SpearsEverytime (Album Version)3:482004
03569Britney SpearsEverytime (Hi-Bias Radio Remix)3:272004
03570Britney SpearsFrom the Bottom of My Broken Heart5:102000
03571Britney SpearsGimme More (Main Mix)4:102007
03572Britney SpearsHold it Against Me3:482011
03573Britney SpearsI Love Rock 'n' Roll (Album Version)3:052002
03574Britney SpearsI Run Away (Album Version)4:032001
03575Britney SpearsI Wanna Go3:302011
03576Britney SpearsI'm a Slave 4 U (Album Version)3:232001
03577Britney SpearsI'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman (Album Version)3:502002
03578Britney SpearsI'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman (Metro Remix)5:242002
03579Britney SpearsIf U Seek Amy3:362009
03580Britney SpearsLucky3:252000
03581Britney SpearsMood Ring3:492016
03582Britney SpearsMy Only Wish (This Year)4:142000
03583Britney SpearsMy Prerogative (Album Version)3:322004
03584Britney SpearsOops!...I Did it Again3:302000
03585Britney SpearsOut From Under3:532008
03586Britney SpearsOverprotected (Album Version)3:182001
03587Britney SpearsPerfume3:592013
03588Britney SpearsPiece of Me (Album Version)3:312008
03589Britney SpearsRadar3:482008
03590Britney SpearsSometimes (Radio Edit)3:541999
03591Britney SpearsStronger3:232000
03592Britney SpearsSwimming in the Stars3:212020
03593Britney SpearsTill the World Ends3:572011
03594Britney SpearsToxic (Album Version)3:182004
03595Britney SpearsWomanizer3:432008
03596Britney SpearsWork Bitch4:072013
03597Britney Spears & Backstreet BoysMatches2:512020
03598Britney Spears & Iggy AzaleaPretty Girls2:442015
03599Britney Spears feat. G-EazyMake Me...3:512016
03600Britney Spears feat. MadonnaMe Against the Music (Video Mix)3:442003
03601Britney Spears feat. Pharrell WilliamsBoys (Co-Ed Remix)3:452002
03602Brock DowneyDon't Bring Me Down3:282004
03603Brock LandarsS.M.D.U. (7inch Mix)4:151998
03604BrockhamptonNo Halo4:192019
03606Broderick Smith's Big ComboFaded Roses4:301981
03607Broderick Smith's Big ComboMy Father's Hands3:121981
03608Broderick Smith's Big ComboRuby in the Snow6:071982
03609Broken DoorHey You3:362011
03610Broncos, TheWe're the Broncos0:542015
03611Bronski BeatC'mon! C'mon!3:501986
03612Bronski BeatHit That Perfect Beat3:131986
03613Bronski BeatIt Ain't Necessarily So (Single Version)4:071985
03614Bronski BeatSmalltown Boy (Radio Edit)4:031984
03615Bronski BeatWhy?3:551984
03616Bronski Beat & Marc AlmondI Feel Love4:041985
03618BroodsCouldn't Believe4:032016
03621BroodsMother & Father3:072014
03622Brook BentonFools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread)2:261960
03623Brook BentonHotel Happiness2:401963
03624Brook BentonRainy Night in Georgia3:481970
03625Brook BentonThe Boll Weevil Song2:381961
03626Brooke FraserLifeline4:002004
03627Brooke FraserSomething in the Water2:582010
03628Brooke McClymontI Can't Wait3:532002
03629Brooke McClymontI Don't Think, I Know3:122002
03630Brooke McClymont & Adam EckersleyMemory Lane3:302022
03631Brooke McClymont & Adam EckersleyRoll on Baby3:192022
03632Brooke McClymont & Adam EckersleyStar of the Show4:462022
03633Brooke Valentine feat. Big Boi & Lil JonGirlfight3:542005
03634Brooklyn BounceBass, Beats & Melody (Video Edit)3:392001
03635Brooklyn BounceSex, Bass & Rock 'n' Roll (Single Edit)3:302006
03636Brooklyn Bridge, TheWorst That Could Happen3:001969
03637Brooks & DunnNeon Moon4:201992
03638BrosAre You Mine?4:391991
03639BrosCat Among the Pigeons4:051989
03640BrosChocolate Box3:541989
03641BrosDrop the Boy3:481988
03642BrosI Owe You Nothing3:341988
03643BrosI Quit3:311988
03644BrosMadly in Love (Joe Smooth Mix)4:291990
03645BrosSilent Night3:441989
03647BrosToo Much (Seven Inch Version)3:361989
03648BrosWhen Will I Be Famous?3:591988
03649Brother BeyondHe Ain't No Competition3:191989
03650Brother BeyondThe Harder I Try3:271989
03651Brotherhood of ManAngelo3:151977
03652Brotherhood of ManBeautiful Lover3:221979
03653Brotherhood of ManSave Your Kisses for Me3:031976
03654Brotherhood of ManUnited We Stand2:511970
03655Brothers & Joel FletcherLet's Trot!3:082022
03656Brothers Four, TheGreenfields3:051960
03657Brothers Johnson, TheStomp4:061980
03658Brothers Johnson, TheStrawberry Letter 233:481977
03659Brothers3The Lucky Ones3:272014
03660Browns, TheThe Old Lamplighter2:201960
03661BrownstoneGrapevyne (Radio Edit)3:441995
03662BrownstoneI Can't Tell You Why (R&B Radio Edit)3:581995
03663BrownstoneIf You Love Me (LP Version Radio Edit)3:431995
03664Brownsville StationSmokin' in the Boys Room2:591974
03665Bruce ChannelHey! Baby2:211962
03666Bruce ChannelKeep On1:511968
03667Bruce Clarke and GroupBarley Charlie Theme2:021964
03668Bruce CockburnIf a Tree Falls5:441989
03669Bruce CockburnWondering Where the Lions Are3:231980
03670Bruce GillespieVelvet Waters2:201960
03671Bruce Hornsby and The RangeEvery Little Kiss4:401987
03672Bruce Hornsby and The RangeMandolin Rain4:411987
03673Bruce Hornsby and The RangeThe Valley Road4:421988
03674Bruce Hornsby and The RangeThe Way it Is (Radio Edit)4:181986
03675Bruce RuffinMad About You3:271972
03676Bruce SamazanOne of a Kind (Radio Mix)3:491993
03677Bruce SpringsteenBetter Days4:051992
03678Bruce SpringsteenBorn in the U.S.A.4:381985
03679Bruce SpringsteenBorn to Run4:301975
03680Bruce SpringsteenBrilliant Disguise4:151987
03681Bruce SpringsteenCover Me3:281984
03682Bruce SpringsteenDancing in the Dark4:021984
03683Bruce SpringsteenGhosts5:542020
03684Bruce SpringsteenGlory Days4:141985
03685Bruce SpringsteenHuman Touch5:091992
03686Bruce SpringsteenHungry Heart3:181980
03687Bruce SpringsteenI'm Goin' Down3:291985
03688Bruce SpringsteenI'm on Fire2:331985
03689Bruce SpringsteenJaney, Don't You Lose Heart3:251985
03690Bruce SpringsteenLetter to You4:552020
03691Bruce SpringsteenMy Hometown4:101985
03692Bruce SpringsteenNightshift4:542022
03693Bruce SpringsteenOne Step Up4:201988
03694Bruce SpringsteenPink Cadillac3:361984
03695Bruce SpringsteenProve it All Night3:571978
03696Bruce SpringsteenSanta Claus is Comin' to Town4:281985
03697Bruce SpringsteenSecret Garden4:261997
03698Bruce SpringsteenSpare Parts3:401988
03699Bruce SpringsteenStreets of Philadelphia4:121994
03700Bruce SpringsteenTougher Than the Rest4:351988
03701Bruce SpringsteenTunnel of Love5:111987
03702Bruce SpringsteenWaitin' on a Sunny Day4:162003
03703Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandFire (Live)2:561987
03704Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandMerry Christmas Baby4:471986
03705Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandWar (Live)3:141986
03706Bruce WillisRespect Yourself3:511987
03707Bruce Woodley, Claire Woodley and Carter & CarterI Am Australian5:212009
03708Bruno Mars24K Magic3:452016
03709Bruno MarsCount on Me3:172011
03710Bruno MarsGorilla4:022013
03711Bruno MarsGrenade3:422010
03712Bruno MarsIt Will Rain4:172011
03713Bruno MarsJust the Way You Are3:402010
03714Bruno MarsLocked Out of Heaven3:532012
03715Bruno MarsMarry You3:502010
03716Bruno MarsTalking to the Moon3:372011
03717Bruno MarsThat's What I Like3:252017
03718Bruno MarsThe Lazy Song (Single Version)3:072011
03719Bruno MarsTreasure2:582013
03720Bruno MarsVersace on the Floor4:202016
03721Bruno MarsWhen I Was Your Man3:322012
03722Bruno MarsYoung Girls3:482012
03723Bruno Mars feat. Cardi BFinesse (Remix)3:362018
03724Bruno Mars vs. David GuettaVersace on the Floor3:482017
03725Brussels New Concert Orchestra, TheHawaiian Calypso2:591963
03726Bryan Adams(Everything I Do) I Do it for You (Single Version)4:091991
03727Bryan AdamsAll I Want is You4:281992
03728Bryan AdamsBack to You (MTV Unplugged)4:321997
03729Bryan AdamsCan't Stop This Thing We Started4:281991
03730Bryan AdamsChristmas Time4:051985
03731Bryan AdamsCloud Number Nine3:451999
03732Bryan AdamsCloud Number Nine (Chicane Mix)4:111999
03733Bryan AdamsCuts Like a Knife4:051983
03734Bryan AdamsDo I Have to Say the Words? (Edit)4:181992
03735Bryan AdamsHave You Ever Really Loved a Woman?4:511995
03736Bryan AdamsHearts on Fire3:301987
03737Bryan AdamsHeat of the Night5:051987
03738Bryan AdamsHeaven4:031985
03739Bryan AdamsHere I Am (Radio Version)3:472002
03740Bryan AdamsLet's Make a Night to Remember (LP Version)6:181996
03741Bryan AdamsOn a Day Like Today (LP Version)3:291998
03742Bryan AdamsOne Night Love Affair4:331985
03743Bryan AdamsPlease Forgive Me5:551993
03744Bryan AdamsRun to You3:531985
03745Bryan AdamsSomebody4:421986
03746Bryan AdamsStraight From the Heart3:321983
03747Bryan AdamsSummer of '693:331985
03748Bryan AdamsThe Only Thing That Looks Good on Me is You (Single Version)3:241996
03749Bryan AdamsThere Will Never Be Another Tonight4:401991
03750Bryan AdamsThought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven5:051992
03751Bryan AdamsVictim of Love3:111987
03752Bryan Adams feat. Melanie CWhen You're Gone3:241998
03753Bryan Adams with Tina TurnerIt's Only Love3:151986
03754Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & StingAll for Love4:441994
03755Bryan DaviesDream Girl2:091961
03756Bryan DaviesFive Foot-Two2:141961
03757Bryan DaviesLadder of Love2:191961
03758Bryan DaviesWithout a Shoulder to Cry On1:561963
03759Bryan FerryA Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall3:221974
03760Bryan FerryDon't Stop the Dance3:571985
03761Bryan FerryHe'll Have to Go4:031989
03762Bryan FerryI Put a Spell on You3:541993
03763Bryan FerryKiss and Tell3:581988
03764Bryan FerryLet's Stick Together2:591976
03765Bryan FerryLet's Stick Together ('88 Remix)2:541988
03766Bryan FerrySlave to Love4:241985
03767Bryan FerrySmoke Gets in Your Eyes2:521974
03768Bryan FerryThe 'In' Crowd4:351974
03769Bryan FerryThe Price of Love3:251976
03770Bryan FerryThe Right Stuff4:211987
03771Bryan FerryThis is Tomorrow3:401977
03772Bryan FerryTokyo Joe3:551977
03773Bryson Gray feat. Tyson James & Chandler CrumpLet's Go Brandon3:442021
03774Bryson TillerWhatever She Wants2:402024
03775Bryson Tiller feat. DrakeOutta Time3:182020
03776BTMercury and Solace (Radio Edit)3:572000
03777BT feat. Tori AmosBlue Skies (Radio Edit)3:491997
03778BTS00:00 (Zero O'Clock)4:092020
03779BTSAnswer: Love Myself4:102018
03780BTSBlack Swan3:162020
03781BTSBlue & Grey4:142020
03782BTSBorn Singer3:572022
03784BTSButter (Cooler Remix)2:412021
03785BTSButter (Hotter Remix)2:462021
03786BTSButter (Instrumental)2:382021
03787BTSButter (Sweeter Remix)2:412021
03791BTSDynamite (Acoustic Remix)3:172020
03792BTSDynamite (EDM Remix)3:182020
03793BTSDynamite (Instrumental)3:182020
03794BTSDynamite (Poolside Remix)3:022020
03795BTSDynamite (Tropical Remix)3:172020
03798BTSFake Love4:022018
03799BTSFilm Out3:332021
03801BTSFly to My Room3:412020
03802BTSFor Youth4:232022
03806BTSI'm Fine3:582018
03808BTSInner Child3:522020
03809BTSInterlude: Shadow4:192020
03810BTSLife Goes On3:272020
03811BTSLouder Than Bombs3:372020
03812BTSMake it Right3:442019
03815BTSMy Time3:542020
03816BTSNo More Dream3:412022
03818BTSOutro: Ego3:152020
03819BTSPermission to Dance3:072021
03820BTSPermission to Dance (Instrumental)3:072021
03821BTSPermission to Dance (R&B Remix)3:352021
03822BTSRun BTS3:232022
03823BTSSerendipity (Full Length Edition)4:342018
03824BTSSpring Day4:342017
03826BTSStay Gold4:022020
03827BTSTake Two3:492023
03829BTSTrivia: Just Dance3:432018
03830BTSTrivia: Seesaw4:042018
03832BTSWe Are Bulletproof: The Eternal4:212020
03833BTSYet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)3:132022
03834BTSYour Eyes Tell4:032020
03835BTS & Charli XCXDream Glow3:052019
03836BTS & Juice WrldAll Night3:362019
03837BTS & Zara LarssonA Brand New Day3:242019
03838BTS feat. DesiignerMic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)3:582017
03839BTS feat. HalseyBoy With Luv3:482019
03840BTS feat. LauvMake it Right3:452019
03841BTS feat. Megan Thee StallionButter2:442021
03842BTS feat. Nicki MinajIdol4:202018
03843BTS feat. SiaOn4:062020
03844BTS feat. Steve AokiThe Truth Untold4:002018
03845Bubble PuppyHot Smoke and Sasafrass2:381969
03846Buck Owens(It's A) Monsters' Holiday2:361974
03847Buck Owens and The BuckaroosMade in Japan2:441972
03848Bucketheads, TheThe Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (Radio Edit)3:221995
03849Buckinghams, TheKind of a Drag2:061967
03850Bucks FizzAre You Ready3:541982
03851Bucks FizzIf You Can't Stand the Heat3:231983
03852Bucks FizzMaking Your Mind Up2:391981
03853Bucks FizzMy Camera Never Lies3:351982
03854Bucks FizzPiece of the Action3:361981
03855Bucks FizzThe Land of Make Believe3:331981
03856Buddy ClarkYou're Breaking My Heart2:511950
03857Buddy GrecoThe Lady is a Tramp3:351960
03858Buddy HollyBo Diddley2:191963
03859Buddy HollyBrown Eyed Handsome Man2:021963
03860Buddy HollyIt Doesn't Matter Anymore2:031959
03861Buddy HollyPeggy Sue Got Married2:031960
03862Buddy HollyRave On1:481958
03863Buddy HollyWords of Love1:531960
03864Buffalo SpringfieldFor What it's Worth2:431967
03865Buffalo TomRachael3:001998
03866BugglesVideo Killed the Radio Star3:271979
03867BullamakankaHome Among the Gumtrees2:431982
03869Bullet for My ValentineThe Last Fight4:172010
03870Bumblebeez, TheDr. Love4:122007
03871Bunny WaltersTake the Money and Run3:381972
03872Bureau, TheOnly for Sheep3:411981
03873Burl IvesA Holly Jolly Christmas2:151964
03874Burl IvesA Little Bitty Tear2:061962
03875Burl IvesCall Me Mr. In-Between2:421962
03876Burl IvesFunny Way of Laughin'2:411962
03877Burl IvesI'm the Boss2:031963
03878Burl IvesIt Comes and Goes2:031963
03879Burl IvesMary Ann Regrets3:341962
03880Burl IvesPearly Shells (Popo O Ewa)2:251964
03881Burl IvesThe Moon is High2:421963
03882Burna BoyLast Last2:512022
03883BurnetteBeachball (Radio Edit)3:451997
03884Burt BacharachI'll Never Fall in Love Again3:161969
03885Burt BacharachSaturday Sunshine2:071963
03886Burt BacharachTrains and Boats and Planes2:461965
03887Burton CummingsStand Tall3:181976
03888Burton CummingsYou Saved My Soul4:211982
03889Burundi Steiphenson BlackBurundi Black3:341972
03890Bus StopJump (Radio Edit)3:511999
03891Bus Stop feat. Carl DouglasKung Fu Fighting (Radio Edit)3:511998
03892Bus Stop feat. Randy BachmanYou Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet (Radio Edit)3:481998
03893Busby MarouDays of Gold3:252014
03894Busface feat. Mademoiselle E.B.Circles (Just My Good Time) (Busface Radio Edit)3:272006
03895BushCold Contagious (Radio Edit)3:541997
03896BushComedown (Radio Edit)4:071996
03897BushEverything Zen (Radio Edit)4:011995
03899BushGreedy Fly (Radio Mix)3:501997
03900BushSwallowed (Radio Edit)4:191996
03901BushThe Chemicals Between Us3:371999
03902Bushwackers, TheMarijuana Australiana3:331981
03903Busta RhymesBreak Ya Neck (Album Version)3:542002
03904Busta RhymesDangerous (Soul Society Mix)3:461998
03905Busta RhymesTouch It (Album Version)3:372006
03906Busta RhymesTurn it Up (Remix)/Fire it Up (Dirty Version)3:551998
03907Busta RhymesWoo Hah!! Got You All in Check (Album Version)4:401996
03908Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey feat. The Flipmode SquadI Know What You Want (Album Version)4:532003
03909Busta Rhymes feat. Janet JacksonWhat's it Gonna Be?! (Soul Society Remix)3:521999
03910Busta Rhymes feat. Linkin ParkWe Made It3:582008
03911Busta Rhymes feat. Missy Elliott & Kelly RowlandGet It3:042018
03912Busta Rhymes feat. P. Diddy & PharrellPass the Courvoisier Part II5:232002
03913Busta Rhymes feat. PharrellLight Your Ass on Fire3:392003
03914Busta Rhymes feat. Q-Tip, Kanye West & Lil WayneThank You4:002013
03915Busta Rhymes feat. Sean Paul & Spliff StarMake it Clap (Remix)3:412003
03916Busta Rhymes feat. & KelisI Love My Bitch (Explicit Version)3:502006
03917BustedWhat I Go to School For (Steve Power Mix)3:322003
03918BustedYear 3000 (Single Version)3:152003
03919Busted & Jonas BrothersYear 3000 2.03:162023
03920Buster NobleThe Young Camp Stockman3:031972
03921Butch Walker feat. PinkHere Comes The... (Joe Zook Radio Remix)4:082010
03923ButterfingersGet Up Outta the Dirt4:132006
03924ButterfingersI Love Work (Radio Edit)3:572003
03925Butterfly BoucherI Can't Make Me (Chris Lord-Alge Remix)3:312003
03926Butterfly Effect, TheA Slow Descent (Radio Edit)3:412006
03927Butterfly Effect, TheAlways3:582004
03928Butterfly Effect, TheCrave3:512002
03929Butterfly Effect, TheGone (Radio Edit)3:582006
03930Butterfly Effect, TheReach4:562007
03931Butthole SurfersPepper4:551996
03932Buzz CasonAdam & Eve2:551968
03933Buzz CliffordBaby Sittin' Boogie2:051961
03934Byrds, TheAll I Really Want to Do2:031965
03935Byrds, TheEight Miles High3:341966
03936Byrds, TheIt Won't Be Wrong1:571966
03937Byrds, TheMr. Tambourine Man2:291965
03938Byrds, TheTurn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season)3:541965
03939C + C Music FactoryDo You Wanna Get Funky3:411994
03940C + C Music FactoryJust a Touch of Love (Everyday) (Radio Mix)3:591991
03941C + C Music Factory feat. Freedom WilliamsGonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)4:041991
03942C + C Music Factory feat. Freedom WilliamsThings That Make You Go Hmmm... (The Radio Mix 1)4:101991
03943C + C Music Factory feat. Q-Unique and Deborah CooperKeep it Comin' (Dance Till You Can't Dance No More!) (The Pop Radio Mix)3:201992
03944C + C Music Factory pres. Freedom Williams and Zelma DavisHere We Go (The Rock & Roll Radio Mix)4:421991
03945C NoteWait Till I Get Home3:371999
03946C-Sixty FourOn a Good Thing3:092005
03947C.C.S.Tap Turns on the Water3:391974
03948C.C.S.The Band Played the Boogie3:351973
03949C.M.Dream Universe (Marino Space Mix)3:341998
03950C.W. McCallConvoy3:471976
03951C2CDown the Road3:252012
03952C3Break Me Down5:372008
03953C3Here We Go4:212007
03954Cabin CrewStar to Fall (Radio Edit)2:462005
03956CaesareHowever Dark the Night3:441981
03957CaesarsJerk it Out (New Brauer Mix)3:142005
03958CakeI Will Survive (Radio Edit)3:541997
03959CakeNever There2:441998
03960CakeShort Skirt/Long Jacket3:232001
03961CakeThe Distance3:001997
03962Cal SmithCountry Bumpkin3:371974
03966CaligulaTears of a Clown3:271993
03967CaligulaThe Bluff3:541992
03968Call, TheThe Walls Came Down3:311983
03969Call Me LoopPattern of Behaviour3:052022
03970Calling, TheAdrienne (Radio Edit)3:592002
03971Calling, TheOur Lives3:542004
03972Calling, TheWherever You Will Go3:272002
03973Calling All CarsAnimal2:352008
03974CallowayI Wanna Be Rich (7" Version)4:481990
03975Calum ScottAt Your Worst2:452023
03976Calum ScottBiblical3:472021
03977Calum ScottDancing on My Own4:192016
03978Calum ScottDancing on My Own (Tiesto Remix)3:442016
03979Calum ScottGive Me Something3:152018
03980Calum ScottIf You Ever Change Your Mind3:242022
03981Calum ScottNo Matter What3:562018
03982Calum ScottRise3:342022
03983Calum ScottYou Are the Reason3:232017
03984Calum Scott & Leona LewisYou Are the Reason (Duet Version)3:092018
03985Calvin HarrisAcceptable in the 80's3:322007
03986Calvin HarrisFeel So Close (Radio Edit)3:262011
03987Calvin HarrisFlashback3:452010
03988Calvin HarrisI'm Not Alone3:302009
03989Calvin HarrisMy Way3:392016
03990Calvin HarrisSummer3:442014
03991Calvin HarrisThe Girls (Radio Edit)3:532007
03992Calvin HarrisYou Used to Hold Me3:492010
03993Calvin Harris & Alesso feat. HurtsUnder Control3:042013
03994Calvin Harris & DisciplesHow Deep is Your Love3:322015
03995Calvin Harris & Dua LipaOne Kiss3:342018
03996Calvin Harris & Ellie GouldingMiracle3:062023
03997Calvin Harris & Rag'n'Bone ManGiant3:492019
03998Calvin Harris & Sam SmithDesire2:592023
03999Calvin Harris & Sam SmithPromises3:332018
04000Calvin Harris & The WeekndOver Now3:302020
04001Calvin Harris feat. Ayah MararThinking About You4:082013
04002Calvin Harris feat. Big SeanOpen Wide3:072014
04003Calvin Harris feat. Ellie GouldingI Need Your Love3:542013
04004Calvin Harris feat. Ellie GouldingOutside3:472014
04005Calvin Harris feat. ExampleWe'll Be Coming Back3:562012
04006Calvin Harris feat. Florence WelchSweet Nothing (Album Version)3:342012
04007Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean & MigosSlide3:502017
04008Calvin Harris feat. Future & KhalidRollin4:322017
04009Calvin Harris feat. HaimPray to God3:522015
04010Calvin Harris feat. John NewmanBlame3:312014
04011Calvin Harris feat. Justin Timberlake, Halsey & Pharrell WilliamsStay With Me3:492022
04012Calvin Harris feat. KelisBounce (Radio Edit)3:422011
04013Calvin Harris feat. Ne-YoLet's Go (Radio Edit)3:452012
04014Calvin Harris feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big SeanFeels3:432017
04015Calvin Harris feat. RihannaThis is What You Came For3:412016
04016Calvin Harris feat. Tinie TempahDrinking From the Bottle4:002012
04017Calvin Harris feat. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams & Ariana GrandeHeatstroke3:482017
04018Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa & Young ThugPotion3:342022
04019Cam FarrarWasted3:342003
04020Cam'ron feat. Juelz Santana, Freekey Zekey and ToyaHey Ma (Radio Edit)3:502003
04021CamelPhat & ElderbrookCola (Radio Edit)3:432017
04022CameoWord Up!4:141986
04023Cameron DaddoFifteen Minutes of Fame4:061993
04024Cameron TappLest We Forget3:342009
04025Camila CabelloConsequences (Orchestra)3:012018
04026Camila CabelloCry for Me3:082019
04027Camila CabelloCrying in the Club3:362017
04028Camila CabelloDon't Go Yet2:442021
04029Camila CabelloEasy3:162019
04030Camila CabelloLiar3:272019
04031Camila CabelloMillion to One3:212021
04032Camila CabelloNever Be the Same3:472017
04033Camila CabelloReal Friends3:302018
04034Camila CabelloShameless3:382019
04035Camila Cabello feat. DaBabyMy Oh My2:502019
04036Camila Cabello feat. Ed SheeranBam Bam3:252022
04037Camila Cabello feat. QuavoOMG3:482017
04038Camila Cabello feat. Young ThugHavana3:362017
04039Camille Jones vs. Fedde Le GrandThe Creeps (Fedde Le Grand Radio Edit)3:202007
04040CamisraLet Me Show You (Radio Edit)3:251998
04041Camp CopeLost: Season One3:522016
04042Candi StatonYoung Hearts Run Free4:071976
04043Candice AlleyBefore You Go3:352007
04044Candice AlleyDream the Day Away (Four on the Floor Mix)4:042003
04045Candice AlleyFalling3:382003
04046Candice AlleyFalling (Hot Snax Remix)4:022003
04047Candice AlleyFalling (The Attic Radio Edit)3:062008
04048Candy FlipStrawberry Fields Forever4:071990
04049Candy Girls feat. Sweet Pussy PaulineFee Fi Fo Fum (Radio Edit)3:191995
04050Candy Girls feat. Sweet Pussy PaulineWham Bam (Candy Girl Dolly Mixture Edit)3:391996
04051Candy Girls feat. Valerie MalcolmI Want Candy (Radio Edit)3:251997
04052Candy HarlotsBackstreet Boys3:221992
04053Candy HarlotsSister's Crazy4:231992
04054Candy HarlotsThe Lady Shakes3:051992
04055CandymanKnockin' Boots (Radio Mix)4:051990
04056Canned HeatGoing Up the Country2:491968
04057Canned HeatLet's Work Together2:461970
04058Canned HeatOn the Road Again3:231968
04059Canned HeatPoor Moon3:261969
04060Cap L feat. Mahmood KhanSender to Return4:512020
04061Capital 7Song for Canberra2:421981
04062Capital CitiesSafe and Sound3:112013
04063CappellaMove on Baby3:241994
04064CappellaU & Me (Short Sharp Mix)3:101994
04065Capris, TheThere's a Moon Out Tonight2:121961
04066Captain & TennilleDo That to Me One More Time3:491980
04067Captain & TennilleLonely Night (Angel Face)3:151976
04068Captain & TennilleLove Will Keep Us Together3:241975
04069Captain & TennilleMuskrat Love3:271976
04070Captain & TennilleShop Around3:281976
04071Captain & TennilleThe Way I Want to Touch You2:431975
04072Captain Hollywood ProjectMore and More (Single Version)4:091993
04073Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, TheMy Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes3:351972
04074Captain SensibleHappy Talk3:231982
04075Captain SensibleWot3:181982
04076Caravelles, TheYou Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry1:571963
04077Cardi BBe Careful3:302018
04078Cardi BBodak Yellow3:442017
04079Cardi BMoney3:032018
04080Cardi BPress2:232019
04081Cardi BUp2:362021
04082Cardi B & Bruno MarsPlease Me3:202019
04083Cardi B feat. 21 SavageBartier Cardi3:322018
04084Cardi B feat. Kanye West & Lil DurkHot Shit3:312022
04085Cardi B feat. Megan Thee StallionBongos2:552023
04086Cardi B feat. Megan Thee StallionWAP3:062020
04087Cardi B feat. MigosDrip4:222018
04088Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J BalvinI Like It4:132018
04089Cardigans, TheErase/Rewind3:341999
04090Cardigans, TheLovefool3:151997
04091Cardigans, TheMy Favourite Game3:361998
04092Carl CarltonBaby I Need Your Lovin'5:491983
04093Carl DouglasKung Fu Fighting3:111974
04094Carl WilsonWhat You Do to Me3:551983
04095Carly Rae JepsenCall Me Maybe3:132012
04096Carly Rae JepsenCut to the Feeling3:272017
04097Carly Rae JepsenI Really Like You3:242015
04098Carly Rae JepsenParty for One3:032018
04099Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me4:102015
04100Carly Rae JepsenShy Boy3:282023
04101Carly Rae JepsenTonight I'm Getting Over You3:392013
04102Carly Rae Jepsen feat. Justin BieberBeautiful3:182012
04103Carly SimonAnticipation3:191972
04104Carly SimonComing Around Again3:381987
04105Carly SimonHaven't Got Time for the Pain3:531974
04106Carly SimonI've Got to Have You4:461972
04107Carly SimonJesse4:151980
04108Carly SimonLegend in Your Own Time3:421972
04109Carly SimonLet the River Run3:411989
04110Carly SimonNobody Does it Better3:441977
04111Carly SimonTired of Being Blonde4:161985
04112Carly SimonYou're So Vain4:131973
04113Carly Simon & James TaylorMockingbird3:471974
04115Carmada feat. MaribelleOn Fire3:502015
04117CarmellaSweet Silence6:051994
04118Carmen McRae with The Dave Brubeck QuartetTake Five2:171962
04119Carol DeeneSome People2:051963
04120Carol HitchcockGet Ready3:241987
04121Carol Lloyd BandAll the Good Things3:321976
04122Carol Lynn TownesBelieve in the Beat4:211985
04123Carole Bayer SagerDon't Wish Too Hard4:051977
04124Carole Bayer SagerI'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love2:511978
04125Carole Bayer SagerYou're Moving Out Today3:321977
04126Carole KingBeen to Canaan3:381973
04127Carole KingCity Streets4:201989
04128Carole KingHard Rock Cafe3:351977
04129Carole KingI Feel the Earth Move2:591971
04130Carole KingIt Might as Well Rain Until September2:251962
04131Carole KingIt's Too Late3:531971
04132Carole KingSmackwater Jack3:411971
04133Carole KingSo Far Away3:551971
04134Carole KingSweet Seasons3:131972
04135Carolina LiarI'm Not Over3:212008
04136Carolyne MasStillsane2:451980
04137Carpenters(They Long to Be) Close to You3:411970
04138CarpentersAll You Get From Love is a Love Song3:461977
04139CarpentersCalling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft7:091977
04140CarpentersFor All We Know2:331971
04141CarpentersGoodbye to Love3:581972
04142CarpentersHurting Each Other2:471972
04143CarpentersI Need to Be in Love3:491976
04144CarpentersI Won't Last a Day Without You3:471974
04145CarpentersIt's Going to Take Some Time2:591972
04146CarpentersJambalaya (On the Bayou)3:371974
04147CarpentersMake Believe it's Your First Time4:081983
04148CarpentersOnly Yesterday3:471975
04149CarpentersPlease Mr. Postman2:481974
04150CarpentersRainy Days and Mondays3:351971
04154CarpentersSweet, Sweet Smile3:011978
04155CarpentersThere's a Kind of Hush (All Over the World)2:571976
04156CarpentersTop of the World3:001973
04157CarpentersTouch Me When We're Dancing3:201981
04158CarpentersWe've Only Just Begun3:041970
04159CarpentersYesterday Once More3:591973
04160Carrie UnderwoodCry Pretty4:062018
04161Carrie UnderwoodGhost Story3:002022
04162Carrie UnderwoodLast Name4:012008
04163Carrie UnderwoodUndo It2:582011
04164Cars, TheDrive3:541984
04165Cars, TheGood Times Roll3:421979
04166Cars, TheHeartbeat City4:291986
04167Cars, TheHello Again3:481985
04168Cars, TheI'm Not the One4:101986
04169Cars, TheJust What I Needed3:451979
04170Cars, TheLet's Go3:321979
04171Cars, TheMagic3:561984
04172Cars, TheMy Best Friend's Girl3:411978
04173Cars, TheShake it Up3:321981
04174Cars, TheTonight She Comes3:531985
04175Cars, TheTouch and Go3:411980
04176Cars, TheYou Are the Girl3:541987
04177Cars, TheYou Might Think3:041984
04179Carter the Unstoppable Sex MachineThe Only Living Boy in New Cross3:521992
04180Carters, TheApeshit4:242018
04181CartoonsDooDah! (Radio N' Roll Mix)3:111999
04182CartoonsWitch Doctor3:011999
04183Casanovas, TheCalifornia3:422006
04184Casanovas, TheNo Time for Love (Radio Edit)3:502004
04185CascadaBecause the Night3:222008
04186CascadaEvacuate the Dancefloor3:262009
04187CascadaEverytime We Touch (Radio Mix)3:162006
04188CascadaFaded (Album Version)2:502008
04190CascadaTruly Madly Deeply (2-4 Grooves Radio Edit)3:282007
04191CascadaWhat Hurts the Most3:432007
04192Cascades, TheRhythm of the Rain2:321963
04193Cascades, TheThe Last Leaf2:171963
04194Casey BarnesCome Turn Me On3:042021
04195Casey BarnesGod Took His Time on You3:332021
04196Casey BarnesNever Break You3:232011
04197Casey DonovanFlow4:122005
04198Casey DonovanListen With Your Heart4:012004
04199Casey DonovanLonely (Radio Edit)4:062017
04200Casey DonovanWhat's Going On3:522005
04201Cash BackmanMy Girl Bill3:281974
04202Cash Cash & Digital Farm Animals feat. NellyMillionaire3:052016
04203Cash Cash feat. Bebe RexhaTake Me Home3:252014
04204Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana GrandeQuit4:182017
04205Cashmere Cat feat. Selena Gomez & Tory LanezTrust Nobody3:382016
04206Cashmere Cat, Major Lazer & Tory LanezMiss You3:052018
04207Cassidy feat. R. KellyHotel4:072004
04208CassieIs it You3:572008
04209CassieLong Way 2 Go (Album Version)3:392007
04210CassieMe & U (Radio Edit)3:122006
04211Cassie DavisAmazing3:592010
04212Cassie DavisDo it Again2:522009
04213Cassie DavisLike it Loud3:042009
04214Cassie DavisNo More3:402009
04215Cassie Davis feat. Travis McCoyDifferently3:482009
04216CassiusCassius 1999 (Remix Radio Edit)3:321999
04217CassiusFeeling for You (Edit)3:371999
04218Casso, Raye & D-Block EuropePrada2:122023
04219Cast of "Hairspray"You Can't Stop the Beat5:242007
04220Cast of "High School Musical 2"Fabulous3:012007
04221Cast of "High School Musical 2"I Don't Dance3:372007
04222Cast of "High School Musical 2"What Time is It3:182007
04223Cast of "High School Musical 2"You Are the Music in Me3:282007
04224Cast of "High School Musical 3"A Night to Remember3:562008
04225Cast of "High School Musical 3"Now or Never4:302008
04226Cast of "High School Musical"Breaking Free3:272006
04227Cast of "High School Musical"We're All in This Together3:512006
04228Cast of "Mamma Mia! The Movie"Dancing Queen4:042008
04229Cast of "Mamma Mia! The Movie"Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)3:512008
04230Cast of "Mamma Mia! The Movie"Honey, Honey3:072008
04231Cast of "Mamma Mia! The Movie"Lay All Your Love on Me4:292008
04232Cast of "Mamma Mia! The Movie"Mamma Mia3:342008
04233Cast of "Shock Treatment"Shock Treatment2:151982
04234Cast of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, TheBreak Up Bye Bye (Frock Destroyers Version)2:312019
04235Cast of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, Season 2, TheUK Hun? (United Kingdolls Version)2:442021
04236Casuals, TheJesamine3:321968
04237Casuals, TheToy3:101969
04238Cat Burns feat. Sam SmithGo3:352022
04239Cat Empire, TheBrighter Than Gold3:162013
04240Cat Empire, TheDays Like These (Radio Edit)3:492004
04241Cat Empire, TheFishies3:102008
04242Cat Empire, TheNo Longer There3:452007
04243Cat Empire, TheSly3:462005
04244Cat Empire, TheThe Car Song4:192005
04245Cat Empire, TheThe Chariot (Single Edit)3:582004
04246Cat Empire, TheTwo Shoes (Radio Edit)3:482005
04247Cat Stevens(Remember the Days of The) Old School Yard2:451977
04248Cat StevensA Bad Night3:101967
04249Cat StevensAnother Saturday Night2:291974
04250Cat StevensCan't Keep it In2:581973
04251Cat StevensFather and Son3:411971
04252Cat StevensI Want to Live in a Wigwam3:231972
04253Cat StevensI'm Gonna Get Me a Gun2:111967
04254Cat StevensLady D'Arbanville3:461970
04255Cat StevensMatthew and Son2:421967
04256Cat StevensMoon Shadow2:501971
04257Cat StevensMorning Has Broken3:191972
04258Cat StevensOh Very Young2:341974
04259Cat StevensPeace Train4:071971
04260Cat StevensSitting3:141973
04261Cat StevensThe Hurt4:161973
04262Cat StevensTuesday's Dead3:371971
04263Cat StevensWild World3:201970
04264CatatoniaDead From the Waist Down3:511999
04265CatatoniaLondinium (Album Version)4:351999
04266CatatoniaRoad Rage (Radio Edit)3:591998
04267CatfishThe Early Hours3:581988
04268Catfish and The Bottlemen74:162016
04269Catfish and The BottlemenSoundcheck4:212016
04270Catfish and The BottlemenTwice3:172016
04271Cathy CarrSailor Boy2:391963
04272Cathy DennisEverybody Move (7" Radio Edit)3:271992
04273Cathy DennisJust Another Dream4:261991
04274Cathy DennisToo Many Walls4:021991
04275Cathy DennisTouch Me (All Night Long) (7" Mix)3:281991
04276Cathy Jean and The RoommatesPlease Love Me Forever2:531961
04277Cats Under PressureLet Me Be5:051985
04279CattletruckLeave Me3:281987
04281CattletruckResurrection Shuffle3:561987
04282Caught in the ActLet This Love Begin (7" Edit)3:411996
04283Caulfields, TheDevil's Diary (Edit)3:221995
04284CC MartiniChampagne Taste (Radio Edit)3:262007
04285CC MartiniDouble Dutch (Radio Edit)3:042008
04286CDBBack Then4:001997
04287CDBDon't Stop3:421996
04288CDBGood Times3:571997
04289CDBHey Girl (This is Our Time)3:391995
04290CDBHook Me Up (Radio Edit)3:471994
04291CDBLet it Whip (Remix)3:431998
04292CDBLet's Groove4:151995
04293Ce Ce PenistonFinally (7" Choice Mix)4:071991
04294Ce Ce PenistonKeep Givin' Me Your Love (West End Radio Mix)3:441994
04295Ce Ce PenistonWe Got a Love Thang (Silky 7" Mix)3:421992
04296Cee Lo GreenF**k You! (Explicit Version)3:422010
04297Cee Lo Green and Jack BlackKung Fu Fighting2:292008
04298Celia Pavey, Harrison Craig, Danny Ross & Luke KennedyYou're the Voice3:352013
04299Celibate Rifles, TheElectric Flowers2:471992
04300Celine DionA New Day Has Come (Radio Remix)4:232002
04301Celine DionAll By Myself4:001997
04302Celine DionAshes3:172018
04303Celine DionBecause You Loved Me4:331996
04304Celine DionFalling Into You4:181996
04305Celine DionI Drove All Night3:592003
04306Celine DionI'm Alive (Humberto Gatica Mix)3:282002
04307Celine DionIf You Asked Me To3:541992
04308Celine DionIt's All Coming Back to Me Now (Radio Edit)5:291996
04309Celine DionLove Can Move Mountains (Remix)4:031992
04310Celine DionMisled3:301994
04311Celine DionMy Heart Will Go On (Album Version)4:391997
04312Celine DionMy Heart Will Go On (Richie Jones Mix)4:141997
04313Celine DionNext Plane Out4:571995
04314Celine DionOne Heart (Original 3 Pop Edit)3:192003
04315Celine DionOnly One Road (Radio Edit)3:561995
04316Celine DionTaking Chances4:022007
04317Celine DionThat's the Way it Is4:011999
04318Celine DionThe Power of Love4:461994
04319Celine DionThe Power of the Dream4:311996
04320Celine DionThink Twice4:491994
04321Celine DionWhere Does My Heart Beat Now4:321991
04322Celine Dion & Andrea BocelliThe Prayer4:271999
04323Celine Dion & Clive GriffinWhen I Fall in Love4:201993
04324Celine Dion & R. KellyI'm Your Angel5:301998
04325Celine Dion and Peabo BrysonBeauty and the Beast4:031992
04326Celine Dion with Bee GeesImmortality4:101998
04327Central CeeDoja1:372022
04328Central CeeLet Go2:542022
04329Central CeeObsessed With You1:482021
04330Central CeeOne Up2:402022
04331Chad & JeremyA Summer Song2:361964
04332Chad & JeremyWillow Weep for Me2:351964
04333Chad & JeremyYesterday's Gone2:321964
04334Chad Kroeger feat. Josey ScottHero3:182002
04335Chad Mitchell Trio, TheThe Marvelous Toy2:451963
04336ChainBlack and Blue3:521971
04337ChainI'm Gonna Miss You, Babe3:251973
04339Chainsmokers, The#Selfie3:032014
04340Chainsmokers, TheBeach House3:262018
04341Chainsmokers, TheEverybody Hates Me3:432018
04342Chainsmokers, TheKills You Slowly3:322019
04343Chainsmokers, TheParis3:402017
04344Chainsmokers, TheSick Boy3:132018
04345Chainsmokers, TheSummertime Friends2:162023
04346Chainsmokers, TheThe One2:572017
04347Chainsmokers, TheYou Owe Me3:102018
04348Chainsmokers, The & ColdplaySomething Just Like This4:072017
04349Chainsmokers, The & Illenium feat. Lennon StellaTakeaway3:282019
04350Chainsmokers, The feat. 5 Seconds of SummerWho Do You Love3:462019
04351Chainsmokers, The feat. Amy SharkThe Reaper3:022019
04352Chainsmokers, The feat. Bebe RexhaCall You Mine3:362019
04353Chainsmokers, The feat. DayaDon't Let Me Down3:272016
04354Chainsmokers, The feat. Drew LoveSomebody3:422018
04355Chainsmokers, The feat. Emily WarrenSide Effects2:522018
04356Chainsmokers, The feat. HalseyCloser4:042016
04357Chainsmokers, The feat. Kelsea BalleriniThis Feeling3:172018
04358Chainsmokers, The feat. Phoebe RyanAll We Know3:132016
04359Chainsmokers, The feat. RozesRoses3:452016
04360Chainsmokers, The feat. SirenKanye3:492014
04361Chainsmokers, The feat. Winona OakHope3:002019
04362Chainsmokers, The feat. XYLOSetting Fires4:072016
04363Chainsmokers, TheHigh2:552022
04365Chairmen of the BoardGive Me Just a Little More Time2:391971
04366ChaiseOnly Be Me3:581998
04367ChaiseYour Reality (Only You)4:002000
04368Chaka Demus & PliersShe Don't Let Nobody3:451993
04369Chaka Demus & PliersTease Me (Radio Edit)3:411993
04370Chaka Demus & Pliers with Jack Radics & Taxi GangTwist and Shout3:561994
04371Chaka KhanI Feel for You4:021984
04372Chaka KhanI'm Every Woman4:061979
04373Chaka KhanLike Sugar3:592019
04374Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie BoneRidin' (Album Version)5:032006
04375ChampaignHow 'Bout Us3:201981
04376Champs, TheLimbo Rock2:061962
04377Champs, TheToo Much Tequila2:121960
04378Chan RomeroThe Hippy Hippy Shake1:401960
04379Chance the Rapper feat. Knox FortuneAll Night2:212016
04380Chance Waters feat. Bertie BlackmanYoung & Dumb2:482012
04381Chantal KreviazukFeels Like Home4:391999
04382Chantays, TheMonsoon2:021963
04383Chantays, ThePipeline2:191963
04384Chante MooreStraight Up (Radio Edit)3:392001
04385ChantooziesCome Back to Me4:211989
04386ChantooziesHe's Gonna Step on You Again3:401987
04387ChantooziesKiss 'N' Tell4:031988
04388ChantooziesLove the One You're With3:491991
04389ChantooziesWalk On3:461990
04390ChantooziesWanna Be Up3:391988
04391ChantooziesWitch Queen4:171987
04392Chapel HartYou Can Have Him Jolene3:122022
04393Chappell RoanGood Luck, Babe!3:362024
04394Chaps, TheMcRawhide3:131983
04395Charice feat. IyazPyramid3:562010
04396Charlatans, TheThe Only One I Know3:581990
04397CharleneI've Never Been to Me3:521982
04398Charlene & Stevie WonderUsed to Be4:021982
04399Charles & EddieN.Y.C. (Can You Believe This City?) (Radio Edit)4:031993
04400Charles & EddieWould I Lie to You? (Album Edit)3:411992
04401Charles AznavourShe2:311974
04402Charles AznavourThe Old Fashioned Way (Les Plaisirs Demodes)3:061973
04403Charles BlackwellFreight Train2:141963
04404Charles BoyerWhere Does Love Go3:041966
04405Charley PrideAll His Children2:571972
04406Charley PrideDon't Fight the Feelings of Love2:041973
04407Charley PrideIs Anybody Goin' to San Antone2:231970
04408Charley PrideKiss an Angel Good Mornin'2:001972
04409Charley PrideMe and Bobby McGee3:301971
04410Charley PrideMountain of Love2:481982
04411Charley PrideWings of a Dove2:231972
04412Charli XCXBoom Clap2:482014
04413Charli XCXBoys2:422017
04414Charli XCXBreak the Rules3:242014
04415Charli XCXFamous3:502015
04416Charli XCXGood Ones2:152021
04417Charli XCXSpeed Drive1:572023
04418Charli XCX & Sam SmithIn the City2:562023
04419Charli XCX & Troye Sivan19993:082018
04420Charli XCX feat. Lil YachtyAfter the Afterparty3:392016
04421Charli XCX feat. Rina SawayamaBeg for You2:462022
04422Charli XCX feat. Rita OraDoing It3:482015
04423Charlie BrownOn My Way (Radio Edit)3:152013
04424Charlie ByrdMeditacao (Meditation)3:091963
04425Charlie Daniels Band, TheThe Devil Went Down to Georgia3:351979
04426Charlie DoreListen4:571981
04427Charlie DorePilot of the Airwaves3:171980
04428Charlie DrakeI've Lost the End of My Yodel2:401963
04429Charlie DrakeMy Boomerang Won't Come Back3:381961
04430Charlie PuthAttention3:302017
04431Charlie PuthHow Long3:182017
04432Charlie PuthLight Switch3:052022
04433Charlie PuthOne Call Away3:102015
04434Charlie PuthSlow it Down3:092018
04435Charlie Puth feat. Jung KookLeft and Right2:342022
04436Charlie Puth feat. KehlaniDone for Me3:002018
04437Charlie Puth feat. Meghan TrainorMarvin Gaye3:102015
04438Charlie Puth feat. Selena GomezWe Don't Talk Anymore3:362016
04439Charlie RichBehind Closed Doors2:571973
04440Charlie RichThe Most Beautiful Girl2:411973
04441Charlie RussoPreacherman2:101963
04442Charlie SextonBeat's So Lonely3:311986
04443Charlie SextonDon't Look Back4:061989
04444Charlie SextonHold Me4:311986
04445Charlie SextonImpressed4:181986
04446Charlotte ChurchCall My Name2:592006
04447Charlotte ChurchCrazy Chick3:082005
04448Charlotte Devaney feat. Snoop DoggFlip It (The Edit) (Radio Edit)3:152015
04449Charlotte LawrenceJoke's on You3:042020
04450Charlotte OCWhere it Stays3:382017
04451Charlton Hill2's Company3:522002
04452Charlton HillDeep3:502003
04453Charlton HillDon't Sail3:452003
04454CharmzThis is Me3:072006
04455Chas & DaveAin't No Pleasing You4:101982
04456ChaseGet it On2:561971
04457Chase McDanielYour Daughter3:292022
04458Chaser, TheCoal Makes Me Cum1:232022
04459Chasing BaileyLittle By Little4:052008
04460Che FuFade Away4:052002
04461Che'Nelle feat. ChamI Fell in Love With the DJ (Cham Radio Edit)3:402007
04462Cheap TrickCan't Stop Fallin' Into Love (Radio Mix)3:491990
04463Cheap TrickDon't Be Cruel3:061988
04464Cheap TrickDream Police3:501979
04465Cheap TrickGhost Town4:111989
04466Cheap TrickI Want You to Want Me (Live)3:431979
04467Cheap TrickIf You Want My Love3:351982
04468Cheap TrickLet Go4:251988
04469Cheap TrickStop This Game3:481980
04470Cheap TrickThe Flame (Radio Edit)4:451988
04471Cheat CodesTell Me You Love Me3:072022
04472Cheat Codes & Dante KleinLet Me Hold You (Turn Me On)2:422016
04473Cheat Codes & Kim PetrasFeeling of Falling3:362018
04474Cheat Codes & Kris Kross AmsterdamSex3:482016
04475Cheat Codes & Little MixOnly You3:092018
04476Cheat Codes feat. Demi LovatoNo Promises3:422017
04477Cheat Codes feat. Fetty Wap & CVBZFeels Great3:242017
04478Cheat Codes with All Time LowGhost Story2:462021
04479Cheech & ChongBorn in East L.A.4:511985
04480Cheech & ChongEarache My Eye2:371974
04481Cheeky Girls, TheCheeky Song (Touch My Bum) (Radio Edit)3:212003
04482CheetahBang Bang3:301982
04483CheetahSpend the Night3:531980
04484CheetahWalking in the Rain3:491978
04485Cheetah Girls, TheThe Party's Just Begun3:092007
04486ChefChocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Love You) (Radio Edit)3:591999
04487ChefNo Substitute4:471999
04489ChekmateTruly Madly Deeply (Radio Version)3:551998
04490Chemical Brothers, TheBelieve (Edit)3:472005
04491Chemical Brothers, TheBlock Rockin' Beats (Radio Edit)3:241997
04492Chemical Brothers, TheCome With Us (Edit)3:392002
04493Chemical Brothers, TheGalvanize (Radio Edit)3:102005
04494Chemical Brothers, TheGo4:202015
04495Chemical Brothers, TheHey Boy Hey Girl (Radio Edit)3:321999
04496Chemical Brothers, TheIt Began in Afrika (Radio Edit)3:342001
04497Chemical Brothers, TheOut of Control (Radio Edit)3:572000
04498Chemical Brothers, TheSetting Sun (Radio Edit)3:591996
04499Chemical Brothers, TheStar Guitar (Edit)3:592002
04500Chemical Brothers, TheThe Test (Edit)4:332002
04501Chemical Brothers, The feat. The Flaming LipsThe Golden Path (Edit)3:592003
04502CherAll I Really Want to Do2:551965
04503CherAll or Nothing3:551999
04504CherBang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)2:431966
04506CherDark Lady3:271974
04507CherDJ Play a Christmas Song3:282024
04508CherDov'e L'Amore (Emilio Estefan Jnr. Mix)3:441999
04509CherGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)4:112018
04510CherGypsys, Tramps & Thieves2:371971
04512CherHeart of Stone4:161990
04513CherI Found Someone3:431988
04514CherIf I Could Turn Back Time3:591989
04515CherJust Like Jesse James4:061989
04516CherLove and Understanding4:091991
04517CherStrong Enough3:321999
04518CherTake Me Home3:281979
04519CherThe Music's No Good Without You (Full Radio Version)4:372001
04520CherThe Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)2:511991
04521CherWalking in Memphis3:561995
04522CherWe All Sleep Alone (Remix)3:551988
04523CherWoman's World3:422013
04524CherYou Haven't Seen the Last of Me3:302010
04525Cher & Peter CeteraAfter All4:041989
04526Cher Lloyd feat. AstroWant U Back3:432012
04527Cher Lloyd feat. Becky GOath3:382012
04528Cher Lloyd feat. Mike PosnerWith Ur Love3:472011
04529Cher Lloyd feat. T.I.I Wish3:312013
04530Cher with Beavis and Butt-HeadI Got You Babe4:001994
04531Cherish feat. Sean Paul of YoungBloodZDo it to It (Main Radio Version)3:392006
04532Cherokees, TheMinnie the Moocher2:241967
04533Cherokees, TheOh, Monah2:161966
04534CherryI Want Your Love3:151999
04535CherrySaddest Song4:171999
04537Cherry Poppin' DaddiesZoot Suit Riot3:521998
04538Cheryl ColeCall My Name3:282012
04539Cheryl ColeFight for This Love3:452010
04540Cheryl ColeI Don't Care4:002014
04541Cheryl ColePromise This3:222011
04542Cheryl Cole feat. Tinie TempahCrazy Stupid Love3:452014
04543Cheryl Cole feat. Will.i.am3 Words4:332010
04544Cheryl Cole feat. Will.i.am3 Words (Steve Angello Radio Re-Production)3:582010
04545Cheryl GrayIt's Not Easy Loving You3:001967
04546Cheryl GrayYou Made Me What I Am2:131967
04547Cheryl LynnGot to Be Real3:481978
04548Chessmen, TheRock and Roll Music2:181964
04549Chet Faker19986:052014
04550Chet FakerBend3:262015
04551Chet FakerGold4:452015
04552Chet FakerGold (Flume Re-work)4:272014
04553Chet FakerTalk is Cheap3:382014
04554Chet FakerTalk is Cheap (With Cello)4:152014
04555Chet Faker feat. Kilo KishMelt4:212013
04556CheyneI've Got Your Number (Original Version)3:082004
04557CheyneTaste You4:032004
04558Chi-Lites, TheOh Girl3:271972
04559ChicChic Mystique (Single Version)4:051992
04560ChicDance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)3:361978
04561ChicGood Times3:411979
04562ChicI Want Your Love3:271979
04563ChicLe Freak3:101978
04564Chicago(I've Been) Searchin' So Long4:281974
04565Chicago25 or 6 to 44:491970
04566ChicagoAlive Again3:311978
04567ChicagoBaby, What a Big Surprise3:021977
04568ChicagoDoes Anybody Really Know What Time it Is?2:451971
04570ChicagoHard Habit to Break4:081984
04571ChicagoHard to Say I'm Sorry3:491982
04572ChicagoHearts in Trouble (Single Edit)3:591990
04573ChicagoI Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love3:531988
04574ChicagoIf You Leave Me Now3:501976
04575ChicagoJust You 'n' Me3:411973
04576ChicagoLook Away (Single Version)3:591989
04577ChicagoLove Me Tomorrow (Single Version)3:551983
04578ChicagoMake Me Smile2:591970
04579ChicagoNo Tell Lover3:481979
04580ChicagoOld Days3:291975
04581ChicagoSaturday in the Park3:541972
04582ChicagoWishing You Were Here2:591975
04583ChicagoYou're the Inspiration3:491985
04584ChicaneAutumn Tactics (Chicane's End of Summer Remix Radio Edit)3:442000
04585ChicaneNo Ordinary Morning (7" Radio Edit)3:462000
04586Chicane feat. Bryan AdamsDon't Give Up (Original Radio Edit)3:402000
04587Chicane feat. Maire BrennanSaltwater (Original Edit)3:271999
04588Chicane feat. Peter CunnahLove on the Run (Single Edit)3:362003
04589Chicane feat. Tom JonesStoned in Love (Radio Edit)3:412006
04590Chicane vs. Natasha BedingfieldBruised Water (Michael Woods Radio Edit)3:012009
04591Chicks, TheGaslighter3:232020
04592Chicks, TheMarch March3:512020
04593Chicks, TheSleep at Night3:122020
04594Chicory TipSon of My Father3:101972
04595Chiddy BangHappening3:152012
04596Chiddy BangOpposite of Adults3:122010
04597Chiddy BangRay Charles3:432011
04598Chiddy Bang feat. Icona PopMind Your Manners3:162012
04599Chiffons, TheHe's So Fine1:511963
04600Chiffons, TheOne Fine Day2:061963
04601ChildIt's Only Make Believe3:241978
04602Childish Gambino30053:542013
04603Childish GambinoFeels Like Summer4:442018
04604Childish GambinoMe and Your Mama6:192016
04605Childish GambinoRedbone5:242016
04606Childish GambinoRetro (Rough)3:222015
04607Childish GambinoSober4:122015
04608Childish GambinoSummertime Magic3:332018
04609Childish GambinoThis is America3:452018
04610Children CollideJellylegs3:382010
04611Chili Hi FlyIs it Love? (Radio Edit)3:161999
04612Chili Hi FlyIt's Alright3:032002
04613ChillinitBoys Light Up2:492023
04615ChillinitHenny & Reefer3:162021
04616ChillinitLaying Low2:552020
04617Chillinit feat. LisiStand For4:122020
04618ChilliwackMy Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)3:591982
04619Chimes, The1-2-33:221990
04620Chimes, TheHeaven3:501990
04621Chimes, TheI Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For4:011990
04622China CrisisAfrican and White3:451983
04623China CrisisArizona Sky4:091987
04624China CrisisBlack Man Ray3:351985
04625China CrisisWishful Thinking4:081984
04626China CrisisWorking With Fire and Steel3:321984
04627ChingyBalla Baby (Radio Edit)3:352004
04628ChingyChingy Jackpot4:072004
04629ChingyRight Thurr (Radio Version)3:362003
04630Chingy feat. J. WeavOne Call Away (Edited Radio Version)4:182004
04631Chingy feat. Jermaine DupriDem Jeans (Dirty Version)3:472006
04632Chingy feat. Ludacris & Snoop DoggHolidae In5:122004
04633Chingy feat. TyresePullin' Me Back3:532006
04634Chipettes, TheSingle Ladies (Put a Ring on It)2:572010
04635Chipmunk feat. Esmee DentersUntil You Were Gone3:302010
04636Chipmunks, The & The ChipettesParty Rock Anthem4:132012
04639Chocolate Starfish4-Letter Word4:161994
04640Chocolate StarfishAccidentally Cool3:561995
04641Chocolate StarfishAll Over Me4:141993
04642Chocolate StarfishApril the Fool4:121995
04643Chocolate StarfishHoly Water4:311996
04644Chocolate StarfishMotherless4:321996
04645Chocolate StarfishMountain4:571994
04646Chocolate StarfishYou're So Vain4:091993
04647ChoirboysBoys Will Be Boys3:261988
04650ChoirboysNever Gonna Die3:571983
04652ChoirboysRun to Paradise4:071987
04653ChoirboysStruggle Town3:491988
04654Chopper OneA Punk Named Josh2:491998
04655Chordettes, TheMr. Sandman2:201955
04656Chordettes, TheNever on Sunday2:421961
04657Chosen Few, TheIs This a Dream2:211967
04658Chosen Few, The vs. Tears for FearsEverybody Wants to Rule the World (Radio Edit)2:442005
04659Chris AndrewsTo Whom it Concerns2:371966
04660Chris AndrewsYesterday Man2:311965
04661Chris Barber's Jazz BandPetite Fleur2:411959
04662Chris BrownBack to Sleep3:212015
04663Chris BrownCrawl3:562010
04664Chris BrownDon't Judge Me3:592012
04665Chris BrownDon't Wake Me Up3:412012
04666Chris BrownFine By Me3:272015
04667Chris BrownFine China3:322013
04668Chris BrownForever4:382008
04669Chris BrownGrass Ain't Greener3:202016
04670Chris BrownPrivacy3:402017
04671Chris BrownQuestions2:092017
04672Chris BrownShe Ain't You4:082011
04673Chris BrownTurn Up the Music3:492012
04674Chris BrownUndecided3:052019
04675Chris BrownUnder the Influence3:042019
04676Chris BrownWall to Wall3:462007
04677Chris BrownWith You4:122008
04678Chris BrownX4:192014
04679Chris BrownYeah 3x4:012010
04680Chris BrownYo (Excuse Me Miss) (Main Version)3:492006
04681Chris Brown & TygaAyo3:462015
04682Chris Brown & Tyga feat. Schoolboy QBitches N Marijuana4:142015
04683Chris Brown & Young ThugGo Crazy2:562020
04684Chris Brown feat. Benny BenassiBeautiful People3:462011
04685Chris Brown feat. DrakeNo Guidance4:182019
04686Chris Brown feat. Jack HarlowPsychic3:402022
04687Chris Brown feat. Juelz SantanaRun It! (Main Version)3:132006
04688Chris Brown feat. Justin BieberNext to You (Radio Edit)3:312011
04689Chris Brown feat. Justin Bieber & InkDon't Check on Me3:242019
04690Chris Brown feat. Keri HilsonSuperhuman3:362008
04691Chris Brown feat. Kevin McCallStrip2:472012
04692Chris Brown feat. Lil WayneGimme That (Remix)3:562006
04693Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Busta RhymesLook at Me Now3:422011
04694Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Swizz BeatzI Can Transform Ya3:482009
04695Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Too ShortLoyal (West Coast Version)4:242014
04696Chris Brown feat. Nicki MinajLove More3:102013
04697Chris Brown feat. T-PainKiss Kiss4:102007
04698Chris Brown feat. Usher & Gucci ManeParty3:402016
04699Chris Brown feat. Usher & Rick RossNew Flame4:032014
04700Chris Brown feat. Usher and ZaynBack to Sleep (Remix)4:262016
04701Chris CornellCan't Change Me3:231999
04702Chris CornellYou Know My Name (Main Version)4:012006
04703Chris De BurghDon't Pay the Ferryman3:451983
04704Chris De BurghFire on the Water3:431986
04705Chris De BurghHigh on Emotion4:131984
04706Chris De BurghMissing You3:501989
04707Chris De BurghSay Goodbye to it All5:041987
04708Chris De BurghShip to Shore3:381983
04709Chris De BurghThe Lady in Red4:061986
04710Chris DohenyMore Than a Game3:251994
04711Chris FarloweOut of Time3:341966
04712Chris FarloweRide on Baby2:531966
04713Chris FranklinBloke3:502000
04714Chris IsaakBaby Did a Bad Bad Thing (Album Version)2:531995
04715Chris IsaakBaby Did a Bad Bad Thing (Radio Remix)3:501999
04716Chris IsaakBlue Hotel3:121991
04717Chris IsaakCan't Do a Thing (To Stop Me)3:381993
04718Chris IsaakDancin'3:431986
04719Chris IsaakGo Walking Down There2:491996
04720Chris IsaakLet Me Down Easy4:052002
04721Chris IsaakSomebody's Crying2:461995
04722Chris IsaakThink of Tomorrow (Album Version)2:571996
04723Chris IsaakWicked Game (Radio Edit)4:031991
04724Chris KennerI Like it Like That (Part 1)1:551961
04725Chris Lake feat. Laura VChanges (Radio Edit)3:132006
04726Chris MontezLet's Dance2:231962
04727Chris MontezSome Kinda Fun2:261963
04728Chris MontezThe More I See You2:401966
04729Chris ReaDiamonds4:111979
04730Chris ReaDriving Home for Christmas4:021988
04731Chris ReaEvery Beat of My Heart3:211982
04732Chris ReaFool (If You Think it's Over)3:321978
04733Chris ReaI Can Hear Your Heart Beat3:301983
04734Chris ReaJosephine3:341985
04735Chris ReaLet's Dance (Radio Edit)4:051987
04736Chris ReaLoving You Again4:271987
04737Chris ReaOn the Beach (Special Remix)4:201986
04738Chris ReaOn the Beach (Summer '88)3:401988
04739Chris ReaStainsby Girls3:511985
04740Chris ReaTennis4:021980
04741Chris ReaThe Road to Hell (Part 2)3:571989
04742Chris ReaWorking on It4:241989
04743Chris Rock & Danny JacobsAfro Circus/I Like to Move It2:412012
04744Chris SebastianBed for 22:582020
04745Chris SorbelloSo Lonely3:582010
04746Chris SpeddingMotor Bikin'2:361977
04747Chris StapletonStarting Over4:002020
04748Chris StapletonTennessee Whiskey4:532015
04749Christian FryYou Got Me (Radio Edit)3:431998
04750Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show, TheSing it for Melbourne3:292018
04751Christians, TheIdeal World (Remix)3:561988
04752Christians, TheWhen the Fingers Point3:311988
04753Christians, The, Holly Johnson, Paul McCartney, Gerry Marsden & Stock Aitken WatermanFerry 'Cross the Mersey3:571989
04754ChristieSan Bernadino3:121971
04755ChristieYellow River2:461970
04756Christie AllenBaby Get Away3:141980
04757Christie AllenDon't Put Out the Flame3:011981
04758Christie AllenFalling in Love With Only You3:261979
04759Christie AllenGoose Bumps2:491979
04760Christie AllenHe's My Number One2:591980
04761Christie AllenMagic Rhythm3:031980
04762Christina AguileraAin't No Other Man (Album Version)3:482006
04763Christina AguileraBeautiful3:592003
04764Christina AguileraCandyman (Album Version)3:142007
04765Christina AguileraCome on Over Baby (All I Want is You) (Radio Version)3:232000
04766Christina AguileraExpress4:202011
04767Christina AguileraFighter (Album Version)4:062003
04768Christina AguileraGenie in a Bottle3:361999
04769Christina AguileraHurt (Album Version)4:022006
04770Christina AguileraI Turn to You (Radio Edit)3:562000
04771Christina AguileraKeeps Gettin' Better3:002008
04772Christina AguileraLoyal Brave True2:432020
04773Christina AguileraNot Myself Tonight3:042010
04774Christina AguileraReflection (2020)3:352020
04775Christina AguileraShow Me How You Burlesque2:592011
04776Christina AguileraSlow Down Baby3:272007
04777Christina AguileraThe Voice Within (Edit)4:232004
04778Christina AguileraTwice4:002018
04779Christina AguileraWhat a Girl Wants (Radio Edit)3:191999
04780Christina AguileraWithout You3:562006
04781Christina AguileraYour Body3:592012
04782Christina Aguilera feat. Demi LovatoFall in Line4:062018
04783Christina Aguilera feat. Lil' KimCan't Hold Us Down4:152003
04784Christina Aguilera feat. Missy ElliottCar Wash (Shark Tale Mix)3:482004
04785Christina Aguilera feat. RedmanDirrty4:442002
04786Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya & PinkLady Marmalade4:252001
04787Christina MilianAM to PM (Radio Edit)3:512001
04788Christina MilianDip it Low3:162004
04789Christina MilianWhen You Look at Me (Original Version Radio Edit)3:422002
04790Christina Milian feat. Young JeezySay I (Radio Edit)3:322006
04791Christina Parie16 & Unstoppable2:372012
04792Christina PerriA Thousand Years4:472011
04793Christina PerriHuman4:102014
04794Christina PerriJar of Hearts4:062011
04795Christina Perri feat. Steve KazeeA Thousand Years (Part 2)5:052012
04796Christine and The QueensTilted3:542016
04797Christine Anu'Coz I'm Free4:302001
04798Christine AnuCome On3:461995
04799Christine AnuIsland Home (Earth Beat Mix)3:492000
04800Christine AnuIsland Home (Single Version)3:481995
04801Christine AnuJump to Love3:562000
04802Christine AnuParty (Single Version)3:011995
04803Christine AnuSunshine on a Rainy Day (Radio Mix)3:482000
04804Christine AnuTalk About Love?3:272003
04805Christine Anu & David Hobson with Royce DohertyNow Until the Break of Day (Single Version)4:051997
04806Christine Anu with Paul KellyLast Train4:201993
04807Christine McVieGot a Hold on Me3:511984
04808Christopher AtkinsHow Can I Live Without Her3:071982
04809Christopher CrossAll Right3:591983
04810Christopher CrossArthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)3:531981
04811Christopher CrossI Will (Take You Forever)3:441988
04812Christopher CrossNever Be the Same4:091981
04813Christopher CrossRide Like the Wind4:291980
04814Christopher CrossSailing4:161980
04815Christopher CrossThink of Laura3:221984
04816ChromeoJealous (I Ain't With It)3:472014
04817ChromeoOld 45's3:482014
04818Chubby CheckerBirdland2:281963
04819Chubby CheckerBlack Cloud2:231963
04820Chubby CheckerDancin' Party2:051962
04821Chubby CheckerHooka Tooka2:101963
04822Chubby CheckerLa Paloma Twist2:111962
04823Chubby CheckerLet's Limbo Some More2:141963
04824Chubby CheckerLet's Twist Again2:221961
04825Chubby CheckerLimbo Rock2:211962
04826Chubby CheckerLoddy Lo2:071963
04827Chubby CheckerPony Time2:251961
04828Chubby CheckerPopeye (The Hitchhiker)2:241962
04829Chubby CheckerSlow Twistin'2:421962
04830Chubby CheckerThe Hucklebuck2:281960
04831Chubby CheckerThe Twist2:351960
04832Chubby CheckerTwenty Miles2:111963
04833Chuck BerryMy Ding-A-Ling4:151972
04834Chuck BerryNadine (Is it You?)2:331964
04835Chuck BerryNo Particular Place to Go2:441964
04836Chuck BerryPromised Land2:231965
04837Chuck BerryRun Rudolph Run2:441958
04838Chuck BerryYou Never Can Tell2:411964
04839Chuck MangioneFeels So Good3:291978
04840Chuckie & LMFAOLet the Bass Kick in Miami Bitch2:432010
04841ChumbawambaAmnesia (Single Mix)2:541998
04843Church, TheAlmost With You4:121982
04844Church, TheAlready Yesterday4:141985
04845Church, TheBlock6:192006
04846Church, TheElectric Lash4:251983
04847Church, TheIt's No Reason5:141983
04848Church, TheLouisiana4:271998
04849Church, TheMetropolis4:391990
04850Church, TheReptile (Single Version)4:541988
04851Church, TheRipple (Single Version)4:491992
04852Church, TheTantalized3:561986
04853Church, TheTear it All Away4:131981
04854Church, TheThe Unguarded Moment3:101981
04855Church, TheToo Fast for You3:331981
04856Church, TheUnder the Milky Way4:561988
04857Church, TheWhen You Were Mine4:491982
04858Church, TheYou're Still Beautiful3:101990
04859ChvrchesDead Air3:122014
04860ChvrchesLeave a Trace3:572015
04863Chynna PhillipsI Live for You3:441996
04864Chynna PhillipsJust to Hear You Say That You Love Me4:321997
04865Chynna PhillipsNaked and Sacred4:111996
04866Ciara feat. Andre 3000, Ludacris & Bei MaejorRide (Bei Maejor Remix)4:322010
04867Ciara feat. Justin TimberlakeLove Sex Magic3:392009
04868Ciara feat. LudacrisOh (Album Version)4:142005
04869Ciara feat. Missy Elliott1, 2 Step (Album Version)3:222005
04870Ciara feat. Missy ElliottWork4:042009
04871Ciara feat. Nicki MinajI'm Out3:582013
04872Ciara feat. Petey PabloGoodies (Main Mix with Rap)3:432004
04873Cicadas, TheThat's What I Want2:411964
04874Cilla BlackAlfie2:421966
04875Cilla BlackAnyone Who Had a Heart2:481964
04876Cilla BlackConversations4:081969
04877Cilla BlackDon't Answer Me2:481966
04878Cilla BlackFollow Me1:521969
04879Cilla BlackI Only Live to Love You2:451969
04880Cilla BlackI've Been Wrong Before2:091965
04881Cilla BlackIf I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind2:481970
04882Cilla BlackIt's for You2:241964
04883Cilla BlackLove of the Loved2:061965
04884Cilla BlackSomething Tells Me (Something's Gonna Happen Tonight)2:261972
04885Cilla BlackStep Inside Love2:211968
04886Cilla BlackSuddenly You Love Me2:381969
04887Cilla BlackSurround Yourself With Sorrow2:311969
04888Cilla BlackWhat Good Am I?3:111967
04889Cilla BlackYou're My World (Il Mio Mondo)3:001964
04890Cilla BlackYou've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'3:071965
04891CinderellaShelter Me4:471991
04892Citizen KingBetter Days (And the Bottom Drops Out) (LP Version)3:261999
04893City and ColourThirst3:252013
04894City Boy5.
04895City HighWhat Would You Do? (Album Version)2:542001
04896City High feat. EveCaramel (Video Version)3:412002
04898CJ BollandThe Prophet3:121997
04899CJ LewisSweets for My Sweet (Original 7" Mix)3:231994
04900CJ WilsonDai La Li La La (Eurobeat Vocal Edit)3:541997
04901CKayLove Nwantiti (Ah Ah Ah)2:252021
04902CKay feat. DJ Yo & Ax'elLove Nwantiti (Ah Ah Ah) (Remix)3:082021
04903Claire TrentainWarmth4:012006
04904Claire TrentainWhat Would You Say?2:592007
04906ClannadIn a Lifetime3:081986
04907Claptone feat. Peter Bjorn and JohnPuppet Theatre4:142015
04908Clare BowditchYou Make Me Happy2:552012
04909Clare Bowditch and The Feeding SetOn This Side3:402005
04910Clarence "Frogman" HenryBut I Do2:211961
04911Clarence "Frogman" HenryYou Always Hurt the One You Love2:261961
04912Clarence CarterPatches2:561970
04913Clarence CarterStrokin'4:361984
04914Clarence Clemons and Jackson BrowneYou're a Friend of Mine4:491986
04915Clash, TheLondon Calling3:181980
04916Clash, TheRock the Casbah3:401982
04917Clash, TheShould I Stay or Should I Go3:061983
04918Clash, TheThe Call Up5:261981
04919Clash, TheThis is England3:341985
04920Clash, TheThis is Radio Clash4:091982
04921Classified feat. Olly MursInner Ninja (Remix)3:112013
04922Classix NouveauxGuilty (New Version)3:171981
04923Classixx feat. Nancy WhangAll You're Waiting For4:142013
04924Claude KingI've Got the World By the Tail1:541963
04925Claude KingWolverton Mountain2:561962
04926Claude Thornhill with Russ McIntyreMaybe it's Because3:201950
04927Claudine ClarkParty Lights2:221962
04928Clean Bandit & Jess GlynneReal Love3:392014
04929Clean Bandit & Marina and The DiamondsDisconnect4:122017
04930Clean Bandit & Topic feat. Wes NelsonDrive2:592021
04931Clean Bandit and Mabel feat. 24kGoldnTick Tock2:582020
04932Clean Bandit feat. Demi LovatoSolo3:422018
04933Clean Bandit feat. Ellie GouldingMama3:102019
04934Clean Bandit feat. Jess GlynneRather Be3:472014
04935Clean Bandit feat. Julia MichaelsI Miss You3:252017
04936Clean Bandit feat. Louisa JohnsonTears3:462016
04937Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-MarieRockabye4:112016
04938Clean Bandit feat. Zara LarssonSymphony3:322017
04939CleopatraCleopatra's Theme (Radio Edit)3:511998
04940CleopatraLife Ain't Easy (Radio Edit)3:171998
04941Cleptomaniacs feat. Bryan ChambersAll I Do3:362001
04942Client LiaisonWorld of Our Love4:302016
04943Cliff Bennett and The Rebel RousersGot to Get You Into My Life2:331966
04944Cliff RichardA Little in Love3:221981
04945Cliff RichardAll My Love (Solo Tu)2:541967
04946Cliff RichardAngel2:181965
04947Cliff RichardBaby You're Dynamite3:561984
04948Cliff RichardBig Ship2:261969
04949Cliff RichardBorn to Rock 'n' Roll3:561986
04950Cliff RichardCarrie3:431980
04951Cliff RichardCongratulations2:311968
04952Cliff RichardConstantly (L'Edera)2:371964
04953Cliff RichardDaddy's Home2:591982
04954Cliff RichardDevil Woman3:331976
04955Cliff RichardDreamin'3:361980
04956Cliff RichardGirl, You'll Be a Woman Soon3:011968
04957Cliff RichardGood Times (Better Times)2:131969
04958Cliff RichardGoodbye Sam, Hello Samantha2:471970
04959Cliff RichardHey Mr. Dream Maker4:461977
04960Cliff RichardI Just Don't Have the Heart3:241989
04961Cliff RichardI'll Come Runnin'2:251967
04962Cliff RichardI'll Love You Forever Today3:021968
04963Cliff RichardI'm Lookin' Out the Window2:441962
04964Cliff RichardIt's All in the Game3:101963
04965Cliff RichardIt's All Over2:401967
04966Cliff RichardJust Another Guy2:061965
04967Cliff RichardMarianne3:161968
04968Cliff RichardMiss You Nights3:551976
04969Cliff RichardMistletoe & Wine3:531989
04970Cliff RichardMr. Nice2:161968
04971Cliff RichardMy Kinda Life3:441977
04972Cliff RichardMy Pretty One3:551987
04973Cliff RichardNever Say Die (Give a Little Bit More)3:401983
04974Cliff RichardOn My Word2:331965
04975Cliff RichardOutsider2:431962
04976Cliff RichardPlease Don't Fall in Love3:121984
04977Cliff RichardPower to All Our Friends3:001973
04978Cliff RichardRazzle Dazzle2:041965
04979Cliff RichardShe's So Beautiful4:101986
04980Cliff RichardShooting From the Heart3:091984
04981Cliff RichardSome People3:511987
04982Cliff RichardTake Me High2:411974
04983Cliff RichardThe Best of Me4:091989
04984Cliff RichardThe Day I Met Marie2:141967
04985Cliff RichardThe Millennium Prayer4:391999
04986Cliff RichardThe Minute You're Gone2:191965
04987Cliff RichardThe Only Way Out3:161982
04988Cliff RichardThe Twelfth of Never2:411964
04989Cliff RichardVisions3:001966
04990Cliff RichardWe Don't Talk Anymore4:131979
04991Cliff RichardWhen the Girl in Your Arms is the Girl in Your Heart2:231961
04992Cliff RichardWind Me Up (Let Me Go)2:261965
04993Cliff RichardWired for Sound3:391981
04994Cliff RichardWith the Eyes of a Child2:521970
04995Cliff RichardWonderful Life2:251965
04996Cliff Richard & Hank MarvinThrow Down a Line2:471969
04997Cliff Richard & Sarah BrightmanAll I Ask of You4:141986
04998Cliff Richard and The London Philharmonic OrchestraTrue Love Ways3:161983
04999Cliff Richard and The ShadowsA Girl Like You2:311961
05000Cliff Richard and The ShadowsA Voice in the Wilderness2:081960
05001Cliff Richard and The ShadowsBachelor Boy1:591963
05002Cliff Richard and The ShadowsBlue Turns to Grey2:231966
05003Cliff Richard and The ShadowsDancing Shoes2:071963
05004Cliff Richard and The ShadowsDo You Remember2:471965
05005Cliff Richard and The ShadowsDo You Want to Dance2:141962
05006Cliff Richard and The ShadowsDon't Forget to Catch Me2:461968
05007Cliff Richard and The ShadowsDon't Talk to Him2:521963
05008Cliff Richard and The ShadowsFinders Keepers2:351967
05009Cliff Richard and The ShadowsGee Whizz it's You2:051961
05010Cliff Richard and The ShadowsI Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)2:541965
05011Cliff Richard and The ShadowsI Love You2:021961
05012Cliff Richard and The ShadowsI'm the Lonely One2:181964
05013Cliff Richard and The ShadowsIn the Country2:411967
05014Cliff Richard and The ShadowsIt'll Be Me1:541962
05015Cliff Richard and The ShadowsLucky Lips2:421963
05016Cliff Richard and The ShadowsNine Times Out of Ten2:071960
05017Cliff Richard and The ShadowsOn the Beach2:311964
05018Cliff Richard and The ShadowsPlease Don't Tease2:581960
05019Cliff Richard and The ShadowsSummer Holiday2:151963
05020Cliff Richard and The ShadowsThe Next Time2:561963
05021Cliff Richard and The ShadowsThe Time in Between2:591965
05022Cliff Richard and The ShadowsThe Young Ones3:101962
05023Cliff Richard and The ShadowsTheme for a Dream2:051961
05024Cliff Richard and The ShadowsTime Drags By2:311966
05025Cliff Richard and The ShadowsWhat Would I Do (For the Love of a Girl)2:261966
05026Cliff Richard and The Young Ones feat. Hank MarvinLiving Doll4:181986
05027Cliff Richard with Phil EverlyAll I Have to Do is Dream2:501994
05028Cliffmores, TheHe's Not There2:191967
05029Clifford T. WardGaye3:331973
05030ClimaxPrecious and Few2:481972
05031Climax Blues BandGotta Have More Love3:271981
05032Climax Blues BandI Love You4:031981
05033Climie FisherLove Changes (Everything)3:531988
05034Clinton FordDandy2:031966
05035Clinton KaneI Guess I'm in Love3:242021
05036Clipping. feat. Cocc Pistol CreeWork Work3:432014
05037Clique, TheLive the Life3:112014
05038Clive DunnGrandad3:221971
05039Clive YoungSomething Special4:321989
05040Clivilles & ColeA Deeper Love (Radio Version)4:161992
05041Clivilles & ColePride (In the Name of Love) (The Radio Mix)3:341992
05042ClockAxel F (Radio Short Stab)3:221995
05043ClockKeep Pushin' (PTP London Edit)4:431995
05044ClockU Sexy Thing (Radio Mix)3:371997
05045ClockWhoomph! (There it Is) (Short Stab 135 BPM Mix)3:321995
05046Clodagh RodgersBiljo3:091969
05047Clodagh RodgersCome Back and Shake Me2:341969
05048Clodagh RodgersGoodnight Midnight2:561969
05049Clodagh RodgersJack in the Box3:001971
05050Clones, TheTired of Hiding2:491980
05051Cloud Room, TheHey Now Now3:292007
05054CloudsBower of Bliss3:011993
05055CloudsBoy of Air2:361994
05057CloudsSay It2:141992
05060Club 69Let Me Be Your Underwear (Original Radio Mix)3:111993
05061Club HouseDo it Again (Medley with Billie Jean)4:031983
05062Club House feat. CarlLight My Fire (Noisy Clouds Mix)4:531994
05063Club HoyThe Other Side of You2:571992
05064Club HoyYou Promised - You Said4:481992
05065Club NouveauLean on Me4:001987
05066CluelessDon't Speak3:461997
05067CluelessHooked on a Feeling (Single Version)3:251998
05068Clyde McPhatterLover Please1:551962
05069CNCO & Little MixReggaeton Lento (Remix)3:082017
05070Coast to Coast(Do) The Hucklebuck2:301981
05071Coasters, TheRun Red Run2:591960
05072Coasters, TheWhat About Us2:461960
05073Cobra StarshipGood Girls Go Bad3:162009
05074Cobra Starship feat. Icona PopNever Been in Love3:422014
05075Cobra Starship feat. SabiYou Make Me Feel...3:352011
05076Cock RobinWhen Your Heart is Weak (Single Mix)4:281985
05077Cockroaches, TheAnother Saturday Night3:281989
05078Cockroaches, TheDouble Shot (Of My Baby's Love)2:401987
05079Cockroaches, TheHey What Now!2:361988
05080Cockroaches, ThePermanently Single3:311989
05081Cockroaches, TheSee You in Spain2:201984
05082Cockroaches, TheShe's the One2:311987
05083Cockroaches, TheSome Kind of Girl2:491987
05084Cockroaches, TheWait Up2:381986
05085Cockroaches, TheYou and Me2:441988
05086CocoI Need a Miracle (Radio Edit)3:411997
05087CoCo LeeA Love Before Time3:452001
05088CoCo LeeDo You Want My Love3:502000
05089CoCo LeeWherever You Go4:192000
05090Coconut RoughSierra Leone3:471984
05091Cody JohnsonDear Rodeo4:142019
05092Cody SimpsonAll Day3:072011
05093Cody SimpsonOn My Mind3:112011
05094Cody SimpsonPretty Brown Eyes2:482013
05095Cody SimpsonSurfboard2:552014
05096Cody Simpson feat. Flo RidaiYiYi3:552010
05097CogAltered States4:262018
05098CogBird of Feather3:432008
05099CogOpen Up4:052003
05100CogParis, Texas4:182002
05102CogThe Middle6:232018
05103CogWhat If4:222007
05104Coi LerayPlayers2:192023
05105Col ElliottGotta Give the Grog Away3:441983
05106Col FinleyGet Your Country On4:212008
05107Col Joye(Making Love on A) Moonlit Night2:121960
05108Col Joye(The Bells Are Ringing) For Me and My Gal1:571961
05109Col Joye(Underneath The) Starlight of Love1:571963
05110Col JoyeBe My Girl2:221960
05111Col JoyeBe-Bop-A-Lula2:271963
05112Col JoyeGonna Leave Tomorrow2:141964
05113Col JoyeHeaven is My Woman's Love2:521973
05114Col JoyeI Need Your Love Tonight1:541963
05115Col JoyePut 'Em Down2:031963
05116Col JoyeRaise Your Hand2:201964
05117Col JoyeRing Around My Rosie2:441962
05118Col Joye & The Joy BoysBad Man3:211960
05119Col Joye & The Joy BoysGoin' Steady2:071961
05120Col Joye & The Joy BoysLiving Doll2:391959
05121Col Joye & The Joy BoysNaughty Girls1:591961
05122Col Joye & The Joy BoysOh Yeah Uh Huh2:071959
05123Col Joye & The Joy BoysSweet Dreams2:041961
05124Col Joye & The Joy BoysSweet Dreams of You2:181962
05125Col Joye & The Joy BoysSweet Little Sixteen Twist2:371962
05126Col Joye & The Joy BoysTeenage Baby2:061959
05127Col Joye & The Joy BoysToday's Teardrops1:551962
05128Col Joye & The Joy BoysYes Sir, That's My Baby1:531960
05129Colbie CaillatBrighter Than the Sun3:502012
05130Colbie CaillatBubbly3:162008
05131Colbie CaillatFallin' for You3:352009
05132Colbie CaillatTry3:432014
05133Cold ChiselAll for You4:562011
05134Cold ChiselBreakfast at Sweethearts4:111979
05135Cold ChiselCheap Wine3:241980
05136Cold ChiselChoir Girl3:151979
05137Cold ChiselFlame Trees4:251984
05138Cold ChiselForever Now4:271982
05139Cold ChiselGetting the Band Back Together4:012019
05140Cold ChiselGoodbye (Astrid Goodbye)2:511978
05141Cold ChiselHands Out of My Pocket2:181994
05142Cold ChiselHold Me Tight1:421983
05143Cold ChiselHome and Broken Hearted (Live)3:231978
05144Cold ChiselKhe Sanh4:091978
05145Cold ChiselLost4:032015
05146Cold ChiselMerry-Go-Round (Live)4:251978
05147Cold ChiselMisfits4:171980
05148Cold ChiselMona and the Preacher (Live)3:471978
05149Cold ChiselMy Baby4:021980
05150Cold ChiselNo Sense2:581983
05151Cold ChiselNothing But You4:301994
05152Cold ChiselOne Long Day (Live)8:111978
05153Cold ChiselOnly One3:401984
05154Cold ChiselSaturday Night4:201984
05155Cold ChiselThe Things I Love in You3:191998
05156Cold ChiselTwentieth Century2:161984
05157Cold ChiselWater Into Wine4:541998
05158Cold ChiselWay Down3:561999
05159Cold ChiselWhen the War is Over4:241982
05160Cold ChiselWild Thing (Live)5:071978
05161Cold ChiselYesterdays4:031995
05162Cold ChiselYou Got Nothing I Want3:161981
05163Cold War KidsFirst3:202015
05164ColdcutDoctorin' the House3:471988
05165Coldcut feat. Junior Reid and The Ahead of Our Time OrchestraStop This Crazy Thing4:001988
05166Coldcut feat. Lisa StansfieldPeople Hold On3:571989
05167ColdplayA Sky Full of Stars4:282014
05168ColdplayAdventure of a Lifetime4:232015
05170ColdplayCharlie Brown (Radio Edit)3:452012
05171ColdplayChristmas Lights4:022010
05172ColdplayClocks (Edit)4:102003
05173ColdplayDon't Panic2:162001
05175ColdplayEvery Teardrop is a Waterfall4:062011
05176ColdplayEveryday Life4:182019
05177ColdplayFix You4:342005
05178ColdplayGod Put a Smile Upon Your Face4:562003
05179ColdplayHigher Power3:302021
05180ColdplayHymn for the Weekend4:182016
05181ColdplayIn My Place3:462002
05182ColdplayLife in Technicolor II3:352008
05184ColdplayMajor Minus3:322011
05186ColdplayMoving to Mars4:182011
05190ColdplaySpeed of Sound4:482005
05191ColdplayTalk (Radio Edit)4:252006
05192ColdplayThe Hardest Part4:232006
05193ColdplayThe Scientist5:092003
05194ColdplayUp&Up (Radio Edit)3:582016
05195ColdplayViolet Hill3:182008
05196ColdplayViva La Vida4:022008
05198Coldplay & Big SeanMiracles (Someone Special)4:322017
05199Coldplay & BTSMy Universe3:472021
05200Coldplay & BTSMy Universe (Acoustic Version)3:422021
05201Coldplay & BTSMy Universe (Instrumental)3:472021
05202Coldplay & BTSMy Universe (Suga's Remix)3:062021
05203Coldplay & BTSMy Universe (Supernova 7 Mix)4:372021
05204Coldplay & RihannaPrincess of China (Radio Edit)3:372012
05205Coldplay & Selena GomezLet Somebody Go4:002021
05206Colin CookBlue Ribbon Baby1:491965
05207Colin CookHey, Pretty Baby2:121965
05208Colin CookWell, Don't You Know2:411965
05209Colin Cook with The StrangersHeart3:141964
05210Colin Cook with The Thin Men and The StrangersIt's Up to You2:381963
05211Colin HayHold Me4:111987
05212Colin HayWaiting for My Real Life to Begin (Radio Edit)3:381994
05213CollarbonesTurning (Flume Remix)5:342015
05214Collective, TheAnother Life3:502013
05215Collective, TheBurn the Bright Lights3:292014
05216Collective, TheSurrender3:452012
05217Collective, TheThe Good Life3:372014
05218Collective SoulBreathe3:021994
05219Collective SoulDecember4:451995
05220Collective SoulGel3:001995
05221Collective SoulNo More, No Less5:161999
05222Collective SoulPrecious Declaration3:391997
05223Collective SoulRun (Album Version)4:331999
05224Collective SoulShine5:061994
05225Collective SoulThe World I Know (Radio Edit)3:501996
05226Collective SoulWhere the River Flows3:331996
05227Colleen HewettCarry That Weight2:591972
05228Colleen HewettDay By Day3:431971
05229Colleen HewettDreaming My Dreams With You3:431980
05230Colleen HewettGigolo3:101981
05231Colleen HewettIf You Ever Feel the Need3:461984
05232Colleen HewettSuperstar3:591971
05233Colleen HewettThe Wind Beneath My Wings3:201983
05234ColletteAll I Wanna Do is Dance3:271989
05235ColletteRing My Bell3:221989
05236ColletteThat's What I Like About You3:251989
05237ColletteUpside Down3:271990
05238ColletteWho Do You Think You Are3:491990
05239Color Me BaddAll 4 Love3:311991
05240Color Me BaddChoose (Album Mix)4:211994
05241Color Me BaddForever Love5:111993
05242Color Me BaddI Adore Mi Amor4:511992
05243Color Me BaddI Wanna Sex You Up4:051991
05244Colour BluePeace4:051991
05245Coloured BallsLove You Babe3:331974
05246Coloured BallsMess of the Blues2:321973
05247Colter WallSleeping on the Blacktop3:122015
05248Commander Cody and His Lost Planet AirmenHot Rod Lincoln2:411972
05249Commitments, TheHard to Handle2:221992
05250Commitments, TheMustang Sally3:591992
05251Commitments, TheTry a Little Tenderness4:321991
05253CommodoresLady (You Bring Me Up)3:561981
05254CommodoresMachine Gun2:381974
05256CommodoresOh No2:591982
05257CommodoresSail On3:541979
05259CommodoresThree Times a Lady3:341978
05260Common & John LegendGlory4:322015
05261Common Linnets, TheCalm After the Storm (Radio Edit)3:042014
05262CommunardsDon't Leave Me This Way4:311986
05263CommunardsNever Can Say Goodbye4:271987
05264CommunardsSo Cold the Night4:401987
05266Company of StrangersDaddy's Gonna Make You a Star4:401993
05267Company of StrangersMotor City (I Get Lost)4:431992
05268Company of StrangersSweet Love4:361992
05269Con the FruitererA Cuppla Days3:441988
05270Conan GrayHeather3:172020
05271Conan GrayManiac3:052020
05272Conchita WurstFirestorm3:402015
05273Concrete BlondeCaroline4:031990
05274Concrete BlondeGhost of a Texas Ladies' Man3:421992
05275Concrete BlondeHappy Birthday2:181990
05276Concrete BlondeHeal it Up (Edit)3:581993
05277Concrete BlondeJoey4:061990
05278Concrete BlondeSomeday?3:291992
05279Concrete BlondeTrue2:591987
05280Congregation, TheSoftly Whispering I Love You2:581972
05281Connie Francis(He's My) Dreamboat2:431961
05282Connie FrancisAmong My Souvenirs2:321959
05283Connie FrancisBlue Winter2:261964
05284Connie FrancisBreakin' in a Brand New Broken Heart2:371961
05285Connie FrancisDon't Break the Heart That Loves You3:041962
05286Connie FrancisDrop it Joe2:451962
05287Connie FrancisDrownin' My Sorrows2:051963
05288Connie FrancisEverybody's Somebody's Fool2:411960
05289Connie FrancisFollow the Boys2:391963
05290Connie FrancisHollywood2:161961
05291Connie FrancisI'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter2:261963
05292Connie FrancisIf My Pillow Could Talk2:081963
05293Connie FrancisMalaguena3:051960
05294Connie FrancisMama3:571960
05295Connie FrancisMany Tears Ago1:551960
05296Connie FrancisMy Heart Has a Mind of Its Own2:331960
05297Connie FrancisRobot Man1:541960
05298Connie FrancisSecond Hand Love2:501962
05299Connie FrancisTogether2:551961
05300Connie FrancisVacation2:211962
05301Connie FrancisWhatever Happened to Rosemarie2:051963
05302Connie FrancisWhen the Boy in Your Arms (Is the Boy in Your Heart)2:451961
05303Connie FrancisWhere the Boys Are2:391961
05304Connie FrancisYour Other Love2:081963
05305Connie StevensSixteen Reasons1:581960
05306Conor MaynardCan't Say No3:122012
05307Conor MaynardVegas Girl2:512012
05308Conor Maynard feat. Ne-YoTurn Around3:512012
05309Conrad SewellChanging3:252018
05310Conrad SewellHealing Hands4:102018
05311Conrad SewellHold Me Up3:252015
05312Conrad SewellLife3:212019
05313Conrad SewellLove Me Anyway3:162019
05314Conrad SewellRemind Me3:072016
05315Conrad SewellStart Again3:372015
05316Conrad SewellWho You Lovin3:512015
05317Contours, TheDo You Love Me2:521963
05318Convertible BlondesShe Wants to Rock3:442004
05319Conway TwittyLonely Blue Boy2:131960
05320Conway TwittyMona Lisa2:251959
05321Conway TwittyThe Pickup2:241963
05322Conway TwittyYou've Never Been This Far Before3:071973
05323Cookies, TheChains2:291962
05324Cookies, TheDon't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)2:411963
05325Cool for AugustDon't Wanna Be Here3:331997
05326Coolio1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin' New) (Album Version)3:321996
05327CoolioFantastic Voyage (Album Version)4:031994
05328CoolioI Remember (Album Mix)4:471994
05329CoolioIt's All the Way Live (Now) (Timber Mix)3:341996
05330CoolioOoh La La (Radio Edit)4:051997
05331CoolioToo Hot3:391995
05332Coolio feat. 40 ThevzC U When U Get There (Radio Edit)3:591997
05333Coolio feat. L.V.Gangsta's Paradise (Album Version)4:001995
05334Coolio feat. Snoop DoggGangsta Walk3:512006
05335Cooper AlanAin't Friends Anymore3:202022
05336Cooper AlanCan't Dance2:412021
05337Cooper Alan feat. Filmore & Seth EnnisFirst Rodeo3:072022
05338Cops, TheCall Me Anytime3:492006
05340Corey HartA Little Love4:091990
05341Corey HartIt Ain't Enough3:271985
05342Corey HartNever Surrender4:211985
05343Corey HartSunglasses at Night3:531984
05345Corinne Bailey RaePut Your Records On3:332006
05346Corinne Bailey RaeThe Scientist3:152017
05347Cornelia JakobsHold Me Closer3:192022
05348Cornelius Brothers & Sister RoseToo Late to Turn Back Now3:171972
05349CornershopBrimful of Asha (Norman Cook Remix Single Version)4:001998
05350CoronaBaby Baby3:451995
05351CoronaThe Rhythm of the Night4:221994
05352CoronaThe Rhythm of the Night (Lee Marrow Space Mix)6:281994
05353CoronaTry Me Out (Lee Marrow Radio Mix)3:261995
05354Corpse & Night LovellHot Demon B!tches Near U!!!1:362021
05355Corrs, TheAngel3:262004
05356Corrs, TheBreathless (Album Version)3:262000
05357Corrs, TheDreams (Radio Edit)4:001998
05358Corrs, TheForgiven, Not Forgotten (LP Version)4:151996
05359Corrs, TheGive Me a Reason (Cutfather & Joe Remix)3:092001
05360Corrs, TheI Never Loved You Anyway (Edit)3:531998
05361Corrs, TheIrresistible (Album Version)3:392000
05362Corrs, TheLong Night (Album Version)3:472005
05363Corrs, TheLove to Love You3:211996
05364Corrs, TheOnly When I Sleep3:501997
05365Corrs, TheRunaway (Radio Mix)3:461996
05366Corrs, TheSo Young (Almighty Radio Edit)3:411999
05367Corrs, TheSo Young (K-Klass Remix)4:121999
05368Corrs, TheSummer Sunshine2:522004
05369Corrs, TheThe Right Time4:071997
05370Corrs, TheWhat Can I Do (Tin Tin Out Remix)4:141998
05371Corrs, TheWould You Be Happier?3:272001
05372Corsairs, TheSmoky Places3:001962
05373CosimaKeep it Natural3:522007
05374CosimaNow That You Can't Have Me3:232004
05375CosimaOne Night Without You4:202004
05376CosimaWhen the War is Over3:462004
05377Costello Show, The feat. The Attractions and ConfederatesDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood3:201986
05378Cotton, Lloyd & ChristianI Go to Pieces2:541975
05379Council Collective, TheSoul Deep3:181985
05380Count & Sinden, The feat. Kid SisterBeeper (Radio Edit Clean)3:002008
05381Count BasicSee You Again4:262002
05382Count FivePsychotic Reaction3:051966
05383Counting CrowsA Long December4:541996
05384Counting CrowsAccidentally in Love3:082004
05385Counting CrowsAngels of the Silences3:371996
05386Counting CrowsColorblind3:231999
05387Counting CrowsIf I Could Give All My Love (Album Version)3:522003
05388Counting CrowsMr. Jones4:321994
05389Counting CrowsOmaha (LP Version)3:371994
05390Counting CrowsRound Here5:291994
05391Counting Crows feat. Vanessa CarltonBig Yellow Taxi3:442003
05392Country RadioGypsy Queen4:001972
05393Coup, The(I've Really Got to Use My) Imagination3:471984
05394Courtney ActRub Me Wrong3:482004
05395Cover DriveTwilight3:282012
05396Coverdale PagePride and Joy3:311993
05397Cowboy JunkiesSweet Jane3:351989
05398Cowsills, TheHair3:281969
05399Cowsills, TheIndian Lake2:421968
05400Cowsills, TheThe Rain, The Park & Other Things2:551967
05401Cozy PowellDance With the Devil3:231974
05403Craig David7 Days (Radio Edit)3:532000
05404Craig DavidAll the Way3:352005
05405Craig DavidDon't Love You No More (I'm Sorry)4:052005
05406Craig DavidFill Me In (Radio Edit)3:502000
05407Craig DavidHeartline3:122017
05408Craig DavidHidden Agenda (Radio Edit)3:312003
05409Craig DavidHot Stuff (Let's Dance)3:402007
05410Craig DavidInsomnia3:252008
05411Craig DavidRendezvous (Radio Edit)3:452001
05412Craig DavidSpanish (Radio Edit)3:342004
05413Craig DavidWalking Away (Radio Edit)3:232001
05414Craig DavidWhat's Your Flava? (Radio Edit)3:362002
05415Craig DavidWorld Filled With Love3:382003
05416Craig David & Big NarstieWhen the Bassline Drops3:052016
05417Craig David & GalantisDNA2:572022
05418Craig David & SigalaAin't Giving Up2:372016
05419Craig David feat. BastilleI Know You3:342017
05420Craig David feat. DuvallMy Heart's Been Waiting for You3:252022
05421Craig David feat. StingRise & Fall (Radio Edit)3:592003
05422Craig DouglasTime2:161961
05423Craig McLachlanI Hear You Knocking3:101992
05424Craig McLachlanOn My Own4:211991
05425Craig McLachlanOne Reason Why4:281992
05426Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2Amanda3:231990
05427Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2Mona3:411990
05428Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2Rock the Rock3:471989
05429Craig Obey feat. ChanceHip-Ma-Tize-Me4:282005
05430Craig Obey vs. The ChurchUnder the Milky Way (Bootleg Radio Edit)3:222006
05431Cramps, TheGoo Goo Muck (Single Mix)3:021981
05432Cranberries, TheDreams (Radio Edit)4:141993
05433Cranberries, TheFree to Decide3:201996
05434Cranberries, TheI Can't Be With You3:071995
05435Cranberries, TheLinger4:331993
05436Cranberries, TheOde to My Family4:301995
05437Cranberries, ThePromises3:301999
05438Cranberries, TheRidiculous Thoughts3:351995
05439Cranberries, TheSalvation2:221996
05440Cranberries, TheSo Cold in Ireland4:431994
05441Cranberries, TheWhen You're Gone (Edit)4:301996
05442Cranberries, TheZombie5:061994
05443Crash CraddockAll I Want is You2:381960
05444Crash CraddockBoom Boom Baby2:301959
05445Crash CraddockGood Time Billy (Is a Happiness Fool)2:111961
05446Crash CraddockHeavenly Love2:261961
05447Crash CraddockI Want That2:291960
05448Crash CraddockLetter of Love2:211960
05449Crash CraddockOne Last Kiss2:051961
05450Crash CraddockSince She Turned Seventeen2:261960
05451Crash CraddockWell, Don't You Know2:411960
05452Crash PoliticsNever Too Popular3:251990
05453Crash Test DummiesAfternoons & Coffeespoons4:001994
05454Crash Test DummiesGod Shuffled His Feet (Edit)4:361994
05455Crash Test DummiesMmm Mmm Mmm Mmm3:541994
05456Crash Test DummiesSuperman's Song4:311992
05457Crazy ElephantGimme Gimme Good Lovin'2:031969
05458Crazy FrogAxel F (Radio Mix)2:492005
05459Crazy FrogJingle Bells2:372005
05460Crazy FrogLast Christmas3:232005
05461Crazy FrogLast Christmas (Radio Edit)3:272006
05462Crazy FrogPopcorn (Radio Mix)2:462005
05463Crazy FrogWe Are the Champions (Ding a Dang Dong) (Radio Edit)2:572006
05464Crazy TownButterfly (Clean Album Version)3:342001
05465Crazy TownDrowning3:182002
05466Crazy TownRevolving Door (Alternative Radio Mix)3:392001
05467Crazy World of Arthur Brown, TheFire2:551968
05468CreamAnyone for Tennis (The Savage Seven Theme)2:371968
05471CreamI Feel Free2:531967
05472CreamStrange Brew2:491967
05473CreamSunshine of Your Love4:091968
05474CreamThose Were the Days2:531968
05475CreamWhite Room4:571968
05476Cream vs. The HoxtonsSunshine of Your Love (DT's Radio Edit)3:142006
05477CreationTell Laura I Love Her2:541974
05478CreedDon't Stop Dancing4:302003
05479CreedHide (Album Version)4:262002
05480CreedHigher (Radio Edit)4:432000
05481CreedMy Own Prison (Radio Edit)4:132001
05482CreedMy Sacrifice (Radio Edit)4:172002
05483CreedOne Last Breath (Radio Version)3:582002
05485CreedWhat If (Radio Edit)5:172000
05486CreedWith Arms Wide Open (New Version)3:412001
05487Creedence Clearwater RevivalBad Moon Rising2:201969
05488Creedence Clearwater RevivalDown on the Corner2:441969
05489Creedence Clearwater RevivalFortunate Son2:201969
05490Creedence Clearwater RevivalGreen River2:341969
05491Creedence Clearwater RevivalHave You Ever Seen the Rain2:401971
05492Creedence Clearwater RevivalHey Tonight2:421971
05493Creedence Clearwater RevivalI Heard it Through the Grapevine4:041970
05494Creedence Clearwater RevivalLodi3:111969
05495Creedence Clearwater RevivalLong as I Can See the Light3:341970
05496Creedence Clearwater RevivalLookin' Out My Back Door2:321970
05497Creedence Clearwater RevivalProud Mary3:091969
05498Creedence Clearwater RevivalRun Through the Jungle3:051970
05499Creedence Clearwater RevivalSomeday Never Comes4:011972
05500Creedence Clearwater RevivalSuzie Q4:351968
05501Creedence Clearwater RevivalSweet Hitch-Hiker2:551971
05502Creedence Clearwater RevivalTravelin' Band2:091970
05503Creedence Clearwater RevivalUp Around the Bend2:421970
05504Creedence Clearwater RevivalWho'll Stop the Rain2:291970
05505Crescents, TheMr. Blue2:461959
05506Crests, TheStep By Step2:231960
05507Crew Cuts, The with David CarrollSh-Boom2:461954
05508Crickets, The(They Call Her) La Bamba2:391964
05509Crickets, TheDon't Ever Change2:131962
05510Crickets, TheMy Little Girl1:531963
05511Crime Fighters Inc., TheBat Attack '89 (Radio Mix)3:371989
05512Crime Fighters Inc., The feat. Chuck McKinneyDo the Turtle Thing3:391990
05513Crispian St. PetersThe Pied Piper2:311966
05514Crispian St. PetersYou Were on My Mind2:441966
05515Cristian AlexandaMisunderstood3:362004
05516Cristian AlexandaParty Anthem (Album Edit)3:042004
05517Cristian AlexandaWon't Let You Go3:452008
05518Cristian Alexanda feat. Ja RuleToo Fine4:012008
05519Cristy LaneOne Day at a Time3:141981
05520Critters, TheYounger Girl2:241966
05521Crosby, Stills & NashJust a Song Before I Go2:111977
05522Crosby, Stills & NashMarrakesh Express2:361969
05523Crosby, Stills & NashSuite: Judy Blue Eyes4:351969
05524Crosby, Stills & NashWasted on the Way2:471982
05525Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungAmerican Dream3:161989
05526Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungOhio3:031970
05527Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungOur House2:591970
05528Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungTeach Your Children2:531970
05529Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungWoodstock3:531970
05530Crowded HouseBetter Be Home Soon3:061988
05531Crowded HouseChocolate Cake4:011991
05532Crowded HouseDistant Sun3:491993
05533Crowded HouseDon't Dream it's Over3:581986
05534Crowded HouseDon't Stop Now3:532007
05535Crowded HouseEverything is Good for You3:561996
05536Crowded HouseFall at Your Feet3:181991
05537Crowded HouseFour Seasons in One Day2:491992
05538Crowded HouseI Feel Possessed3:461990
05539Crowded HouseInstinct3:071997
05540Crowded HouseInto Temptation3:541989
05541Crowded HouseIt's Only Natural3:321991
05542Crowded HouseLocked Out3:161994
05543Crowded HouseMean to Me3:151986
05544Crowded HouseNails in My Feet3:361994
05545Crowded HouseNot the Girl You Think You Are4:081996
05546Crowded HouseNow We're Getting Somewhere4:051986
05547Crowded HousePrivate Universe (Radio Edit)3:571994
05548Crowded HouseSister Madly2:521989
05549Crowded HouseSomething So Strong2:511987
05550Crowded HouseWeather With You (Single Edit)4:131992
05551Crowded HouseWhen You Come4:441988
05552Crowded HouseWorld Where You Live3:041987
05553Cruel Sea, The43:091992
05554Cruel Sea, TheAnybody But You3:561995
05555Cruel Sea, TheBetter Get a Lawyer3:001994
05556Cruel Sea, TheBlack Stick4:571993
05557Cruel Sea, TheJust a Man4:011995
05558Cruel Sea, TheSeems Twice2:451994
05559Cruel Sea, TheThe Honeymoon is Over3:061993
05560Cruel Sea, TheWoman With Soul3:491993
05561CrusadersStreet Life3:551980
05562CrushJellyhead (Motiv 8's Pumphouse Radio Edit)4:211997
05563Crush feat. J-HopeRush Hour2:562022
05564Crystal Castles feat. Robert SmithNot in Love3:462010
05565Crystal GayleDon't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue2:321977
05566Crystal GayleI'll Get Over You3:281976
05567Crystal GayleTalking in Your Sleep2:531978
05568Crystal Method, TheBorn Too Slow (Album Version)2:592004
05569Crystal Waters100% Pure Love (Radio Mix)3:071994
05570Crystal WatersGhetto Day (Radio Mix)3:181994
05571Crystal WatersGypsy Woman (She's Homeless)3:471991
05572Crystals, TheDa Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)2:181963
05573Crystals, TheHe's a Rebel2:321962
05574Crystals, TheHe's Sure the Boy I Love2:421963
05575Crystals, TheThen He Kissed Me2:321963
05576Cub SportCome on Mess Me Up3:232016
05577Cuff Links, TheTracy2:081969
05578Cuff Links, TheWhen Julie Comes Around2:441970
05579CuginiLet Me Sleep Alone3:321980
05580Cult, TheComing Down (Edit)4:001994
05581Cult, TheEdie (Ciao Baby) (Single Version)4:011989
05582Cult, TheFire Woman (Single Version)4:021989
05583Cult, TheHeart of Soul (Edit)4:301992
05584Cult, TheLove Removal Machine (Single Version)4:181987
05585Cult, TheShe Sells Sanctuary4:131993
05586Cult, TheShe Sells Sanctuary (Dog Star Radio Mix)3:431993
05587Cult, TheStar (Edit)3:591994
05588Cult, TheWild Flower (Single Version)3:361987
05589Cult, TheWild Hearted Son (Edit)4:251991
05590Culture BeatAdelante!5:371993
05591Culture BeatAnything (MTV Mix)4:341994
05592Culture BeatCrying in the Rain (Radio Edit)3:521996
05593Culture BeatGot to Get It (Radio Mix)3:391993
05594Culture BeatInside Out (Radio Edit)3:551995
05595Culture BeatMother Earth6:101993
05596Culture BeatMr. Vain (Radio Edit)4:171993
05597Culture BeatRocket to the Moon5:461993
05598Culture BeatTake Me Away (Radio Edit)3:531997
05599Culture BeatWorld in Your Hands (Radio Edit)4:131994
05600Culture ClubChurch of the Poison Mind3:281983
05601Culture ClubDo You Really Want to Hurt Me4:201982
05602Culture ClubGod Thank You Woman3:471986
05603Culture ClubI Just Wanna Be Loved (LP Edit)3:291998
05604Culture ClubIt's a Miracle3:231984
05605Culture ClubKarma Chameleon3:581983
05606Culture ClubMiss Me Blind4:291984
05607Culture ClubMistake No. 34:351985
05608Culture ClubMove Away4:081986
05609Culture ClubThe War Song4:091984
05610Culture ClubTime (Clock of the Heart)3:411983
05611Culture ClubVictims4:531984
05612Culture ShockMy Enemy (Radio Single Version)4:041994
05613Culture ShockSatisfy the Groove (Pee Wee's Glamourised 7" Mix with Melody)3:281994
05614Cure, TheBoys Don't Cry2:401980
05615Cure, TheBoys Don't Cry (Resung & Club Mixed February 86)2:361986
05616Cure, TheCatch2:431987
05617Cure, TheClose to Me3:391985
05618Cure, TheClose to Me (Closest Mix)4:171991
05619Cure, TheCut Here4:102001
05620Cure, TheFascination Street (Live)5:011993
05621Cure, TheFreakshow (Mix 13)2:292008
05622Cure, TheFriday I'm in Love3:341992
05623Cure, TheHigh3:351992
05624Cure, TheIn Between Days2:561985
05625Cure, TheJust Like Heaven (Live)3:471993
05626Cure, TheJust Like Heaven (Remix)3:291987
05627Cure, TheLet's Go to Bed3:321983
05628Cure, TheLet's Go to Bed (Live)3:381993
05629Cure, TheLovesong (7" Mix)3:261989
05630Cure, TheLullaby (Remix)4:071989
05631Cure, TheMint Car (Radio Mix)3:281996
05632Cure, TheNever Enough4:271990
05633Cure, ThePictures of You (Remix)4:451990
05634Cure, ThePrimary3:351981
05635Cure, TheSleep When I'm Dead (Mix 13)3:482008
05636Cure, TheThe 13th (Swing Radio Mix)4:141996
05637Cure, TheThe Caterpillar3:401984
05638Cure, TheThe Love Cats3:381984
05639Cure, TheThe Only One (Mix 13)3:542008
05640Cure, TheThe Only One (Remix 4)4:222008
05641Cure, TheThe Perfect Boy (Mix 13)3:212008
05642Cure, TheThe Walk3:291983
05643Cure, TheThe Walk (Live)3:331993
05644Cure, TheWhy Can't I Be You?3:141987
05645Cure, TheWrong Number (Single Mix)6:011997
05646Curiosity Killed the CatDown to Earth3:511987
05647Curiosity Killed the CatMisfit4:021987
05648Curtis LeePretty Little Angel Eyes2:421961
05649Curtis StigersI Wonder Why4:251992
05650CustardGirls Like That (Don't Go for Guys Like Us)3:121998
05651CustardHit Song2:221999
05652CustardMusic is Crap2:591998
05653CustardThe New Matthew3:111999
05654Custom KingsNumber 13:012006
05655Custom KingsSwimming in the Darkness4:122006
05656Cut 'N' MoveGive it Up4:191993
05657Cut 'N' MovePeace, Love & Harmony (Radio Edit)3:461994
05658Cut 'N' MoveSunshine (Radio Edit)3:381994
05659Cut CopyHearts on Fire (Radio Version)3:382008
05660Cut CopyLights & Music (Album Version)4:582008
05661Cutting Crew(I Just) Died in Your Arms4:331986
05662Cutting CrewOne for the Mocking-Bird4:201987
05663Cyndi LauperAll Through the Night4:291984
05664Cyndi LauperChange of Heart3:581986
05665Cyndi LauperGirls Just Want to Have Fun3:551984
05666Cyndi LauperHey Now (Girls Just Want to Have Fun)3:511994
05667Cyndi LauperHole in My Heart (All the Way to China)3:591988
05668Cyndi LauperI Drove All Night4:111989
05669Cyndi LauperInto the Nightlife4:002008
05670Cyndi LauperMoney Changes Everything5:011985
05671Cyndi LauperMy First Night Without You (Edited Remix)3:001989
05672Cyndi LauperShe Bop3:431984
05673Cyndi LauperThe Goonies 'R' Good Enough3:371985
05674Cyndi LauperTime After Time4:001984
05675Cyndi LauperTrue Colors3:471986
05676Cyndi LauperWhat's Going On3:501987
05677Cyndi LauperYou Don't Know (TM's Single Remix)4:191997
05678Cypress HillI Ain't Goin' Out Like That (LP Version)4:291994
05679Cypress HillInsane in the Brain (LP Version)3:311993
05680Cypress HillLowrider (Radio Edit)4:352001
05681Cypress HillTequila Sunrise (Radio Edit)3:571998
05682Cypress HillThrow Your Set in the Air (Album Version)3:281995
05683Cypress HillWhat's Your Number?3:512004
05684Cypress HillWhen the Sh-- Goes Down3:081994
05685CyrilStumblin' In3:332024
05686Cyrkle, TheRed Rubber Ball2:171966
05687Cyrus VillanuevaKeep Talking3:242016
05688Cyrus VillanuevaStone3:312015
05689D at SeaUnconscious3:052013
05690D MobPut Your Hands Together3:521990
05691D Mob feat. Gary HaismanWe Call it Acieed3:151989
05692D Mob intro. Cathy DennisC'mon and Get My Love3:521990
05693D Mob with Cathy DennisThat's the Way of the World4:021990
05694D-A-DBad Craziness3:171992
05695D-A-DGirl Nation3:391990
05697D-A-DSleeping My Day Away4:221990
05698D-Generation, TheFive in a Row4:091989
05699D-Generation, TheFive More in a Row4:051990
05700D:ReamShoot Me With Your Love (Loveland's 7" Pop'd Up Mix)3:521995
05701D:ReamTake Me Away (Brothers in Rhythm Radio Edit)3:361994
05702D:ReamThings Can Only Get Better (D:Reamix Edit)3:591994
05703D:ReamU R the Best Thing (Perfecto Radio Mix)4:021994
05704D. Kay & Epsilon feat. Stamina MCBarcelona (Radio Edit)3:302004
05705D.B.M. & T.Mr. President3:191970
05706D.D DumboSatan4:362016
05707D.D DumboWalrus3:102016
05708D.O.N.S. feat. TechnotronicPump Up the Jam (D.O.N.S. vs. Kurd Maverick Radio Mix)2:382005
05709D.R.A.M. feat. Lil YachtyBroccoli3:452016
05710D12Fight Music (Album Version)4:212001
05711D12How Come4:092004
05712D12My Band4:582004
05713D12Purple Pills5:042001
05714D12Shit on You (Street Version)5:292001
05715D4LLaffy Taffy (Explicit Version)3:432006
05716D4vdFeel It2:372024
05717D4vdHere With Me4:002023
05718D4vdRomantic Homicide2:122022
05719Da FlavaDo That to Me One More Time (Sweetbox Radio Remix)3:081997
05720Da HoolBora Bora (Radio Edit)3:221998
05721Da HoolMeet Her at the Love Parade (Radio Edit)3:311997
05722Da MuttzWassuup! (Radio Edit)3:102001
05724DaBabyFind My Way2:192020
05726DaBaby feat. Roddy RicchRockstar3:012020
05727Daddy CoolBom Bom2:341971
05728Daddy CoolCome Back Again3:311971
05729Daddy CoolEagle Rock4:081971
05730Daddy CoolFlip2:251971
05731Daddy CoolHi Honey Ho!3:381971
05732Daddy CoolI'll Never Smile Again4:181972
05733Daddy CoolJust as Long as We're Together2:311971
05734Daddy CoolLollipop1:441971
05735Daddy CoolTeenage Blues3:371972
05736Daddy CoolThe Ballad of Oz3:041994
05737Daddy CoolThree O'Clock Thrill2:281971
05738Daddy DewdropChick-A-Boom (Don't Ya Jes' Love It)2:521971
05739Daddy DJDaddy DJ (Chico & Tonio Radio Edit)3:362001
05740Daddy YankeeGasolina (Album Version)3:122006
05741Daddy YankeeImpacto3:052007
05742Daddy's FavouriteI Feel Good Things for You (Radio Edit)2:561999
05743Daft PunkAerodynamic3:442001
05744Daft PunkAround the World (Radio Edit)3:581997
05745Daft PunkDa Funk (Radio Edit)3:471997
05746Daft PunkDerezzed1:442010
05747Daft PunkDigital Love (Radio Edit)3:582001
05748Daft PunkHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Alive 2007)3:302007
05749Daft PunkOne More Time (Short Radio Edit)3:542000
05750Daft PunkTechnologic (Radio Edit)2:462005
05751Daft Punk feat. Pharrell WilliamsGet Lucky (Radio Edit)4:072013
05752Daft Punk feat. Pharrell WilliamsLose Yourself to Dance (Radio Edit)4:092013
05753Daisy CloverTell Me2:261969
05754Daisy DeeCrazy 96 (7" Wicked Mix)3:291996
05755Dakota MoonAnother Day Goes By (Album Version)3:351998
05756Dakotas, TheThe Cruel Sea2:151963
05757Dale & GraceI'm Leaving it Up to You2:041963
05758Dale Wayne and The WanderersJuke Box Bop2:131960
05759Dallas CraneDirty Hearts2:292004
05760Dallas CraneLadybird2:312003
05761Dalton BrothersArabian Nights3:141980
05763DamageLove II Love4:031998
05764DamageWonderful Tonight3:451997
05765Dami ImAlive3:562013
05766Dami ImCrying Underwater3:392019
05767Dami ImFighting for Love3:332016
05768Dami ImGladiator3:402014
05769Dami ImHeart Beats Again3:512014
05770Dami ImPaper Dragon3:042020
05771Dami ImPray3:532021
05772Dami ImSmile3:032015
05773Dami ImSound of Silence3:152016
05774Dami ImSuper Love3:232014
05775Dami Im, Jessica Mauboy, Justice Crew, Nathaniel Willemse, Samantha Jade & Taylor HendersonI Am Australian3:352014
05776Damien Leith22 Steps3:342007
05777Damien LeithCome to Me4:352006
05778Damien LeithForgive Forget3:312010
05779Damien LeithNight of My Life3:352006
05780Damien RiceThe Blower's Daughter4:442001
05781Damita JoI'll Be There2:451961
05782Damita JoI'll Save the Last Dance for You2:101960
05783Damn YankeesHigh Enough (Single Version)4:161991
05784Damned, TheEloise5:081986
05785Damned, TheIs it a Dream3:211985
05786Damon Boyd vs. Mondo RockThe First Time (Original Radio Edit)3:152004
05787Dan + ShayGlad You Exist2:242021
05788Dan + ShayI Should Probably Go to Bed2:502020
05789Dan + ShayTequila3:162019
05790Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber10,000 Hours2:472019
05791Dan and PhilThe Internet is Here4:242016
05792Dan BairdI Love You Period4:241993
05793Dan BalanChica Bomb3:312010
05794Dan FogelbergLeader of the Band4:181982
05795Dan FogelbergLonger3:151980
05796Dan FogelbergMissing You4:051983
05797Dan HartmanI Can Dream About You4:081984
05798Dan HartmanInstant Replay3:251979
05799Dan HillIt's a Long Road3:251983
05800Dan HillNever Thought (That I Could Love) (Single Remix Version)3:331988
05801Dan HillSometimes When We Touch4:041978
05802Dan Hill with Vonda ShepardCan't We Try3:591987
05803Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius PipThou Shalt Always Kill (Radio Edit)3:152007
05804Dan SealsBop3:461986
05805DanaAll Kinds of Everything3:011970
05807DanaPlease Tell Him That I Said Hello3:161975
05808DanaWho Put the Lights Out3:121971
05809Dana Dawson3 is Family3:371995
05810Dana DawsonGot to Give Me Love4:111996
05811Dana InternationalDiva (English Radio Version)3:001998
05812Dance Into the BeatWham Collection (Extended 'Tropicana' Version II)10:041996
05813Dance Like a MotherYou Ain't So Tough4:031987
05814Dandy LivingstoneSuzanne, Beware of the Devil2:331973
05815Dandy Warhols, TheBohemian Like You3:272000
05816Dandy Warhols, TheNot if You Were the Last Junkie on Earth3:101998
05817Dandy Warhols, TheWe Used to Be Friends3:192003
05818Dandy Warhols, TheYou Were the Last High4:462003
05819Dane RumbleAlways Be Here3:442010
05820Daniel AmalmClassical Gas3:301996
05821Daniel AmalmHoney Dip (Radio Version)3:491997
05822Daniel BedingfieldBlown it Again3:172003
05823Daniel BedingfieldFriday3:272003
05824Daniel BedingfieldGotta Get Thru This (Radio Edit)2:442002
05825Daniel BedingfieldIf You're Not the One (Metro Mix Edit)3:552003
05826Daniel BedingfieldIf You're Not the One (Radio Edit)4:052003
05827Daniel BedingfieldJames Dean (I Wanna Know)3:392002
05828Daniel BedingfieldNever Gonna Leave Your Side (Album Version)3:572003
05829Daniel BooneBeautiful Sunday2:591972
05830Daniel BooneSkydiver3:011973
05831Daniel JohnsAerial Love3:342015
05832Daniel JohnsCool on Fire3:322015
05833Daniel McGahanTo Change This World (A Tribute to Steve Irwin)2:522006
05834Daniel MerriweatherRed3:532009
05835Daniel MerriweatherShe's Got Me3:442004
05836Daniel Merriweather feat. SaigonCity Rules (Radio Edit)3:582004
05837Daniel Merriweather feat. WaleChange3:202009
05838Daniel O'DonnellCrush on You3:142006
05839Daniel O'DonnellGive a Little Love4:061998
05840Daniel O'DonnellSave the Last Dance for Me3:171997
05841Daniel PowterBad Day3:532005
05842Daniel PowterFree Loop3:482005
05843Daniela AndradeCrazy4:022014
05844DanielleTell Me if You Like It3:272002
05845DanielleUnderneath the Radar3:282006
05846Danielle SpencerBlast Off3:562001
05847Danity KaneDamaged4:042008
05848DanniiAll I Wanna Do4:281997
05849DanniiBaby Love3:441992
05852DanniiEverlasting Night (Radio Edit)4:101999
05853DanniiEverything I Wanted (Radio Edit)3:441997
05854DanniiGet Into You (Original 7" Radio Edit)3:401994
05855DanniiI Don't Wanna Take This Pain (UK 7" Version)3:231990
05856DanniiJump to the Beat3:371991
05857DanniiLove and Kisses3:431990
05859DanniiThis is It3:391993
05860DanniiThis is the Way (7 Inch Edit)4:021993
05861Dannii MinogueDon't Wanna Lose This Feeling (Radio Version)3:332003
05862Dannii MinogueGalaxy3:582017
05863Dannii MinogueHe's the Greatest Dancer (LMC Edit)3:032007
05864Dannii MinogueI Begin to Wonder (Radio Version)3:282003
05865Dannii MinoguePut the Needle on It3:232002
05866Dannii MinogueSo Under Pressure (Radio Edit)3:212006
05867Dannii MinogueWe Could Be the One3:222023
05868Dannii Minogue & Soul SeekerzPerfection (Radio Edit)3:272006
05869Dannii Minogue vs. Dead or AliveBegin to Spin Me Round (Radio Edit)3:142003
05870Dannii Minogue vs. Flower PowerYou Won't Forget About Me (Vocal Radio Edit)3:412004
05871Danny Avila & The Vamps feat. Machine Gun KellyToo Good to Be True3:312018
05872Danny KayeThank You2:141949
05873Danny WildeTime Runs Wild (Single Edit)3:361988
05874Danny WilliamsMore3:011963
05875Danny WilsonMary's Prayer3:471987
05876Dante and The EvergreensAlley-Oop2:511960
05877Dante Thomas feat. PrasMiss California (Radio Version with Rap)4:072001
05878Danyel GerardButterfly3:251971
05879DanzelPump it Up! (Radio Edit)3:442004
05880Daphne & CelesteOoh Stick You3:301999
05881Daphne & CelesteSchool's Out!3:222000
05882Daphne & CelesteU.G.L.Y. (Radio Edit)3:222000
05883Dappy feat. Brian MayRockstar3:372012
05884Dario GCarnaval De Paris (Radio Mix)3:581998
05885Dario GDream to Me3:082001
05886Dario GSunchyme (Radio Edit)3:531997
05888Darius RuckerWagon Wheel4:572013
05889Darkness, TheChristmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End)3:302004
05890Darkness, TheGrowing on Me3:282004
05891Darkness, TheI Believe in a Thing Called Love (Single Version)3:362004
05892Darkness, TheIs it Just Me?3:052006
05893Darkness, TheLove is Only a Feeling4:182004
05894Darkness, TheOne Way Ticket3:382005
05895Darlene Love(Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry2:461963
05896Darlene LoveChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)2:461963
05897Darren HayesA Conversation With God5:082007
05898Darren HayesAngel4:192011
05899Darren HayesBlack Out the Sun4:102011
05900Darren HayesBlack Out the Sun (7th Heaven Radio Edit)4:142011
05901Darren HayesBloodstained Heart3:512011
05902Darren HayesBombs Up in My Face3:352007
05903Darren HayesCalifornia6:002005
05904Darren HayesCan't Help Falling in Love2:162002
05905Darren HayesCasey6:262007
05906Darren HayesCreepin' Up on You4:532002
05907Darren HayesCrush (1980 Me)4:002002
05908Darren HayesCrush (1980 Me) (Crush on Holiday Mix)4:212002
05909Darren HayesDarkness5:172004
05910Darren HayesDirty4:452002
05911Darren HayesDublin Sky4:342004
05912Darren HayesEgo4:302004
05913Darren HayesEvery Little Thing (Demo)3:312007
05914Darren HayesFallen Angel4:092007
05915Darren HayesFeel4:022004
05916Darren HayesHeart Attack5:012002
05917Darren HayesHero4:262004
05918Darren HayesHow to Build a Time Machine5:512007
05919Darren HayesI Just Want You to Love Me4:002007
05920Darren HayesI Like the Way5:042004
05921Darren HayesI Miss You5:302003
05922Darren HayesI Miss You (Dallas Austin Mix)4:112003
05923Darren HayesIn Your Eyes4:472002
05924Darren HayesInsatiable5:102002
05925Darren HayesInsatiable (Metro Boys Remix)4:012002
05926Darren HayesLast Christmas4:451999
05927Darren HayesLet's Go (Demo)3:452007
05928Darren HayesLight4:542004
05929Darren HayesListen All You People5:002007
05930Darren HayesLove and Attraction4:042004
05931Darren HayesLove is in Everything4:122007
05932Darren HayesLucky Town3:502007
05933Darren HayesMaybe4:152007
05934Darren HayesMe, Myself and (I)4:052007
05935Darren HayesMe, Myself and (I) (7th Heaven Radio Mix)3:452007
05936Darren HayesNeverland4:032007
05937Darren HayesOn the Verge of Something Wonderful4:022007
05938Darren HayesOn the Verge of Something Wonderful (Wayne G & Andy Allder's Totally 80's Mix Edit)4:372007
05939Darren HayesPop!ular (Jason Nevins Radio Edit)3:452004
05940Darren HayesPop!ular (Radio Edit)3:412004
05941Darren HayesRandom Blinking Light4:512004
05942Darren HayesRide (Original Demo Recording)4:462002
05943Darren HayesRight Dead Back on It (Original Demo Recording)3:472002
05944Darren HayesSense of Humor4:472004
05945Darren HayesSetting Sun4:122007
05946Darren HayesSing to Me4:562007
05947Darren HayesSlow Down (Demo)4:192007
05948Darren HayesSo Bad (Original Demo Recording)4:062002
05949Darren HayesSo Beautiful (Short Edit)3:522005
05950Darren HayesSomething in the Sky3:562005
05951Darren HayesSpin4:222002
05952Darren HayesStep Into the Light4:572007
05953Darren HayesStrange Magic3:502004
05954Darren HayesStrange Relationship (Radio Edit)3:582002
05955Darren HayesStupid Mistake4:382012
05956Darren HayesTalk Talk Talk3:392011
05957Darren HayesThe Future Holds a Lion's Heart4:012007
05958Darren HayesThe Great Big Disconnect4:152007
05959Darren HayesThe Heart Wants What it Wants4:562002
05960Darren HayesThe Only One3:422007
05961Darren HayesThe Only One (Demo)2:582007
05962Darren HayesThe Sun is Always Blinding Me4:242007
05963Darren HayesTouch4:362004
05964Darren HayesUnlovable5:222004
05965Darren HayesVoid3:202004
05966Darren HayesWaking the Monster4:082007
05967Darren HayesWalk Away4:462007
05968Darren HayesWhere You Want to Be (Original Demo Recording)6:112003
05969Darren HayesWho Would Have Thought4:312007
05970Darren Hayes & Olivia Newton-JohnLift Me Up3:592002
05971Darryl BowenAlex (Day By Day)4:462014
05972Darryl CottonHere Comes Another Heartache2:401980
05973Darryl CottonLittle Red Book3:011981
05974Darryl CottonSame Old Girl3:511980
05975Darryl CottonWhy Do Little Kids Have to Die2:341972
05976Darryl StewartA Man Called Peter3:141955
05977Darryl StewartI Watch the Surf2:261963
05978DarudeFeel the Beat (Radio Edit)3:182000
05979DarudeOut of Control (Back for More) (Radio Edit)3:352001
05980DarudeSandstorm (Radio Edit)2:542000
05981Daryl BraithwaiteAll I Do4:051988
05982Daryl BraithwaiteAs the Days Go By3:571988
05983Daryl BraithwaiteBarren Ground5:121994
05984Daryl BraithwaiteCavalry3:331975
05985Daryl BraithwaiteDon't Hold Back Your Love5:071991
05986Daryl BraithwaiteFly Away3:241977
05987Daryl BraithwaiteHigher Than Hope (Radio Edit)4:251991
05988Daryl BraithwaiteHow Can I Be Sure3:331994
05989Daryl BraithwaiteIf You Walked Away3:481978
05990Daryl BraithwaiteLet Me Be5:351989
05991Daryl BraithwaiteLove Has No Pride3:191977
05992Daryl BraithwaiteLove Songs3:152020
05993Daryl BraithwaiteNothing to Lose4:081992
05994Daryl BraithwaiteOld Sid3:231976
05995Daryl BraithwaiteOne Summer3:421989
05996Daryl BraithwaiteRise3:551990
05997Daryl BraithwaiteSugar Train3:411989
05998Daryl BraithwaiteThe Horses4:141991
05999Daryl BraithwaiteThe World as it Is3:511993
06000Daryl BraithwaiteYou're My World3:061974
06001Daryl HallDreamtime4:431986
06002Daryl Hall & John OatesAdult Education3:571984
06003Daryl Hall & John OatesEverything Your Heart Desires4:211988
06004Daryl Hall & John OatesFamily Man3:251983
06005Daryl Hall & John OatesHow Does it Feel to Be Back4:341980
06006Daryl Hall & John OatesI Can't Go for That (No Can Do)3:431982
06007Daryl Hall & John OatesJingle Bell Rock2:021983
06008Daryl Hall & John OatesKiss on My List3:481980
06009Daryl Hall & John OatesManeater4:341982
06010Daryl Hall & John OatesMethod of Modern Love3:461985
06011Daryl Hall & John OatesOne on One3:541983
06012Daryl Hall & John OatesOut of Touch3:531984
06013Daryl Hall & John OatesPrivate Eyes3:261981
06014Daryl Hall & John OatesRich Girl2:221977
06015Daryl Hall & John OatesSay it Isn't So4:011983
06016Daryl Hall & John OatesShe's Gone3:231976
06017Daryl Hall & John OatesWait for Me4:051980
06018Daryl Hall & John OatesYou Make My Dreams3:091981
06019Daryl Hall & John Oates feat. David Ruffin & Eddie KendricksThe Way You Do the Things You Do/My Girl (Live)4:361985
06021Dashboard ConfessionalVindicated3:212004
06022Datsuns, TheBlacken My Thumb2:462004
06024DaughtryIt's Not Over3:342007
06025DaughtryNo Surprise4:292009
06027Dave "Baby" CortezRinky Dink2:571962
06028Dave & Ansel CollinsDouble Barrel2:461971
06029Dave & Central CeeSprinter3:492023
06030Dave & Central CeeTrojan Horse4:082023
06031Dave & Central CeeUK Rap3:182023
06032Dave Allenby with AutumnShe Works in a Woman's Way3:091970
06033Dave and The DerrosNice Legs, Shame About the Face2:031979
06034Dave and The DerrosUp Your Nose With a Rubber Hose3:281980
06035Dave and The DynamosLife Begins at Forty3:451983
06036Dave BerryMy Baby Left Me2:031964
06037Dave BerryThe Crying Game2:421964
06038Dave Berry and The CruisersMemphis Tennessee2:271963
06039Dave BridgeThe Swan2:191963
06040Dave Bridge Quartet, TheSkip to My Lou1:561961
06041Dave Bridge Trio, TheBondi Stomp2:201963
06042Dave Bridge Trio, TheTrail Blazer2:061963
06043Dave Brubeck Quartet, TheTake Five2:531961
06044Dave Brubeck Quartet, TheUnsquare Dance2:001962
06045Dave Clark Five, TheAll of the Time2:141964
06046Dave Clark Five, TheAny Way You Want It2:291964
06047Dave Clark Five, TheAt the Scene1:531966
06048Dave Clark Five, TheBecause2:221964
06049Dave Clark Five, TheBits and Pieces2:001964
06050Dave Clark Five, TheCan't You See That She's Mine2:231964
06051Dave Clark Five, TheCatch Us if You Can1:561965
06052Dave Clark Five, TheCome Home2:471965
06053Dave Clark Five, TheGlad All Over2:441964
06054Dave Clark Five, TheI Like it Like That1:381965
06055Dave Clark Five, TheOver and Over2:011965
06056Dave Clark Five, ThePut a Little Love in Your Heart2:561969
06057Dave Clark Five, TheReelin' and Rockin'2:471965
06058Dave Clark Five, TheThinking of You Baby2:301964
06059Dave Clark Five, TheYou Got What it Takes2:571967
06060Dave DaviesDeath of a Clown3:091967
06061Dave DeeMy Woman's Man3:241970
06062Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichBend It2:321966
06063Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichDon Juan3:101969
06064Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichHideaway2:221966
06065Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichHold Tight!2:441966
06066Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichLast Night in Soho3:191968
06067Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichOkay!2:371967
06068Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichSave Me3:191967
06069Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichSnake in the Grass3:071969
06070Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichThe Legend of Xanadu3:351968
06071Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichTouch Me, Touch Me2:341967
06072Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichZabadak!3:431967
06073Dave DobbynLove You Like I Should3:321988
06074Dave DobbynLoyal4:371988
06075Dave DobbynYou Oughta Be in Love3:421987
06076Dave Dobbyn with HerbsSlice of Heaven (Radio Edit)4:151987
06077Dave DudleyCowboy Boots2:061963
06078Dave DudleySix Days on the Road2:111963
06079Dave EdmundsBaby I Love You3:281973
06080Dave EdmundsBorn to Be With You3:281973
06081Dave EdmundsGirls Talk3:251979
06082Dave EdmundsI Hear You Knocking2:471971
06083Dave EdmundsQueen of Hearts3:171979
06084Dave EdmundsSinging the Blues2:581980
06085Dave EdmundsThe Promised Land2:391972
06086Dave Evans & Thunder Down UnderHot Nights4:011986
06087Dave feat. StormzyClash4:102021
06088Dave Graney 'n' The Coral SnakesFeelin' Kinda Sporty3:071997
06089Dave Graney 'n' The Coral SnakesI'm Gonna Release Your Soul3:491994
06090Dave GrohlPlay22:362018
06091Dave Koz feat. Joey DiggsNothing But the Radio On4:301992
06092Dave LogginsPlease Come to Boston4:071974
06093Dave Matthews BandThe Space Between (Remix)3:342001
06094Dave Matthews BandToo Much (Edit)3:521996
06095Dave Miller Set, TheMr. Guy Fawkes4:211969
06096Dave MillsLove is a Beautiful Song3:151971
06097Dave Spoon feat. Lisa MaffiaBad Girl (At Night) (Radio Edit)3:012007
06098Dave StewartWhat Becomes of the Broken Hearted3:551981
06099Dave Stewart and The Spiritual CowboysJack Talking4:191990
06100Dave Stewart with Barbara GaskinIt's My Party3:451981
06101Dave WarnerKookaburra Girl2:361981
06102Dave Warner's From the SuburbsSuburban Boy2:461978
06103David & DavidAin't So Easy4:011987
06104David & DavidSwallowed By the Cracks4:161987
06105David & DavidWelcome to the Boomtown5:291986
06106David & JonathanLovers of the World Unite2:311966
06107David & JonathanMichelle2:531966
06108David & JonathanSoftly Whispering I Love You3:101968
06109David A. Stewart feat. Candy DulferLily Was Here4:221990
06110David BowieAbsolute Beginners5:371986
06111David BowieAshes to Ashes4:211980
06112David BowieBlue Jean3:091984
06113David BowieBoys Keep Swinging3:181979
06114David BowieCat People (Putting Out Fire)5:091982
06115David BowieChanges3:331972
06116David BowieChina Girl4:141983
06117David BowieD.J.3:251979
06118David BowieDay-In Day-Out (Single Version)4:111987
06119David BowieDiamond Dogs3:001974
06120David BowieFame 90 (Gass Mix)3:381990
06121David BowieFashion (Single Version)3:251980
06122David BowieGolden Years3:571976
06123David BowieHallo Spaceboy (Remix)4:241996
06124David BowieHeroes3:351977
06125David BowieJump They Say3:501993
06126David BowieKnock on Wood3:021974
06127David BowieLazarus6:222016
06128David BowieLet's Dance4:071983
06129David BowieLife on Mars?3:501973
06130David BowieLittle Wonder (Edit)3:401997
06131David BowieLoving the Alien (Re-Mixed Version)4:421985
06132David BowieModern Love3:551983
06133David BowieNever Let Me Down3:591987
06134David BowieRebel Rebel4:281974
06135David BowieSorrow2:531973
06136David BowieSound and Vision3:021977
06137David BowieSpace Oddity5:121969
06138David BowieStarman4:131972
06139David BowieThe Jean Genie4:081973
06140David BowieThe Laughing Gnome2:581974
06141David BowieTonight3:421984
06142David BowieUnderground (Single Version)4:261986
06143David BowieWhere Are We Now?4:082013
06144David BowieYoung Americans (Single Version)3:121975
06145David Bowie & Pat Metheny GroupThis is Not America3:511985
06146David Bowie and Mick JaggerDancing in the Street3:141985
06147David Bowie feat. Al B. Sure!Black Tie White Noise (Radio Edit)4:091993
06148David CampbellEnd of the World (Album Version)4:092005
06149David CampbellHope3:112003
06150David CampbellWhen She's Gone3:332003
06151David Campbell feat. Jimmy BarnesYou've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'4:012008
06152David CassidyCherish3:461971
06153David CassidyCould it Be Forever2:171972
06154David CassidyDaydreamer2:461973
06155David CassidyGet it Up for Love3:191975
06156David CassidyHow Can I Be Sure3:051972
06157David CassidyIf I Didn't Care3:031974
06158David CassidyPlease Please Me2:131974
06159David CassidyRock Me Baby3:231972
06160David CassidyThe Last Kiss4:351985
06161David CassidyThe Puppy Song2:441973
06162David Crosby & Graham NashImmigration Man2:581972
06163David Dixon and The Australian Cast of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"Joseph Mega-Mix (Single Version)4:071993
06164David DundasAnother Funny Honeymoon2:521977
06165David DundasJeans On3:161976
06166David EssexA Winter's Tale4:131983
06167David EssexCity Lights6:541976
06168David EssexGonna Make You a Star3:331975
06169David EssexHold Me Close3:501975
06170David EssexHot Love3:361980
06171David EssexIf I Could3:561976
06172David EssexLamplight2:521974
06173David EssexMyfanwy4:131987
06174David EssexOh What a Circus3:551978
06175David EssexRock On3:221973
06176David FosterLove Theme from "St. Elmo's Fire"3:291985
06177David FranjGod Only Knows3:422003
06178David FranjNever Be Amazing4:342002
06179David FranjOxygen3:542002
06180David FrizzellI'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home3:571983
06181David GarrickDear Mrs. Applebee2:111966
06182David GarrickLady Jane3:051966
06183David GatesGoodbye Girl2:451978
06184David GrayBabylon (Radio Mix One)3:302001
06185David GrayThe One I Love3:272005
06186David GuettaGet Together2:412021
06187David Guetta & Afrojack feat. Charli XCX & French MontanaDirty Sexy Money2:522017
06188David Guetta & Bebe RexhaI'm Good (Blue)2:552022
06189David Guetta & Chris Willis feat. Fergie & LMFAOGettin' Over You3:062010
06190David Guetta & Glowinthedark feat. HarrisonAin't a Party (Radio Edit)3:142013
06191David Guetta & Kim PetrasWhen We Were Young (The Logical Song)2:272023
06192David Guetta & Morten feat. Aloe BlaccNever Be Alone2:572019
06193David Guetta & ShowtekYour Love3:052018
06194David Guetta & Showtek feat. VassyBad (Radio Edit)2:502014
06195David Guetta & SiaFlames3:152018
06196David Guetta & SiaLet's Love3:202020
06197David Guetta feat. AkonCrank it Up3:122011
06198David Guetta feat. AkonSexy Bitch3:142009
06199David Guetta feat. Anne-MarieDon't Leave Me Alone3:032018
06200David Guetta feat. Chris Brown & Lil WayneI Can Only Imagine3:292011
06201David Guetta feat. Emeli SandeWhat I Did for Love3:262015
06202David Guetta feat. EstelleOne Love3:592009
06203David Guetta feat. FaouziaBattle2:442018
06204David Guetta feat. Flo Rida and Nicki MinajWhere Them Girls At3:292011
06205David Guetta feat. Jennifer HudsonNight of Your Life3:422011
06206David Guetta feat. Justin Bieber2U3:152017
06207David Guetta feat. Kelly RowlandWhen Love Takes Over3:092009
06208David Guetta feat. Kid CudiMemories3:292009
06209David Guetta feat. Ne-Yo & AkonPlay Hard3:212012
06210David Guetta feat. Ne-Yo & AkonPlay Hard (Albert Neve Remix)6:522013
06211David Guetta feat. Nicki MinajTurn Me On3:192011
06212David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj & AfrojackHey Mama3:122015
06213David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj & Lil WayneLight My Body Up3:432017
06214David Guetta feat. RihannaWho's That Chick?3:192010
06215David Guetta feat. Sam MartinDangerous3:232014
06216David Guetta feat. Sam MartinLovers on the Sun3:232014
06217David Guetta feat. SiaShe Wolf (Falling to Pieces)3:422012
06218David Guetta feat. SiaTitanium4:042011
06219David Guetta feat. Sia & Fetty WapBang My Head3:122015
06220David Guetta feat. Skylar GreyShot Me Down3:112014
06221David Guetta feat. Taio Cruz & LudacrisLittle Bad Girl3:112011
06222David Guetta feat. Taped RaiJust One Last Time3:472013
06223David Guetta feat. UsherWithout You3:282011
06224David Guetta feat. & the Dancefloor3:442009
06225David Guetta feat. Zara LarssonThis One's for You3:272016
06226David Guetta vs. The EggLove Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away) (Joachim Garraud Radio Edit)3:142006
06227David Guetta, Anne-Marie & Coi LerayBaby Don't Hurt Me2:192023
06228David Guetta, Bebe Rexha & J BalvinSay My Name3:192018
06229David Guetta, Becky Hill & Ella HendersonCrazy What Love Can Do2:492022
06230David Guetta, Brooks & LooteBetter When You're Gone3:122019
06231David Guetta, Martin Garrix & BrooksLike I Do3:222018
06232David HasselhoffJump in My Car2:572006
06233David KnopflerSoul Kissing4:381984
06234David KushnerDaylight3:312023
06235David KushnerMiserable Man3:522022
06236David KushnerMr. Forgettable3:072022
06237David KushnerSkin and Bones3:342024
06238David Lee RothA Lil' Ain't Enough4:411991
06239David Lee RothCalifornia Girls2:491985
06240David Lee RothDamn Good5:471988
06241David Lee RothJust a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody (Medley)4:401985
06242David Lee RothJust Like Paradise4:031988
06243David Lee RothYankee Rose3:511986
06244David MacbethMr. Blue2:381960
06245David McWilliamsDays of Pearly Spencer2:331968
06246David MeeceSeventy Times Seven4:281986
06247David Morales pres. The Face feat. Juliet RobertsNeedin' U (I Needed U) (Radio Edit)3:202001
06248David MorrisDutton Ranch Freestyle2:232022
06249David NaughtonMakin' It3:141979
06250David RoseBonanza1:371961
06251David RoseThe Stripper1:541962
06252David SoulDon't Give Up on Us3:351977
06253David SoulGoing in With My Eyes Open3:591977
06254David SoulSilver Lady3:411977
06255David Sylvian & Ryuichi SakamotoForbidden Colours4:411983
06256David Sylvian & Ryuichi SakamotoHeartbeat (Tainai Kaiki II - Returning to the Womb)5:161992
06257David Whitfield with MantovaniCara Mia3:091954
06258David ZowieHouse Every Weekend (Radio Edit)3:022015
06259Davy JonesDream Girl2:191967
06260Davy JonesMaybe it's Because I'm a Londoner2:041967
06261Davy JonesTheme for a New Love (I Saw You Only Once)2:161967
06264DawnKnock Three Times2:591971
06265DawnWhat Are You Doing Sunday2:311971
06266Dawn PennYou Don't Love Me (No, No, No) (Original Radio Mix)3:191994
06267Dawn RobinsonEnvious (LP Version)3:462002
06268Day CostelloThe Long and Winding Road3:371970
06269Day to Remember, AParanoia3:212016
06271DayaHide Away3:112016
06272Days of the NewShelf in the Room4:431998
06273Days of the NewTouch, Peel and Stand4:561998
06274Dazz BandLet it Whip4:261982
06275DB BoulevardPoint of View (Radio Edit)3:502002
06276DD SmashWhaling3:401984
06277De Kroo Brothers, The(And Her Name Is) Scarlet2:271963
06278De Kroo Brothers, TheIt Never Came True2:181963
06279De La SoulA Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays" (Disco Fever Edit)4:031991
06280De La SoulBreakadawn (Vocal Version)4:141993
06281De La SoulEye Know (7" Version)4:031990
06282De La SoulRing Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)4:061991
06283De La Soul feat. Chaka KhanAll Good? (Radio Edit)3:582001
06284De La Soul feat. RedmanOooh (Original Version)3:332000
06285De MontClose to the Edge3:371989
06286De MontI Want Your Body3:261989
06287Deacon BlueDignity3:591987
06288Deacon BlueFergus Sings the Blues3:511989
06289Deacon BlueReal Gone Kid4:021989
06290Deacon BlueWages Day3:091989
06291Dead End KidsHave I the Right3:121977
06292Dead Letter CircusNext in Line3:232008
06293Dead or AliveBrand New Lover (Edit)3:331986
06294Dead or AliveCome Home With Me Baby (7" Version)3:501989
06295Dead or AliveHooked on Love4:111987
06296Dead or AliveI'll Save You All My Kisses (Remix)3:281987
06297Dead or AliveIn Too Deep (7" Remix)3:501985
06298Dead or AliveLover Come Back to Me3:061985
06299Dead or AliveMy Heart Goes Bang (Get Me to the Doctor) (7" Version)3:121985
06300Dead or AliveSex Drive (Radio Edit)4:211997
06301Dead or AliveSomething in My House3:491987
06302Dead or AliveThat's the Way (I Like It) (7" Version)3:081984
06303Dead or AliveTurn Around and Count 2 Ten (Single Version)4:511988
06304Dead or AliveYou Spin Me Round (Like a Record) '96 (Sugar Pumpers Radio Mix)3:381996
06305Dead or AliveYou Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (Original 7" Mix)3:141985
06306Dead or AliveYou Spin Me Round (Like a Record) 2003 (Metro 7" Edit)3:442003
06307Deadmau5Phantoms Can't Hang9:152014
06308Deadmau5 feat. Colleen D'AgostinoSeeya (Radio Edit)2:562014
06309DeadstarDeeper Water4:121999
06310DeadstarRun Baby Run3:281999
06311Dean FriedmanLucky Stars4:021979
06312Dean FriedmanMcDonalds Girl3:541982
06313Dean GeyerIf You Don't Mean It3:112007
06314Dean Geyer & Caitlin StaseyUnforgettable3:152008
06315Dean Lewis7 Minutes3:302019
06316Dean LewisBe Alright3:162018
06317Dean LewisFalling Up3:242020
06318Dean LewisHalf a Man2:582020
06319Dean LewisHow Do I Say Goodbye2:412022
06320Dean LewisHurtless2:592022
06321Dean LewisLooks Like Me3:092021
06322Dean LewisLose My Mind3:212017
06323Dean LewisLose My Mind (Acoustic)3:132017
06324Dean LewisStay Awake3:052019
06325Dean LewisTrust Me Mate2:572023
06326Dean LewisWaves4:012016
06327Dean Martin(Open Up the Door) Let the Good Times In3:181967
06328Dean Martin(Remember Me) I'm the One Who Loves You2:251965
06329Dean MartinCome Running Back2:071966
06330Dean MartinEverybody Loves Somebody2:441964
06331Dean MartinGentle on My Mind2:431969
06332Dean MartinHouston2:411965
06333Dean MartinIn the Chapel in the Moonlight2:321967
06334Dean MartinIn the Misty Moonlight2:431967
06335Dean MartinLay Some Happiness on Me2:201967
06336Dean MartinLet it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!1:551959
06337Dean MartinLet Me Go, Lover2:591955
06338Dean MartinLittle Ole Wine Drinker, Me2:471967
06339Dean MartinMemories Are Made of This2:131956
06340Dean MartinNot Enough Indians3:171968
06341Dean MartinSend Me the Pillow You Dream On2:301965
06342Dean MartinSomewhere There's a Someone2:131966
06343Dean MartinThe Door is Still Open to My Heart2:521964
06344Dean MartinWallpaper Roses2:081967
06345Dean MartinYou Belong to Me3:011952
06346Dean MartinYou're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You1:561965
06347Dean MartinYou've Still Got a Place in My Heart2:471968
06348Dean Martin with Dick StabileThat's Amore3:051954
06349Dean MisdaleCelebration3:392023
06350Dean ParrishTell Her2:251966
06351Dean RandolphHow About That1:581963
06352Dean RayComing Back3:162014
06353Dear EnemyComputer One4:351983
06354Dear EnemyNew Hero3:391984
06355Dear EnemyStay4:131986
06356Dear EnemyThe Good Life4:221984
06357Death Cab for CutieCrooked Teeth3:232006
06358Death Cab for CutieMeet Me on the Equinox3:442009
06359Death in Vegas with Liam GallagherScorpio Rising (Radio Edit)4:102003
06360DeBargeRhythm of the Night3:531985
06361DeBargeWho's Holding Donna Now4:071985
06362Debbie ByrneDa Doo Ron Ron2:431974
06363Debbie ByrneHe's a Rebel2:281974
06364Debbie ByrneHeroes4:441986
06365Debbie Byrne and CompanyNature's Lament3:201989
06366Debbie Cameron & Tommy SeebachI See the Moon2:411982
06367Debbie GibsonAnything is Possible (Remix Edit)3:301990
06368Debbie GibsonElectric Youth4:551989
06369Debbie GibsonFoolish Beat4:221988
06370Debbie GibsonLost in Your Eyes3:331989
06371Debbie GibsonNo More Rhyme4:131989
06372Debbie GibsonOut of the Blue3:531988
06373Debbie GibsonShake Your Love3:381988
06374Debbie GibsonWe Could Be Together (Radio Mix)4:321989
06375Debbie HarryBackfired3:341981
06376Debbie HarryFrench Kissin' in the USA4:091986
06377Debbie HarryRush Rush3:371984
06378Debbie ReynoldsTammy3:071957
06379Debbie Reynolds and Carleton CarpenterAba Daba Honeymoon2:291951
06380Debbie StuartTalk Back Trembling Lips2:431963
06381Debby BooneYou Light Up My Life3:371977
06382Debelah MorganDance With Me (Album Version)3:392000
06383Debelah MorganI Remember (DarkChild Remix 01)3:522001
06384Deborah AllenBaby I Lied4:031984
06385Deborah BlandoInnocence4:131992
06386Deborah ConwayAlive and Brilliant4:021993
06387Deborah ConwayIt's Only the Beginning4:401991
06388Deborah ConwayRadio Loves This3:422000
06389Deborah ConwayRelease Me4:431992
06390Deborah ConwayToday I Am a Daisy3:341994
06391Deborah ConwayUnder My Skin3:341991
06392Deborah ConwayWhite Roses3:561992
06393Deborah CoxMr. Lonely (Hex/Mac Mix)4:042003
06394Deborah CoxNobody's Supposed to Be Here (Dance Radio Mix)4:141999
06395Deborah CoxSentimental (Original Radio Edit)4:251996
06396Deborah CoxWho Do U Love (Radio Edit)4:001996
06397Deborah HarryI Can See Clearly3:491993
06398Deborah HarryI Want That Man3:351989
06399Deborah HarryI Want That Man (Almighty Definitive Mix Radio Edit)4:032000
06400Deborah HarryKiss it Better4:171990
06401Deborah HarrySweet and Low (Single Remix Edit)4:201990
06402Deckchairs OverboardFight for Love3:171985
06403Deckchairs OverboardThat's the Way2:291983
06404Dee C. LeeCome Hell or Waters High4:061986
06405Dee C. LeeSee the Day4:361986
06406Dee ClarkRaindrops2:471961
06407Dee D. JacksonAutomatic Lover3:581978
06408Dee DeeForever (Radio Edit)3:552002
06409Dee Dee SharpDo the Bird2:091963
06410Dee Dee SharpMashed Potato Time2:301962
06411Dee Dee SharpRide!2:241962
06412Deee-LiteGroove is in the Heart3:531990
06413Deee-LitePower of Love (Turn Up the Radio Mix)3:591990
06414Deep Blue SomethingBreakfast at Tiffany's4:181996
06415Deep DishFlashdance (Radio Edit)3:132004
06416Deep Dish feat. Anousheh KhaliliSay Hello (Original Edit)3:062005
06417Deep Dish feat. MorelSacramento (Club Mix UK Radio Version)2:482006
06418Deep Dish feat. Stevie NicksDreams (Radio Edit)3:452006
06419Deep Dish with Everything But the GirlThe Future of the Future (Stay Gold) (Ben Watt Radio Edit)3:591998
06420Deep ForestDeep Forest (Radio Version)3:561993
06421Deep ForestSweet Lullaby3:531992
06422Deep PurpleBlack Night3:261971
06423Deep PurpleFireball3:231971
06424Deep PurpleHush4:211968
06425Deep PurpleKentucky Woman4:431968
06426Deep PurpleNever Before3:301972
06427Deep PurpleRiver Deep - Mountain High2:331969
06428Deep PurpleSmoke on the Water3:491973
06429Deep PurpleStrange Kind of Woman4:021971
06430Deep PurpleWhen a Blind Man Cries3:291972
06431Deep PurpleWoman From Tokyo2:461973
06432DeepfaceBeen Good (Ivan Gough and Grant Smillie Remix Radio Edit)4:202005
06433Def FXI'll Be Your Majick3:131996
06434Def FXMasses Like Asses3:441994
06435Def FXNo Time for Nowhere3:031993
06436Def FXPsychoactive Summer4:171995
06437Def FXSex Game Sucker3:231992
06438Def FXSpace Time Disco3:221993
06439Def FXSpell on You3:531996
06440Def FXWe Are Now3:101992
06441Def LeppardAnimal4:041987
06442Def LeppardArmageddon It (Radio Edit)4:121989
06443Def LeppardHave You Ever Needed Someone So Bad (Radio Edit)4:291992
06444Def LeppardHysteria (Radio Edit)3:481988
06445Def LeppardLet's Get Rocked4:551992
06446Def LeppardLove Bites5:461988
06447Def LeppardMake Love Like a Man4:151992
06448Def LeppardPour Some Sugar on Me (Radio Edit)4:231989
06449Def LeppardRock of Ages4:081983
06450Def LeppardRocket4:071989
06451Def LeppardSlang2:371996
06452Def LeppardStand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)4:291993
06453Def LeppardTwo Steps Behind4:181993
06454Def LeppardWhen Love & Hate Collide4:161995
06455Def LeppardWork it Out4:461996
06456DefaultDeny (Radio Edit)3:382002
06457DefaultWasting My Time (Radio Edit)3:552002
06458Definition of SoundNow is Tomorrow (7" Version)4:181991
06459Definition of SoundPass the Vibes (Original Mix)4:091996
06460Definition of SoundWear Your Love Like Heaven3:451991
06461DeFranco Family, TheHeartbeat - It's a Lovebeat3:081973
06462DefrymeGod Inside a Man3:371993
06463DefrymeMama Said Knock You Out3:221994
06464DefrymePure Killer4:031994
06467Dei HamoWe Gon Ride3:492005
06468Deja Vu feat. TasminDon't Speak (7" Mix)4:161997
06469Deja Vu feat. TasminMy Heart Will Go On (7" Definitive Mix)4:251998
06470Deja Vu feat. TasminUn-Break My Heart (7" Definitive Mix)4:111996
06471Deja Vu feat. TasminUninvited (7" Fired Up Mix)4:251998
06472DekkoI Will Always Love You (Radio Mix)4:321993
06473Del AmitriAlways the Last to Know (Single Mix)4:221992
06474Del AmitriBe My Downfall3:281992
06475Del AmitriJust Like a Man5:031993
06476Del AmitriKiss This Thing Goodbye4:341990
06477Del AmitriNothing Ever Happens3:521990
06478Del AmitriStone Cold Sober4:571990
06479Del Juliana(I Say) You're Driving Me Crazy1:461964
06480Del ShannonDo You Want to Dance2:151964
06481Del ShannonFrom Me to You1:521963
06482Del ShannonHandy Man2:131964
06483Del ShannonHats Off to Larry1:591961
06484Del ShannonHey! Little Girl2:271961
06485Del ShannonKeep Searchin' (We'll Follow the Sun)2:111964
06486Del ShannonLittle Town Flirt2:491963
06487Del ShannonRunaway2:181961
06488Del ShannonRunaway '673:441967
06489Del ShannonSo Long Baby1:571961
06490Del ShannonSue's Gotta Be Mine1:561963
06491Del ShannonThe Swiss Maid2:021962
06492Del ShannonTwo Kinds of Teardrops2:291963
06493Del ShannonTwo Silhouettes2:191963
06494Del ShannonWalk Away3:361989
06495Del Tha Funkee HomosapienMistadobalina (Radio Edit)3:591992
06496Delaney & BonnieOnly You Know and I Know3:261971
06497Delaney & Bonnie & FriendsNever Ending Song of Love2:401971
06498Delaney & Bonnie & Friends feat. Eric ClaptonComin' Home3:121970
06499DeleriumSilence (Radio Edit)4:051999
06500DeleriumSilence (Sanctuary Edit)4:171999
06501Delfonics, TheDidn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)3:191970
06502Della ReeseMore2:351963
06503Della ReeseNot One Minute More2:371960
06504Delltones, TheCome a Little Bit Closer2:201963
06505Delltones, TheGet a Little Dirt on Your Hands3:051962
06506Delltones, TheHangin' Five2:201963
06507Delltones, TheSitting in the Moonlight2:131963
06508Delltones, TheYou're the Limit2:171961
06509Delta GoodremA Little Too Late3:262005
06510Delta GoodremAll of My Friends3:102021
06511Delta GoodremBelieve Again (Radio Edit)4:102007
06512Delta GoodremBillionaire4:132021
06513Delta GoodremBlue Christmas3:212012
06514Delta GoodremBorn to Try4:112002
06515Delta GoodremDancing With a Broken Heart3:492012
06516Delta GoodremDear Life3:092016
06517Delta GoodremHappy Xmas (War is Over)4:332003
06518Delta GoodremHeart Hypnotic3:252013
06519Delta GoodremI Can't Break it to My Heart3:592008
06520Delta GoodremI Don't Care3:432001
06521Delta GoodremIn This Life3:452007
06522Delta GoodremInnocent Eyes3:522003
06523Delta GoodremKeep Climbing3:392020
06524Delta GoodremLet it Rain2:452020
06525Delta GoodremLost Without You4:072003
06526Delta GoodremLost Without You (Smash 'n' Grab Extended Mix Edit)5:032003
06527Delta GoodremLove Thy Will Be Done4:002014
06528Delta GoodremMistaken Identity3:592005
06529Delta GoodremNot Me, Not I4:232003
06530Delta GoodremOnly Human3:272015
06531Delta GoodremOnly Santa Knows3:042020
06532Delta GoodremOut of the Blue4:172004
06533Delta GoodremParalyzed4:172020
06534Delta GoodremPredictable3:372003
06535Delta GoodremSitting on Top of the World3:572012
06536Delta GoodremSolid Gold4:062020
06537Delta GoodremThe River (Miles Walker Mix)3:022016
06538Delta GoodremThink About You3:082018
06539Delta GoodremTogether We Are One4:132006
06540Delta GoodremWelcome to Earth3:542018
06541Delta GoodremWings3:262015
06542Delta GoodremWish You Were Here4:372012
06543Delta GoodremYou Will Only Break My Heart3:042008
06544Delta Goodrem & Brian McFaddenAlmost Here3:462005
06545Delta Goodrem feat. GizzleEnough4:282016
06546Dem Franchize Boyz feat. Peanut and CharlayLean Wit It, Rock Wit It3:472006
06547Demi LovatoAnyone3:462020
06548Demi LovatoConfident3:252015
06549Demi LovatoCool for the Summer3:342015
06550Demi LovatoDancing With the Devil4:042021
06551Demi LovatoHeart Attack3:302013
06552Demi LovatoI Love Me3:222020
06553Demi LovatoLa La Land3:152009
06554Demi LovatoLet it Go (Single Version)3:472014
06555Demi LovatoSkyscraper3:412011
06556Demi LovatoSober3:162018
06557Demi LovatoSorry Not Sorry3:222017
06558Demi LovatoStill Have Me3:212020
06559Demi Lovato & Joe JonasThis is Me3:092008
06560Demi Lovato feat. Ariana GrandeMet Him Last Night3:242021
06561Demi Lovato feat. Cher LloydReally Don't Care3:202013
06562Demis RoussosFollow Me4:361983
06563Demis RoussosForever and Ever3:391973
06564Demis RoussosHappy to Be on an Island in the Sun3:061976
06565Demis RoussosMy Friend the Wind3:511979
06566Demis RoussosWith You3:191975
06567Demon vs. HeartbreakerYou Are My High (Original Version)3:462001
06568Deni HinesFrenzy (Radio Edit)3:052001
06569Deni HinesI Like the Way3:511996
06570Deni HinesI'm Not in Love4:121996
06571Deni HinesImagination4:051996
06572Deni HinesIt's Alright3:441995
06573Deni HinesJoy (Radio Edit)3:531998
06574Deni HinesPull Up to the Bumper (The Leigh Brothers Radio Mix)3:332000
06575Deniece WilliamsFree2:501977
06576Deniece WilliamsLet's Hear it for the Boy4:201984
06577Denis LearyAsshole4:251994
06578Denise LaSalleMy Toot Toot3:171985
06579Dennis Day with The Ray Charles SingersMona Lisa3:131950
06580Dennis KnightEvery Breath I Take2:081967
06581Dennis LloydNevermind2:362018
06582Dennis WatermanI Could Be So Good for You3:131982
06583Dennis WilsonBobby and the Space Invaders3:041980
06584Denvermen, TheAvalon Stomp2:101963
06585Denvermen, TheBlue Mountains2:311963
06586Denvermen, TheHarbour Cruise2:311963
06587Denvermen, TheMystery Wave2:011963
06588Denvermen, TheNight Rider2:141963
06589Denvermen, TheSpanish Sands2:581963
06590Denvermen, TheStomp Fever2:191963
06591Denvermen, TheThe Sun-Seeker2:241963
06592DeodatoAlso Sprach Zarathustra (2001)5:071973
06593DeodatoS.O.S., Fire in the Sky4:151985
06594Deorro & Chris BrownFive More Hours3:322015
06595Depeche ModeBarrel of a Gun4:001997
06596Depeche ModeCondemnation (Paris Mix)3:201993
06597Depeche ModeEnjoy the Silence (7" Version)4:141990
06598Depeche ModeI Feel Loved (Single Version)3:382001
06599Depeche ModeI Feel You (Seven Inch Mix)4:331993
06600Depeche ModeIn Your Room (Zephyr Mix)4:491994
06601Depeche ModeIt's No Good4:041997
06602Depeche ModeJust Can't Get Enough3:351982
06603Depeche ModeMaster and Servant (7" Version)3:441984
06604Depeche ModeNever Let Me Down Again (Single Version)4:201987
06605Depeche ModeOnly When I Lose Myself (Radio Version)3:511998
06606Depeche ModePeople Are People3:351984
06607Depeche ModeRoute 664:091988
06608Depeche ModeSomebody (Remix)4:201985
06609Depeche ModeWalking in My Shoes (Seven Inch Mix)4:581993
06611Derek & The DominosLayla2:431972
06612Dermot KennedyOutnumbered4:042019
06613Dermot KennedySomething to Someone3:172022
06614Des O'ConnorRemember2:431973
06615Des'reeFeel So High (New Born Again Mix)3:531992
06616Des'reeI Ain't Movin'3:351994
06617Des'reeI'm Kissing You4:541997
06618Des'reeIt's Okay (Stargate Radio Edit)3:272003
06619Des'reeLife (Single Version)3:271998
06620Des'reeMind Adventures3:291992
06621Des'reeYou Gotta Be4:021994
06623Desmond ChildLove on a Rooftop5:181991
06624Desmond DekkerYou Can Get it if You Really Want2:371970
06625Desmond Dekker and The AcesIsraelites2:331969
06626Despina VandiGia (Skitz Airplay Mixx)3:492003
06627Despina VandiOpa Opa (Bass Bumpers Video Mix)3:232004
06628Destiny's Child8 Days of Christmas3:292000
06629Destiny's ChildBills, Bills, Bills4:161999
06630Destiny's ChildBootylicious3:272001
06631Destiny's ChildBug a Boo (Album Version)3:302000
06632Destiny's ChildCater 2 U4:042005
06633Destiny's ChildEmotion3:552001
06634Destiny's ChildGirl (Radio Version)3:432005
06635Destiny's ChildIndependent Women Part I (Pasadena Remix)3:402000
06636Destiny's ChildJumpin', Jumpin'3:482000
06637Destiny's ChildLose My Breath4:012004
06638Destiny's ChildNasty Girl (Album Version)4:162002
06639Destiny's ChildSay My Name4:282000
06640Destiny's ChildSoldier (No Rap Version)3:522005
06641Destiny's ChildSurvivor (Album Version)4:002001
06642Destiny's Child feat. Wyclef JeanNo, No, No (Part 2)3:271998
06643Detergents, TheLeader of the Laundromat3:111965
06644Detroit Grand PubahsSandwiches3:022000
06645Detroit Wheels, TheLinda Sue Dixon2:281968
06646DeuceOn the Bible (Wand 7" Edit)3:551996
06647DevIn the Dark3:482011
06648Dev feat. The CataracsBass Down Low3:302011
06649DeviceHanging on a Heart Attack3:591986
06650Devils in HeavenSay a Prayer (One Departed)3:421992
06651Devlin feat. Diane BirchRewind3:412013
06652Devo(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction2:381978
06653DevoBeautiful World3:341981
06654DevoDisco Dancer (7" Version)4:111988
06655DevoFreedom of Choice3:281980
06656DevoFreedom of Choice Theme Song (Live)2:441981
06657DevoHere to Go (Go Mix Edit)3:221986
06659DevoTheme from "Doctor Detroit"3:081983
06660DevoWhip It2:371980
06661DevoWorking in the Coal Mine2:491981
06662Devon ColeW.I.T.C.H.2:102022
06663Dexy's Midnight RunnersCome on Eileen4:011982
06664Dexy's Midnight RunnersGeno3:271980
06665Dexy's Midnight RunnersJackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile)3:041983
06666DHT feat. EdmeeListen to Your Heart (Radio Edit)3:132005
06667Diafrix feat. Stan WalkerRadio3:412013
06668Diana Ah NaidDon't Believe in Love4:252000
06669Diana Ah NaidI Go Off3:131997
06670Diana KingI Say a Little Prayer (LP Version)3:341997
06671Diana KingLove Triangle (LP Version Radio Edit)3:511995
06672Diana KingShy Guy (Radio Edit)3:381995
06673Diana KingSummer Breezin'3:232003
06674Diana RossAin't No Mountain High Enough3:491970
06675Diana RossChain Reaction3:451986
06676Diana RossEaten Alive (Single Mix)3:511985
06677Diana RossExperience4:541986
06678Diana RossI'm Coming Out3:551980
06679Diana RossI'm Still Waiting3:431971
06680Diana RossIt's My House3:361980
06681Diana RossIt's My Turn3:561981
06682Diana RossLast Time I Saw Him2:471974
06683Diana RossLove Hangover3:471976
06684Diana RossMissing You (7" Single Mix)4:161985
06685Diana RossMuscles4:011982
06686Diana RossMy Old Piano3:491981
06687Diana RossPieces of Ice (7" Mix)4:041983
06688Diana RossTheme from "Mahogany" (Do You Know Where You're Going To)3:211976
06689Diana RossTouch By Touch4:111984
06690Diana RossTouch Me in the Morning (Single Version)3:251973
06691Diana RossUpside Down3:361980
06692Diana RossWhen You Tell Me That You Love Me4:101992
06693Diana RossWhy Do Fools Fall in Love2:531981
06694Diana RossWorkin' Overtime4:151989
06695Diana Ross & Lionel RichieEndless Love4:281981
06696Diana TraskLong Ago Last Summer2:181960
06697Diana TraskOh Boy2:311975
06698Diana TraskOur Language of Love2:251961
06699Diana VickersMusic to Make Boys Cry3:302013
06700Diana VickersOnce3:092010
06701Diane KolbyHoly Man3:101970
06702Diane RayPlease Don't Talk to the Lifeguard1:451963
06703Diane RenayNavy Blue2:281964
06704Dianne and Bram ManusamaPsalm 233:151982
06705Dick & Dee DeeThe Mountain's High2:151961
06706Dick & Dee DeeThou Shalt Not Steal1:541964
06707Dick Dale and His Del-TonesThe Scavenger1:491963
06708Dickey LeeDon't Wanna Think About Paula2:091963
06709Dickey LeeI Saw Linda Yesterday2:051963
06710Dickey LeePatches2:561962
06711Diddy-Dirty Money feat. Skylar GreyComing Home3:592011
06712Diddy-Dirty Money feat. T.I.Hello Good Morning4:312010
06713DidoDon't Believe in Love3:522008
06714DidoHere With Me4:122001
06716DidoLife for Rent3:412004
06717DidoSand in My Shoes4:592004
06718DidoThank You3:382001
06719DidoWhite Flag3:592003
06720Died PrettyCaressing Swine4:071993
06721Died PrettyHarness Up4:041993
06722Died PrettyHeadaround3:161993
06723Died PrettyStops 'n' Starts3:121994
06724Diesel15 Feet of Snow4:341995
06725DieselAll Come Together4:061994
06726DieselCome to Me4:211991
06728DieselGet it On3:021995
06729DieselI've Been Loving You Too Long3:521993
06730DieselLove Junk3:451991
06731DieselMan Alive (Radio Edit)4:081992
06733DieselNever Miss Your Water3:551993
06734DieselOne More Time4:041992
06735DieselTip of My Tongue4:161992
06737DIGRe-Invent Yourself5:221993
06738DIGThe Favourite5:481994
06739DIGTwo Way Dreamtime6:041994
06740Dig RichardsAlice (In Wonderland)2:291961
06741Dig RichardsComin' Down2:101963
06742Dig RichardsRaincoat in the River1:591962
06743Dig RichardsThe Love Express2:071963
06744Dig Richards & The R'Jays(My) Little Lover2:171960
06745Dig Richards & The R'Jays(Real Gone) Annie Laurie1:521960
06746Dig Richards & The R'JaysComin' Down With Love2:101960
06747Dig Richards & The R'JaysI Wanna Love You1:551959
06748Digby RichardsDo the Spunky Monkey2:331974
06749Digby RichardsRaincoat in the River (Re-Recorded)3:001975
06750Digger RevellMy Prayer3:011965
06751Digger RevellTwilight Time3:151965
06752Digger Revell and The DenvermenBuilding Castles in the Air2:271963
06753Digger Revell and The DenvermenLisa Maree2:101963
06754Digger Revell and The DenvermenMy Little Rocker's Turned Surfie2:241964
06755Digger Revell and The DenvermenOver the Rainbow2:301963
06756Digger Revell and The DenvermenSurfside2:381963
06757Digital Farm Animals, Shaun Frank & DragonetteTokyo Nights4:032018
06758Digital UndergroundKiss You Back (Smack on the Cheek Mix)3:401992
06759Dillon Francis & DJ SnakeGet Low3:342014
06760Dimples DSucker DJ (Radio Edit)3:411991
06761Dina VassThe Love I Have for You (Full Intention Classic Radio Mix)2:322002
06762Dinah Jane feat. Ty Dolla Sign & Marc E. BassyBottled Up3:192018
06763Dinah LeeDon't You Know Yockomo2:521964
06764Dinah Lee with Max Merritt and The MeteorsReet Petite2:311964
06765Dinah Washington & Brook BentonBaby (You've Got What it Takes)2:451960
06766Dingoes, TheWay Out West2:541973
06767Dino JagShake a Leg Like Elvis2:572022
06768Dinosaur Jr.Feel the Pain4:141994
06769DionAbraham, Martin and John3:181968
06770DionBe Careful of Stones That You Throw2:481963
06771DionDonna the Prima Donna2:511963
06772DionDrip Drop2:351963
06773DionLittle Diane2:391962
06774DionLonely Teenager2:161960
06775DionLovers Who Wander2:291962
06776DionRuby Baby2:341963
06777DionRunaround Sue2:371961
06779DionThe Majestic2:301962
06780DionThe Wanderer2:361962
06781DionThis Little Girl2:361963
06782Dion and The BelmontsIn the Still of the Night2:331960
06783Dion and The BelmontsWhen You Wish Upon a Star2:251960
06784Dion and The BelmontsWhere or When2:391960
06785Dionne & FriendsThat's What Friends Are For4:161985
06786Dionne FarrisI Know (Single Edit)3:231995
06787Dionne Warwick(Theme From) Valley of the Dolls3:301968
06788Dionne WarwickAll the Love in the World3:301983
06789Dionne WarwickAnyone Who Had a Heart3:101964
06790Dionne WarwickAre You There (With Another Girl)2:481966
06791Dionne WarwickDeja Vu3:481980
06792Dionne WarwickDo You Know the Way to San Jose2:541968
06793Dionne WarwickHeartbreaker4:161982
06794Dionne WarwickI Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself2:441966
06795Dionne WarwickI Say a Little Prayer3:061967
06796Dionne WarwickI'll Never Love This Way Again3:281979
06797Dionne WarwickLet Me Go to Him3:491970
06798Dionne WarwickMessage to Michael3:041966
06799Dionne WarwickPaper Mache2:581970
06800Dionne WarwickPromises, Promises3:011969
06801Dionne WarwickReach Out for Me2:511964
06802Dionne WarwickThis Girl's in Love With You4:081969
06803Dionne WarwickWalk on By2:521964
06804Dionne WarwickYou'll Never Get to Heaven (If You Break My Heart)3:081964
06805Dionne WarwickYou've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'4:241969
06806Dionne Warwick and SpinnersThen Came You3:571974
06807Diplo & Jonas BrothersLonely2:192019
06808Diplo & MiguelDon't Forget My Love3:192022
06809Diplo & Sleepy TomBe Right There3:572015
06810Diplo feat. Lazerdisk Party SexSet it Off4:002013
06811Diplo feat. MoGet it Right2:522017
06812Diplo feat. Morgan WallenHeartless2:482019
06813Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump feat. Zhavia WardWelcome to the Party3:012018
06814Diplo, Jessie Murph & Polo GHeartbroken3:222023
06815Diplo, Thomas Rhett & Young ThugDance With Me2:502020
06816Dire StraitsBrothers in Arms4:481985
06817Dire StraitsCalling Elvis4:361991
06818Dire StraitsHeavy Fuel4:541991
06819Dire StraitsLady Writer3:491979
06820Dire StraitsLove Over Gold (Live)3:351984
06821Dire StraitsMoney for Nothing4:041985
06822Dire StraitsPrivate Investigations5:551982
06823Dire StraitsRomeo and Juliet6:011981
06824Dire StraitsSo Far Away3:591985
06825Dire StraitsSultans of Swing5:451978
06826Dire StraitsTunnel of Love5:061980
06827Dire StraitsTwisting By the Pool3:311983
06828Dire StraitsWalk of Life4:061986
06829Dire StraitsWater of Love5:251979
06830Dire StraitsYour Latest Trick (Live)5:421993
06831Dirt Band, TheAn American Dream3:331980
06832Dirty Funker vs. NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit3:362005
06833Dirty SouthSleazy (Dirty South Mix Radio Edit)3:382005
06834Dirty South vs. EvermoreIt's Too Late (Dirty South Radio Edit Mix)3:002006
06835Dirty VegasDays Go By (7" Mix)3:422002
06836DisciplesI Got You3:302020
06837Disciples & David GuettaNo Worries3:282016
06838DisclosureBang That5:232015
06839DisclosureBoss (Radio Edit)4:452016
06840Disclosure feat. AlunaGeorgeWhite Noise5:402013
06841Disclosure feat. Eliza DoolittleYou & Me (Flume Remix)4:422013
06842Disclosure feat. Gregory PorterHolding On5:142015
06843Disclosure feat. KwabsWilling & Able4:512015
06844Disclosure feat. LordeMagnets3:182015
06845Disclosure feat. Sam SmithLatch4:172012
06846Disclosure feat. Sam SmithOmen3:492015
06847Disco CitizensFootprint (Sonic Edit)3:391997
06848Disco MontegoU Talkin' to Me3:492002
06849Disco MontegoWe Got Love (Radio Edit)3:532001
06850Disco Montego feat. Katie UnderwoodBeautiful (Radio Edit)3:392002
06851Disco Montego feat. Katie UnderwoodMagic3:512002
06852Disco Montego feat. Selwyn, Katie Underwood, Peta Morris & Jeremy GregoryGood Times (Are You Ready to Rumba!) (Single Mix)3:562002
06853Disco Stewie Harrison feat. Roma W.I Need You3:282006
06854Disco Tex & His Sex-O-LettesGet Dancin'3:191975
06855Disco Tex & His Sex-O-LettesI Wanna Dance Wit' Choo3:421975
06856DishwallaSomewhere in the Middle3:402002
06857Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, TheTelevision, The Drug of the Nation (Radio Edit)5:001992
06858Dissociatives, TheSomewhere Down the Barrel4:192004
06859Dissociatives, TheYoung Man, Old Man (You Ain't Better Than the Rest)4:032004
06860DisturbedHey You4:272022
06861DisturbedInside the Fire3:512008
06862DisturbedThe Sound of Silence4:082015
06863DividedEasy Lover (Radio Edit)3:182005
06864DivineLately (Radio Edit)4:041999
06865DivineWalk Like a Man3:461985
06866DivineYou Think You're a Man3:281984
06867DivinylsBack to the Wall4:361988
06868DivinylsBoys in Town2:491981
06869DivinylsCasual Encounter3:041983
06870DivinylsGood Die Young3:411984
06871DivinylsHard on Me4:331996
06872DivinylsHeart Telegraph4:531986
06873DivinylsHey Little Boy3:211988
06874DivinylsHuman on the Inside3:461996
06875DivinylsI Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (Radio Version)3:541992
06876DivinylsI Touch Myself3:451990
06877DivinylsI'm Jealous4:111995
06878DivinylsI'm on Your Side (Radio Edit)3:411991
06879DivinylsIn My Life3:451984
06880DivinylsLove is the Drug4:341993
06881DivinylsLove School4:091991
06882DivinylsPleasure & Pain3:481985
06883DivinylsScience Fiction3:301983
06884DivinylsSiren (Never Let You Go)2:321983
06885DivinylsSleeping Beauty3:381986
06886DivinylsWild Thing (Radio Edit)3:411993
06887Dixie ChicksLandslide3:482003
06888Dixie ChicksNot Ready to Make Nice3:582006
06889Dixie ChicksReady to Run3:511999
06890Dixie ChicksWide Open Spaces3:431999
06891Dixie ChicksYou Can't Hurry Love3:061999
06892Dixie Cups, TheChapel of Love2:471964
06893Dixiebelles, The with Cornbread and Jerry(Down At) Papa Joe's2:331963
06894Dizzee RascalBassline Junkie3:222013
06895Dizzee RascalDirtee Disco3:352010
06896Dizzee RascalHoliday3:382009
06897Dizzee RascalI Don't Need a Reason3:162013
06898Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van HeldenBonkers2:552009
06899Dizzee Rascal feat. Calvin Harris and ChromeDance Wiv Me3:222008
06900Dizzee Rascal feat. Jessie JWe Don't Play Around3:082014
06901Dizzee Rascal feat. Robbie WilliamsGoin' Crazy (Video Version)3:232013
06902DJ Aligator ProjectThe Whistle Song (Dirty Radio Version)3:412000
06903DJ BoBoChihuahua (Radio Version)2:572003
06904DJ BoBoEverybody (Radio Version)3:511994
06905DJ BoBoFreedom (Radio Version)3:531996
06906DJ BoBoKeep on Dancing (Classic Radio Mix)3:321994
06907DJ BoBoLet the Dream Come True (Radio Mix)3:591994
06908DJ BoBoLove is All Around (Radio Version)4:041995
06909DJ BoBoSomebody Dance With Me (Radio Mix)3:331993
06910DJ BoBoThere is a Party (Radio Mix)4:101995
06911DJ CasperCha Cha Slide3:402004
06912DJ Cassidy feat. Robin Thicke & Jessie JCalling All Hearts4:472014
06913DJ Darren Briais vs. DJ Peewee FerrisI Feel It (Radio Version)4:081996
06914DJ Felli Fel feat. Akon, Pitbull & Jermaine DupriBoomerang3:292011
06915DJ Fresh feat. Rita OraHot Right Now (Radio Edit)3:022012
06916DJ Fresh feat. Sian EvansLouder (Radio Edit)3:262011
06917DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceBoom! Shake the Room (LP Mix)3:481993
06918DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceI Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson (Radio Mix)4:561990
06919DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceI'm Looking for the One (To Be With Me)3:381994
06920DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceParents Just Don't Understand (Single Remix)3:011988
06921DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceRing My Bell4:041992
06922DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceSummertime (Single Edit)3:581991
06923DJ JeanLove Come Home (Radio Mix)3:422000
06924DJ JeanThe Launch (Radio Edit)3:371999
06925DJ JurgenHigher & Higher (Radio Mix)3:522000
06926DJ Khaled feat. Beyonce & Jay-ZShining4:402017
06927DJ Khaled feat. Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar & Betty WrightHoly Key4:422016
06928DJ Khaled feat. Cardi B & 21 SavageWish Wish3:212019
06929DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Big SeanJealous4:142019
06930DJ Khaled feat. DrakeFor Free3:032016
06931DJ Khaled feat. DrakeGreece3:382020
06932DJ Khaled feat. DrakePopstar3:202020
06933DJ Khaled feat. DrakeTo the Max3:122017
06934DJ Khaled feat. Drake & Lil BabyStaying Alive2:562022
06935DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper & QuavoNo Brainer4:192018
06936DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil WayneI'm the One4:482017
06937DJ Khaled feat. Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future & Rick RossDo You Mind5:252016
06938DJ Khaled feat. Post Malone, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby & DaBabyI Did It2:452021
06939DJ Khaled feat. Rihanna & Bryson TillerWild Thoughts3:242017
06940DJ Khaled feat. SZAJust Us3:402019
06941DJ Khaled feat. Travis Scott & Post MaloneCelebrate3:252019
06942DJ KoolLet Me Clear My Throat (Old-School Reunion Edit)4:231997
06943DJ MazikKiki Do You Love Me2:582018
06944DJ MikoWhat's Up? (Radio Edit)4:131994
06945DJ Mustard feat. Nicki Minaj & JeremihDon't Hurt Me3:122016
06946DJ OtziDo Wah Diddy (Tamed Mix)3:212002
06947DJ OtziHey Baby (Uhh, Ahh) (Club Mix)4:142002
06948DJ Otzi vs. Hermes House BandLife is Life3:302002
06949DJ Pauly D feat. Jay SeanBack to Love3:512013
06950DJ Peewee Ferris vs. DJ John Ferris feat. MC Frost.ETime to Make the Floor Burn (Radio Version)3:401996
06951DJ PerilIt's About to Blow (Original Version)3:552005
06952DJ Pied Piper and The Masters of CeremoniesDo You Really Like It? (Radio Edit)3:232001
06953DJ QuicksilverBellissima (Radio Edit)3:131997
06954DJ QuicksilverEscape to Paradise (Video Mix)3:271999
06955DJ QuicksilverI Have a Dream (Radio Edit)3:351997
06956DJ QuicksilverTimerider (UK Single Edit)2:591999
06957DJ Sakin & FriendsNomansland (David's Song) (Vocal Radio Edit)3:351999
06958DJ Sakin & FriendsProtect Your Mind (Braveheart) (Vocal Edit)3:111999
06959DJ SammyBoys of Summer (Single Version)4:002002
06960DJ SammySunlight (Sunrise Mix)3:572003
06961DJ SammyWhy (Radio Edit)3:272005
06962DJ Sammy & Yanou feat. DoHeaven (S'n'Y Mix Radio Edit)3:522002
06963DJ Scott feat. Lorna BDo You Wanna Party (7" Radio Edit)3:091995
06964DJ Scott feat. Lorna BSweet Dreams (Radio Edit)3:201995
06965DJ Snake & AlunaGeorgeYou Know You Like It4:072015
06966DJ Snake and Lil JonTurn Down for What3:332014
06967DJ Snake feat. Bipolar SunshineMiddle3:382015
06968DJ Snake feat. George MapleTalk3:582016
06969DJ Snake feat. Justin BieberLet Me Love You3:262016
06970DJ Snake feat. LauvA Different Way3:172017
06971DJ Snake feat. Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi BTaki Taki3:322018
06972DJ Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion & LisaSG3:452021
06973DJ Sneak feat. Bear Who?Fix My Sink (Radio Edit)3:232003
06974DJ Teddy ZYou Should Be Dancing3:022008
06975DJ VisageFormula (Monte Carlo Radio Mix)3:411999
06976DJ Yogi B vs. Mikey G feat. Rachel PearseLet Me Stay (In the Big Brother House)3:312003
06977Django DjangoDefault3:032012
06978DjoEnd of Beginning2:382024
06979DMA'sBelieve (Like a Version)3:092016
06981DMA'sStep Up the Morphine2:552016
06982DMXParty Up (Up in Here)4:282000
06983DMXRuff Ryders' Anthem3:342000
06984DMXX Gon' Give it to Ya3:382003
06985DNA feat. Suzanne VegaTom's Diner3:481990
06986DNCEBody Moves3:552016
06987DNCECake By the Ocean3:382015
06989DNCE feat. Nicki MinajKissing Strangers3:222017
06991Do-Re-MiGuns and Butter3:131986
06992Do-Re-MiHaunt You2:591988
06993Do-Re-MiIdiot Grin2:231985
06994Do-Re-MiKing of Moomba3:151988
06995Do-Re-MiMan Overboard4:121985
06996Do-Re-MiWarnings Moving Clockwise3:401985
06997Dobie GrayDrift Away3:561973
06998Doctor & The MedicsSpirit in the Sky3:301986
06999Doechii feat. Kodak BlackWhat it Is (Block Boy)3:432023
07000DogmaStep Into the Music (Radio Edit)3:432003
07001Dogs Die in Hot CarsI Love You 'Cause I Have To2:332004
07002Doja CatAgora Hills4:252023
07003Doja CatAin't Shit2:542021
07004Doja CatAttention4:362023
07005Doja CatBoss Bitch2:132020
07006Doja CatCandy3:112019
07007Doja CatDemons3:152023
07008Doja CatGet Into It (Yuh)2:172021
07009Doja CatNeed to Know3:302021
07010Doja CatPaint the Town Red3:502023
07011Doja CatSay So3:572020
07012Doja CatStreets3:472021
07013Doja CatVegas3:012022
07014Doja CatWoman2:522021
07015Doja Cat & The WeekndYou Right3:062021
07016Doja Cat & TygaJuicy3:222019
07017Doja Cat feat. Ariana GrandeI Don't Do Drugs3:082021
07018Doja Cat feat. Gucci ManeLike That2:432020
07019Doja Cat feat. Nicki MinajSay So3:262020
07020Doja Cat feat. SZAKiss Me More3:282021
07021DollarI Wanna Hold Your Hand2:481980
07022DollarMirror Mirror (Mon Amour)3:301982
07023DollarShooting Star3:511979
07024DollarWho Were You With in the Moonlight3:321979
07025Dolly Parton9 to 52:451981
07026Dolly PartonHere You Come Again2:561978
07027Dolly PartonI Will Always Love You2:531974
07028Dolly PartonI Will Always Love You (Re-Recorded)3:041982
07029Dolly PartonJolene2:421974
07030Dolly PartonPotential New Boyfriend (Short Version)3:471983
07031Dolly PartonSave the Last Dance for Me3:521984
07032Dolly PartonStar of the Show3:561980
07033Dolly PartonThink About Love3:151986
07034Dolly Parton & Kelly Clarkson9 to 53:362022
07035Dolly Parton with Kenny RogersReal Love3:481985
07036Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou HarrisTo Know Him is to Love Him3:471987
07037Dom DollaPump the Brakes3:402021
07038Dom DollaSaving Up3:272023
07039Dom Dolla & Nelly FurtadoEat Your Man3:172023
07040Dominic Fike3 Nights2:572019
07041Dominic FikeBabydoll1:372018
07042Dominic FikeMona Lisa3:052023
07043Dominic Fike & ZendayaElliot's Song2:292022
07044Don & JuanWhat's Your Name2:121962
07045Don CornellHold My Hand2:461954
07046Don CostaNever on Sunday2:521961
07047Don Diablo feat. BullySongsEverybody's Somebody3:182018
07048Don FardonFollow Your Drum3:081972
07049Don FardonIndian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)3:251968
07050Don GibsonI Think it's Best (To Forget Me)2:191961
07051Don GibsonSea of Heartbreak2:311961
07052Don HenleyAll She Wants to Do is Dance4:281985
07053Don HenleyDirty Laundry5:361983
07054Don HenleyJohnny Can't Read3:321982
07055Don HenleySunset Grill4:281985
07056Don HenleyThe Boys of Summer4:471985
07057Don HenleyThe End of the Innocence (LP Version)5:151989
07058Don JohnsonHeartbeat4:201986
07059Don LaneYou're Everything3:061969
07060Don McLeanAmerican Pie4:091972
07061Don McLeanCastles in the Air2:561972
07062Don McLeanCastles in the Air (1981 Version)3:421982
07063Don McLeanCrying3:391980
07064Don McLeanDreidel3:441973
07065Don McLeanIf We Try3:331973
07066Don McLeanIt's Just the Sun2:291981
07067Don McLeanMountains O' Mourne4:281974
07068Don McLeanVincent3:581972
07069Don Miller-RobinsonWho Kissed the Usherette?3:271984
07070Don Pablo's AnimalsVenus3:371990
07071Don ToliverAfter Party2:472020
07072Don ToliverNo Idea2:332019
07073Don WilliamsI Believe in You4:011980
07074Don WilliamsLay Down Beside Me2:511980
07075Don WilliamsYou're My Best Friend2:461975
07076Donald DunstanDesiderata4:491976
07077Donald FagenI.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World)6:021982
07078Donald Peers(If I Knew You Were Comin') I'd've Baked a Cake2:541950
07079Donald PeersDearie3:121950
07080Donald PeersHarry Lime Theme (From "The Third Man")3:151950
07081Donald PeersI Told Them All About You3:351950
07082Donald PeersMockin' Bird Hill3:041951
07083Donald PeersMusic! Music! Music! (Put Another Nickel In)2:491950
07084Donald PeersMy Truly, Truly Fair2:461951
07085Donald PeersOut of a Clear Blue Sky2:131950
07086Donell Jones feat. Lisa "Left Eye" LopesU Know What's Up4:012000
07087Donna FargoFunny Face2:291973
07088Donna FargoThe Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A.2:291972
07089Donna LewisI Could Be the One3:481998
07090Donna LewisI Love You Always Forever (Album Version)3:581996
07091Donna SummerBad Girls3:531979
07092Donna SummerHot Stuff3:401979
07093Donna SummerI Feel Love3:471977
07094Donna SummerI Feel Love (Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Mix Radio Edit)3:531995
07095Donna SummerI Love You3:171978
07096Donna SummerI Will Go With You (Con Te Partiro) (Radio Edit)4:021999
07097Donna SummerLast Dance3:191978
07098Donna SummerLove is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)3:441982
07099Donna SummerLove to Love You Baby3:191976
07100Donna SummerLove's About to Change My Heart (PWL 7" Mix)3:451989
07101Donna SummerMac Arthur Park3:551978
07102Donna SummerMelody of Love (Wanna Be Loved) (Original Version)4:161994
07103Donna SummerOn the Radio4:011980
07104Donna SummerShe Works Hard for the Money (Radio Edit)3:241983
07105Donna SummerState of Independence (Edit)4:281983
07106Donna SummerThe Wanderer3:451980
07107Donna SummerTheme from "The Deep" (Down, Deep Inside)4:231977
07108Donna SummerThere Goes My Baby4:061984
07109Donna SummerThis Time I Know it's for Real3:341989
07110Donna SummerUnconditional Love3:571983
07111Donna SummerWho Do You Think You're Foolin'3:531981
07112Donna Summer & Barbra StreisandNo More Tears (Enough is Enough)4:471979
07113Donna Summer with Brooklyn DreamsHeaven Knows3:381979
07114Donnas, TheFall Behind Me3:222004
07115Donnas, TheWho Invited You3:282003
07116Donnie BrooksDoll House2:171960
07117Donnie BrooksMemphis1:591961
07118Donnie BrooksMission Bell2:241960
07119Donnie BrooksRound Robin1:571960
07120Donnie ElbertWhere Did Our Love Go3:171972
07121Donnie IrisAh! Leah!3:421981
07122Donnie SutherlandFairyland3:201969
07123Donny & Marie OsmondI'm Leaving It (All) Up to You2:461974
07124Donny & Marie OsmondMake the World Go Away2:481975
07125Donny & Marie OsmondMorning Side of the Mountain3:011975
07126Donny OsmondA Million to One2:531973
07127Donny OsmondGo Away Little Girl2:331971
07128Donny OsmondPuppy Love3:031972
07129Donny OsmondThe Twelfth of Never2:401973
07130Donny OsmondToo Young3:041972
07131Donny OsmondWhy2:431972
07132Donny OsmondYoung Love2:231973
07134DonovanCatch the Wind2:151965
07136DonovanDo You Hear Me Now1:471965
07137DonovanEpistle to Dippy3:081967
07138DonovanHurdy Gurdy Man3:171968
07139DonovanJennifer Juniper2:421968
07141DonovanMellow Yellow3:391966
07142DonovanSunshine Superman4:321966
07143DonovanThe Ballad of a Crystal Man3:501965
07144DonovanThe War Drags On3:401965
07145DonovanThere is a Mountain2:351967
07146DonovanUniversal Soldier2:111965
07147DonovanWear Your Love Like Heaven2:261968
07148Donovan with The Jeff Beck GroupBarabajagal (Love is Hot)3:201969
07149Doobie Brothers, TheBlack Water4:151975
07150Doobie Brothers, TheChina Grove3:141973
07151Doobie Brothers, TheListen to the Music3:471972
07152Doobie Brothers, TheLittle Darling (I Need You)3:261977
07153Doobie Brothers, TheLong Train Runnin' '93 (Guitar Mix Edit)3:381994
07154Doobie Brothers, TheLong Train Runnin' (Original Version)3:261973
07155Doobie Brothers, TheReal Love4:171980
07156Doobie Brothers, TheTake Me in Your Arms (Rock Me)3:401975
07157Doobie Brothers, TheTakin' it to the Streets3:381976
07158Doobie Brothers, TheThe Doctor3:441989
07159Doobie Brothers, TheWhat a Fool Believes3:391979
07160Dooley WilsonAs Time Goes By3:001942
07161Dooleys, TheThe Chosen Few3:061980
07162DoopDoop (Sidney Berlin Ragtime Band Mix)3:071994
07163Doors, TheBreak on Through (To the Other Side)2:251967
07164Doors, TheHello, I Love You2:131968
07165Doors, TheHello, I Love You (Adam Freeland Mix Day Radio Edit)3:342007
07166Doors, TheLight My Fire3:061967
07167Doors, TheLove Her Madly3:161971
07168Doors, ThePeople Are Strange2:091967
07169Doors, TheRiders on the Storm (Stereo Version)4:511971
07170Doors, TheRoadhouse Blues4:041970
07171Doors, TheTouch Me3:101969
07172Doors, TheYou Make Me Real2:531970
07173Dope LemonMarinade3:572016
07174Dope LemonUptown Folks4:472016
07175Doris DayMove Over Darling2:371964
07176Doris DaySecret Love3:441954
07177Doris Day with Frank De VolWhatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)2:041956
07178Doris Day with The MellomenBewitched2:401950
07179Dorothy BakerA Little Like Lovin'2:111963
07180Dorothy BakerDarling1:511963
07181Dorothy MooreMisty Blue3:341976
07182Dorothy MooreOnce or Twice2:401980
07183DoubleThe Captain of Her Heart3:571986
07184Doug and The SlugsDay By Day3:261985
07185Doug AshdownAnd the Band Played Waltzing Matilda4:351981
07186Doug AshdownWinter in America3:161976
07187Doug MulrayWerewolf3:551993
07188Doug Mulray and The Rude BandYou Are Soul3:051986
07189Doug ParkinsonBetter Keep Your Hands Off My (Potential New Girlfriend)3:241982
07190Doug ParkinsonEverlasting Love2:391974
07191Doug ParkinsonLove Gun3:081973
07192Doug ParkinsonLove is Like a Cloudy Day3:221975
07193Doug ParkinsonThe Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore3:531981
07194Doug ParkinsonWhere Would We Be Without A.B.2:491994
07195Doug Parkinson & The Southern Star BandI'll Be Around3:161979
07196Doug Parkinson & The Southern Star BandThe Hungry Years3:451978
07197Doug Parkinson in FocusBaby Blue Eyes3:481970
07198Doug Parkinson in FocusDear Prudence4:181969
07199Doug Parkinson in FocusHair3:061969
07200Doug Parkinson in FocusThen I Run2:591970
07201Doug Parkinson in FocusWithout You3:101969
07202Dove CameronBoyfriend2:322022
07203Dove Cameron & KhalidWe Go Down Together3:042023
07204Dovells, TheBristol Stomp2:181961
07205Dr. AlbanAway From Home (Short Mix)3:171994
07206Dr. AlbanIt's My Life (Radio Edit)4:001994
07207Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah! (Single Edit)3:541994
07208Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah BandCherchez La Femme3:361977
07209Dr. DreKeep Their Heads Ringin' (LP Version)5:071995
07210Dr. DreNuthin' But a "G" Thang3:581993
07211Dr. DreTalking to My Diary4:222015
07212Dr. Dre & EminemGospel3:292022
07213Dr. Dre feat. Eminem & Skylar GreyI Need a Doctor (Explicit Version)4:432011
07214Dr. Dre feat. Snoop DoggStill D.R.E.4:301999
07215Dr. Dre feat. Snoop DoggThe Next Episode2:412000
07216Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg and AkonKush3:542010
07217Dr. FeelgoodSee You Later Alligator3:431987
07218Dr. HookA Little Bit More2:521976
07219Dr. HookBaby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk3:451982
07220Dr. HookBetter Love Next Time3:001979
07221Dr. HookGirls Can Get It3:131981
07222Dr. HookIf Not You3:141977
07223Dr. HookMore Like the Movies3:431978
07224Dr. HookOnly Sixteen2:431976
07225Dr. HookSexy Eyes2:571980
07226Dr. HookSharing the Night Together2:531978
07227Dr. HookThe Millionaire3:101976
07228Dr. HookThe Wild Colonial Boy4:241981
07229Dr. HookWalk Right In2:561977
07230Dr. HookWhat a Way to Go3:381977
07231Dr. HookWhen You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman2:511979
07232Dr. HookWho Dat2:041977
07233Dr. HookYears From Now2:541980
07234Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowSylvia's Mother3:471972
07235Dr. Hook & The Medicine ShowThe Cover of "Rolling Stone"2:511973
07236Dr. Ron Beck'sMake it Easy on Yourself3:021980
07237Dr. Ron Beck'sYou Bring Out the Best in Me2:461980
07238DragonApril Sun in Cuba3:241977
07239DragonAre You Old Enough4:071978
07242DragonDreams of Ordinary Men4:011986
07243DragonGet That Jive2:461977
07244DragonHere Am I5:201989
07246DragonLove's Not Enough3:361979
07251DragonShooting Stars3:301978
07252DragonSpeak No Evil3:451985
07253DragonStill in Love With You3:241978
07256DragonThis Time3:071976
07257DragonWestern Girls4:071986
07259DragonYoung Years3:571989
07260Drake7969 Santa4:192023
07261Drake7am on Bridle Path3:592021
07262Drake8 Out of 103:152018
07263Drake8am in Charlotte4:262023
07264DrakeAway From Home4:182023
07266DrakeBahamas Promises3:042023
07267DrakeBlue Tint2:422018
07268DrakeCan't Take a Joke2:442018
07269DrakeChampagne Poetry5:362021
07272DrakeDiplomatic Immunity4:152018
07273DrakeDrew a Picasso4:222023
07276DrakeFake Love3:272016
07277DrakeFear of Heights2:352023
07278DrakeFinal Fantasy3:402018
07280DrakeFucking Fans4:042021
07281DrakeGod's Plan3:182018
07282DrakeHotline Bling4:252015
07283DrakeI'm Upset3:342018
07284DrakeIn My Feelings3:382018
07285DrakeIs There More3:462018
07287DrakeMarch 145:082018
07289DrakeMob Ties3:252018
07290DrakeNice for What3:302018
07291DrakeNo Friends in the Industry3:242021
07294DrakePapi's Home2:582021
07297DrakePipe Down3:252021
07298DrakePush Ups3:522024
07299DrakeRace My Mind4:292021
07300DrakeRatchet Happy Birthday3:252018
07301DrakeSearch & Rescue4:322023
07303DrakeStarted From the Bottom2:522013
07305DrakeSummer Games4:072018
07306DrakeSummer Sixteen3:222016
07307DrakeThat's How You Feel2:372018
07308DrakeThe Remorse5:502021
07309DrakeToosie Slide4:072020
07310DrakeTried Our Best3:292023
07312DrakeVirginia Beach4:112023
07313DrakeWhat Would Pluto Do3:032023
07314DrakeWhat's Next2:582020
07315Drake & 21 SavageBroke Boys3:452022
07316Drake & 21 SavageCirco Loco3:562022
07317Drake & 21 SavageMajor Distribution2:502022
07318Drake & 21 SavageOn BS4:212022
07319Drake & 21 SavagePrivileged Rappers2:402022
07320Drake & 21 SavageRich Flex3:592022
07321Drake & 21 SavageSpin Bout U3:342022
07322Drake & 21 Savage feat. Travis ScottPussy & Millions4:022022
07323Drake & Central CeeOn the Radar Freestyle4:352023
07324Drake & FutureJumpman3:252016
07325Drake feat. 21 SavageCalling for You4:452023
07326Drake feat. 21 SavageJimmy Cooks3:382022
07327Drake feat. 21 SavageSneakin'4:102016
07328Drake feat. 21 Savage & Project PatKnife Talk4:022021
07329Drake feat. Chief KeefAll the Parties3:382023
07330Drake feat. FutureN 2 Deep4:332021
07331Drake feat. Future & Young ThugWay 2 Sexy4:172021
07332Drake feat. J. ColeFirst Person Shooter4:072023
07333Drake feat. Jay-ZLove All3:482021
07334Drake feat. Jay-ZTalk Up3:152018
07335Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & EminemForever5:572010
07336Drake feat. Kid CudiIMY24:122021
07337Drake feat. Lil BabyGirls Want Girls3:422021
07338Drake feat. Lil BabyWants and Needs3:132020
07339Drake feat. Lil DurkLaugh Now Cry Later4:212020
07340Drake feat. Lil Durk & GiveonIn the Bible4:562021
07341Drake feat. Lil Wayne & Rick RossYou Only Live Twice3:232021
07342Drake feat. Lil YachtyAnother Late Night2:502023
07343Drake feat. Majid JordanHold On, We're Going Home3:472013
07344Drake feat. Michael JacksonDon't Matter to Me4:042018
07345Drake feat. Nicki MinajMake Me Proud3:352011
07346Drake feat. PartyNextDoorMembers Only4:372023
07347Drake feat. Rick RossLemon Pepper Freestyle6:222020
07348Drake feat. Rick RossMoney in the Grave3:252019
07349Drake feat. RihannaTake Care4:362011
07350Drake feat. RihannaToo Good4:212016
07351Drake feat. Sexxy Red & SZARich Baby Daddy5:192023
07352Drake feat. Static Major & Ty Dolla SignAfter Dark4:492018
07353Drake feat. SZASlime You Out5:102023
07354Drake feat. Teezo TouchdownAmen2:212023
07355Drake feat. TemsFountains3:122021
07356Drake feat. The ThronePop Style3:292016
07357Drake feat. Travis ScottFair Trade4:512021
07358Drake feat. Ty Dolla SignGet Along Better3:492021
07359Drake feat. Wizkid & KylaOne Dance2:532016
07360Drake feat. YeatIDGAF4:192023
07361Drake feat. YebbaYebba's Heartbreak2:132021
07362DramaramaAnything, Anything (I'll Give You)3:241991
07363DramaramaWhat Are We Gonna Do?3:591992
07364DraphtDancin' John Doe3:172015
07365DraphtJimmy Recard3:342009
07367DraphtSing It (The Life of Riley)4:062012
07368Drax Project feat. Hailee SteinfeldWoke Up Late3:012019
07369Drax Project feat. Six60Catching Feelings3:382019
07370DreamHe Loves U Not3:462001
07372Dream & Alec BenjaminChange My Clothes3:062021
07373Dream Academy, TheLife in a Northern Town4:141985
07374Dream Academy, TheThe Love Parade3:451985
07375Dream Frequency feat. Debbie SharpTake Me (Anthem Edit)3:471992
07376Dream WarriorsMy Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style3:371991
07377Dream WarriorsWash Your Face in My Sink (Radio Mix)3:401990
07378Dream Weavers, TheIt's Almost Tomorrow2:451956
07379Dreams So RealRough Night in Jericho4:201989
07380Dreamtime Christmas All-StarsTwelve Days of Christmas3:392004
07381DreamworldMovin' Up3:381995
07382Drifters, TheAt the Club2:511965
07383Drifters, TheDance With Me2:121960
07384Drifters, TheDown on the Beach Tonight3:021975
07385Drifters, TheI Count the Tears2:091961
07386Drifters, TheI'll Take You Home2:401963
07387Drifters, TheKissin' in the Back Row of the Movies3:301974
07388Drifters, TheLike Sister and Brother3:221973
07389Drifters, TheOn Broadway3:011963
07390Drifters, TheSaturday Night at the Movies2:281964
07391Drifters, TheSave the Last Dance for Me2:331960
07392Drifters, TheSweets for My Sweet2:351961
07393Drifters, TheUnder the Boardwalk2:391964
07394Drifters, TheUp on the Roof2:361963
07395Drifters, TheYou're More Than a Number in My Little Red Book3:141977
07397DropbearsIn Your Eyes3:181985
07398DropbearsShall We Go4:221985
07399Dropkick MurphysThe Season's Upon Us4:022012
07400Drought Breakers feat. Scott Darlow, Sarah McLeod, Adam Brand, Jack Jones & Todd HunterRain3:462018
07401DRSGangsta Lean (Radio Edit)4:051994
07402Dru HillHow Deep is Your Love3:591999
07403Dru HillThese Are the Times4:071999
07404Dru Hill feat. Ja RuleYou Are Everything (Remix Radio Edit)3:441999
07405DrugstoreEl President2:471998
07406DrummondDaddy Cool2:311971
07407DT8 ProjectThe Sun is Shining (Down on Me) (Original Mix Radio Edit)3:102004
07408Dua LipaBe the One3:222016
07409Dua LipaBlow Your Mind (Mwah)2:582016
07410Dua LipaBreak My Heart3:412020
07411Dua LipaDance the Night2:562023
07412Dua LipaDon't Start Now3:022019
07413Dua LipaFuture Nostalgia3:042020
07414Dua LipaHotter Than Hell3:082016
07415Dua LipaHoudini3:052023
07416Dua LipaIDGAF3:382018
07417Dua LipaIllusion3:072024
07418Dua LipaLove Again4:162021
07419Dua LipaNew Rules3:322017
07420Dua LipaPhysical3:132020
07421Dua LipaSwan Song3:022019
07422Dua LipaTraining Season3:292024
07423Dua LipaWant To3:312018
07424Dua LipaWe're Good2:452021
07425Dua Lipa & BlackpinkKiss and Make Up3:082018
07426Dua Lipa feat. DaBabyLevitating3:232020
07427Dua Lipa feat. Madonna and Missy ElliottLevitating (The Blessed Madonna Remix)4:082020
07428Duane EddyDeep in the Heart of Texas1:571962
07429Duane EddyKommotion2:471960
07430Duane EddyLonely Boy, Lonely Guitar2:151963
07431Duane EddyRing of Fire2:171961
07432Duane EddySaints and Sinners2:121962
07433Duane EddyThe Ballad of Paladin1:521962
07434Duane EddyTheme from Dixie2:191961
07435Duane EddyYour Baby's Gone Surfin'2:201963
07436Duane Eddy and The Rebelettes(Dance With The) Guitar Man2:401962
07437Duane Eddy and The RebelettesBoss Guitar2:251963
07438Duane Eddy and The RebelettesPlay Me Like You Play Your Guitar3:151975
07439Duane Eddy and The RebelsBecause They're Young1:571960
07440Duane Eddy and The RebelsBonnie Came Back2:151960
07441Duane Eddy and The RebelsDrivin' Home2:161961
07442Duane Eddy and The RebelsMy Blue Heaven2:301961
07443Duane Eddy and The RebelsPepe2:031961
07444Duane Eddy and The RebelsPeter Gunn2:181960
07445Duane Eddy and The RebelsShazam!1:561960
07446Duck SauceaNYway5:252009
07447Duck SauceBarbra Streisand3:122010
07448Duck SauceBig Bad Wolf (Radio Edit)3:002011
07449Duck SauceNRG (Radio Edit)3:142014
07450Dudley Moore Trio, TheSong for Suzie2:181971
07452DuffyMercy (Acoustic Performance at AZ, Paris)3:132008
07453DuffyRain on Your Parade3:262009
07454DuffyStepping Stone3:292009
07455Duffy's BandDay Trip to Bangor (Didn't We Have a Lovely Time)2:411980
07456Dugites, TheCut the Talking3:421983
07457Dugites, TheIn Your Car2:551980
07458Dugites, TheJuno and Me3:371984
07459Dugites, TheSouth Pacific3:211980
07460Dugites, TheWaiting4:151981
07461Duke & Jones and Louis TherouxJiggle Jiggle1:372022
07462Duke DumontOcean Drive3:252015
07463Duke DumontWon't Look Back (Radio Edit)3:232014
07464Duke Dumont & Nathan NicholsonLosing Control3:282023
07465Duke Dumont feat. A*M*ENeed U (100%) (Radio Edit)2:542013
07466Duke Dumont feat. Jax JonesI Got U4:452014
07467Duke Dumont feat. Shaun RossRed Light Green Light3:302019
07468Duke Dumont feat. Zak AbelThe Power3:162019
07469Dukes, TheFaith3:201992
07470Dukes, TheGonna Get High4:141992
07471Dukes, TheI Fought the Law2:571993
07472Dukes of Earlwood, TheDuke of Earl2:291988
07473Dukes of WindsorGet It3:332008
07474Dukes of WindsorIt's a War3:252008
07475Duncan BrowneThe Wild Places4:191979
07476Duncan JamesThe Speed of Life3:512003
07477Dune RatsBullshit3:002016
07478Dune RatsScott Green2:102016
07479Dungeon FamilyTrans DF Express4:482002
07480Duran Duran(Reach Up for The) Sunrise3:242004
07481Duran DuranA View to a Kill3:331985
07482Duran DuranAll She Wants Is (45 Mix)4:271989
07483Duran DuranCareless Memories3:421982
07484Duran DuranCome Undone (Edit)4:151993
07485Duran DuranGirls on Film3:281981
07486Duran DuranGirls on Film (Extended Version)5:291982
07487Duran DuranHungry Like the Wolf3:231982
07488Duran DuranI Don't Want Your Love (7" Mix)3:471988
07489Duran DuranIs There Something I Should Know?4:101983
07490Duran DuranMy Own Way3:401982
07491Duran DuranNew Moon on Monday4:161984
07492Duran DuranNotorious3:591986
07493Duran DuranOrdinary World (Radio Edit)4:431993
07494Duran DuranOut of My Mind (Single Edit)3:451997
07495Duran DuranPlanet Earth3:581981
07496Duran DuranPlanet Earth (Extended Version)6:181982
07497Duran DuranRio3:571982
07498Duran DuranSave a Prayer (US Single Version)3:441983
07499Duran DuranThe Reflex (Single Version)4:231984
07500Duran DuranThe Wild Boys4:151984
07501Duran DuranToo Much Information (Album Version Edit)3:551993
07502Duran DuranUnion of the Snake4:201983
07503Duran DuranViolence of Summer (Love's Taking Over) (7" Mix)3:281990
07504Duran DuranWhite Lines (Album Version)4:361995
07505DuskAngel Baby3:001971
07506DuskI Hear Those Church Bells Ringing2:561971
07507Dustin TebbuttBones4:252014
07508Dustin TebbuttThe Breach4:152013
07509Dusty SpringfieldAll Cried Out3:021964
07510Dusty SpringfieldAll I See is You3:211966
07511Dusty SpringfieldAm I the Same Girl3:001969
07512Dusty SpringfieldBrand New Me2:231970
07513Dusty SpringfieldGoin' Back3:291966
07514Dusty SpringfieldI Close My Eyes and Count to Ten3:101968
07515Dusty SpringfieldI Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself2:591964
07516Dusty SpringfieldI Only Want to Be With You2:351964
07517Dusty SpringfieldI'll Try Anything2:291967
07518Dusty SpringfieldIn the Middle of Nowhere2:491965
07519Dusty SpringfieldLosing You2:591964
07520Dusty SpringfieldSome of Your Lovin'3:031965
07521Dusty SpringfieldSon of a Preacher Man2:251968
07522Dusty SpringfieldStay Awhile1:541964
07523Dusty SpringfieldThe Windmills of Your Mind3:511969
07524Dusty SpringfieldWhat's it Gonna Be2:111967
07525Dusty SpringfieldWishin' and Hopin'2:531964
07526Dusty SpringfieldYou Don't Have to Say You Love Me2:481966
07527Dusty SpringfieldYou Don't Own Me2:261964
07528Dutch feat. Crystal WatersMy Time (Radio Edit)3:132003
07529DV8Dry Your Eyes4:021982
07530DVBBS & Borgeous feat. Tinie TempahTsunami (Jump) (Radio Edit)2:392014
07531Dwayne JohnsonYou're Welcome2:432017
07532Dylan ConriqueBirthday Cake3:252022
07533Dylan GossettCoal3:142024
07534Dynamic Hepnotics, TheGotta Be Wrong (Way to Love)4:041985
07535Dynamic Hepnotics, TheOn Our Way Now4:121986
07536Dynamic Hepnotics, TheSoul Kind of Feeling3:501984
07537Dynoro & Gigi D'AgostinoIn My Mind3:032018
07538E-17Each Time4:001999
07539E-RoticMax Don't Have Sex With Your Ex (Radio Edit)3:301995
07540E-TypePrincess of Egypt3:391998
07541E. SensualB.G. Tips - You Should Be Dancing (Radio Edit)3:291996
07542E.Y.C.Black Book (Radio Mix)4:011994
07543E.Y.C.Feelin' Alright3:291994
07544E.Y.C.The Way You Work It (7" Radio Edit)2:591994
07545Each Others feat. Tameka StarrFast Car4:062005
07546eAeon feat. RMDon't3:252021
07547Eagle-Eye CherryAre You Still Having Fun?3:072000
07548Eagle-Eye CherrySave Tonight3:591998
07549EaglesBest of My Love4:331975
07550EaglesGet Over It3:291994
07551EaglesHeartache Tonight4:251979
07552EaglesHotel California6:291977
07553EaglesI Can't Tell You Why4:541980
07554EaglesLife in the Fast Lane4:441977
07555EaglesLyin' Eyes6:211975
07556EaglesNew Kid in Town5:031977
07557EaglesOne of These Nights4:511975
07558EaglesPlease Come Home for Christmas (Single Version)2:581978
07559EaglesTake it Easy3:311972
07560EaglesTake it to the Limit4:461976
07561EaglesThe Long Run3:411979
07562EaglesWitchy Woman4:101973
07563EamonF**k It (I Don't Want You Back) (Explicit Version)3:432004
07564EamonI Love Them H*'s (Album Version)3:142004
07565Earl-JeanI'm Into Somethin' Good2:531964
07566Earls, TheRemember Then2:041963
07567Earth, Wind & FireAfter the Love Has Gone3:271979
07568Earth, Wind & FireFantasy4:361978
07569Earth, Wind & FireLet's Groove4:011982
07570Earth, Wind & FireSeptember3:341979
07571Earth, Wind & FireSeptember '99 (Phats & Small Radio Edit)3:411999
07572Earth, Wind & FireShining Star2:541975
07573Earth, Wind & Fire with The EmotionsBoogie Wonderland4:491979
07574Eartha KittJust an Old Fashioned Girl2:511957
07575Eartha KittLet's Do It3:041954
07576Eartha KittUnder the Bridges of Paris2:381954
07577Eartha KittWhere is My Man (Original Single Edit)3:561984
07578Earthmen, TheWhoever's Been Using This Bed3:091997
07579East 17Around the World (Our World Master 7" Mix)4:371994
07580East 17Deep4:041993
07581East 17Do U Still? (Single Remix)4:151996
07582East 17Hold My Body Tight (7" Radio Edit)3:371995
07583East 17House of Love4:381993
07584East 17It's Alright (The Guvnor Mix)4:401994
07585East 17Let it Rain (Thunder Radio Edit)3:311995
07586East 17Stay Another Day4:251994
07587East 17Stay Another Day (Less Sad Mix)4:411994
07588East 17Steam (Vapoureyes Mix)3:241994
07589East 17Thunder (Radio Edit)4:141995
07590East 17West End Girls (Faces on Posters Mix)4:261993
07591East EndIt's Raining Men '97 (Main Mix Radio Edit)3:281997
07592EasterhouseCome Out Fighting4:021989
07593Easybeats, TheCome and See Her2:391966
07594Easybeats, TheCome in You'll Get Pneumonia3:261967
07595Easybeats, TheDo You Have a Soul2:561967
07596Easybeats, TheEasy as Can Be2:331965
07597Easybeats, TheFalling Off the Edge of the World2:351968
07598Easybeats, TheFor My Woman3:081965
07599Easybeats, TheFriday on My Mind2:401966
07600Easybeats, TheFunny Feelin'2:311966
07601Easybeats, TheGood Times3:201968
07602Easybeats, TheHeaven and Hell2:391967
07603Easybeats, TheHello, How Are You4:021968
07604Easybeats, TheI Can See2:121966
07605Easybeats, TheI Love Marie2:381969
07606Easybeats, TheI'll Make You Happy3:091966
07607Easybeats, TheIn My Book3:091966
07608Easybeats, TheLand of Make Believe3:121968
07609Easybeats, TheLay Me Down and Die2:521968
07610Easybeats, TheMade My Bed: Gonna Lie in It2:071966
07611Easybeats, ThePeculiar Hole in the Sky2:531969
07612Easybeats, ThePretty Girl2:161967
07613Easybeats, TheSad and Lonely and Blue2:181965
07614Easybeats, TheSay That You're Mine2:431965
07615Easybeats, TheShe's So Fine2:041965
07616Easybeats, TheSorry2:361966
07617Easybeats, TheSt. Louis3:111969
07618Easybeats, TheThe Music Goes 'Round My Head2:191967
07619Easybeats, TheThe Old Oak Tree3:041965
07620Easybeats, TheToo Much1:471966
07621Easybeats, TheWedding Ring2:011965
07622Easybeats, TheWho'll Be the One2:371967
07623Easybeats, TheWomen (Make You Feel Alright)2:351966
07624Eazy-EBoyz-N-The-Hood (Remix)6:221988
07625Ecco HomoMotorcycle Baby (Single Mix)4:111989
07626Echo & The BunnymenBring on the Dancing Horses3:581986
07627Echo & The BunnymenThe Cutter3:511983
07628Echo & The BunnymenThe Killing Moon4:251984
07629Echomen, TheSki Run2:341963
07630EchosmithCool Kids (Radio Edit)3:352014
07631EclipseThe Look of Love3:221996
07632Ed AmesMy Cup Runneth Over2:441967
07633Ed KowalczykGrace3:122010
07634Ed KuepperIf I Had a Ticket2:461994
07635Ed KuepperNothing Changes in My House2:451988
07636Ed Sheeran2step2:322021
07637Ed SheeranAfterglow3:052020
07638Ed SheeranAmerican Town3:172023
07639Ed SheeranBad Habits3:502021
07640Ed SheeranBad Habits (Acoustic Version)3:522021
07641Ed SheeranBarcelona3:112017
07642Ed SheeranBe Right Now3:292021
07643Ed SheeranBibia Be Ye Ye2:562017
07644Ed SheeranBoat3:052023
07645Ed SheeranCandle in the Wind (2018 Version)3:182018
07646Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill4:202017
07647Ed SheeranCelestial3:282022
07648Ed SheeranCollide3:302021
07649Ed SheeranCurtains3:442023
07650Ed SheeranDive3:582017
07651Ed SheeranDon't3:392014
07652Ed SheeranDrunk3:192012
07653Ed SheeranEnd of Youth3:492023
07654Ed SheeranEraser3:472017
07655Ed SheeranEyes Closed3:142023
07656Ed SheeranF643:212023
07657Ed SheeranFirst Times3:052021
07658Ed SheeranGalway Girl2:502017
07659Ed SheeranGive Me Love (Radio Edit)3:322012
07660Ed SheeranHappier3:272017
07661Ed SheeranHappier (Tiesto's AFTR:HRS Remix)3:362018
07662Ed SheeranHearts Don't Break Around Here4:082017
07663Ed SheeranHow Would You Feel (Paean)4:372017
07664Ed SheeranI Don't Care (Acoustic)3:572019
07665Ed SheeranI See Fire4:552013
07666Ed SheeranI Will Remember You3:342022
07667Ed SheeranLeave Your Life3:422021
07668Ed SheeranLego House3:032012
07669Ed SheeranLove in Slow Motion3:102021
07670Ed SheeranMake it Rain6:422014
07671Ed SheeranNancy Mulligan2:592017
07672Ed SheeranNew Man3:092017
07673Ed SheeranOne4:112014
07674Ed SheeranOne Life3:512022
07675Ed SheeranOverpass Graffiti3:562021
07676Ed SheeranPerfect4:232017
07677Ed SheeranPhotograph4:192015
07678Ed SheeranSandman4:172021
07679Ed SheeranSave Myself4:052017
07680Ed SheeranShape of You3:512017
07681Ed SheeranShivers3:272021
07682Ed SheeranSing3:552014
07683Ed SheeranSmall Bump4:182013
07684Ed SheeranStop the Rain3:222021
07685Ed SheeranSupermarket Flowers3:412017
07686Ed SheeranThe A Team4:192011
07687Ed SheeranThe Joker and the Queen3:042021
07688Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud4:412014
07689Ed SheeranTides3:142021
07690Ed SheeranTouch and Go4:012015
07691Ed SheeranVisiting Hours3:332021
07692Ed SheeranWelcome to the World2:562022
07693Ed SheeranWhat Do I Know?3:572017
07694Ed SheeranYou Need Me, I Don't Need You3:382012
07695Ed Sheeran & Elton JohnMerry Christmas3:282021
07696Ed Sheeran & Justin BieberI Don't Care3:372019
07697Ed Sheeran & RudimentalBloodstream5:082015
07698Ed Sheeran & Travis ScottAntisocial2:412019
07699Ed Sheeran feat. Bring Me the HorizonBad Habits4:102022
07700Ed Sheeran feat. Budjerah2step 2:322022
07701Ed Sheeran feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi BSouth of the Border3:242019
07702Ed Sheeran feat. Chance the Rapper & PnB RockCross Me3:242019
07703Ed Sheeran feat. Ella MaiPut it All on Me3:172019
07704Ed Sheeran feat. Eminem & 50 CentRemember the Name3:272019
07705Ed Sheeran feat. H.E.R.I Don't Want Your Money3:242019
07706Ed Sheeran feat. KhalidBeautiful People3:172019
07707Ed Sheeran feat. Lil Baby2step2:432022
07708Ed Sheeran feat. Luke CombsLife Goes On3:282023
07709Ed Sheeran feat. Meek Mill & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie1000 Nights3:322019
07710Ed Sheeran feat. Paulo Londra & DaveNothing on You3:202019
07711Ed Sheeran feat. SkrillexWay to Break My Heart3:102019
07712Ed Sheeran feat. StormzyTake Me Back to London3:092019
07713Ed Sheeran feat. Taylor SwiftThe Joker and the Queen3:052022
07714Ed Sheeran feat. YebbaBest Part of Me4:032019
07715Ed Sheeran feat. Young Thug & J HusFeels2:302019
07716Ed Sheeran with Andrea BocelliPerfect Symphony4:252017
07717Ed Sheeran with BeyoncePerfect Duet4:192017
07718Ed Sheeran with Chris Stapleton & Bruno MarsBlow3:292019
07719Edd Byrnes with Connie StevensKookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)2:031960
07720Eddie Fisher with Hugo WinterhalterAnytime2:381952
07721Eddie Fisher with Hugo WinterhalterI Need You Now2:301954
07722Eddie Fisher with Hugo Winterhalter and Sally SweetlandI'm Walking Behind You3:031953
07723Eddie Hodges(Girls, Girls, Girls) Made to Love2:271962
07724Eddie HodgesI'm Gonna Knock on Your Door2:021961
07725Eddie HolmanHey There Lonely Girl3:321970
07726Eddie HowellMan From Manhattan3:211976
07727Eddie MoneyBaby Hold On3:311978
07728Eddie MoneyTake Me Home Tonight3:301986
07729Eddie MoneyThink I'm in Love3:091982
07730Eddie MoneyWalk on Water4:141989
07731Eddie MurphyParty All the Time3:571986
07732Eddie MurphyWhatzupwitu3:211993
07733Eddie RabbittDrivin' My Life Away3:121980
07734Eddie RabbittEvery Which Way But Loose2:491979
07735Eddie RabbittI Love a Rainy Night3:091981
07736Eddie RabbittStep By Step3:411981
07737Eddie Rabbitt with Crystal GayleYou and I3:581983
07738Eddy Duchin with Boys in the BandTwenty Four Hours of Sunshine2:261950
07739Eddy GrantDo You Feel My Love3:001982
07740Eddy GrantElectric Avenue3:441983
07741Eddy GrantGimme Hope Jo'Anna3:441988
07742Eddy GrantI Don't Wanna Dance3:391983
07743Eddy GrantRomancing the Stone (Edit)3:311984
07744Eddy GrantTill I Can't Take Love No More2:451984
07745Eddy HowardAuf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart2:401952
07746Eden KaneBoys Cry2:121964
07747Eden KaneForget Me Not2:011962
07748Eden KaneWell I Ask You2:171961
07749Edgar Winter Group, TheFrankenstein3:261973
07750Edie Brickell & New BohemiansA Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall4:581990
07751Edie Brickell & New BohemiansCircle3:111989
07752Edie Brickell & New BohemiansWhat I Am4:521989
07753Edison LighthouseLove Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)2:471970
07754Edith BlissHeart of Stone2:581980
07755Edith BlissTwo Single Beds2:471980
07756Edith PiafMilord4:281961
07757Edward BearLast Song3:091973
07758Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic ZerosHome5:032009
07759Edward WoodwardSoldiers of the Queen3:001980
07760Edwin Hawkins Singers, TheOh Happy Day5:081969
07761Edwin McCainI'll Be4:251998
07762Edwin StarrContact3:301979
07763Edwin StarrH.A.P.P.Y. Radio3:211979
07764Edwin StarrWar3:251970
07765Edwyn CollinsA Girl Like You3:541995
07766EelsMr. E's Beautiful Blues3:572000
07767EelsNovocaine for the Soul3:071996
07768EffigySuspicion Bells3:521998
07769EfuaSomewhere (G Mix)4:131993
07770Eiffel 65Another Race4:332000
07771Eiffel 65Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Radio Edit)3:391999
07772Eiffel 65Blue (Flume Remix)2:462020
07773Eiffel 65Move Your Body (Original Video Edit)3:292000
07774Eiffel 65Too Much of Heaven (Gabry Ponte Radio Mix)4:542000
07775Eiffel 65Too Much of Heaven (Original Video Mix)3:292000
07776Eighty Eights, The(She Fell in Love With) James Bond2:111981
07777El DeBargeWho's Johnny3:541986
07778Elaine PaigeIf You Don't Want My Love3:521982
07779Elaine PaigeMemory4:161985
07780Elaine Paige and Barbara DicksonI Know Him So Well4:121985
07782ElasticCaution to the Wind3:241994
07784Electric Fields2000 and Whatever2:512019
07785Electric HippiesGreedy People2:381994
07786Electric HippiesI Believe in You2:501994
07787Electric Indian, TheKeem-O-Sabe2:071969
07788Electric Light OrchestraAll Over the World4:011980
07789Electric Light OrchestraCalling America3:281986
07790Electric Light OrchestraCan't Get it Out of My Head3:071975
07791Electric Light OrchestraDon't Bring Me Down4:021979
07792Electric Light OrchestraEvil Woman3:251976
07793Electric Light OrchestraHold on Tight3:061981
07794Electric Light OrchestraI'm Alive3:431980
07795Electric Light OrchestraLivin' Thing3:311976
07796Electric Light OrchestraMidnight Blue4:171979
07797Electric Light OrchestraMr. Blue Sky3:461978
07798Electric Light OrchestraRock 'n' Roll is King3:061983
07799Electric Light OrchestraRockaria!3:131977
07800Electric Light OrchestraRoll Over Beethoven4:321973
07801Electric Light OrchestraShine a Little Love4:101979
07802Electric Light OrchestraStrange Magic3:271976
07803Electric Light OrchestraSweet Talkin' Woman3:491978
07804Electric Light OrchestraTelephone Line4:401977
07805Electric Light OrchestraThe Diary of Horace Wimp4:161979
07806Electric Light OrchestraTurn to Stone3:471977
07807Electric Light OrchestraTwilight3:371982
07808Electric MarySail On3:562004
07809Electric PandasBig Girls3:091984
07810Electric PandasItalian Boys3:171985
07811Electric PandasLet's Gamble2:131984
07812Electric PandasMissing Me3:301985
07813Electric Prunes, TheI Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)2:571967
07814Electric SixDanger! High Voltage (Soulchild Radio Mix)3:352003
07815Electric SixGay Bar2:202003
07816Electric StilettoTurn Up the Radio3:372013
07817ElectronicGet the Message (Single Mix)4:051991
07818ElectronicGetting Away With It (Full Length Version)4:191990
07819Electronics, TheDance Birdie Dance2:321982
07820ElectrovampI Don't Like the Vibe in the V.I.P. (Radio Edit)3:022008
07821ElektronsDirty Basement3:372007
07822Elen LevonDancing to the Same Song3:522012
07823Elen LevonLike a Girl in Love (Radio Edit)3:192012
07824Elen LevonWild Child3:042013
07825Elen Levon feat. Israel CruzNaughty (Radio Edit)3:202011
07826Elisa FiorilloOn the Way Up4:121991
07827Eliza DoolittlePack Up3:082010
07828Eliza Rose & Interplanetary CriminalB.O.T.A. (Baddest of Them All) (Edit)3:462022
07829Elk Road feat. Natalie FosterHanging By a Thread3:232016
07830Elkie BrooksPearl's a Singer3:381977
07831Elkie BrooksSunshine After the Rain3:161977
07832Ella EyreComeback3:202014
07833Ella FitzgeraldHave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas2:551960
07834Ella HendersonEmpire3:492015
07835Ella HendersonGhost3:362014
07836Ella HendersonGlow3:482014
07837Ella Henderson & Tom GrennanLet's Go Home Together3:282021
07838Ella MaiBoo'd Up4:162018
07839Ella MaiTrip3:362018
07840Ella Mai feat. Chris BrownWhatchamacallit2:592018
07841Ella Mai, Nicki Minaj & QuavoBoo'd Up (Remix)3:372018
07842Elle KingEx's & Oh's3:212015
07843Elle King & Miranda LambertDrunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)4:032021
07844Ellen FoleyThe Shuttered Palace3:411981
07845Ellen FoleyWe Belong to the Night4:111979
07846Elley DuheMiddle of the Night3:032022
07847Ellie CampbellDon't Want You Back3:192000
07848Ellie DrennanGhost3:312015
07849Ellie DrennanHard Love3:462016
07850Ellie GouldingAnything Could Happen4:472012
07851Ellie GouldingArmy3:572015
07852Ellie GouldingBeating Heart3:312014
07853Ellie GouldingBurn3:512013
07854Ellie GouldingGoodness Gracious3:472014
07855Ellie GouldingHow Long Will I Love You2:342013
07856Ellie GouldingLights (Single Version)3:322011
07857Ellie GouldingLike a Saviour3:392023
07858Ellie GouldingLost and Found3:352015
07859Ellie GouldingLove Me Like You Do4:112015
07860Ellie GouldingOn My Mind3:322015
07861Ellie GouldingSixteen3:212019
07862Ellie GouldingSomething in the Way You Move3:462015
07863Ellie GouldingStill Falling for You4:002016
07864Ellie Goulding & Juice WrldHate Me3:052019
07865Ellie Goulding feat. Big SeanEasy Lover3:352022
07866Ellie Goulding, Diplo & Swae LeeClose to Me3:012018
07867Elliott ShaversSurfies' Stomp (Butter Beans)2:261963
07868Elton JohnBelieve4:431995
07869Elton JohnBennie and the Jets5:061974
07870Elton JohnBite Your Lip (Get Up and Dance!)3:401977
07871Elton JohnBlessed4:061995
07872Elton JohnBlue Eyes3:251982
07873Elton JohnCan You Feel the Love Tonight4:001994
07874Elton JohnCandle in the Wind3:481974
07875Elton JohnCandle in the Wind 19974:101997
07876Elton JohnCircle of Life4:501994
07877Elton JohnClub at the End of the Street4:511990
07878Elton JohnCold Highway3:251974
07879Elton JohnCrocodile Rock3:541973
07880Elton JohnCry to Heaven3:501986
07881Elton JohnCrystal4:241983
07882Elton JohnDaniel3:501973
07883Elton JohnDear God3:451980
07884Elton JohnDon't Let the Sun Go Down on Me5:381974
07885Elton JohnEasier to Walk Away4:211991
07886Elton JohnEgo4:001978
07887Elton JohnEmpty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)4:071982
07888Elton JohnFriends2:241972
07889Elton JohnGoodbye Yellow Brick Road3:131973
07890Elton JohnHealing Hands4:231989
07891Elton JohnHeartache All Over the World4:231986
07892Elton JohnHonky Cat5:151972
07893Elton JohnI Don't Wanna Go on With You Like That3:561988
07894Elton JohnI Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues4:401983
07895Elton JohnI Want Love4:342001
07896Elton JohnI'm Still Standing3:011983
07897Elton JohnIsland Girl3:431975
07898Elton JohnKiss the Bride4:211984
07899Elton JohnLevon5:221972
07900Elton JohnLittle Jeannie3:501980
07901Elton JohnLucy in the Sky With Diamonds5:571975
07902Elton JohnMade in England4:481995
07903Elton JohnMama Can't Buy You Love4:001979
07904Elton JohnNikita4:521985
07905Elton JohnNobody Wins3:371981
07906Elton JohnOriginal Sin4:492002
07907Elton JohnPart Time Love3:131978
07908Elton JohnPassengers3:231984
07909Elton JohnPinball Wizard5:151976
07910Elton JohnRecover Your Soul (Single Remix)4:161998
07911Elton JohnRocket Man4:401972
07912Elton JohnSacrifice5:081989
07913Elton JohnSad Songs (Say So Much)4:071984
07914Elton JohnSartorial Eloquence4:431980
07915Elton JohnSaturday Night's Alright for Fighting4:531973
07916Elton JohnSomeone Saved My Life Tonight6:471975
07917Elton JohnSomething About the Way You Look Tonight3:591997
07918Elton JohnSong for Guy5:061979
07919Elton JohnSorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word3:501976
07920Elton JohnStep Into Christmas4:301973
07921Elton JohnThe Bitch is Back3:381974
07922Elton JohnThe Last Song3:231992
07923Elton JohnThe One4:311992
07924Elton JohnTiny Dancer6:151972
07925Elton JohnToo Low for Zero5:431984
07926Elton JohnVictim of Love3:191979
07927Elton JohnWho Wears These Shoes? (New Edited Version)3:381984
07928Elton JohnWrap Her Up4:201986
07929Elton JohnYou Gotta Love Someone4:571990
07930Elton JohnYour Song3:581971
07931Elton John & Britney SpearsHold Me Closer3:222022
07932Elton John & Britney SpearsHold Me Closer (Joel Corry Remix)4:082022
07933Elton John & Charlie PuthAfter All3:272021
07934Elton John & Cliff RichardSlow Rivers3:111987
07935Elton John & Dua LipaCold Heart (Pnau Remix)3:212021
07936Elton John & Eric ClaptonRunaway Train5:241992
07937Elton John & Kiki DeeDon't Go Breaking My Heart4:251976
07938Elton John & Kiki DeeTrue Love3:331993
07939Elton John & LeAnn RimesWritten in the Stars4:151999
07940Elton John & Millie JacksonAct of War (Single Remix)4:411985
07941Elton John & RuPaulDon't Go Breaking My Heart (Moroder 7" Edit Mix)4:001994
07942Elton John Band, TheLucy in the Sky With Diamonds (Live)6:131981
07943Elton John Band, ThePhiladelphia Freedom5:221975
07944Elton John Band, The feat. John Lennon and The Muscle Shoals HornsI Saw Her Standing There (Live)3:491975
07945Elton John Band, The feat. John Lennon and The Muscle Shoals HornsWhatever Gets You Through the Night (Live)4:231981
07946Elton John vs. PnauGood Morning to the Night3:212012
07947Elton John with The Melbourne Symphony OrchestraCandle in the Wind (Live)4:001988
07948Elton John with The Melbourne Symphony OrchestraYour Song (Live)4:041987
07949Elton John, Pink & LogicBennie and the Jets (2018 Version)3:102018
07950Elton MotelloJet Boy Jet Girl3:081978
07951Elvin BishopFooled Around and Fell in Love2:581976
07952Elvis CostelloThe Other Side of Summer3:531991
07953Elvis CostelloVeronica3:091989
07954Elvis CostelloWatching the Detectives3:441978
07955Elvis Costello and The Attractions(I Don't Want to Go To) Chelsea3:081978
07956Elvis Costello and The AttractionsEveryday I Write the Book3:521983
07957Elvis Costello and The AttractionsGood Year for the Roses3:071982
07958Elvis Costello and The AttractionsOliver's Army2:581979
07959Elvis Costello and The AttractionsPump it Up3:161978
07960Elvis Costello and The AttractionsRadio Radio3:061978
07961Elvis Presley(Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame2:081961
07962Elvis PresleyAin't That Loving You Baby2:241964
07963Elvis PresleyAmerica the Beautiful2:151977
07964Elvis PresleyAre You Lonesome Tonight? (Breakup Version)2:521987
07965Elvis PresleyBig Boss Man2:521967
07966Elvis PresleyBlue Christmas2:081959
07967Elvis PresleyBlue River2:121966
07968Elvis PresleyBurning Love2:491972
07969Elvis PresleyClean Up Your Own Backyard3:071969
07970Elvis PresleyDo Not Disturb1:541966
07971Elvis PresleyDon't Be Cruel2:011956
07972Elvis PresleyDon't Cry Daddy2:451970
07973Elvis PresleyEasy Come, Easy Go2:131967
07974Elvis PresleyEdge of Reality3:381969
07975Elvis PresleyFollow That Dream1:391962
07976Elvis PresleyFool2:411973
07977Elvis PresleyFrankie and Johnny2:321966
07978Elvis PresleyGuitar Man2:151968
07979Elvis PresleyGuitar Man (Remake)2:491981
07980Elvis PresleyHeart of Rome2:551971
07981Elvis PresleyHeartbreak Hotel2:071956
07982Elvis PresleyHelp Me2:271974
07983Elvis PresleyHound Dog2:151956
07984Elvis PresleyI Feel So Bad2:521961
07985Elvis PresleyI Really Don't Want to Know2:431971
07986Elvis PresleyI'll Take Love2:141967
07987Elvis PresleyI'm Leavin'3:491971
07988Elvis PresleyI'm Not the Marrying Kind1:521962
07989Elvis PresleyI'm Yours2:201965
07990Elvis PresleyI've Got a Thing About You Baby2:201974
07991Elvis PresleyI've Lost You3:291970
07992Elvis PresleyIf I Can Dream3:151969
07993Elvis PresleyIf You Talk in Your Sleep2:261974
07994Elvis PresleyIn the Ghetto2:571969
07995Elvis PresleyIt's Only Love2:411971
07996Elvis PresleyJailhouse Rock2:261957
07997Elvis PresleyJudy2:101967
07998Elvis PresleyKentucky Rain3:171970
07999Elvis PresleyLittle Sister2:301961
08000Elvis PresleyLove Letters2:501966
08001Elvis PresleyMemories3:081969
08002Elvis PresleyMoody Blue2:491977
08003Elvis PresleyMy Boy3:181975
08004Elvis PresleyMy Way3:451978
08005Elvis PresleyPatch it Up3:081970
08006Elvis PresleyPledging My Love2:501977
08007Elvis PresleyPromised Land2:511974
08008Elvis PresleyRags to Riches1:551971
08009Elvis PresleyRaised on Rock2:391973
08010Elvis PresleyRubberneckin' (Original Version)2:091970
08011Elvis PresleyRubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfold Remix Radio Edit)3:292003
08012Elvis PresleySeparate Ways2:341973
08013Elvis PresleySing You Children2:121967
08014Elvis PresleySoftly, As I Leave You (Live)3:031978
08015Elvis PresleySteamroller Blues3:031973
08016Elvis PresleySuspicious Minds4:281969
08017Elvis PresleyTake Good Care of Her2:511974
08018Elvis PresleyThat's All Right1:551954
08019Elvis PresleyThe Elvis Medley3:571983
08020Elvis PresleyThe Next Step is Love3:311970
08021Elvis PresleyThe Wonder of You2:351970
08022Elvis PresleyThere Goes My Everything2:571971
08023Elvis PresleyUnchained Melody (Live)3:261978
08024Elvis PresleyUntil it's Time for You to Go3:551972
08025Elvis PresleyWay Down2:361977
08026Elvis PresleyWooden Heart2:011961
08027Elvis PresleyYou Don't Have to Say You Love Me2:301970
08028Elvis PresleyYou Gave Me a Mountain3:181973
08029Elvis Presley vs. Junkie XLA Little Less Conversation (Radio Edit Remix)3:312002
08030Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires(It's A) Long Lonely Highway2:221965
08031Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I2:371959
08032Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires(Such An) Easy Question2:221965
08033Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires(You're The) Devil in Disguise2:191963
08034Elvis Presley with The JordanairesA Little Less Conversation2:161968
08035Elvis Presley with The JordanairesA Mess of Blues2:421960
08036Elvis Presley with The JordanairesAll That I Am2:161966
08037Elvis Presley with The JordanairesAnything That's Part of You2:051962
08038Elvis Presley with The JordanairesAre You Lonesome Tonight?3:061960
08039Elvis Presley with The JordanairesAsk Me2:061964
08040Elvis Presley with The JordanairesBossa Nova Baby2:051963
08041Elvis Presley with The JordanairesC'mon Everybody2:181964
08042Elvis Presley with The JordanairesCan't Help Falling in Love2:571961
08043Elvis Presley with The JordanairesCrying in the Chapel2:221965
08044Elvis Presley with The JordanairesDo the Clam3:161965
08045Elvis Presley with The JordanairesFame and Fortune2:321960
08046Elvis Presley with The JordanairesFlaming Star2:271961
08047Elvis Presley with The JordanairesFools Fall in Love2:081967
08048Elvis Presley with The JordanairesGood Luck Charm2:241962
08049Elvis Presley with The JordanairesI Believe in the Man in the Sky2:141965
08050Elvis Presley with The JordanairesI Gotta Know2:171960
08051Elvis Presley with The JordanairesIf Every Day Was Like Christmas2:531966
08052Elvis Presley with The JordanairesIndescribably Blue2:471967
08053Elvis Presley with The JordanairesIt Hurts Me2:271964
08054Elvis Presley with The JordanairesIt's Now or Never3:141960
08055Elvis Presley with The JordanairesJoshua Fit the Battle2:391966
08056Elvis Presley with The JordanairesJust Tell Her Jim Said Hello1:521962
08057Elvis Presley with The JordanairesKing of the Whole Wide World2:061962
08058Elvis Presley with The JordanairesKiss Me Quick2:461964
08059Elvis Presley with The JordanairesKissin' Cousins2:131964
08060Elvis Presley with The JordanairesLet Yourself Go3:001968
08061Elvis Presley with The JordanairesPuppet on a String2:401966
08062Elvis Presley with The JordanairesReturn to Sender2:071962
08063Elvis Presley with The JordanairesRock-A-Hula Baby1:591961
08064Elvis Presley with The JordanairesShe's Not You2:111962
08065Elvis Presley with The JordanairesSpinout2:331966
08066Elvis Presley with The JordanairesStay Away2:241968
08067Elvis Presley with The JordanairesStuck on You2:181960
08068Elvis Presley with The JordanairesSuch a Night2:591964
08069Elvis Presley with The JordanairesSummer Kisses, Winter Tears2:181961
08070Elvis Presley with The JordanairesSurrender1:541961
08071Elvis Presley with The JordanairesSuspicion2:341964
08072Elvis Presley with The JordanairesTell Me Why2:061966
08073Elvis Presley with The JordanairesThe Girl of My Best Friend2:241960
08074Elvis Presley with The JordanairesThere's Always Me2:171967
08075Elvis Presley with The JordanairesToday, Tomorrow and Forever3:241964
08076Elvis Presley with The JordanairesU.S. Male2:421968
08077Elvis Presley with The JordanairesViva Las Vegas2:231964
08078Elvis Presley with The JordanairesWhere Did They Go, Lord2:271971
08079Elvis Presley with The JordanairesWild in the Country1:501961
08080Elvis Presley with The JordanairesWitchcraft2:181963
08081Elvis Presley with The JordanairesYou'll Never Walk Alone2:431969
08082Elvis Presley with The JordanairesYour Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby1:521968
08083Elvis Presley with The Jubilee Four and Carole Lombard QuartetWhat'd I Say3:031964
08084Elvis Presley with The MellomenOne Broken Heart for Sale1:381963
08086Elyar FoxDo it All Over Again3:252014
08087Em BeiholdNumb Little Bug2:492022
08088Emeli SandeClown3:412014
08089Emeli SandeMy Kind of Love3:182012
08090Emeli SandeNext to Me3:162012
08091Emeli SandeRead All About It (Pt. III)4:442012
08092Emerson, Lake & PalmerFanfare for the Common Man2:551977
08093Emerson, Lake & PowellTouch and Go3:381986
08094EMFChildren (Edit)3:381991
08095EMFI Believe3:161991
08097Emile Ford and The CheckmatesWhat Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?2:041960
08098EmiliaBig Big World (Album Version)3:211998
08099Emiliana TorriniJungle Drum2:102009
08100Emilio PericoliAl Di La2:041962
08101Eminem3 A.M.5:172009
08102EminemAss Like That4:242005
08107EminemCleanin' Out My Closet (Album Version)4:572002
08112EminemIn Too Deep3:142020
08113EminemJust Lose It (Album Version)4:082004
08116EminemLike Toy Soldiers4:542005
08117EminemLose Yourself5:252002
08120EminemMy Name Is (Explicit Version)4:291999
08121EminemNever Love Again2:572020
08123EminemNot Afraid4:102010
08125EminemPremonition (Intro)2:532020
08126EminemRap God6:032013
08127EminemRemind Me3:452017
08128EminemSing for the Moment5:392003
08129EminemSpace Bound4:382011
08132EminemStepping Stone5:092018
08134EminemThe Real Slim Shady4:442000
08135EminemThe Ringer5:372018
08136EminemThe Way I Am4:502000
08139EminemWe Made You4:462009
08140EminemWhen I'm Gone4:382006
08141EminemWithout Me4:502002
08142Eminem & Snoop DoggFrom the D 2 the LBC3:352022
08143Eminem feat. Alicia KeysLike Home4:052017
08144Eminem feat. Anderson PaakLock it Up2:502020
08145Eminem feat. BeyonceWalk on Water5:032017
08146Eminem feat. Cee Lo GreenThe King and I3:132022
08147Eminem feat. Don ToliverNo Regrets3:212020
08148Eminem feat. Dr. DreOld Time's Sake4:382009
08149Eminem feat. Dr. Dre & 50 CentCrack a Bottle5:112009
08150Eminem feat. Ed SheeranRiver3:412017
08151Eminem feat. Ed SheeranThose Kinda Nights2:572020
08152Eminem feat. Gwen StefaniKings Never Die4:552015
08153Eminem feat. Jack Harlow & CordaeKiller (Remix)3:562021
08154Eminem feat. Jessie ReyezGood Guy2:222018
08155Eminem feat. Jessie ReyezNice Guy2:302018
08156Eminem feat. Joyner LucasLucky You4:042018
08157Eminem feat. Juice WrldGodzilla3:302020
08158Eminem feat. KehlaniNowhere Fast4:242017
08159Eminem feat. Lil WayneNo Love4:592010
08160Eminem feat. Nate Dogg'Till I Collapse4:572002
08161Eminem feat. Nate DoggShake That4:342006
08162Eminem feat. Nate RuessHeadlights5:432014
08163Eminem feat. PinkNeed Me4:252017
08164Eminem feat. PinkWon't Back Down4:262010
08165Eminem feat. RihannaLove the Way You Lie4:232010
08166Eminem feat. RihannaThe Monster4:102013
08167Eminem feat. Royce Da 5'9"Not Alike4:482018
08168Eminem feat. Royce Da 5'9" & White GoldYou Gon' Learn3:542020
08169Eminem feat. Royce Da 5'9", Black Thought, Q-Tip & DenaunYah Yah4:472020
08170Eminem feat. SiaBeautiful Pain4:252013
08171Eminem feat. SiaGuts Over Fear5:002014
08172Eminem feat. Skylar GreyLeaving Heaven4:262020
08173Eminem feat. Skylar GreyTragic Endings4:122017
08174Eminem feat. X AmbassadorsBad Husband4:482017
08175Eminem feat. Young M.AUnaccommodating3:362020
08176Eminem, Royce Da 5'9", Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf & Trick TrickDetroit vs. Everybody5:572014
08177Emma BuntonMaybe3:432004
08178Emma BuntonTake My Breath Away (Single Mix)3:382001
08179Emma BuntonWhat Took You So Long?3:592001
08180Emma DonovanChanges3:542010
08181Emma LouiseJungle3:222011
08182Emmanuel Carella2Beautiful3:262003
08183Emmanuel CarellaDon't Say a Word (Leigh Bros. Euro Remix)3:392003
08184Emmanuel CarellaDon't Say a Word (Radio Edit)3:202003
08185Emmanuel CarellaFollow Your Dream4:002005
08186Emmanuel CarellaRun to Me4:262004
08187Emmelie De ForestOnly Teardrops3:012013
08188EmmieMore Than This '99 (Radio Edit)3:121999
08189Emmy MeliI Am Woman3:522021
08190Emmylou HarrisMister Sandman2:201981
08191Emotions, TheBest of My Love3:391977
08192Empire of the SunAlive3:242013
08193Empire of the SunHigh and Low3:422016
08194Empire of the SunOn Our Way Home3:032017
08195Empire of the SunStanding on the Shore4:222009
08196Empire of the SunWalking on a Dream (Album Version)3:162008
08197Empire of the SunWe Are the People4:342009
08198En VogueDon't Let Go (Love) (Radio Edit)4:041997
08199En VogueFree Your Mind (LP Edit)4:101992
08200En VogueGive it Up, Turn it Loose (LP Edit)4:051993
08201En VogueGiving Him Something He Can Feel3:561992
08202En VogueHold On (7" Edit)4:221990
08203En VogueMy Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)4:121992
08204En VogueRunaway Love4:571993
08205En VogueWhatever (Radio Edit)4:101997
08206Encanto CastSurface Pressure3:222022
08207Encanto CastThe Family Madrigal4:162022
08208Encanto CastWaiting on a Miracle2:412022
08209Encanto CastWe Don't Talk About Bruno3:362022
08210Encanto CastWhat Else Can I Do?2:592022
08211End of FashionAnything Goes3:152004
08212End of FashionDying for You3:322009
08213End of FashionFussy4:012008
08214End of FashionLock Up Your Daughters2:532005
08215End of FashionO Yeah2:592005
08216End of FashionRough Diamonds4:292004
08217End of FashionShe's Love3:452006
08218End of FashionThe Game2:422006
08219End of FashionToo Careful3:222004
08220Endless Summer with Violet DaysCrying on the Dancefloor2:532023
08221EndorPump it Up2:302020
08222EndorphinLove is a Dancefloor3:292005
08223Engelbert HumperdinckA Man Without Love3:211968
08224Engelbert HumperdinckAfter the Lovin'3:561977
08225Engelbert HumperdinckAm I That Easy to Forget3:061968
08226Engelbert HumperdinckAnother Time, Another Place3:011971
08227Engelbert HumperdinckI'm a Better Man2:471969
08228Engelbert HumperdinckLes Bicyclettes De Belsize3:151968
08229Engelbert HumperdinckLesbian Seagull3:391997
08230Engelbert HumperdinckRelease Me3:171967
08231Engelbert HumperdinckThe Last Waltz2:581967
08232Engelbert HumperdinckThe Way it Used to Be3:131969
08233Engelbert HumperdinckThere Goes My Everything2:551967
08234Engelbert HumperdinckThree Little Words (I Love You)2:331968
08235Engelbert HumperdinckToo Beautiful to Last3:031972
08236Engelbert HumperdinckWinter World of Love3:191969
08237England Dan & John Ford ColeyI'd Really Love to See You Tonight2:381976
08238England Dan & John Ford ColeyNights Are Forever Without You2:511977
08239England World Cup Squad, TheThis Time (We'll Get it Right)2:431982
08240EnigmaAge of Loneliness (Radio Edit)4:141994
08241EnigmaBeyond the Invisible (Short Radio Edit)3:421996
08242EnigmaCarly's Song (Radio Edit)3:451993
08243EnigmaMea Culpa Part II (Orthodox Mix)4:011991
08244EnigmaReturn to Innocence (Short Radio Edit)3:021994
08245EnigmaSadeness Part I4:141991
08246EnigmaThe Eyes of Truth (Radio Edit)4:351994
08247Enrique IglesiasAddicted (Radio Edit)4:102003
08248Enrique IglesiasBailamos3:371999
08249Enrique IglesiasBe With You3:402000
08250Enrique IglesiasDon't Turn Off the Lights (LP Version)3:462002
08251Enrique IglesiasEscape (Album Version)3:272002
08252Enrique IglesiasHero (Metro Mix)4:162001
08253Enrique IglesiasLove to See You Cry4:042003
08254Enrique IglesiasMaybe3:132003
08255Enrique IglesiasRhythm Divine (Album Version)3:282000
08256Enrique IglesiasTurn the Night Up3:162013
08257Enrique Iglesias feat. Flo RidaThere Goes My Baby3:182014
08258Enrique Iglesias feat. KelisNot in Love (Radio Mix)3:412004
08259Enrique Iglesias feat. Kylie MinogueBeautiful3:242014
08260Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris & DJ Frank ETonight (I'm Lovin' You)3:502011
08261Enrique Iglesias feat. Nicole ScherzingerHeartbeat4:142010
08262Enrique Iglesias feat. PitbullI Like It3:502010
08263Enrique Iglesias feat. PitbullI'm a Freak3:382014
08264Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull and The WavsI Like How it Feels3:392011
08265Enrique Iglesias feat. Sammy AdamsFinally Found You3:392012
08266Enrique Iglesias feat. Sean Paul & Matt TerrySubeme La Radio (Remix)3:272017
08267Enrique Iglesias feat. Sean Paul, Gente De Zona & Descemer BuenoBailando (English Version)4:022014
08268Enrique Iglesias with UsherDirty Dancer3:322011
08269EnyaAnywhere Is3:431995
08270EnyaCaribbean Blue3:391991
08271EnyaHow Can I Keep From Singing?4:121991
08272EnyaI Want Tomorrow4:001987
08273EnyaOiche Chiun (Silent Night)3:451994
08274EnyaOnly If...3:171997
08275EnyaOnly Time (Remix)3:142001
08276EnyaOrinoco Flow4:261989
08277EnyaThe Celts2:561995
08278ENZSOMessage to My Girl6:021996
08279EpicureLife Sentence4:472003
08280Equals, TheBaby, Come Back2:281968
08281Equals, TheMichael and the Slipper Tree3:041969
08282Equals, TheViva Bobby Joe3:101969
08283EraAmeno (Remix)3:461996
08284Era IstrefiBonbon2:462016
08285Eran JamesI'm All Alone (UK Mix)4:072005
08286ErasureAlways (7" Mix)4:011994
08288ErasureLay All Your Love on Me4:431992
08289ErasureLove to Hate You3:561991
08290ErasureOh L'Amour3:061986
08293ErasureTake a Chance on Me3:411992
08294ErasureVoulez Vous5:291992
08295Eric B. & RakimPaid in Full (Mini Madness - The Coldcut Remix)3:371988
08296Eric Burdon & The AnimalsGood Times3:001967
08297Eric Burdon & The AnimalsHelp Me Girl2:521966
08298Eric Burdon & The AnimalsMonterey4:161968
08299Eric Burdon & The AnimalsRing of Fire4:521969
08300Eric Burdon & The AnimalsSan Franciscan Nights3:191967
08301Eric Burdon & The AnimalsSee See Rider2:501966
08302Eric Burdon & The AnimalsSky Pilot (Part One)2:581968
08303Eric Burdon & The AnimalsWhen I Was Young3:001967
08304Eric Burdon & WarSpill the Wine4:031970
08305Eric CarmenAll By Myself4:271976
08306Eric CarmenAll for Love3:591981
08307Eric CarmenHungry Eyes4:081988
08308Eric CarmenI Wanna Hear it From Your Lips3:141985
08309Eric CarmenIt Hurts Too Much4:071980
08310Eric CarmenMake Me Lose Control4:451988
08311Eric CarmenThat's Rock 'n' Roll3:111976
08312Eric ClaptonAfter Midnight2:501970
08313Eric ClaptonAfter Midnight (Re-Recorded)3:361988
08314Eric ClaptonChange the World3:561996
08315Eric ClaptonForever Man3:111985
08316Eric ClaptonI Shot the Sheriff4:231974
08317Eric ClaptonI've Got a Rock N' Roll Heart3:131983
08318Eric ClaptonIt's in the Way That You Use It4:081987
08319Eric ClaptonLay Down Sally3:291978
08320Eric ClaptonLayla (Acoustic)4:331992
08321Eric ClaptonMy Father's Eyes5:221998
08322Eric ClaptonPromises3:011979
08323Eric ClaptonTears in Heaven4:301992
08324Eric ClaptonTears in Heaven (Acoustic)4:461992
08325Eric HutchinsonRock & Roll3:582009
08326Eric JuppSkippy (Main Title)1:591968
08327Eric PrydzCall on Me (Radio Edit)2:472004
08328Eric Prydz vs. FloydProper Education (Radio Edit)3:212007
08329Eric Saade feat. J-SonHearts in the Air3:562011
08330Eric SerraThe Diva Dance1:271997
08331Eric TroyerMirage2:521980
08332Eric WeidemanNothing I Can Do3:471997
08333Eric Weissberg and Steve MandellDueling Banjos2:161973
08334Erica BaxterI Spy3:302006
08335Erin HamiltonDream Weaver (Haarsh Reality Radio Edit)4:001999
08336Ernest AshworthTalk Back Trembling Lips2:341963
08337Ernest EllisLoveless4:142010
08338Ernie (Jim Henson)Rubber Duckie2:231970
08339Ernie FieldsIn the Mood2:311959
08340Ernie K-DoeMother-in-Law2:361961
08341Ernie SigleyMary's Boy Child2:471961
08342Ernie Sigley & Denise DrysdaleHey Paula2:401974
08343EruptionI Can't Stand the Rain2:551978
08344EruptionOne Way Ticket3:351979
08345Escape Club, TheCall it Poison (Single Mix)4:211991
08346Escape Club, TheI'll Be There (Edit)4:561991
08347Escape Club, TheShake for the Sheik (Edit)3:501989
08348Escape Club, TheWild, Wild West4:001988
08349Eskimo JoeBlack Fingernails, Red Wine4:042006
08350Eskimo JoeBreaking Up3:252007
08351Eskimo JoeDon't Let Me Down3:372009
08352Eskimo JoeForeign Land4:312009
08353Eskimo JoeFrom the Sea3:202004
08354Eskimo JoeLiar3:262002
08355Eskimo JoeLove is a Drug3:412011
08356Eskimo JoeNew York3:542007
08357Eskimo JoeOlder Than You2:282004
08358Eskimo JoeSarah3:292006
08359Eskimo JoeSweater2:161998
08360Eskimo JoeWho Sold Her Out3:102002
08361Esoterik & James Crooks feat. AstaBe Like You3:482017
08362Essex, TheA Walkin' Miracle2:161963
08363Essex, TheEasier Said Than Done2:121963
08366EstelleNo Substitute Love3:332008
08367Estelle feat. Kanye WestAmerican Boy (Explicit Version)4:442008
08368Ester DeanCrazy Youngsters3:382015
08369Esther & Abi OfarimCinderella Rockefella2:271968
08370ETACasual Sub (Burning Spear) (45 or 33? Radio Edit)3:401997
08371EternalDon't You Love Me (Radio Mix)3:471997
08372EternalGood Thing (Radio Mix)3:491996
08373EternalI Am Blessed4:181996
08374EternalJust a Step From Heaven3:521995
08375EternalPower of a Woman3:541995
08376EternalSave Our Love (7" Mix)3:451994
08378EternalStay (7" Mix)3:591994
08379Eternal feat. BeBe WinansI Wanna Be the Only One3:351997
08380Ethel Merman and Dick Haymes with Gordon JenkinsYou're Just in Love3:041953
08381Etta JamesAt Last2:591961
08382EuphoriaDo for You4:311992
08383EuphoriaElated (7" Mix)3:371993
08384EuphoriaI Will Never Leave You3:541992
08385EuphoriaLove You Right (Radio Edit)3:431991
08386EuphoriaOne in a Million (7" Radio Edit)3:491992
08387Euphoria feat. Young MCBaby, I Want It5:321992
08389EuroglidersAnother Day in the Big World2:591984
08390EuroglidersCan't Wait to See You4:111985
08391EuroglidersGroove (Radio Edit)4:011988
08392EuroglidersHeaven (Must Be There)3:371984
08393EuroglidersIt Must Be Love3:491988
08394EuroglidersMaybe Only I Dream (US Remix)3:181984
08395EuroglidersNo Action3:251983
08396EuroglidersSo Tough3:121986
08397EuroglidersThe City of Soul4:321985
08398EuroglidersWe Will Together4:311985
08399EuroglidersWithout You3:491982
08400Europa with GraceyLonely Heart2:472022
08401EuropeRock the Night4:041987
08403EuropeThe Final Countdown (Radio Edit)3:561987
08404EuropeThe Final Countdown 20003:461999
08405EuropeansThe Animal Song3:511983
08406EurythmicsBeethoven (I Love to Listen To) (7" Edit)3:551987
08407EurythmicsDon't Ask Me Why4:221989
08408EurythmicsHere Comes the Rain Again4:581984
08409EurythmicsI Need a Man (Edited)4:041988
08410EurythmicsI Saved the World Today (Radio Edit)4:261999
08411EurythmicsIt's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)3:431986
08412EurythmicsLove is a Stranger3:401983
08413EurythmicsMissionary Man3:451986
08414EurythmicsRevival (7" Version)4:011989
08415EurythmicsRight By Your Side3:501983
08416EurythmicsSexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)3:521984
08418EurythmicsSweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Radio Edit)3:421983
08419EurythmicsThe King and Queen of America4:311990
08420EurythmicsThe Miracle of Love4:341987
08421EurythmicsThere Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart)4:391985
08422EurythmicsThorn in My Side4:111986
08423EurythmicsWhen Tomorrow Comes4:151986
08424EurythmicsWho's That Girl?3:451983
08425EurythmicsWould I Lie to You?4:221985
08426Eurythmics and Aretha FranklinSisters Are Doin' it for Themselves4:511985
08427EusebeSummertime Healing (Radio Edit)3:581996
08428Eva SimonsSilly Boy3:222009
08429Evan Jones and Y KnotMm! Mm! Don't Cha Love Summertime!3:131981
08430EvanescenceBring Me to Life (Album Version)3:552003
08431EvanescenceCall Me When You're Sober (Album Version)3:362006
08432EvanescenceEverybody's Fool (Album Version)3:152004
08433EvanescenceGoing Under (Album Version)3:342003
08435EvanescenceMy Immortal (Band Version)4:332004
08436EvanescenceUse My Voice4:002020
08437EvanescenceWhat You Want3:412012
08438Eve feat. Alicia KeysGangsta Lovin'3:592002
08439Eve feat. Gwen StefaniLet Me Blow Ya Mind (Album Version)3:492001
08440Eve feat. Sean PaulGive it to You3:152008
08441Evelyn ThomasHigh Energy3:501984
08442EvenBlack Umbrella3:201999
08443EverclearEverything to Everyone3:211997
08444EverclearHeartspark Dollarsign (Single Mix)2:511996
08445EverclearHeroin Girl2:221995
08446EverclearSanta Monica (Watch the World Die)3:111996
08447EverclearSo Much for the Afterglow3:541998
08448EverclearVolvo Driving Soccer Mom3:132003
08449EverclearWonderful (Radio Edit No Intro)4:192000
08450EverclearYou Make Me Feel Like a Whore2:461997
08451EverlastBlack Jesus (Radio Edit)4:202000
08452EverlastWhat it's Like (Album Version)5:021999
08453Everly Brothers, TheBe Bop A-Lula2:211960
08454Everly Brothers, TheBird Dog2:151958
08455Everly Brothers, TheBye Bye Love2:211957
08456Everly Brothers, TheCathy's Clown2:231960
08457Everly Brothers, TheCrying in the Rain2:031962
08458Everly Brothers, TheDon't Blame Me3:241961
08459Everly Brothers, TheEbony Eyes3:061961
08460Everly Brothers, TheHow Can I Meet Her?1:511962
08461Everly Brothers, TheIt's Been Nice (Goodnight)2:051963
08462Everly Brothers, TheLet it Be Me2:341960
08463Everly Brothers, TheLike Strangers2:011960
08464Everly Brothers, TheLove of the Common People3:061967
08465Everly Brothers, TheLucille2:291960
08466Everly Brothers, TheMuskrat2:201961
08467Everly Brothers, TheOn the Wings of a Nightingale2:331984
08468Everly Brothers, TheSo Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)2:341960
08469Everly Brothers, TheTemptation2:131961
08470Everly Brothers, TheThat's Old Fashioned (That's the Way Love Should Be)2:251962
08471Everly Brothers, TheThe Girl Sang the Blues2:031963
08472Everly Brothers, TheWalk Right Back2:191961
08473Everly Brothers, TheWhen Will I Be Loved1:591960
08474Everly Brothers, The with The Beach BoysDon't Worry Baby3:161989
08475EvermoreCome to Nothing4:192005
08476EvermoreFollow the Sun4:132012
08477EvermoreFor One Day (Single Edit)3:442005
08478EvermoreHey Boys and Girls (Truth of the World Pt.2)4:102009
08479EvermoreIt's Too Late3:562004
08480EvermoreLight Surrounding You3:502006
08481EvermoreNever Let You Go4:202007
08485Every Brothers, TheEyes for the Blind4:541989
08486Every Brothers, TheThis Town4:101988
08487Every Mothers' SonCome on Down to My Boat2:361967
08488Everything But the GirlDon't Leave Me Behind3:151987
08489Everything But the GirlDriving (Todd Terry Freeze Mix)2:471996
08490Everything But the GirlMissing (Todd Terry Remix)4:161996
08491Everything But the GirlSingle (Edit)3:581996
08492Everything But the GirlWalking Wounded (Main Vocal Mix Edit)4:071996
08493Everything But the GirlWrong (Todd Terry Remix Edit)3:541996
08494Everything But the Girl vs. Soul VisionTracey in My Room (Lazy Dog Bootleg Edit)3:462001
08495Evie SandsAny Way That You Want Me3:371969
08496Ex-ItNight Fever (Club 7" Mix)3:571996
08497ExampleChanged the Way You Kiss Me3:122011
08498ExampleKids Again (Radio Edit)3:112014
08499ExampleMidnight Run3:592012
08500ExampleOne More Day (Stay With Me)3:272014
08501ExampleSay Nothing (Radio Edit)3:422012
08502ExampleStay Awake3:242011
08503ExampleWon't Go Quietly3:382010
08504Exciters, TheGet Him1:581963
08505Exciters, TheHe's Got the Power2:241963
08506Exciters, TheTell Him2:351963
08507Executives, TheChristopher Robin2:481968
08508Executives, TheIt's a Happening World2:251968
08509Executives, TheMy Aim is to Please You3:061967
08510Executives, TheSit Down, I Think I Love You2:221967
08511Executives, TheSummerhill Road2:141968
08512Executives, TheWindy Day3:101968
08513ExileKiss You All Over3:271978
08514ExileThe Part of Me That Needs You Most3:341980
08515ExoLucky One3:462016
08516ExpatriateGet Out, Give In3:142005
08517ExpatriateKiller Kat1:572005
08518ExpatriatePlay a Part3:222007
08519ExpatriateThe Spaces Between3:122005
08520Exploding White MiceI Just Want My Fun2:381990
08521Explosive Mind, TheThe Kids Are Alright2:391967
08522ExposeWhat You Don't Know4:001989
08523ExposedBlue Monday (Pee Wee's 7" Mix)4:181995
08524Expression, TheDecisions3:331983
08525Expression, TheTotal Eclipse4:301983
08526Expression, TheWith Closed Eyes3:331983
08527ExtremeGet the Funk Out (7" What the Funk? Mix)4:031992
08528ExtremeHip Today (Edit)4:151995
08529ExtremeHole Hearted3:361991
08530ExtremeMore Than Words3:341991
08531ExtremeRest in Peace (Radio Edit)4:561992
08532Eydie GormeBlame it on the Bossa Nova2:301963
08533Eydie GormeDon't Try to Fight It, Baby2:181963
08534Eydie GormeEverybody Go Home2:551963
08535Eye to EyeNice Girls4:021982
08536Ezio PinzaSome Enchanted Evening3:001952
08537F.A.B.Happy People4:011985
08538F.C.B.Excalibur (Radio Mix)3:521995
08539F.R. DavidWords3:261983
08540FabianHound Dog Man2:121960
08541Fable Singers, TheAdelaide Crows Football Club Song (Pride of South Australia)1:391997
08542Fable Singers, TheCollingwood Football Club Song (Goodbye Dolly Gray)1:322002
08543Fable Singers, ThePort Adelaide Football Club Song (The Power to Win)2:071997
08544Fable Singers, TheSt. Kilda Football Club Song (When the Saints Go Marching In)0:531997
08545FabolousBreathe (Radio Edit)3:322004
08546Fabolous feat. Mike ShoreyBaby3:482005
08547Fabolous feat. Mike Shorey & Lil' MoCan't Let You Go3:432004
08548Fabolous feat. TamiaInto You4:242003
08549Fabulaires, TheThe Remedy3:491981
08550FacesCindy Incidentally2:371973
08551FacesPool Hall Richard4:231974
08552FacesStay With Me4:391972
08553FacesYou Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything4:191975
08554Fairground AttractionFind My Love3:461988
08555Fairground AttractionPerfect3:351988
08556Faith EvansAgain3:182005
08557Faith EvansLove Like This4:351998
08558Faith EvansMesmerized (Freemasons Full Vocal Mix Radio Edit)3:212005
08559Faith Evans feat. P. Diddy & LoonYou Gets No Love4:012002
08560Faith HillBreathe4:072000
08561Faith HillCry3:462002
08562Faith HillThe Way You Love Me (Radio Remix)3:292001
08563Faith HillThere You'll Be3:422001
08564Faith HillThis Kiss (Radio Version)3:141998
08565Faith No MoreA Small Victory (Edit)4:191992
08566Faith No MoreAshes to Ashes (Radio Edit)3:241997
08567Faith No MoreDigging the Grave3:031995
08568Faith No MoreEasy3:071993
08569Faith No MoreEpic4:501990
08570Faith No MoreEverything's Ruined4:331993
08571Faith No MoreEvidence (Edit)3:531995
08572Faith No MoreFalling to Pieces (Remix)4:201990
08573Faith No MoreFrom Out of Nowhere3:201990
08574Faith No MoreI Started a Joke3:001998
08575Faith No MoreLast Cup of Sorrow (7" Edit)3:441997
08576Faith No MoreMidlife Crisis4:191992
08577Faith No MoreRicochet (Edit)3:471995
08578Faith No MoreStripsearch4:291997
08579Faith No MoreThe Gentle Art of Making Enemies3:281995
08580FaithlessCrazy English Summer2:432002
08581FaithlessDon't Leave (String Version)3:551997
08582FaithlessGod is a DJ (Radio Edit)3:351998
08583FaithlessI Want More (Radio Version)3:302004
08584FaithlessInsomnia (Monster Mix Radio Edit)3:331997
08585FaithlessMass Destruction (Single Mix)3:322004
08586FaithlessTake the Long Way Home (Radio Mix)4:051999
08587FaithlessTarantula (Radio Edit)3:042002
08588FaithlessWe Come 1 (Radio Edit)3:432001
08589Faithless feat. DidoOne Step Too Far (Radio Edit)3:232002
08591FakerHurricane (Radio Remix)3:172005
08592FakerThe Familiar3:422005
08593FakerThis Heart Attack3:472007
08594FalcoDer Kommissar3:511983
08595FalcoRock Me Amadeus3:201986
08596FalcoVienna Calling (The New '86 Edit Mix)3:591986
08597Fall Out BoyAlone Together3:232013
08598Fall Out BoyAlpha Dog3:402009
08599Fall Out BoyAmerica's Suitehearts3:392008
08600Fall Out BoyAmerican Beauty/American Psycho3:162014
08601Fall Out BoyCenturies3:502014
08602Fall Out BoyChampion3:112017
08603Fall Out BoyHeartbreak Feels So Good3:362023
08604Fall Out BoyHold Me Like a Grudge3:342023
08605Fall Out BoyHold Me Tight or Don't3:302017
08606Fall Out BoyI Don't Care3:342008
08607Fall Out BoyI'm Like a Lawyer With the Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off (Me & You)3:312008
08608Fall Out BoyImmortals (End Credit Version)3:132015
08609Fall Out BoyMy Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)3:072013
08610Fall Out BoyThe Last of the Real Ones3:502017
08611Fall Out BoyThe Phoenix4:052013
08612Fall Out BoyThe Take Over, The Breaks Over3:332007
08613Fall Out BoyThis Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race3:322007
08614Fall Out BoyThnks Fr Th Mmrs3:232007
08615Fall Out BoyWe Didn't Start the Fire3:352023
08616Fall Out BoyYoung and Menace3:432017
08617Fall Out Boy feat. John MayerBeat It3:472008
08618Falling in ReverseVoices in My Head3:112022
08619Falling in ReverseZombified3:382022
08620Falling JoysBlack Bandages3:191992
08621Falling JoysJennifer3:011991
08622Falling JoysLock It4:381990
08623Falling JoysParachute (Live)3:101991
08624FamilyIn My Own Time3:321971
08625Family, TheThe Screams of Passion3:311985
08626Family Dogg, TheA Way of Life4:031969
08627Famous By AssociationPerfect Sunday3:392006
08628Famous By AssociationStereo3:052006
08629FannyPackCameltoe (LP Version)3:122003
08630FantasiaI Believe4:592004
08631Fantastics, TheSomething Old, Something New2:431971
08632Far CorporationStairway to Heaven5:571986
08633Far East Movement feat. Cover DriveTurn Up the Love3:162012
08634Far East Movement feat. Justin BieberLive My Life3:592012
08635Far East Movement feat. Ryan TedderRocketeer3:312011
08636Far East Movement feat. Sidney Samson & Flo RidaChange Your Life3:382012
08637Far East Movement feat. Snoop DoggIf I Was You (OMG)3:252011
08638Far East Movement feat. The Cataracs & DevLike a G63:372010
08639FarmhouseThese Boots Are Made for Walkin'3:451991
08640Faron YoungIt's Four in the Morning2:561972
08641Faron Young with The Merry Melody SingersThe Yellow Bandana2:261963
08642Fast Boy & TopicForget You2:272023
08643Fast CrewI Got3:532005
08644Fast CrewIt's the Incredible4:252005
08645Fast CrewSuburbia Streets (Radio Edit)4:222006
08646Fast Food RockersFast Food Song (Deep Pan Radio Mix)3:082003
08647FastballOut of My Head2:331999
08648FastballThe Way (Radio Edit)4:081998
08649FastballYou're an Ocean3:172000
08650Fat Boys and The Beach BoysWipe Out3:591987
08651Fat Boys with Chubby CheckerThe Twist (7" Version)4:051988
08652Fat Joe feat. AshantiWhat's Luv? (Explicit Version)3:482002
08653Fat Joe feat. NellyGet it Poppin'3:252005
08654Fat Joe feat. R. KellyWe Thuggin' (Clean Version)3:272002
08655Fat Larry's BandZoom4:151982
08656FatbackBus Stop (Stop and Go Mix)6:441987
08657Fatback Band, The(Are You Ready) Do the Bus Stop3:141976
08658Fatboy SlimGangster Trippin (Short Edit)2:481998
08659Fatboy SlimPraise You (Radio Edit)3:461999
08660Fatboy SlimRight Here, Right Now3:531999
08661Fatboy SlimSong for Shelter (Chemical Brothers Remix)3:132001
08662Fatboy SlimStar 69 (Original Mix)6:112001
08663Fatboy SlimSunset (Bird of Prey) (Edit)3:492000
08664Fatboy SlimThe Rockafeller Skank (Short Edit)3:591998
08665Fatboy SlimWeapon of Choice (Attack Hamster Edit)3:382001
08666Fatboy SlimYa Mama (Edit)3:132001
08667Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr feat. BeardymanEat Sleep Rave Repeat (Calvin Harris Remix Edit)2:482013
08668Fatboy Slim feat. Macy GrayDemons3:122001
08669Father AbrahamThe Smurf Song3:471979
08670Fatman Scoop feat. The Crooklyn ClanBe Faithful (Dirty Version)2:462003
08671Fatman Scoop feat. The Crooklyn ClanIt Takes Scoop (Radio Edit)2:502004
08672Fats DominoJambalaya (On the Bayou)2:201962
08673Fats DominoLady Madonna2:171968
08674Fats DominoMy Girl Josephine2:021960
08675Fats DominoThree Nights a Week1:431960
08676Fats DominoWalking to New Orleans1:521960
08677Fatt DexJus' Funkin (Radio Edit)3:221999
08678Fauves, TheCelebrate the Failure3:132000
08679Fauves, TheSurf City Limits3:311998
08680Fear FactoryCars (Remix)3:361999
08681Fear FactoryResurrection6:261999
08682Feargal SharkeyA Good Heart4:391985
08683Feargal SharkeyLoving You4:071985
08684Feargal SharkeyMore Love4:391988
08685Feargal SharkeySomeone to Somebody4:231986
08686Feargal SharkeyYou Little Thief4:341986
08687Fearless SoulFix You4:252021
08688Fedde Le GrandPut Your Hands Up for Detroit (Radio Edit)2:252006
08689Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove is All I Got (Original Mix)3:062013
08690FeederFeeling a Moment4:072005
08691Feet FirstMasquerader3:301981
08693FeistI Feel it All3:382008
08694FelicityCountry Girl (In the Urban World)4:051999
08695Felicity UrquhartBig Black Cloud (Radio Edit 2007)3:482007
08696FelixDon't You Want Me (Hooj Mix Edit)3:111992
08697FelixIt Will Make Me Crazy (Edit)3:501992
08698FelixStars (Felix Mix Edit)3:331993
08699Felix Jaehn & The Stickmen Project feat. Calum ScottRain in Ibiza2:212022
08700Felix Jaehn feat. Jasmine ThompsonAin't Nobody (Loves Me Better)3:052015
08701Felix Jaehn feat. Sandro CavazzaAll for Love2:462023
08702Felix Jaehn feat. Zoe WeesDo it Better2:502022
08703Femme FataleFalling in & Out of Love3:491989
08704Fences feat. Macklemore & Ryan LewisArrows3:532014
08705Fendermen, TheDon't You Just Know It2:141960
08706Fendermen, TheMule Skinner Blues2:251960
08707FergieBig Girls Don't Cry4:282007
08709FergieHere I Come3:212008
08710FergieL.A. Love (La La)3:122014
08711FergieLabels or Love3:502008
08712FergieLondon Bridge (LP Version)3:282006
08713FergieM.I.L.F. $2:422016
08714Fergie feat. LudacrisGlamorous4:062007
08715Fergie feat. Nicki MinajYou Already Know4:082017
08716Fergie feat. Sean KingstonBig Girls Don't Cry (Remix)3:542007
08717Fergie feat. Will.i.amFergalicious (Radio Edit)3:452006
08718Fergie, Q-Tip & GoonRockA Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)4:012013
08719Ferlin HuskyWings of a Dove2:161961
08720Fern KinneyGroove Me3:191979
08721Fern KinneyTogether We Are Beautiful4:111980
08722Ferrante & TeicherTheme from "Exodus"2:571961
08723Ferrante & TeicherTheme from "The Apartment"3:021961
08724Ferrante & TeicherTonight2:591961
08725Ferrets, TheDon't Fall in Love3:131977
08726Ferrets, TheJanie May3:531977
08727Ferry AidLet it Be4:371987
08728Ferry CorstenFire (Radio Edit)2:402006
08729Ferry CorstenRock Your Body Rock (Radio Edit)3:362004
08730Ferry Corsten feat. GuruJunk (Radio Edit)2:372007
08731Fess ParkerBallad of Davy Crockett1:391955
08732FestivalDon't Cry for Me Argentina3:401980
08733Fetty WapAgain5:122015
08734Fetty WapTrap Queen3:412015
08735Fetty Wap feat. MontyMy Way3:332015
08736Fetty Wap feat. Remy Boyz6793:162015
08737Fiction Factory(Feels Like) Heaven3:331984
08738Fiddler's DramDay Trip to Bangor (Didn't We Have a Lovely Time)2:541980
08739Field Mob feat. CiaraSo What3:362006
08740Fielding & DyerThe Whale2:581972
08741Fifth Estate, TheDing, Dong! The Witch is Dead2:051967
08742Fifth HarmonySledgehammer3:512015
08743Fifth HarmonyThat's My Girl3:242016
08744Fifth Harmony feat. Fetty WapAll in My Head (Flex)3:302016
08745Fifth Harmony feat. Gucci ManeDown2:442017
08746Fifth Harmony feat. Kid InkWorth It3:432015
08747Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla SignWork From Home3:352016
08748Fifty FiftyCupid (Twin Version)2:532023
08749Fifty Fifty feat. KaliiiBarbie Dreams2:282023
08750FiggkiddFeel Good (Radio Edit)3:402007
08751FiggkiddMy Oh My (J Wells Radio Edit)3:352005
08752Figgkidd feat. Tech N9ne & RedfooI Gotta Know3:102004
08753FilterTake a Picture (Radio Edit)4:252000
08754FilterWhere Do We Go From Here (Album Edit)4:022002
08755Filter and The Crystal Method(Can't You) Trip Like I Do (Album Version)4:251997
08756FinchWhere Were You4:071978
08757Fine Young CannibalsBlue3:311986
08758Fine Young CannibalsDon't Look Back3:421989
08759Fine Young CannibalsEver Fallen in Love3:541987
08760Fine Young CannibalsFunny How Love Is3:291986
08761Fine Young CannibalsGood Thing (7" Mix)3:221989
08762Fine Young CannibalsJohnny Come Home3:341985
08763Fine Young CannibalsShe Drives Me Crazy3:351989
08764Fine Young CannibalsSuspicious Minds3:571986
08765Fine Young CannibalsThe Flame (Radio Edit)3:501996
08766Finger ElevenParalyzer3:252008
08767FinnSuffer Never4:001995
08768Finn Brothers, TheWon't Give In4:142004
08769Fiona AppleCriminal (Radio Edit)4:411998
08770Fiona Horne & Paul McDermottShut Up/Kiss Me3:301998
08771Fire Inc.Tonight is What it Means to Be Young5:281984
08772Fireballs, TheBottle of Wine2:111968
08774FirefoxPull My Trigger (Firefox Radio Edit)3:042007
08775FireHouseDon't Treat Me Bad3:551991
08776FireHouseLove of a Lifetime4:461991
08777FiremasterMad World (Mad Radio Edit)3:231997
08778Firm, TheArthur Daley ('E's Alright)3:021982
08779Firm, TheRadioactive2:491985
08780Firm, TheStar Trekkin'3:321987
08781First Aid KitMy Silver Lining3:352014
08782First ChoiceSmarty Pants2:371973
08783First Class, TheBeach Baby4:491974
08784Fischer-ZSo Long5:001980
08785Fischer-ZThe Perfect Day3:581988
08787FisherJust Feels Tight3:172021
08788FisherLosing It (Radio Edit)2:432019
08789FisherYou Little Beauty3:262019
08790Fisher & Kita AlexanderAtmosphere3:022023
08791Fitz and The TantrumsThe Walker3:532014
08792FiveDon't Wanna Let You Go (Radio Edit)3:362000
08793FiveEverybody Get Up (Radio Edit)3:031998
08794FiveGot the Feelin'3:271999
08795FiveIf Ya Gettin' Down2:591999
08796FiveKeep on Movin'3:161999
08797FiveLet's Dance (Radio Edit)3:372001
08798FiveMy Song (Exclusive Single Remix)3:411998
08799FiveRock the Party (Single Remix)2:472001
08800FiveSlam Dunk (Da Funk)3:351998
08801FiveUntil the Time is Through (Radio Mix)4:131999
08802FiveWhen the Lights Go Out4:091998
08803Five & QueenWe Will Rock You (Radio Edit)3:072000
08804Five Americans, TheWestern Union2:331967
08805Five Finger Death PunchA Little Bit Off3:102021
08806Five for Fighting100 Years4:042004
08807Five for FightingSuperman (It's Not Easy)3:392002
08808Five Man Electrical BandSigns (Single Version)3:051971
08809Five StarSystem Addict4:011986
08810Fivio Foreign & The Kid LaroiParis to Tokyo2:102022
08811Fivio Foreign, Kanye West & Alicia KeysCity of Gods4:162022
08812Fixx, TheOne Thing Leads to Another3:231983
08813Fixx, TheSaved By Zero3:231983
08814Fixx, TheStand or Fall3:591982
08815FlakeLife is Getting Better3:031971
08816FlakeReflections of My Life4:511971
08817FlakeThis Wheel's on Fire3:051970
08818Flame FortuneSex Symbol3:061985
08819Flaming HandsThe Edge3:131984
08820Flaming Lips, TheShe Don't Use Jelly3:401995
08821Flaming Lips, TheThe Yeah Yeah Yeah Song4:512006
08822Flash and The PanDown Among the Dead Men4:471978
08823Flash and The PanHey, St. Peter4:161976
08824Flash and The PanMidnight Man3:441985
08825Flash and The PanWaiting for a Train4:421983
08826Flash and The PanWaiting for a Train (French Take)3:411983
08827Fleetwood MacAlbatross3:061969
08828Fleetwood MacAs Long as You Follow4:101989
08829Fleetwood MacBig Love3:371987
08830Fleetwood MacDon't Stop3:101977
08831Fleetwood MacDreams4:141977
08832Fleetwood MacEverywhere3:401988
08833Fleetwood MacFamily Man4:021988
08834Fleetwood MacGo Your Own Way3:361977
08835Fleetwood MacGypsy3:541982
08836Fleetwood MacHold Me3:431982
08837Fleetwood MacLittle Lies3:361987
08838Fleetwood MacLove in Store3:131982
08839Fleetwood MacMan of the World2:491969
08840Fleetwood MacOh Well (Part 1)3:321969
08841Fleetwood MacRhiannon (Will You Ever Win)4:071976
08842Fleetwood MacSara4:351980
08843Fleetwood MacSave Me4:111990
08844Fleetwood MacSay You Love Me4:081976
08845Fleetwood MacSeven Wonders3:321987
08846Fleetwood MacSongbird3:201977
08847Fleetwood MacThe Chain4:291977
08848Fleetwood MacTusk3:251979
08849Fleetwood MacYou Make Lovin' Fun3:291977
08850Fleetwoods, TheMr. Blue2:271959
08851Fleur EastSax3:562015
08852Flies, TheDoin' the Mod2:471965
08853Flight Facilities feat. Aloe BlaccBetter Than Ever3:032019
08854Flight Facilities feat. Christine HobergClair De Lune7:422012
08855Flight Facilities feat. Dustin TebbuttAll Your Love4:452018
08856Flight Facilities feat. Emma LouiseTwo Bodies6:082014
08857Flight Facilities feat. JessForeign Language4:032011
08858Flight Facilities feat. Micky GreenStand Still4:192013
08859Flight Facilities feat. NikaNeed You3:202018
08860Flight Facilities feat. Reggie WattsSunshine4:252014
08861FlinnTwo Cans of Fosters and a Packet of Potato Chips2:121980
08862Flip & Fill feat. Kelly LlorennaTrue Love Never Dies (Radio Edit)3:282002
08863Flip Da ScripI Never Told You (Radio Mix)3:581998
08864Flipp DineroLeave Me Alone3:152019
08865Flirtations, TheNothing But a Heartache2:411969
08866Flo MilliNever Lose Me2:052024
08867Flo RidaGood Feeling4:072011
08868Flo RidaHow I Feel2:492013
08869Flo RidaI Cry3:422012
08870Flo RidaLet it Roll3:142012
08871Flo RidaMy House3:112016
08872Flo RidaTurn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)3:202010
08873Flo RidaWhistle3:442012
08874Flo Rida feat. AkonWho Dat Girl3:202011
08875Flo Rida feat. David GuettaClub Can't Handle Me3:522010
08876Flo Rida feat. Georgi KayIn My Mind (Part 2)4:302012
08877Flo Rida feat. Inna and Timmy TrumpetSummer's Not Ready2:312021
08878Flo Rida feat. Jason DeruloHello Friday3:212016
08879Flo Rida feat. Jennifer LopezSweet Spot 2.03:112013
08880Flo Rida feat. KeshaRight Round3:242009
08881Flo Rida feat. Lil WayneLet it Roll (Part 2)3:312012
08882Flo Rida feat. MalumaHola3:112017
08883Flo Rida feat. Nelly FurtadoJump3:292009
08884Flo Rida feat. PitbullCan't Believe It3:422013
08885Flo Rida feat. RedfooRun3:512012
08886Flo Rida feat. Robin Thicke & Verdine WhiteI Don't Like It, I Love It3:432015
08887Flo Rida feat. Sage the Gemini & LookasGDFR3:092014
08888Flo Rida feat. Sam MartinDirty Mind3:032015
08889Flo Rida feat. SiaWild Ones3:532011
08890Flo Rida feat. T-PainLow3:492008
08891Flo Rida feat. TimbalandElevator3:462008
08892Flo Rida feat. Will.i.amIn the Ayer3:392008
08893Flo Rida feat. WynterSugar4:132009
08894FloatersFloat On4:091977
08895Flock of Seagulls, AI Ran (Radio Edit)3:441982
08896Flock of Seagulls, ASpace Age Love Song (7" Version)3:201982
08897Flock of Seagulls, AWishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (7" Version)4:111983
08898Florence + The MachineBreath of Life4:082012
08899Florence + The MachineDelilah4:532015
08900Florence + The MachineDog Days Are Over4:122009
08901Florence + The MachineFree3:532022
08902Florence + The MachineHunger3:342018
08903Florence + The MachineJenny of Oldstones3:072019
08904Florence + The MachineKing4:382022
08905Florence + The MachineLight of Love3:582020
08906Florence + The MachineModeration3:072019
08907Florence + The MachineMy Love (Edit)2:572022
08908Florence + The MachineNever Let Me Go4:312012
08909Florence + The MachineNo Light, No Light4:342012
08910Florence + The MachineRabbit Heart (Raise it Up)3:522010
08911Florence + The MachineShake it Out4:372011
08912Florence + The MachineShip to Wreck3:532015
08913Florence + The MachineSky Full of Song3:462018
08914Florence + The MachineSpectrum (Say My Name) (Calvin Harris Remix)3:372012
08915Florence + The MachineSt Jude3:452015
08916Florence + The MachineToo Much is Never Enough5:482016
08917Florence + The MachineWhat Kind of Man3:362015
08918Florence + The MachineWhat the Water Gave Me5:322011
08919Florence + The MachineYou've Got the Love2:462010
08920Florence + The Machine and Dizzee RascalYou Got the Dirtee Love (Live at the BRIT Awards 2010)3:382010
08921Florida Georgia LineCan't Say I Ain't Country2:562019
08922Florida Georgia LineH.O.L.Y.3:142016
08923Florida Georgia LineSimple3:052018
08924Florida Georgia Line feat. Jason DeruloWomen3:312019
08925Florida Georgia Line feat. NellyCruise (Remix)3:262013
08926Flotsam JetsamDistraction4:201986
08927Flotsam JetsamPower4:011987
08928Flower Pot Men, TheLet's Go to San Francisco (Part 1)3:371967
08929FlowersCan't Help Myself3:101980
08931FlowersWe Can Get Together3:451980
08932Floy JoyWeak in the Presence of Beauty3:221986
08933Floyd CramerChattanooga Choo Choo2:031962
08934Floyd CramerHow High the Moon1:531963
08935Floyd CramerJava2:011963
08936Floyd CramerLast Date2:261960
08937Floyd CramerOn the Rebound2:081961
08938Floyd CramerSan Antonio Rose2:221961
08939Floyd RobinsonOut of Gas2:061961
08941FlumeHoldin On2:342012
08942Flume & Chet FakerDrop the Game3:422013
08943Flume & Chet FakerThis Song is Not About a Girl4:142013
08944Flume & Chet FakerWhat About Us5:072013
08945Flume feat. Andrew WyattSome Minds4:232015
08946Flume feat. Isabella ManfrediThe Greatest View4:022013
08947Flume feat. Jezzabell DoranSleepless3:282013
08948Flume feat. KaiNever Be Like You3:542016
08949Flume feat. KuckaHyperreal4:132017
08950Flume feat. Little DragonTake a Chance5:272016
08951Flume feat. London GrammarLet You Know3:192019
08952Flume feat. May-aSay Nothing3:512022
08953Flume feat. Pusha TEnough3:112017
08954Flume feat. Reo CragunFriends3:442019
08955Flume feat. T.ShirtOn Top3:512013
08956Flume feat. Toro Y MoiThe Difference2:192020
08957Flume feat. Tove LoSay It4:202016
08958Flume feat. Vera BlueRushing Back3:512019
08959Flume feat. Vic MensaLose It3:452016
08960Flume feat. Vince Staples & KuckaSmoke & Retribution4:002016
08961Flux Pavilion feat. Childish GambinoDo or Die4:052013
08962Flying Circus, TheGiselle3:121971
08963Flying Circus, TheHayride2:191969
08964Flying Circus, TheLa La2:051969
08965Flying Circus, TheRun, Run, Run2:081969
08966Flying Fonzarellis, TheHoney "B"3:361985
08967Flying Fonzarellis, TheStay3:471985
08968Flying Lizards, TheMoney2:311979
08969Flying Machine, TheSmile a Little Smile for Me3:011969
08970Flying Pickets, TheOnly You3:231984
08971FoalsMy Number4:002013
08972FocusHocus Pocus3:301973
08974FoghatThird Time Lucky (First Time I Was a Fool)4:141980
08975Fontella BassRescue Me2:511965
08976FonzerelliMoonlight Party (Aaron McClelland Summer Mix Radio Edit)2:522007
08977Foo FightersAll My Life (Album Version)4:222002
08978Foo FightersBest of You4:152005
08979Foo FightersBig Me2:111996
08980Foo FightersBreakout3:202000
08981Foo FightersDOA4:142005
08982Foo FightersEverlong4:101997
08983Foo FightersFor All the Cows3:281996
08984Foo FightersGenerator3:472000
08985Foo FightersHave it All (Album Version)5:002003
08986Foo FightersI'll Stick Around (LP Version)3:521995
08987Foo FightersLearn to Fly3:551999
08988Foo FightersLong Road to Ruin3:442007
08989Foo FightersLow (Album Version)4:282003
08990Foo FightersMonkey Wrench3:511997
08991Foo FightersMy Hero4:191998
08992Foo FightersNext Year (Remix)3:202000
08993Foo FightersRope4:192011
08994Foo FightersRun5:232017
08995Foo FightersShame Shame4:162020
08996Foo FightersSomething From Nothing4:472014
08997Foo FightersStacked Actors4:162000
08998Foo FightersThe One2:432002
08999Foo FightersThe Pretender4:282007
09000Foo FightersThese Days4:582011
09001Foo FightersThis is a Call3:531995
09002Foo FightersTimes Like These (Album Version)4:252003
09003Foo FightersWaiting on a War4:122021
09004Foo FightersWalk4:162011
09005Foo FightersWalking After You4:071998
09006Foo FightersWheels4:382009
09007Fool's GardenLemon Tree3:091996
09008Fools, ThePsycho Chicken3:171980
09009Footy Fever ThemesRichmond Tigers Football Club1:442017
09010ForeignerCold as Ice3:201977
09011ForeignerDouble Vision3:301979
09012ForeignerFeels Like the First Time3:121977
09013ForeignerHot Blooded3:021978
09014ForeignerI Don't Want to Live Without You (Single Version)3:551988
09015ForeignerI Want to Know What Love Is4:351984
09016ForeignerJuke Box Hero (Single Version)4:031982
09017ForeignerLong, Long Way From Home2:501978
09018ForeignerSay You Will4:011987
09019ForeignerThat Was Yesterday3:451985
09021ForeignerWaiting for a Girl Like You4:491981
09022Formula OneDreamworld3:561982
09023ForrestRock the Boat4:071983
09024Fort Minor feat. Eric Bobo and Styles of BeyondBelieve Me3:472005
09025Fort Minor feat. Holly Brook & Jonah MatrangaWhere'd You Go3:532006
09026Fortunes, TheFreedom Come, Freedom Go3:171971
09027Fortunes, TheHere Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again2:511971
09028Fortunes, TheHere it Comes Again3:041965
09029Fortunes, TheStorm in a Teacup3:121972
09030Fortunes, TheYou've Got Your Troubles3:221965
09031Foster & AllenI Will Love You All My Life3:211984
09032Foster & AllenMaggie3:341983
09033Foster the PeopleCall it What You Want3:582012
09034Foster the PeopleComing of Age4:402014
09035Foster the PeopleHelena Beat4:352011
09036Foster the PeoplePumped Up Kicks3:582011
09037Foundations, TheAny Old Time (You're Lonely and Sad)2:511968
09038Foundations, TheBaby, Now That I've Found You2:331967
09039Foundations, TheBack on My Feet Again2:461968
09040Foundations, TheBuild Me Up Buttercup2:561969
09041Foundations, TheIn the Bad, Bad Old Days (Before You Loved Me)3:181969
09042Fountains of WayneRadiation Vibe3:391997
09043Fountains of WayneRed Dragon Tattoo3:321999
09044Fountains of WayneStacy's Mom3:162003
09045Four Aces, TheLove is a Many-Splendored Thing2:571955
09046Four Aces, TheMelody of Love2:441955
09047Four Aces, TheMister Sandman2:351955
09048Four Jacks and a JillMaster Jack2:461968
09049Four Kinsmen, TheThe Sphinx Won't Tell1:591964
09050Four Lads, TheRound and Round2:191957
09051Four Pennies, TheJuliet2:241964
09052Four Preps, TheMore Money for You and Me4:481961
09053Four Seasons, TheAin't That a Shame2:381963
09054Four Seasons, TheAlone2:531964
09055Four Seasons, TheBetrayed3:001965
09056Four Seasons, TheBig Girls Don't Cry2:241962
09057Four Seasons, TheBig Man in Town2:471964
09058Four Seasons, TheC'mon Marianne2:341967
09059Four Seasons, TheCandy Girl2:401963
09060Four Seasons, TheConnie-O2:281962
09061Four Seasons, TheDawn (Go Away)2:471964
09062Four Seasons, TheDecember, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) (Ben Liebrand Remix)3:261992
09063Four Seasons, TheDecember, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) (Original Single Version)3:331976
09064Four Seasons, TheI've Got You Under My Skin3:411966
09065Four Seasons, TheLet's Hang On!3:191965
09066Four Seasons, TheMarlena2:361963
09067Four Seasons, TheOpus 17 (Don't You Worry 'Bout Me)2:341966
09068Four Seasons, TheRag Doll2:561964
09069Four Seasons, TheRonnie2:591964
09070Four Seasons, TheSave it for Me2:371964
09071Four Seasons, TheSherry2:311962
09072Four Seasons, TheSilver Star3:571976
09073Four Seasons, TheStay1:531964
09074Four Seasons, TheTell it to the Rain2:381967
09075Four Seasons, TheToy Soldier2:341965
09076Four Seasons, TheWalk Like a Man2:141963
09077Four Seasons, TheWho Loves You4:041975
09078Four Seasons, TheWill You Love Me Tomorrow3:201968
09079Four Seasons, TheWorking My Way Back to You3:061966
09080Four Tones, The with The Penny RocketsTennessee Stomp2:061963
09081Four Tops7-Rooms of Gloom2:341967
09082Four TopsAin't No Woman (Like the One I Got)3:041973
09083Four TopsBaby I Need Your Loving2:421965
09084Four TopsBernadette3:001967
09085Four TopsI Can't Help Myself2:431965
09086Four TopsIf I Were a Carpenter2:461968
09087Four TopsIt's All in the Game2:441970
09088Four TopsKeeper of the Castle2:561973
09089Four TopsReach Out I'll Be There2:551966
09090Four TopsStanding in the Shadows of Love2:351967
09091Four TopsWalk Away Renee2:431968
09092Four TopsWhat is a Man2:331969
09093Four TopsWhen She Was My Girl3:221981
09094Four TopsYou Keep Running Away2:491967
09095Fourmost, TheA Little Loving2:051964
09096Fourmost, TheBaby I Need Your Loving2:261965
09097FoxImagine Me, Imagine You3:391976
09098FoxOnly You Can3:271976
09099FoxS-S-S-Single Bed3:481976
09100FoxesLet Go for Tonight3:572014
09101Foxfire IVRoses3:082001
09102FoxterLemon Tree (Radio Edit)4:001996
09103Foxy Brown feat. BlackstreetGet Me Home3:491997
09104Foxy Brown feat. Spragga BenzOh Yeah3:562001
09105Fozzey & VanCGimme Love3:332014
09106Fozzie & KermitMovin' Right Along2:561980
09107FragmaReach Out3:232001
09108FragmaSay That You're Here (Radio Version)3:272001
09109FragmaTime and Time Again (Radio Mix)3:382003
09110FragmaToca Me (Original Radio Cut)3:331999
09111FragmaToca's Miracle (Inpetto Edit)3:272008
09112FragmaToca's Miracle (Radio Edit)3:212000
09113FragmaYou Are Alive (Radio Edit)3:332001
09114Fragma feat. Maria RubiaEverytime You Need Me (Radio Edit)3:292001
09115Frames, TheFalling Slowly4:362009
09116Frames, TheFunny Situation3:051983
09117Frames, ThePlease Listen to Me4:231981
09118FrancesDon't Worry About Me3:452016
09119FrancescaWay of the World3:232002
09120Francis DunneryAmerican Life in the Summertime4:071994
09121Francis LaiTheme from "Love Story"3:201971
09122Frank Bennett and The Orchestra RoyaleCreep2:561996
09123Frank ChacksfieldTerry's Theme from "Limelight"2:201953
09124Frank IfieldCall Her Your Sweetheart1:541967
09125Frank IfieldTeenage Baby1:481959
09126Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorAngry at the Big Oak Tree2:461964
09127Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorDon't Blame Me2:131964
09128Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorHalf as Much2:391964
09129Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorI Remember You2:001962
09130Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorI'm Confessin' (That I Loved You)2:031963
09131Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorI'm Smiling Now1:591963
09132Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorLovesick Blues2:161962
09133Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorMule Train2:251963
09134Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorNobody's Darlin' But Mine2:271963
09135Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorParadise2:241965
09136Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorPlease2:251964
09137Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorSay it Isn't So2:421964
09138Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorShe Taught Me How to Yodel2:071962
09139Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorSummer is Over3:111964
09140Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorThe Wayward Wind2:411963
09141Frank Ifield with Norrie ParamorWaltzing Matilda2:211963
09142Frank KellyChristmas Countdown5:231984
09143Frank LewisYear of War3:051969
09144Frank MillsMusic Box Dancer3:161979
09145Frank MillsPeter Piper3:211980
09146Frank OceanChanel3:302017
09147Frank OceanLost3:542012
09148Frank OceanPink + White3:042016
09149Frank OceanSolo4:172016
09150Frank SinatraBad, Bad Leroy Brown2:491974
09151Frank SinatraI Would Be in Love (Anyway)2:311970
09152Frank SinatraI'm Walking Behind You2:571953
09153Frank SinatraJingle Bells1:591946
09154Frank SinatraLet it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!2:341950
09155Frank SinatraLet Me Try Again (Laisse Moi Le Temps)3:301974
09156Frank SinatraLove's Been Good to Me3:231969
09157Frank SinatraMy Way4:361969
09158Frank SinatraSoftly, As I Leave You2:511964
09159Frank SinatraStrangers in the Night2:341966
09160Frank SinatraSummer Wind2:521966
09161Frank SinatraThat's Life3:061966
09162Frank SinatraThe World We Knew (Over and Over)2:461967
09163Frank SinatraYoung at Heart2:501954
09164Frank Sinatra & Ray AnthonyMelody of Love2:591955
09165Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr.Me and My Shadow3:061962
09166Frank StalloneFar From Over3:131984
09167Frank Traynor's Jazz PreachersPlease Girls, Please2:211963
09168Frank Traynor's Jazz PreachersSweet Patootie2:541963
09169Frank Traynor's Jazz PreachersWashington Square2:451963
09170Frank Virtue Combo, TheMidnight Hassle2:211963
09171Frank WeirThe Happy Wanderer2:401954
09172Frank Weir feat. The Michael TwinsThe Little Shoemaker2:241954
09173Frank ZanderDa Da Da3:351982
09174Franke & The KnockoutsSweetheart3:491981
09175FrankeeF. U. Right Back (Explicit Version)3:172004
09176Frankie AvalonDon't Throw Away All Those Teardrops2:291960
09177Frankie AvalonWhy2:361960
09178Frankie DavidsonGimme Dat Ding2:131970
09179Frankie DavidsonThe Aussie Barbecue Song2:431981
09180Frankie Davidson with The SapphiresHave You Ever Been to See Kings Cross2:541962
09181Frankie Goes to HollywoodRage Hard (Remix Edit/Vocal)4:191986
09182Frankie Goes to HollywoodRelax3:551984
09183Frankie Goes to HollywoodRelax MCMXCIII3:401993
09184Frankie Goes to HollywoodThe Power of Love4:401984
09185Frankie Goes to HollywoodThe Power of Love (Rob Searle Club Mix Edit)4:132000
09186Frankie Goes to HollywoodTwo Tribes3:541984
09187Frankie Goes to HollywoodWelcome to the Pleasuredome (Original 7 Inch Mix)4:221985
09188Frankie JDon't Wanna Try4:092003
09189Frankie J feat. Baby BashObsession (No Es Amor) (Album Version)3:192005
09190Frankie LaineDon't Make My Baby Blue2:091963
09191Frankie LaineRawhide2:001959
09192Frankie Laine with Paul WestonAnswer Me, Lord Above2:361954
09193Frankie MillerDarlin'3:041978
09194Frankie MillerWhy Don't You Spend the Night3:131980
09195Frankie ValliCan't Take My Eyes Off You3:201967
09196Frankie ValliGrease3:231978
09197Frankie ValliI Make a Fool of Myself3:411967
09198Frankie ValliMy Eyes Adored You3:311975
09199Frankie ValliSwearin' to God4:031975
09200Franz FerdinandNo You Girls3:402009
09201Franz FerdinandTake Me Out3:562004
09202Franz FerdinandThe Fallen (Radio Edit)2:432006
09203Franz FerdinandThis Fire (Rich Costey Re-Record Mix)3:312004
09204Franz FerdinandUlysses3:022009
09205Fratellis, TheFlathead3:172007
09206FraternitySeasons of Change3:351971
09207Fray, TheHeartbeat3:372011
09208Fray, TheHow to Save a Life4:212007
09209Fray, TheLove Don't Die3:032013
09210Fray, TheNever Say Never4:162009
09211Fray, TheOver My Head (Cable Car) (Album Version)3:552006
09212Fray, TheRun for Your Life3:582012
09213Fray, TheYou Found Me4:022008
09214Freaked Out Flower ChildrenSpill the Wine3:461991
09215FreaksThe Creeps (Get on the Dancefloor) (Radio Edit)2:452007
09216Fred AgainDelilah (Pull Me Out of This)4:102023
09217Fred AgainJungle3:182023
09218Fred Again & Baby KeemLeavemealone3:412023
09219Fred Again & JozzyTen3:002024
09220Fred Again & ObongjayarAdore U3:402023
09221Fred Again & Swedish House Mafia feat. FutureTurn on the Lights Again4:262022
09222Fred Again, Lil Yachty & OvermonoStayinit4:342024
09223Fred Again, Skrillex & Four TetBaby Again5:202023
09224Fred Astaire, Red Skelton and Anita EllisNevertheless (I'm in Love With You)3:201951
09225Fred WedlockOldest Swinger in Town2:321981
09226Freda PayneBand of Gold2:521971
09227Freddie & The DreamersA Windmill in Old Amsterdam2:081965
09228Freddie & The DreamersDo the Freddie2:071965
09229Freddie & The DreamersI Understand2:351965
09230Freddie & The DreamersOver You1:551964
09231Freddie MercuryI Was Born to Love You3:361985
09232Freddie MercuryLove Kills4:261984
09233Freddie MercuryMade in Heaven4:091985
09234Freddie MercuryThe Great Pretender (Original Single Version)3:251987
09235Freddie Mercury & Montserrat CaballeBarcelona (7" Version)4:241987
09236Freddie ScottHey, Girl3:051963
09237Freddy CannonAction2:081965
09238Freddy CannonJump Over2:301960
09239Freddy CannonPalisades Park1:521962
09240Freddy CannonPatty Baby1:581963
09241Freddy CannonWay Down Yonder in New Orleans2:301960
09242Freddy FenderBefore the Next Teardrop Falls2:321975
09243Freddy FenderWasted Days and Wasted Nights2:421975
09244Freddy Martin with Merv Griffin(Put Another Nickle In) Music! Music! Music!2:541950
09245FreeAll Right Now4:141970
09246FreeLittle Bit of Love2:331972
09247FreeMy Brother Jake2:501971
09248FreeThe Stealer3:161971
09249FreeWishing Well3:391973
09250Freedom of ThoughtGreen and Gold (Song for the Socceroos)3:232006
09251Freedom WilliamsVoice of Freedom (LP Version)3:381993
09253FreefallDrinking Pina Colada3:571980
09254Freeloaders feat. The Real ThingSo Much Love to Give (Radio Edit)3:072005
09255Freemasons feat. Amanda WilsonLove on My Mind (Radio Edit)3:112005
09256Freemasons feat. Bailey TzukeUninvited3:002008
09257Freemasons feat. Katherine EllisTears (Radio Edit)3:412013
09258Freemasons feat. Siedah GarrettRain Down Love (Walken Edit)3:152007
09259Freemasons feat. Sophie Ellis-BextorHeartbreak (Make Me a Dancer)3:332009
09260FreestylersGet a Life (Radio Edit)3:442004
09261FreestylersIn Love With You (Radio Edit)3:322006
09262FreestylersPush Up (Radio Edit)3:552004
09263FreestylersTold You So3:502002
09264FreiheitKeeping the Dream Alive4:131989
09265French AffairSexy (Radio Version)3:492003
09266French Montana feat. DrakeNo Stylist3:112018
09267French Montana feat. Post Malone, Cardi B & RvssianWriting on the Wall3:212019
09268French Montana feat. Swae LeeUnforgettable3:532017
09269French Montana feat. The Weeknd & Max BA Lie3:462017
09270Frenship & Emily WarrenCapsize3:572016
09271Frente!Accidently Kelly Street3:191992
09272Frente!Bizarre Love Triangle1:591994
09274Frente!No Time3:191993
09275Frente!Ordinary Angels2:351992
09276Frente!Sit on My Hands (Remix)3:251996
09277Frenzal RhombMum Changed the Locks1:411998
09278Frenzal RhombWar (Album Version)2:302000
09279Frenzal RhombWe're Going Out Tonight2:171999
09280Frenzal RhombYou Are Not My Friend3:261999
09281FreshwaterI Ain't Got the Time3:111971
09283FreshwaterSatan's Woman3:011970
09284Freya RidingsCastles3:292019
09285Freya RidingsLost Without You3:442017
09286Freya RidingsWeekends3:202023
09287FridaI Know There's Something Going On4:001982
09288Friend & LoverReach Out of the Darkness3:051969
09289FriendlyI Love You But... (Radio Edit)3:422000
09290FriendlyMy Mother Was a Deejay (Hard Funk Original Mix)3:262000
09291FriendlySome Kind of Love Song (Original Mix)3:061999
09292Friends of the EarthLove Song to the Earth3:512015
09293Frijid PinkHouse of the Rising Sun4:391970
09294Fruit PastillesI Don't Ever Want to See You Again2:191982
09295Fu-Schnickens with Shaquille O'NealWhat's Up Doc? (Can We Rock) (LP Version)3:581993
09297FuelFalls on Me4:112003
09298FuelHemorrhage (In My Hands)3:582000
09301FugeesFu-Gee-La (Album Version)4:151996
09302FugeesKilling Me Softly4:501996
09303FugeesNo Woman, No Cry (Remix)4:381996
09304FugeesReady or Not3:461996
09305Fugees feat. A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes and John ForteRumble in the Jungle (Edit)4:161997
09306Full MarksBreak Down the Walls3:221985
09307FunCarry On4:382012
09308FunSome Nights4:352012
09309FunWhy Am I the One4:462013
09310Fun Boy ThreeThe Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum)3:131982
09311Fun Boy Three with BananaramaIt Ain't What You Do...2:481982
09312Fun feat. Janelle MonaeWe Are Young4:102012
09313Fun FunColor My Love3:151985
09314Fun Lovin' CriminalsScooby Snacks (Album Version)3:021996
09315Fun Lovin' CriminalsThe Fun Lovin' Criminal3:111997
09316FunkoarsBlack Sally4:172009
09317Funky Green DogsBody (Radio Edit)3:491999
09318Funky PoetsBorn in the Ghetto4:161994
09319Fureys, The & Davey ArthurWhen You Were Sweet Sixteen4:071982
09320Fuse ODG feat. AngelT.I.N.A.3:202014
09321FutureMask Off3:242017
09322FuturePuffin on Zootiez2:522022
09323Future & Juice WrldFine China2:212018
09324Future & Metro BoominWe Don't Trust You3:462024
09325Future feat. DrakeI'm on One3:542022
09326Future feat. DrakeLife is Good3:572020
09327Future feat. Drake & TemsWait for U3:092022
09328Future feat. Kendrick LamarMask Off (Remix)4:172017
09329Future feat. RihannaSelfish4:102017
09330Future feat. The WeekndLow Life5:122016
09331Future TroublesShake It3:062008
09332Future, Metro Boomin & Kendrick LamarLike That4:272024
09333Future, Metro Boomin & The WeekndWe Still Don't Trust You4:122024
09334Future, Metro Boomin & The WeekndYoung Metro3:252024
09335Future, Metro Boomin & Travis ScottCinderella2:492024
09336Future, Metro Boomin, Travis Scott & Playboi CartiType Shit3:482024
09337G FlipAbout You4:072020
09338G FlipCruel Summer (Like a Version)3:262024
09339G FlipDrink Too Much3:402019
09340G FlipHyperfine3:402020
09341G FlipKilling My Time3:372018
09342G FlipThe Worst Person Alive3:302024
09343G FlipYou & I3:162020
09344G-Eazy & Bebe RexhaMe, Myself & I4:122016
09345G-Eazy & HalseyHim & I4:272017
09346G-Eazy & KehlaniGood Life3:442017
09347G-Eazy feat. ASAP Rocky & Cardi BNo Limit3:322017
09348G-Eazy feat. Chris Brown & Mark MorrisonProvide3:062021
09349G-Eazy feat. Demi LovatoBreakdown2:442021
09350G-Eazy feat. Tory Lanez & TygaStill Be Friends3:332020
09351G-UnitStunt 1013:522004
09352G-Unit feat. JoeWanna Get to Know You4:252004
09353G. Wayne ThomasOpen Up Your Heart3:411972
09355G.R.L.Ugly Heart3:182014
09356Gabriella CilmiDon't Wanna Go to Bed Now (Single Version)3:122008
09357Gabriella CilmiOn a Mission3:032010
09358Gabriella CilmiSave the Lies (Single Version)3:162008
09359Gabriella CilmiSweet About Me3:212008
09360GabrielleDon't Need the Sun to Shine (To Make Me Smile)3:282002
09361GabrielleDreams (7" Version)3:431993
09362GabrielleGive Me a Little More Time (Edit)3:591996
09363GabrielleGoing Nowhere (7" Mix)3:471994
09364GabrielleOut of Reach3:162001
09365GabrielleOut of Reach (Almighty Radio Edit)3:442001
09367Gabrielle AplinPlease Don't Say You Love Me3:002014
09368Gabrielle AplinSalvation4:082014
09369Gabrielle AplinThe Power of Love4:042014
09370GabzLighters (The One)2:442013
09371Gail Ann DorseyWasted Country5:011989
09372GalantisNo Money3:082016
09373GalantisPeanut Butter Jelly3:222015
09374GalantisRunaway (U & I)3:462015
09375Galantis & Hook N SlingLove on Me3:252016
09376Galantis & RozesGirls on Boys2:592017
09377Galantis and East & YoungMake Me Feel3:262016
09378Galantis feat. OneRepublicBones3:252019
09379Galantis, David Guetta & Little MixHeartbreak Anthem3:022021
09380Gale GarnettWe'll Sing in the Sunshine2:591964
09381Gallagher & LyleHeart on My Sleeve3:191976
09382Gallagher & LyleI Wanna Stay With You2:541976
09383GalleryNice to Be With You2:361972
09384Galvatrons, TheWhen We Were Kids3:482008
09385Game, TheDreams4:472005
09386Game, TheLet's Ride3:572006
09387Game, The feat. 50 CentHate it or Love It3:272005
09388Game, The feat. 50 CentHow We Do (Explicit Version)4:022005
09389Game, The feat. Junior ReidIt's Okay (One Blood)4:172006
09390Gang of YouthsAsleep in the Back4:082021
09391Gang of YouthsLet Me Down Easy5:192018
09392Gang of YouthsStrange Diseases3:192016
09393Gang of YouthsThe Angel of 8th Ave.3:582021
09394Gang of YouthsThe Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows5:512018
09395Gang of YouthsUnison5:082021
09396Gang StarrLovesick4:181991
09397GanggajangAmerican Money3:411987
09398GanggajangGimme Some Lovin'2:401984
09399GanggajangGiver of Life3:361985
09400GanggajangHouse of Cards2:451985
09401GanggajangHundreds of Languages3:351994
09404GanggajangSounds of Then3:521986
09405GanggajangTalk to Me3:591994
09406GanggajangThe Bigger They Are3:281986
09407Garbage#1 Crush4:451996
09409GarbageBreaking Up the Girl3:322002
09410GarbageCherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)3:102002
09411GarbageI Think I'm Paranoid3:361998
09412GarbageMilk (The Siren Mix)4:001996
09413GarbageOnly Happy When it Rains3:461996
09414GarbagePush It4:031998
09416GarbageRun Baby Run3:582005
09417GarbageShut Your Mouth3:252002
09419GarbageStupid Girl4:181996
09421GarbageWhen I Grow Up3:211999
09422GarbageWhy Do You Love Me3:512005
09423Garden EdenLemon Tree (Lemon Dance Radio Edit)3:521996
09424Gareth GatesSunshine3:362003
09425Gareth GatesUnchained Melody (Radio Mix)3:312003
09426Garland JeffreysSurrender3:571983
09427Garry MillsLook for a Star2:011960
09428Garth BrooksOne Night a Day4:151994
09429Garth BrooksStanding Outside the Fire3:521994
09430Garth BrooksTo Make You Feel My Love3:531998
09431Garth BrooksTwo Pina Coladas3:351998
09432Gary & DaveCould You Ever Love Me Again3:231974
09433Gary BarlowForever Love4:361996
09434Gary BarlowLove Won't Wait (Radio Edit)4:111997
09435Gary BarlowSo Help Me Girl4:271997
09436Gary Burbank with Band McNallyWho Shot J.R.?3:361980
09437Gary BurrowsPeter Motley3:431987
09438Gary Clail & On-U Sound SystemHuman Nature (On the Mix Edit)3:341991
09439Gary Clark Jr. and Junkie XLCome Together3:122017
09440Gary GlitterAlways Yours3:251974
09441Gary GlitterDo You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah)3:161973
09442Gary GlitterHello! Hello! I'm Back Again3:181973
09443Gary GlitterI Didn't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock and Roll)3:231972
09444Gary GlitterI Love You Love Me Love3:101973
09445Gary GlitterI'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am!)3:261973
09446Gary GlitterLove Like You and Me3:161975
09447Gary GlitterOh Yes! You're Beautiful3:501975
09448Gary GlitterRemember Me This Way4:171974
09449Gary GlitterRock and Roll Part 13:001972
09450Gary GlitterRock and Roll Part 22:591972
09451Gary Lewis & The PlayboysEverybody Loves a Clown2:231965
09452Gary Lewis & The PlayboysSave Your Heart for Me1:581965
09453Gary Lewis & The PlayboysShe's Just My Style3:001966
09454Gary Lewis & The PlayboysThis Diamond Ring2:141965
09455Gary MooreCold Day in Hell4:251992
09456Gary MooreEmpty Rooms (1985 Single Version)4:181986
09457Gary MooreFriday on My Mind4:111987
09458Gary MooreOver the Hills and Far Away4:371987
09459Gary MooreStill Got the Blues (For You) (Radio Edit)3:591990
09460Gary MooreWalking By Myself2:541990
09461Gary MooreWild Frontier4:141987
09462Gary Moore & Phil LynottOut in the Fields4:151985
09463Gary Moore feat. Albert KingOh Pretty Woman4:231990
09464Gary Myrick and The FiguresShe Talks in Stereo3:571980
09465Gary NumanCars3:571979
09466Gary NumanI Die: You Die3:441980
09467Gary NumanWe Are Glass4:421980
09468Gary PintoWhat the Day Brings (Single Version)3:362001
09469Gary Puckett and The Union GapDon't Give in to Him2:181969
09470Gary Puckett and The Union GapLady Willpower2:371968
09471Gary Puckett and The Union GapOver You2:251968
09472Gary Puckett and The Union GapThis Girl is a Woman Now3:081969
09473Gary Puckett and The Union GapWoman, Woman3:171968
09474Gary Puckett and The Union GapYoung Girl3:051968
09475Gary ShearstonI Get a Kick Out of You3:381974
09476Gary ShearstonSydney Town4:551965
09477Gary SweetMost People I Know Think That I'm Crazy3:421994
09478Gary U.S. BondsNew Orleans2:491960
09479Gary U.S. BondsOut of Work2:551982
09480Gary U.S. BondsQuarter to Three2:311961
09481Gary U.S. BondsThis Little Girl3:401981
09482Gary WrightDream Weaver3:441976
09483Gary WrightReally Wanna Know You4:151981
09484Gary YoungRock 'N Roll Lady2:531972
09485Gathering, TheLovely Loretta3:081969
09486Gaudino feat. Crystal WatersDestination Unknown (Nari & Gaudino Radio Edit)3:342004
09487Gavin DeGrawFollow Through (Radio Edit)3:592004
09488Gavin DeGrawI Don't Want to Be (Album Version)3:372004
09489Gavin DeGrawNot Over You3:382011
09491Gaylords, The with George AnnisThe Little Shoemaker2:141954
09492Gaynor BunningIs it All Over Now?2:181961
09493Gaynor BunningMy First Love and Last Love3:021961
09494Geggy TahWhoever You Are4:341996
09495GeishaCalling Your Name4:511987
09496GeishaFool's Way3:581985
09497GeishaGirl Like You3:291986
09499GeishaNormal People3:251987
09500GeishaPart Time Love Affair3:211986
09501GeishaRainy Day3:291985
09502GeishaRainy Day (Remix)2:561986
09503Gene Autry and Jo StaffordMy Heart Cries for You2:491951
09504Gene ChandlerDuke of Earl2:191962
09505Gene McDanielsA Hundred Pounds of Clay2:201961
09506Gene McDanielsAnyone Else2:221963
09507Gene McDanielsChip Chip2:261962
09508Gene McDanielsIt's a Lonely Town (Lonely Without You)2:251963
09509Gene McDanielsPoint of No Return2:211962
09510Gene McDanielsSpanish Lace2:241962
09511Gene McDanielsThe Puzzle2:031963
09512Gene McDanielsTower of Strength2:161961
09513Gene PiersonReach Out5:171970
09514Gene Pitney(I Wanna) Love My Life Away1:541961
09515Gene Pitney(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance3:001962
09516Gene PitneyBackstage2:351966
09517Gene PitneyBlue Angel2:461975
09518Gene PitneyHalf Heaven - Half Heartache2:431963
09519Gene PitneyHawaii2:031964
09520Gene PitneyI Must Be Seeing Things2:271965
09521Gene PitneyI'm Gonna Be Strong2:141964
09522Gene PitneyIf I Didn't Have a Dime (To Play the Jukebox)2:271962
09523Gene PitneyIt Hurts to Be in Love2:331964
09524Gene PitneyJust One Smile2:441967
09525Gene PitneyLast Chance to Turn Around3:071965
09526Gene PitneyLooking Through the Eyes of Love3:131965
09527Gene PitneyMarianne2:381965
09528Gene PitneyMecca2:181963
09529Gene PitneyOnly Love Can Break a Heart2:481962
09530Gene PitneyPrincess in Rags2:391965
09531Gene PitneySomething's Gotten Hold of My Heart3:341967
09532Gene PitneyThat Girl Belongs to Yesterday2:481964
09533Gene PitneyThe Boss's Daughter2:411966
09534Gene PitneyTown Without Pity2:551962
09535Gene PitneyTrans Canada Highway3:011975
09536Gene PitneyTrue Love Never Runs Smooth2:281963
09537Gene PitneyTwenty Four Hours From Tulsa2:591963
09538Gene PitneyWho Needs It2:041964
09539Gene PitneyYesterday's Hero2:311964
09540General PublicTenderness3:351985
09542GenesisFollow You Follow Me3:201978
09543GenesisHold on My Heart4:371992
09544GenesisHome By the Sea4:441983
09545GenesisI Can't Dance4:001992
09546GenesisIn Too Deep4:561986
09547GenesisInvisible Touch3:261986
09548GenesisJesus He Knows Me (Single Mix)4:161992
09549GenesisLand of Confusion (Vocal/Edit of Remix)3:481986
09551GenesisNo Reply at All4:331982
09552GenesisNo Son of Mine6:381991
09554GenesisThat's All4:231984
09555GenesisThrowing it All Away3:441987
09556GenesisTonight, Tonight, Tonight (Edited Version)4:261987
09557Genevieve DavisSail Down to Australia2:321993
09558Genghis KhanMoscow4:301980
09559Gentrys, TheKeep on Dancing2:101965
09560Geoff DuffTemptation's 'Bout to Get Me2:571977
09561Geoff LoveSteptoe and Son (Old Ned)2:171963
09562Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, Delta Goodrem & Musicians of the Sydney SymphonyBayini (Live)3:192013
09563GeordieCan You Do It3:101973
09564GeorgeBastard Son3:202000
09565GeorgeBreaking it Slowly4:022002
09566GeorgeBreathe in Now3:502002
09570GeorgeSpecial Ones3:462001
09571GeorgeStill Real (Radio Edit)4:032003
09572George Baker SelectionBaby Blue3:241974
09573George Baker SelectionDear Ann3:001970
09574George Baker SelectionLittle Green Bag3:581970
09575George Baker SelectionPaloma Blanca3:241975
09576George Benson20/204:061985
09577George BensonGive Me the Night3:421980
09578George BensonLady Love Me (One More Time)3:581983
09579George BensonLove Ballad4:161979
09580George BensonLove X Love3:481980
09581George BensonOn Broadway3:521978
09582George BensonThe Greatest Love of All3:321977
09583George BensonThis Masquerade3:171978
09584George BensonTurn Your Love Around3:491981
09585George ChakirisMy Coloring Book2:491963
09586George EzraAnyone for You3:072022
09587George EzraBlame it on Me3:152014
09588George EzraBudapest3:212014
09589George EzraDance All Over Me3:142022
09590George EzraGreen Green Grass2:472022
09591George EzraHold My Girl3:312019
09592George EzraParadise3:422018
09593George EzraShotgun3:182018
09594George Hamilton IVAbilene2:131963
09595George Hamilton IVIf You Want Me To1:481963
09596George HarrisonAll Those Years Ago3:421981
09597George HarrisonApple Scruffs3:091971
09598George HarrisonBangla-Desh3:551971
09599George HarrisonBlow Away3:591979
09600George HarrisonCheer Down4:061989
09601George HarrisonCrackerbox Palace3:561977
09602George HarrisonGive Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)3:351973
09603George HarrisonGot My Mind Set on You3:491987
09604George HarrisonIsn't it a Pity7:071970
09605George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord4:401970
09606George HarrisonThis Song3:551976
09607George HarrisonWhat is Life4:251971
09608George HarrisonWhen We Was Fab (Unextended Version)3:561988
09609George HarrisonYou3:411975
09610George McCraeRock Your Baby3:171974
09611George McCurnI'm Just a Country Boy3:231963
09612George MichaelA Different Corner4:011986
09613George MichaelAmazing4:242004
09614George MichaelAn Easier Affair4:362006
09615George MichaelCareless Whisper5:021984
09616George MichaelFaith3:131987
09617George MichaelFastlove (Part I)5:231996
09618George MichaelFather Figure5:391988
09619George MichaelFlawless (Go to the City) (Album Version)6:492004
09620George MichaelFreedom 906:301990
09621George MichaelFreeek!4:272002
09622George MichaelI Want Your Sex4:451987
09623George MichaelI'm Your Man4:031996
09624George MichaelJesus to a Child6:501996
09625George MichaelKiller/Papa Was a Rollin' Stone4:131993
09626George MichaelKissing a Fool4:351989
09627George MichaelMonkey (7-Inch Edit)4:471988
09628George MichaelOlder5:311997
09629George MichaelOne More Try5:531988
09630George MichaelOutside4:451998
09631George MichaelPraying for Time4:411990
09632George MichaelShoot the Dog (Explicit Album Version)5:002002
09633George MichaelSoul Free5:251991
09634George MichaelSpinning the Wheel (Forthright Edit)4:401996
09635George MichaelStar People '974:391997
09636George MichaelThe Strangest Thing '97 (Radio Mix)4:391997
09637George MichaelToo Funky3:451992
09638George MichaelWaiting for That Day4:501991
09639George MichaelWhite Light4:352012
09640George MichaelYou Have Been Loved5:281997
09641George Michael & Elton JohnDon't Let the Sun Go Down on Me5:491991
09642George Michael & Mary J. BligeAs (Original Version)4:421999
09643George Michael and QueenSomebody to Love5:161993
09644George SmiloviciI'm Tuff3:251984
09645George Thorogood & The DestroyersBad to the Bone4:481982
09646George Thorogood & The DestroyersGet a Haircut4:111993
09647George Thorogood & The DestroyersTreat Her Right (Edit)2:591988
09648George Trevare with Joan Wilton & Mart DrydenMy Heart Cries for You2:581951
09649Georgia Satellites, TheBattleship Chains2:561987
09650Georgia Satellites, TheHippy Hippy Shake1:461989
09651Georgia Satellites, TheKeep Your Hands to Yourself3:231987
09652Georgie FameSitting in the Park3:201967
09653Georgie FameThe Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde3:121968
09654Georgie Fame & Alan PriceRosetta2:421971
09655Georgie Fame and The Blue FlamesGet Away3:491966
09656Georgie Fame and The Blue FlamesIn the Meantime2:341965
09657Georgie Fame and The Blue FlamesYeh, Yeh2:441965
09658GerardoRico Suave (The More English Edit)3:261991
09659Geri HalliwellDesire3:202005
09660Geri HalliwellIt's Raining Men (Album Version)4:182001
09661Geri HalliwellLift Me Up3:502000
09662Geri HalliwellLook at Me4:301999
09663Geri HalliwellMi Chico Latino3:131999
09664Geri HalliwellRide It (Radio Version)3:452005
09665Geri HalliwellScream if You Wanna Go Faster (Album Version)3:242001
09666GerlingDust Me Selecta (Radio Edit)3:322001
09667GerlingEnter, Space Capsule (Radio Disko Remix)3:491999
09668GerlingHot Computer (Gerling Summa Laptop Remix)3:322002
09669GerlingWho's Ya Daddy?3:442003
09670Gerry & The Joy BandOngo Bongo3:341972
09671Gerry and The PacemakersDon't Let the Sun Catch You Crying2:341964
09672Gerry and The PacemakersFerry Cross the Mersey2:221965
09673Gerry and The PacemakersGirl on a Swing2:091966
09674Gerry and The PacemakersGive All Your Love to Me2:351965
09675Gerry and The PacemakersHow Do You Do It?1:521963
09676Gerry and The PacemakersI Like It2:151963
09677Gerry and The PacemakersI'll Be There3:151965
09678Gerry and The PacemakersI'm the One2:181964
09679Gerry and The PacemakersIt's All Right2:031963
09680Gerry and The PacemakersPretend2:241965
09681Gerry and The PacemakersWalk Hand in Hand2:271965
09682Gerry and The PacemakersYou'll Never Walk Alone2:371963
09683Gerry MonroeIt's a Sin to Tell a Lie2:121971
09684Gerry MonroeSally2:281971
09685Gerry RaffertyBaker Street4:081978
09686Gerry RaffertyCity to City3:281978
09687Gerry RaffertyGet it Right Next Time4:391979
09688Gerry RaffertyNight Owl4:221979
09689Gerry RaffertyRight Down the Line3:331979
09690Gerry RaffertyShipyard Town5:131988
09691Gerry RaffertySleepwalking3:251982
09692Gerry RaffertyThe Royal Mile3:471980
09693Gesaffelstein & The WeekndLost in the Fire3:222019
09694Get CoolShawty Got Moves3:132010
09695Get WetJust So Lonely3:141981
09696Getaway Plan, TheShadows3:412008
09697Getaway Plan, TheWhere the City Meets the Sea3:362008
09698GetUp Mob, TheFrom Little Things Big Things Grow3:522008
09699GF4Sooner or Later3:491994
09700Gheorghe Zamfir and James LastThe Lonely Shepherd4:251978
09701GhostJesus He Knows Me4:032023
09702GhostMary on a Cross4:042019
09703Ghost feat. Patrick WilsonStay3:542023
09704Ghost Town DJ'sMy Boo4:161996
09705GhostwritersSomeone's Singing New York New York3:481991
09706Gia FarrellHit Me Up3:142007
09707Gibson BrothersQue Sera Mi Vida3:521980
09708Gidea ParkBeach Boy Gold4:281979
09709Gidea ParkLightning Strikes2:591982
09710Gigi D'AgostinoThe Riddle4:431999
09711GilRound 'n' Round (It Goes) (Radio Mix)3:371999
09712Gil feat. The MoffattsIf You Only Knew3:361999
09713Gilbert BecaudA Little Love and Understanding3:201975
09714Gilbert O'SullivanAlone Again (Naturally)3:381972
09715Gilbert O'SullivanClair3:031972
09716Gilbert O'SullivanGet Down2:421973
09717Gilbert O'SullivanHappiness is Me and You3:061974
09718Gilbert O'SullivanI Don't Love You But I Think I Like You3:091975
09719Gilbert O'SullivanNothing Rhymed3:211971
09720Gilbert O'SullivanOoh Baby3:431973
09721Gilbert O'SullivanOoh-Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Day2:451972
09722Gilbert O'SullivanWhat's in a Kiss2:331980
09723Gilbert O'SullivanWhy Pretend3:561981
09724Gilbert O'SullivanWhy, Oh Why, Oh Why3:481974
09725GilletteMr. Personality (Radio Mix)3:321995
09726GinUnder My Skin2:482008
09727Gin BlossomsFollow You Down4:271996
09728Gin BlossomsFound Out About You3:521994
09729Gin BlossomsHey Jealousy3:561994
09730Gin Wigmore feat. Suffa & LogicWilling to Die3:152015
09731Gina GFresh!3:431997
09732Gina GI Belong to You (Radio Edit)3:191996
09733Gina GOoh Aah...Just a Little Bit (Motiv 8 Radio Edit)3:221996
09734Gina JeffreysAngel4:042001
09735Gino VannelliI Just Wanna Stop3:341978
09736Gino VannelliLiving Inside Myself3:541981
09737Gino VannelliWild Horses4:391987
09738GinuwinePony (Album Version)4:111996
09739GinuwineTell Me Do U Wanna (Single Version)4:181997
09740GinuwineWhat's So Different?3:541999
09741Giorgio MoroderChase3:381979
09742Giorgio Moroder feat. Kylie MinogueRight Here, Right Now3:302015
09743Giorgio Moroder with Philip OakeyTogether in Electric Dreams3:501984
09744Gipsy KingsBamboleo3:221989
09745Gipsy KingsBem Bem Maria3:021989
09746Gipsy KingsVolare3:381990
09747Girl OverboardI Can't Believe4:141989
09748Girl OverboardJackie5:231993
09749Girl OverboardPermanent Friend3:491990
09750Girl OverboardSome Things Never Change3:551990
09751Girl OverboardThe Love We Make3:381990
09752Girl OverboardWho'll Stop the Rain4:491991
09753Girl OverboardYour Love3:501992
09754Girl ThingGirls on Top (Radio Edit)3:242000
09755Girl ThingLast One Standing3:362000
09756Girl ThingYoung, Free and Happy (Radio Edit)3:302001
09757GirlbandElectric (Radio Edit)3:302007
09758GirlbandParty Girl3:262006
09759GirlfriendBad Attitude3:591992
09760GirlfriendGirl's Life (Radio Mix)4:021992
09762GirlfriendLove's on My Mind3:431993
09763GirlfriendTake it From Me (Single Mix)3:291992
09764GirlfriendWishing on the Same Star4:031993
09765GirlfriendWithout You (Radio Edit)3:461992
09766Girls AloudBiology3:342006
09767Girls AloudCall the Shots3:432007
09768Girls AloudJump3:392004
09769Girls AloudNo Good Advice3:472003
09770Girls AloudSomething New (Original Version)3:192012
09771Girls AloudSound of the Underground3:392003
09772Girls AloudThe Show3:352006
09773Girls of FHMDa Ya Think I'm Sexy? (Hardino Radio Edit)3:472005
09774Girls@PlayAirhead (Piston Radio Edit)3:282001
09775Gisele & Bob SinclarHeart of Glass (Radio Edit)3:042014
09776GiveonHeartbreak Anniversary3:162021
09777GladesDo Right3:152017
09778Gladys Knight & The PipsBest Thing That Ever Happened to Me3:441974
09779Gladys Knight & The PipsI Feel a Song (In My Heart)3:201975
09780Gladys Knight & The PipsIf I Were Your Woman3:111971
09781Gladys Knight & The PipsMidnight Train to Georgia3:581974
09782Gladys Knight & The PipsSo Sad the Song3:511976
09783Gladys Knight & The PipsThe Way We Were/Try to Remember4:491975
09784Glamour CampShe Did It4:241989
09785Glass AnimalsGooey4:492014
09786Glass AnimalsHeat Waves3:582020
09787Glass AnimalsLife Itself4:402016
09788Glass AnimalsSeason 2 Episode 34:032016
09789Glass AnimalsYouth3:482016
09790Glass TigerDon't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)4:061986
09791Glass TigerSomeday (Single Version)3:351987
09792Glass TigerThin Red Line3:591987
09793Glaubitz & RocSunshine Day 2002 (Sgt Slick Radio Cut)3:472002
09794Glee Cast(I've Had) The Time of My Life4:372010
09795Glee CastAlone3:412009
09796Glee CastAnimal3:112011
09797Glee CastAny Way You Want It/Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'3:072010
09798Glee CastBaby3:352011
09799Glee CastBad Romance4:542010
09800Glee CastBeautiful3:592010
09801Glee CastBeth2:372010
09802Glee CastBillionaire3:312010
09803Glee CastBills, Bills, Bills3:002011
09804Glee CastBlackbird2:202011
09805Glee CastBlame It (On the Alcohol)3:192011
09806Glee CastBorn This Way4:072011
09807Glee CastCandles2:512011
09808Glee CastDefying Gravity2:212009
09809Glee CastDog Days Are Over4:122011
09810Glee CastDon't Go Breaking My Heart3:392010
09811Glee CastDon't Stop Believin'3:522009
09812Glee CastDon't Stop Believin' (Regionals Version)3:412010
09813Glee CastDon't You Want Me3:332011
09814Glee CastDream On4:342010
09815Glee CastEmpire State of Mind4:372010
09816Glee CastFat Bottomed Girls4:122011
09817Glee CastFirework3:472011
09818Glee CastFix You4:342011
09819Glee CastFly/I Believe I Can Fly3:322012
09820Glee CastForget You3:412010
09821Glee CastFriday3:312011
09822Glee CastGet it Right3:472011
09823Glee CastGives You Hell3:262010
09824Glee CastGo Your Own Way3:412011
09825Glee CastGold Digger3:012009
09826Glee CastGood Vibrations4:122010
09827Glee CastHalo/Walking on Sunshine2:052009
09828Glee CastHello3:252010
09829Glee CastHello, Goodbye3:292010
09830Glee CastHere's to Us2:592012
09831Glee CastHey, Soul Sister3:392011
09832Glee CastHit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another2:322011
09833Glee CastHow Will I Know2:472012
09834Glee CastI Feel Pretty/Unpretty3:592011
09835Glee CastI Want to Hold Your Hand2:362010
09836Glee CastImagine2:252009
09837Glee CastIsn't She Lovely1:382011
09838Glee CastIt's My Life/Confessions Part II1:502009
09839Glee CastJar of Hearts4:052011
09840Glee CastJessie's Girl3:132010
09841Glee CastJust the Way You Are3:362010
09842Glee CastKeep Holding On4:042009
09843Glee CastKiss3:372011
09844Glee CastLandslide3:462011
09845Glee CastLast Christmas3:382009
09846Glee CastLast Friday Night3:482011
09847Glee CastLean on Me4:182009
09848Glee CastLight Up the World3:432011
09849Glee CastLike a Prayer5:152010
09850Glee CastLike a Virgin3:152010
09851Glee CastListen3:382010
09852Glee CastLoser Like Me3:192011
09853Glee CastLucky3:072010
09854Glee CastMarry You3:452010
09855Glee CastMaybe This Time2:592009
09856Glee CastMe Against the Music3:452010
09857Glee CastMisery3:082011
09858Glee CastMy Life Would Suck Without You3:312009
09859Glee CastNeed You Now3:372011
09860Glee CastNo Air4:222009
09861Glee CastOnly the Good Die Young3:452010
09862Glee CastOver the Rainbow2:312010
09863Glee CastPhysical3:182010
09864Glee CastPoker Face3:392010
09865Glee CastPure Imagination3:182011
09866Glee CastPush It3:172009
09867Glee CastRaise Your Glass3:182011
09868Glee CastRehab3:262009
09869Glee CastRiver Deep, Mountain High3:322010
09870Glee CastRolling in the Deep3:242011
09871Glee CastRumour Has It/Someone Like You3:282011
09872Glee CastRun Joey Run2:512010
09873Glee CastRun the World (Girls)3:592011
09874Glee CastSafety Dance3:192010
09875Glee CastShake it Out4:092012
09876Glee CastSilly Love Songs3:502011
09877Glee CastSing4:032011
09878Glee CastSinging in the Rain/Umbrella3:032010
09879Glee CastSmooth Criminal3:332012
09880Glee CastSomebody That I Used to Know4:042012
09881Glee CastSomebody to Love4:432009
09882Glee CastSomebody to Love (Justin Bieber Version)3:102011
09883Glee CastSomewhere Only We Know3:042011
09884Glee CastStart Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer2:502010
09885Glee CastStereo Hearts3:312012
09886Glee CastStop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind3:292010
09887Glee CastSurvivor/I Will Survive3:282012
09888Glee CastSweet Caroline1:582009
09889Glee CastTake a Bow3:362009
09890Glee CastTaking Chances3:562009
09891Glee CastTeenage Dream3:402010
09892Glee CastTelephone3:422010
09893Glee CastThe Boy is Mine4:522010
09894Glee CastThe Only Exception4:262010
09895Glee CastThriller/Heads Will Roll3:362011
09896Glee CastTik Tok3:192011
09897Glee CastTime Warp3:132010
09898Glee CastTo Sir, With Love2:412010
09899Glee CastTotal Eclipse of the Heart4:242010
09900Glee CastToxic3:242010
09901Glee CastTrue Colors3:362009
09902Glee CastWe Are Young4:112012
09903Glee CastWe Found Love3:342012
09904Glee CastWhat Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)3:402012
09905Glee CastWhen I Get You Alone2:322011
09906Glee CastWithout You3:302012
09907Glee CastYou Can't Stop the Beat3:432011
09908Glen CampbellBonaparte's Retreat2:481974
09909Glen CampbellDreams of the Everyday Housewife2:321968
09910Glen CampbellGalveston2:411969
09911Glen CampbellGentle on My Mind2:541967
09912Glen CampbellHoney Come Back3:001970
09913Glen CampbellI Knew Jesus (Before He Was a Star)2:511973
09914Glen CampbellIt's Only Make Believe2:261970
09915Glen CampbellRhinestone Cowboy3:081975
09916Glen CampbellSouthern Nights2:571977
09917Glen CampbellThe Universal Soldier2:081965
09918Glen CampbellTry a Little Kindness2:261969
09919Glen CampbellWhere's the Playground Susie2:531969
09920Glen CampbellWichita Lineman3:081968
09921Glen Ingram with The Hi-FiveSkye Boat Song2:431966
09922Glencoves, TheHootenanny2:061963
09923Glenn FreyI Found Somebody3:571982
09924Glenn FreyPart of Me, Part of You5:591991
09925Glenn FreySexy Girl3:291984
09926Glenn FreyThe Heat is On3:451985
09927Glenn FreyThe One You Love4:331982
09928Glenn FreyTrue Love4:371988
09929Glenn FreyYou Belong to the City4:171985
09930Glenn MedeirosLonely Won't Leave Me Alone4:261988
09931Glenn MedeirosNothing's Gonna Change My Love for You3:461987
09932Glenn Medeiros feat. Bobby BrownShe Ain't Worth It3:211990
09933Glenn ShorrockDon't Girls Get Lonely3:371983
09934Glenn ShorrockDream Lover3:301979
09935Glenn ShorrockRock 'n' Roll Soldier5:021982
09936Glenn ShorrockWe're Coming to Get You3:111983
09937Glenn YarbroughBaby the Rain Must Fall2:201965
09938Glitter Band, TheAngel Face2:561974
09939Glitter Band, TheGoodbye My Love3:481975
09940Glitter Band, TheThe Tears I Cried3:381975
09941Global DeejaysThe Sound of San Francisco (Progressive Short Mix)3:312005
09942Global DeejaysWhat a Feeling (Flashdance) (Progressive Follow Up Radio Version)3:142005
09943Global Deejays feat. RozallaEverybody's Free3:262009
09944Global Deejays feat. RozallaEverybody's Free (Klaas Radio Edit)3:222009
09945Globes, TheThe Girl With the Smiling Hair3:521981
09946GlobosThe Beat Goes On3:391983
09947GlobosTintarella Di Luna2:281982
09948Gloria EstefanCan't Forget You4:141991
09949Gloria EstefanComing Out of the Dark4:001991
09950Gloria EstefanCuts Both Ways3:171990
09951Gloria EstefanDon't Wanna Lose You4:091989
09952Gloria EstefanEverlasting Love3:591995
09953Gloria EstefanGet on Your Feet (7" Version)3:381990
09954Gloria EstefanHere We Are4:391990
09955Gloria EstefanHold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me3:231994
09956Gloria EstefanI'm Not Giving You Up (Single Remix)4:061996
09957Gloria EstefanLive for Loving You (Remix)4:211991
09958Gloria EstefanReach (Album Version)3:491996
09959Gloria EstefanTurn the Beat Around (Single Version)3:531994
09960Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine1-2-33:341988
09961Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound MachineAnything for You3:431988
09962Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound MachineCan't Stay Away From You3:571989
09963Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound MachineRhythm is Gonna Get You3:551987
09964Gloria GaynorI Am What I Am3:491984
09965Gloria GaynorI Will Survive3:171979
09966Gloria GaynorNever Can Say Goodbye2:591975
09967Gloria GaynorReach Out, I'll Be There3:061975
09968Gloria Loring & Carl AndersonFriends & Lovers3:451986
09969Gnarls BarkleyCrazy3:012006
09970Gnarls BarkleyGoing On2:542008
09971Gnarls BarkleyGone Daddy Gone2:282006
09972Gnarls BarkleySmiley Faces (Radio Edit)2:592006
09973Gnash feat. Olivia O'BrienI Hate U I Love U3:462016
09974Go 101Build it Up4:131988
09975Go 101Jealous Heart3:501989
09976Go 101Room for Love3:201989
09977Go Comet!Worlds Apart3:592014
09978Go WestCall Me4:071985
09979Go WestDon't Look Down3:521986
09980Go WestFaithful4:231992
09981Go WestGoodbye Girl3:181985
09982Go WestI Want to Hear it From You3:381987
09983Go WestKing of Wishful Thinking (2013 Recording)4:022013
09984Go WestThe King of Wishful Thinking4:001990
09985Go WestWe Close Our Eyes3:421985
09986Go-Betweens, TheSpring Rain3:091986
09987Go-Betweens, TheStreets of Your Town3:301988
09988Go-Go'sHead Over Heels3:361984
09989Go-Go'sOur Lips Are Sealed2:441981
09991Go-Go'sWe Got the Beat (Single Mix)2:311982
09992GoannaCommon Ground4:201984
09993GoannaDangerous Dancing4:181985
09994GoannaRazor's Edge4:151983
09995GoannaSolid Rock4:301982
09996GoannaThat Day...Is Comin' Sooner3:311983
09997GobGive Up the Grudge2:572003
09998Godfathers, TheUnreal World4:111991
09999Godley & CremeAn Englishman in New York3:531980
10000Godley & CremeCry (Single Version)3:541985
10001Godley & CremeUnder Your Thumb3:361982
10002Godley & CremeWedding Bells3:161982
10003GodsmackI Stand Alone4:062002
10004GoldbugWhole Lotta Love (Radio Version)3:461996
10005Golden EarringRadar Love5:011974
10006Golden EarringTwilight Zone4:391983
10007Golden Features & The PresetsParadise3:342019
10008Golden Features feat. Julia StoneWolfie3:232016
10009Golden Features feat. Thelma PlumNo One4:552015
10011GoldfrappOoh La La (Radio Version)2:562005
10013GoldfrappStrict Machine (Single Mix)3:412003
10014Goldie Lookin ChainGuns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do (Dirty Version)3:332004
10016Goldtrix pres. Andrea BrownIt's Love (Trippin') (Serious Radio Edit)3:352002
10017Goleo VI pres. Lumidee vs. Fatman ScoopDance! (Radio Edit)3:332006
10019GompieAlice, Who the X is Alice?3:531995
10020GonzalezHaven't Stopped Dancing Yet3:461979
10021Goo Goo DollsBig Machine3:082002
10022Goo Goo DollsBroadway3:552000
10023Goo Goo DollsDizzy2:411999
10024Goo Goo DollsHere is Gone3:582002
10025Goo Goo DollsIris4:521998
10026Goo Goo DollsName4:271996
10027Goo Goo DollsRebel Beat3:332013
10028Goo Goo DollsSlide3:321998
10029Goo Goo DollsStay With You3:562006
10030Good Charlotte19792:592011
10031Good CharlotteActual Pain3:422018
10032Good CharlotteDance Floor Anthem (I Don't Want to Be in Love) (Radio Edit)3:482007
10033Good CharlotteGirls and Boys3:022003
10034Good CharlotteI Just Wanna Live2:452005
10035Good CharlotteKeep Your Hands Off My Girl (Album Version)3:232007
10036Good CharlotteLast Night3:412011
10037Good CharlotteLife Can't Get Much Better3:232016
10038Good CharlotteLifestyles of the Rich and Famous3:102002
10039Good CharlotteLike it's Her Birthday (Single Version)3:292010
10040Good CharlotteLittle Things3:232001
10041Good CharlotteMisery (Album Version)3:492007
10042Good CharlottePredictable3:112004
10043Good CharlotteSex on the Radio3:162010
10044Good CharlotteThe Anthem2:552003
10045Good CharlotteThe Chronicles of Life and Death3:012005
10046Good CharlotteThe Motivation Proclamation3:362001
10047Good Men, TheGive it Up3:271994
10048Good NeighboursHome2:372024
10049Good NewsAustralia4:021981
10050Good Ship Lollipop, TheMaxwell's Silver Hammer3:211969
10051Goodies, TheFather Christmas Do Not Touch Me3:131975
10052Goombay Dance BandSeven Tears3:551982
10053Goons, TheYing Tong Song3:271973
10054Gord BamfordMarry Me Again3:222021
10055Gordon Franklin and The Wilderness EnsembleLet the Franklin Flow3:351983
10056Gordon JenkinsMy Foolish Heart3:161950
10057Gordon Jenkins with Bonnie Lou WilliamsBewitched3:331950
10058Gordon Jenkins with The WeaversGoodnight Irene3:191950
10059Gordon LightfootCarefree Highway3:411974
10060Gordon LightfootIf You Could Read My Mind3:481971
10061Gordon LightfootSundown3:321974
10062Gordon MacRaeSome Enchanted Evening3:071952
10063Gorillaz19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)3:272001
10064GorillazClint Eastwood3:432001
10066GorillazDirty Harry3:492006
10067GorillazEl Manana3:512006
10068GorillazFeel Good Inc3:412005
10069GorillazKids With Guns3:462006
10070GorillazOn Melancholy Hill3:472010
10072Gorillaz feat. DaleyDoncamatic3:192010
10073Gorillaz feat. Tame Impala & Bootie BrownNew Gold3:342022
10074GossipHeavy Cross4:022009
10075GossipLove Long Distance4:252009
10076GosslingNever Expire3:442013
10078GotyeEyes Wide Open3:072010
10079GotyeHearts a Mess (Radio Edit)4:382006
10080Gotye feat. KimbraSomebody That I Used to Know4:052011
10081GQDisco Nights (Rock Freak)3:531979
10082Grace DaviesRoots3:342021
10083Grace feat. G-EazyYou Don't Own Me3:192015
10084Grace JonesNipple to the Bottle4:021982
10085Grace JonesPull Up to the Bumper3:391981
10086Grace JonesSlave to the Rhythm4:231985
10087Grace JonesSlave to the Rhythm (Love to Infinity Classic Paradise Edit)4:281994
10088Grace JonesWalking in the Rain3:491982
10089Grace Jones vs. Funkstar De LuxePull Up to the Bumper (Airplay Mix)3:202001
10090Grace KnightFever3:341991
10091Grace SlickDreams4:061981
10092Grace VanderWaalI Don't Know My Name2:282016
10093Graeme Bell and His All StarsRag Trade Rag2:311963
10094Graham BonnetDanny3:091977
10095Graham BonnetIt's All Over Now, Baby Blue4:151977
10096Graham BonnetWarm Ride3:191978
10097Graham NashInnocent Eyes3:091986
10098Graham NashMilitary Madness2:531971
10099Graham ParkerLife Gets Better3:111983
10100Graham Parker and The RumourHey Lord, Don't Ask Me Questions3:501978
10101Graham Parker and The RumourProtection3:511979
10102Graham Roberts (Robbo)We Play Footy2:021981
10103Grahame BondFarewell Aunty Jack3:281974
10104GramophonedzieWhy Don't You2:492010
10105Grand Funk RailroadFootstompin' Music3:451972
10106Grand Funk RailroadThe Loco-Motion2:421974
10107Grand JunctionMarried Women2:541980
10108Grand Popo Football ClubMen Are Not Nice Guys (Single Version)3:212002
10109Grandma's TonicHi Hi Hazel2:371967
10110Grandmaster Chicken & D.J. DuckCheck Out the Chicken4:181990
10111Grandmaster Flash & Melle MelWhite Lines (Don't Don't Do It)4:261984
10112Grandmaster Flash & Melle MelWhite Lines (Don't Don't Do It) (D & S 7" Remix)3:451995
10113Grandmaster Flash & The Furious FiveThe Message3:081983
10114Grandmaster Melle Mel and The Furious FiveBeat Street Breakdown4:191984
10115Grant DenyerDriving Home for Christmas2:562018
10116Grantley DeeAnswer Me1:541966
10117Grantley DeeLet the Little Girl Dance2:061966
10118Grantley DeeWild One2:091966
10119GrapefruitDear Delilah2:341968
10120Grass Roots, TheBaby Hold On2:371970
10121Grass Roots, TheBella Linda2:521969
10122Grass Roots, TheGlory Bound2:331972
10123Grass Roots, TheHeaven Knows2:241969
10124Grass Roots, TheLet's Live for Today2:461967
10125Grass Roots, TheLovin' Things2:491969
10126Grass Roots, TheMidnight Confessions2:431968
10127Grass Roots, TheSooner or Later2:361971
10128Grass Roots, TheTemptation Eyes2:351971
10129Grass Roots, TheTwo Divided By Love2:351971
10130Grass Roots, TheWalking Through the Country2:591970
10131Grates, TheBurn Bridges2:242008
10132Grates, TheMessage1:542005
10133Grates, TheScience is Golden2:572006
10134Grates, TheSukkafish4:022005
10135Grates, TheTrampoline2:052005
10136Grayson HughBring it All Back3:581990
10137Grayson HughTalk it Over4:181989
10138Great Big World, A & Christina AguileraFall on Me4:222019
10139Great Big World, A & Christina AguileraSay Something3:482013
10140Green Day21 Guns5:212009
10141Green DayAmerican Idiot2:532004
10142Green DayBang Bang3:252016
10143Green DayBasket Case3:011994
10144Green DayBoulevard of Broken Dreams4:202004
10145Green DayBrain Stew3:121996
10146Green DayBrain Stew (The Godzilla Remix)3:581998
10147Green DayGeek Stink Breath2:151995
10148Green DayGood Riddance (Time of Your Life)2:341997
10149Green DayHitchin' a Ride2:531997
10150Green DayHoliday3:522005
10151Green DayJesus of Suburbia (Radio Edit)6:262005
10152Green DayKnow Your Enemy3:102009
10153Green DayLongview3:551994
10154Green DayMinority (Album Version)2:482000
10155Green DayNice Guys Finish Last2:481999
10156Green DayRedundant3:171998
10157Green DayStuck With Me2:171996
10158Green DayThe Simpsons Theme1:232007
10159Green DayWake Me Up When September Ends4:452005
10160Green DayWarning3:412001
10161Green DayWelcome to Paradise3:441995
10162Green DayWhen I Come Around (Album Version)2:571995
10163Green DayWorking Class Hero (Radio Edit)4:022007
10164Green JellyAnarchy in the U.K.3:271993
10165Green JellyThree Little Pigs (Edit)4:381993
10166Greg AndersonNo Roses for Michael3:461970
10167Greg Champion with The Music MenThat's the Thing About Football2:371994
10168Greg GouldI Want You3:322016
10169Greg Kihn BandHappy Man2:471982
10170Greg Kihn BandJeopardy3:461983
10171Greg Kihn BandThe Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)2:491981
10172Greg Kihn BandThe Girl Most Likely2:451982
10173Greg LakeI Believe in Father Christmas3:311975
10174Gregory AbbottShake You Down4:031987
10175Gregory Brothers, TheChrissy, Wake Up1:052022
10176Gretchen WilsonRedneck Woman3:362004
10177Gretta RayDrive4:592016
10178GreyhoundBlack and White2:291971
10179GreyhoundDream Lover2:331973
10180GreyhoundMoon River3:051972
10181Grid, TheRollercoaster (Radio Mix)3:311994
10182Grid, TheSwamp Thing (Radio Mix)3:591994
10183Grid, TheTexas Cowboys (Radio Mix)3:371994
10184GriffBlack Hole3:192021
10185Grinspoon1000 Miles2:212003
10186GrinspoonBetter Off Alone3:532004
10187GrinspoonBlack Friday2:271998
10188GrinspoonBlack Tattoo2:492007
10189GrinspoonBleed You Dry (Ben Rosen Mix)3:272005
10191GrinspoonChemical Heart4:382002
10193GrinspoonDC x 32:551997
10194GrinspoonDon't Change3:492003
10195GrinspoonDon't Go Away2:551998
10196GrinspoonHard Act to Follow3:252004
10197GrinspoonHold on Me2:462005
10198GrinspoonJust Ace1:471998
10199GrinspoonLost Control3:292002
10200GrinspoonMore Than You Are3:101998
10201GrinspoonNo Reason3:492002
10204GrinspoonPost Enebriated Anxiety2:381997
10205GrinspoonReady 12:361999
10207GrinspoonRockshow (Single Edit)3:392000
10209Groop, TheI'm Satisfied2:051966
10210Groop, TheOl' Hound Dog2:311965
10211Groop, TheSeems More Important to Me2:521967
10212Groop, TheSorry2:061967
10213Groop, TheSuch a Lovely Way3:191969
10214Groop, TheThe Best in Africa2:411966
10215Groop, TheWoman You're Breaking Me2:161967
10216Groove, TheRelax Me2:161969
10217Groove, TheSimon Says2:351967
10218Groove, TheSoothe Me2:421968
10219Groove, TheWhat is Soul2:291968
10220Groove, TheYou Are the One I Love2:341968
10221Groove ArmadaEasy (Remix Edit)3:502003
10222Groove ArmadaIf Everybody Looked the Same (Radio Edit)3:392000
10223Groove ArmadaMy Friend (Radio Edit)3:592001
10224Groove ArmadaSong 4 Mutya (Out of Control) (Radio Edit)3:372007
10225Groove ArmadaSuperstylin' (GA Radio Edit)3:442001
10226Groove Armada feat. Gram'ma FunkI See You Baby (Radio Edit)3:531999
10227Groove Armada feat. Stush & Red RatGet Down3:522007
10228Groove CoverageMoonlight Shadow (Radio Version)2:502003
10229Groove CoveragePoison (Radio Version)3:042004
10230Groove TerminatorLosing Ground (Radio Mix)3:261998
10231Groove TerminatorOne More Time (The Sunshine Song)3:212000
10232Groove Terminator feat. BasshoppaHere Comes Another One (Radio Mix)3:021999
10233Groove Terminator feat. Kool KeithYou Can't See (Radio Edit)4:102000
10234Groove TheoryTell Me3:561995
10236GrouploveNaked Kids3:292010
10237GrouploveTongue Tied3:382011
10238GrouploveWays to Go3:352013
10239Grover Washington, Jr. & Bill WithersJust the Two of Us3:301981
10240Gryffin & Olivia O'BrienCaught Up2:532022
10241Gryffin and Bipolar SunshineWhole Heart3:452016
10242GTBrand New Day (Radio Edit)3:462002
10243GTLovesong (This is Not A) (Radio Edit)3:482002
10244GTOSuperstars of Modern Love (Radio Edit)3:302003
10245Gucci Mane feat. The WeekndCurve2:412017
10246Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars & Kodak BlackWake Up in the Sky3:242018
10247Guess Who, TheAmerican Woman3:541970
10248Guess Who, TheShakin' All Over2:411965
10249Guess Who, TheThese Eyes3:391969
10250Gummi BearCho Ka Ka O3:102008
10251Gummi BearI'm Your Funny Bear3:102007
10252Gun, TheRace With the Devil3:341969
10254Gunna & Future feat. Young ThugPushin P2:162022
10255Guns N' RosesAbsurd3:212021
10256Guns N' RosesChinese Democracy3:092008
10257Guns N' RosesCivil War7:391993
10258Guns N' RosesDon't Cry (Original Version)4:421991
10259Guns N' RosesEstranged (LP Version)9:221994
10260Guns N' RosesGet in the Ring5:381991
10261Guns N' RosesHard Skool3:402021
10262Guns N' RosesKnockin' on Heaven's Door5:341992
10263Guns N' RosesLive and Let Die3:011991
10264Guns N' RosesNightrain4:241989
10265Guns N' RosesNovember Rain8:551992
10266Guns N' RosesParadise City6:461989
10267Guns N' RosesPatience (LP Version)5:531989
10268Guns N' RosesSince I Don't Have You4:181994
10269Guns N' RosesSweet Child O' Mine (LP Version)5:541988
10270Guns N' RosesSympathy for the Devil7:351994
10271Guns N' RosesWelcome to the Jungle4:311988
10272Guns N' RosesYesterdays3:141992
10273Guns N' RosesYou Could Be Mine5:421991
10274Gunther feat. Samantha FoxTouch Me3:372004
10275Guru JoshInfinity (1990's... Time for the Guru)4:021990
10276Guru JoshWhose Law (Is it Anyway)3:401990
10277Guy Lombardo and His Royal CanadiansThe Third Man Theme2:551950
10278Guy McDonoughMy Place2:401985
10279Guy MitchellHeartaches By the Number2:421959
10280Guy MitchellMy Heart Cries for You2:451951
10281Guy Mitchell with Mitch MillerMy Truly, Truly Fair2:511951
10282Guy Mitchell with Ray ConniffSinging the Blues2:241957
10283Guy SebastianAll I Need is You (Single Remix)4:032004
10284Guy SebastianAll to Myself4:312010
10285Guy SebastianAngels Brought Me Here3:572003
10286Guy SebastianBefore I Go3:292018
10287Guy SebastianBeliever (Radio Mix)3:392021
10288Guy SebastianBlack & Blue3:392015
10289Guy SebastianBloodstone3:242017
10290Guy SebastianCandle3:162016
10291Guy SebastianChoir2:512019
10292Guy SebastianCome Home With Me3:232014
10293Guy SebastianCover on My Heart3:572007
10294Guy SebastianDare to Be Square3:022013
10295Guy SebastianDon't Worry Be Happy4:142011
10296Guy SebastianElevator Love3:392006
10297Guy SebastianGet Along4:212012
10298Guy SebastianGold3:222012
10299Guy SebastianHigh on Me3:172017
10300Guy SebastianIf He Won't3:202020
10301Guy SebastianKryptonite (Radio Edit)3:582004
10302Guy SebastianLike a Drum3:012013
10303Guy SebastianLike it Like That4:002009
10304Guy SebastianLove on Display3:032020
10305Guy SebastianOh Oh (Album Version)3:042005
10306Guy SebastianOut With My Baby3:382004
10307Guy SebastianSet in Stone3:402016
10308Guy SebastianStanding With You3:512020
10309Guy SebastianTaller, Stronger, Better3:462006
10310Guy SebastianTonight Again3:222015
10311Guy Sebastian feat. 2 ChainzMama Ain't Proud3:452014
10312Guy Sebastian feat. EveWho's That Girl3:392010
10313Guy Sebastian feat. Jordin SparksArt of Love3:582009
10314Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe FiascoBattle Scars4:082012
10315Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe FiascoLinger4:122015
10316Guy Sebastian feat. Samantha JadeChoir (Alt. Version)3:252019
10317Guy Sebastian feat. The Hamiltones & WaleLet Me Drink2:382019
10318Guys 'n' DollsThere's a Whole Lot of Loving3:151975
10319Gwen GuthrieAin't Nothin' Goin' on But the Rent3:261986
10320Gwen Stefani4 in the Morning (Album Version)4:512007
10321Gwen StefaniBaby Don't Lie3:212014
10322Gwen StefaniCool (Album Version)3:082005
10323Gwen StefaniHollaback Girl (Album Version)3:192005
10324Gwen StefaniLuxurious (Album Version)4:252005
10325Gwen StefaniMake Me Like You3:352016
10326Gwen StefaniMisery3:252016
10327Gwen StefaniUsed to Love You3:462015
10328Gwen StefaniWhat You Waiting For? (Album Version)3:422004
10329Gwen StefaniWind it Up (Main Mix)3:102006
10330Gwen Stefani feat. AkonThe Sweet Escape4:062007
10331Gwen Stefani feat. Blake SheltonYou Make it Feel Like Christmas2:352017
10332Gwen Stefani feat. Damian "Jr. Gong" MarleyNow That You Got It (Single Version)3:082007
10333Gwen Stefani feat. EveRich Girl (Album Version)3:562005
10334Gwyneth PaltrowBette Davis Eyes (Radio Mix)4:232001
10335Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey LewisCruisin4:512000
10336GyanBlack Wedding Ring4:521990
10337GyanIt's Alright3:431989
10338GyanSomething's Gotta Give4:511992
10340Gym Class HeroesClothes Off!!!3:402007
10341Gym Class HeroesCupid's Chokehold (Radio Mix)3:582007
10342Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam LevineStereo Hearts3:312011
10343Gym Class Heroes feat. Neon HitchAss Back Home3:422012
10344Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan TedderThe Fighter3:482012
10345Gym Class Heroes feat. The-DreamCookie Jar3:352008
10346Gypsy & The CatSorry3:242012
10349GyroscopeBaby, I'm Gettin' Better3:172010
10350GyroscopeBeware Wolf3:242006
10351GyroscopeFast Girl3:182006
10352GyroscopeSafe Forever3:392004
10354GyroscopeSome of the Places I Know3:512010
10355H & ClaireDJ (Radio Version)3:422002
10356H & ClaireHalf a Heart (Definite Ending Sped Up Version)3:272002
10357H-Blockx feat. Turbo BThe Power (Single Version)3:262002
10358H-TownKnockin' Da Boots (Single Version)4:181993
10359H.E.R. feat. Chris BrownCome Through3:342021
10360HaddawayI Miss You (Radio Edit)3:381994
10361HaddawayLife (Radio Edit)4:151994
10362HaddawayRock My Heart (Radio Mix)4:101994
10363HaddawayWhat is Love (7" Mix)4:311993
10364Hailee SteinfeldI Love You's3:352020
10365Hailee SteinfeldLove Myself3:382015
10366Hailee SteinfeldMost Girls3:242017
10367Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso feat. Florida Georgia Line & WattLet Me Go2:542017
10368Hailee Steinfeld & BloodPopCapital Letters3:382018
10369Hailee Steinfeld & Grey feat. ZeddStarving3:002016
10370Hailee Steinfeld feat. DNCERock Bottom3:172016
10371HaimDon't Save Me3:502013
10373HaimIf I Could Change Your Mind3:492014
10374HaimThe Wire4:052013
10375HaimWant You Back3:522017
10376Haim & BloodPopLittle of Your Love (BloodPop Remix)3:232017
10377Haircut One HundredFantastic Day3:131982
10378Haircut One HundredFavourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)3:011982
10379Haircut One HundredLove Plus One3:351982
10380Hal Blaine and The Young Cougars(Dance With The) Surfin' Band2:051963
10381Hal feat. Gillian AndersonExtremis4:081997
10382Haley White with Mike BradyUp There Cazaly '99 (Main Mix)3:051999
10383HalseyBad at Love3:012017
10384HalseyBad at Love (Dillon Francis Remix)3:202017
10385HalseyCastle (The Huntsman: Winter's War Version)4:202016
10387HalseyDie 4 Me3:342023
10388HalseyEyes Closed3:222017
10389HalseyFinally/Beautiful Stranger3:402019
10391HalseyHold Me Down3:242016
10392HalseyI Am Not a Woman, I'm a God2:562021
10393HalseyLove Yourself (Like a Version)4:322016
10395HalseyNot Afraid Anymore3:452017
10396HalseyNow or Never3:332017
10397HalseySo Good2:552022
10398HalseyWithout Me3:212018
10399HalseyYou Should Be Sad3:242020
10400Halsey feat. Lauren JaureguiStrangers3:412017
10401Halsey, Suga & BTSSuga's Interlude2:182019
10402Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsDon't Pull Your Love2:381971
10403HamishLife Song (Original Radio Mix)4:102002
10404HammerAddams Groove (LP Version)3:591992
10405Hammer intro. Saja2 Legit 2 Quit (Legit Remix 7" Edit)4:001991
10406Hampdens, TheGeneration Y3:552007
10407Hampdens, TheMiami4:032008
10408Hampton the HampsterHampster Party3:162001
10409Hampton the HampsterThank God I'm a Country Boy2:402001
10410Hampton the HampsterThe Hampsterdance Song (Radio Edit)3:312001
10411Hank Ballard and The MidnightersFinger Poppin' Time2:341960
10412Hank Ballard and The MidnightersThe Twist2:331960
10413Hank Jones and Dean KayOld Devil Moon2:241963
10414Hank MarvinSacha3:161969
10415HannahLove Makes the World Go Round3:342002
10416HannahNo Relief2:492002
10417HannahStop N Think3:112002
10418Hannah MontanaHe Could Be the One3:002009
10419Hannah MontanaNobody's Perfect3:202008
10420Hannah Montana feat. IyazGonna Get This3:182010
10421Hans PoulsenBoom Sha La La Lo2:511970
10422Hans ZimmerSpider Pig1:042007
10423HansonI Will Come to You4:091997
10424HansonIf Only (UK Radio Mix)4:022000
10425HansonLost Without Each Other3:412005
10426HansonMMMBop (Single Version)3:581997
10427HansonPenny & Me (Radio Edit)3:372004
10428HansonStrong Enough to Break3:282005
10429HansonThinking of You3:111998
10430HansonThis Time Around (Radio Edit)3:582000
10432HansonWhere's the Love (Radio Edit)3:461997
10433Happenings, TheI Got Rhythm2:571967
10434Happenings, TheSee You in September2:311966
10435Happy MondaysKinky Afro3:561991
10436HappylandDon't You Know Who I Am?2:181998
10438Hard-onsShe's a Dish4:341992
10440Hardwell feat. Jason DeruloFollow Me3:172015
10441Harold FaltermeyerAxel F3:021985
10442Harold Faltermeyer, Lady Gaga, Hans Zimmer & Lorne BalfeMain Titles (You've Been Called Back to Top Gun)2:302022
10443Harold Melvin & The Blue NotesDon't Leave Me This Way3:471977
10445Harrison CraigLift Your Spirit3:072013
10446Harrison CraigUnconditional4:332013
10447Harry BelafonteBanana Boat (Day-O)3:031957
10448Harry ChapinCat's in the Cradle3:461974
10449Harry ChapinI Wanna Learn a Love Song4:221975
10450Harry ChapinSequel6:421981
10451Harry ChapinW.O.L.D.4:011974
10452Harry Connick, Jr.(I Could Only) Whisper Your Name (Edit)3:191994
10453Harry Connick, Jr.Hear Me in the Harmony (Radio Edit)3:041996
10454Harry Connick, Jr.Here Comes the Big Parade4:111995
10455Harry Connick, Jr.It Had to Be You (Big Band & Vocals Mix)2:381991
10456Harry Connick, Jr.Reason to Believe4:491997
10457Harry SecombeThis is My Song3:161967
10458Harry StylesAdore You3:262019
10459Harry StylesAs it Was2:452022
10460Harry StylesBoyfriends3:132022
10461Harry StylesCherry4:192019
10462Harry StylesCinema4:032022</